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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon

Last weekend we went to Gurnee Illinois and stayed at an indoor water park for the night.  There was a big gay event and private party.  I had planned this event early in the year and had everything set with the lady across the alley so we could leave for a night and she would take care of the dogs.
Saturday we left on scheduled at 4:30 PM and arrived by 5:30 PM.  When you walked in they had dancing boys placing Hawaiian Leis around your neck as you got a glass of Champaign.  They then walked you to the main desk to check in.  We were impressed.  Got to our room and unpacked and put on our swim suits to go to the water park.  We first went on one on the huge slides that tunnel outside.  Jeez, the water was so damn cold we ran to the hot tub.  After a little while in the hot tub we went on the inner tube ride around the park.  The water was warm enough but when you got out of the water it could have been much warmer.  In fact when you gave up your towel and walked out of the water park area to go to your room ... you froze.  FREEZING.  We ran to our room and by the time we got there Tony was shaking so much he got under the bed covers to get warm.  I soon went to get ice and when I got back to the room Tony was throwing up.  By 8 PM he was in bed sweating bullets, freezing, and done for the night.  I stayed with him for a while and then went out to play.  I did play in the water and on the slides until about 1:30 AM.  Was very depressing to be honest.  Being 53 years old and watching all the young studs dancing to the music in the water made me think back and wish I was young again.  Much less I knew no one.  I did all this when I was young but sure wish I would have known to enjoy it more because in time you get old and it just isn't the same.  Went back to the room with a slice of pizza an then tried to sleep.  Every hour I asked Tony if he was just ready to get in the car and drive home.  We both could not sleep.  I was too wound up and needed some weed.  No weed.  By 7 AM we packed up, grabbed a cup of coffee, checked out, and drove home.  We were home by 8 AM.  The dogs were fine and the lady across the alley did a good job of taking care of them.  I was disappointed in the weekend, but did make the best of it.  Getting or being old sucks. 

Today it is 18 degrees here in Milwaukee and I have already had it with this Winter and it is only November.  It has been so cold and the ground is covered with snow.  Its November for goodness sake.  This is January weather. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon

I am still alive, and doing well.  I have been having lung problems and will have to address them with a doctor if it does not get better soon.  Figured it was allergy but not getting better.  Feel like my lungs are full and need a cleaning.

I have done very little worth writing about.  I have the pond all Winterized and ready for the snow and ice, which should come this weekend.  The leaves are all cleaned up and the rain gutters clean and ready for the snow and rain.  The yard is clean.  The water hoses brought in and water turned off outside.  So I guess we are ready for Winter which is a good thing, because it is here.  It is 29 degrees right now as I type this.  I am not wanted Winter and the cold.

Last weekend we stayed in all weekend and did very little.  Saturday we never left the house and simply watched TV from the DVR and a couple movies.  Sunday we went grocery shopping so I would not have to venture out this week in the cold.  Ended up going on Monday for a quick trip to get more dog food for the little dogs.  They refuse to eat the food the big dogs eat called Taste of The Wild and I finally just decided to give in and feed them two different foods.  Better than the dogs not eating and not being about to give Vito his Insulin shot.  So they are back to their Purina Little Bites.

This weekend we go to the water park in Illinois for the night.  My neighbor across the alley is staying with the dogs and she has fed them a couple times and given Vito his shot, and I figure they will all be safe and good with her taking care of them for the one night.  Been looking forward to this event for a long time since we made reservations last Spring when the event was announced.  Big gay closed to the public event at Key Lime Cove Water Park.  I just wish I looked a little better and didn't gain so much weight but it is not like I am out searching for romance ... so I guess I am just going to have to deal with feeling a little over weight.   Half the Friday afternoon lunch guys will be at the party also so it should be a fun night.  I am bound and determined to have a good time and not worry about the dogs.  Told the neighbor I would not call and I know if something goes wrong she will call immediately and we can be home in less than an hour.  So I am going to have fun for the one night come hell or high water. 

The dogs are doing great.  I wish they would stop scratching so much.  Have them on allergy pills, special shampoo and giving them fish oil in their food and still they have dry skin.  Have to stop them from scratching because sometimes they scratch too much and leave a mark or bleed.  Even had to put a cone on Rose for a night last week.  Still waiting for the final paperwork on them making them ours. 

The holidays are coming and I have the Christmas cards all ready to be mailed.  Have my list of presents to buy and for who all written out and now I just have to buy the few gifts or get the cards with money all ready for the nieces and nephews. 

Hope to write next week and let you know how the water park went.  Will take some pictures and post them.