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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 Wednesday Afternoon

Monday night I made chicken, beans, mac and cheese and a salad for dinner. We spent the night watching 3 more episodes of True Blood from season two.
Tuesday I spent the day mixing music, hence the new music dance mix posted. It is quite a process. I have to first download them, then listen to them, then cut them up, and finally load them in Virtual DJ for mixing. I think it turned out OK. Last night we went to the Harley Davidson car show and got dinner at the show. Came home and spent the night watching America's Got Talent.
This morning I got up at 5 AM and got Tony off to work by 7:15 AM. I then crawled back in bed for another two hours. Went to Walgreen's for a prescription and then to McDonald's for a burger, fries and a fruit smoothie. I had a coupon for a free smoothie and thought I would try it. It is OK, but I could not see myself actually buying one in the future. Got some more pictures of last weeks huge rain storm. The following pictures are from a friend that lives 3 blocks down the road from us. This is what it looked like 3 blocks from our house last Thursday night on Humboldt Blvd.

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010 Monday Morning

Saturday was a very hot day in Milwaukee, but at least no rain. Tony and I spent the morning doing things around the house. About 1 PM we went to the Brady Street festival here in Milwaukee. It is about a half mile away. One thing Milwaukee is famous for is their block parties. All of Brady Street was closed off. Since it still was so hot and humid we spend about and hour and a half at the festival before going back home to the air conditioning. Had fun walking around and got lunch at the festival. We then watched an episode of One Life To Live before taking a 2 hour nap. After feeding the dogs dinner we headed back to the Brady Street festival for the 7 PM Drag Show. It is the most popular event of the block party each year. They started having one about 3 years ago and it has grown into the most popular stage show besides all the bands on 4 stages up and down Brady Street. Ran into some friends and had a good time watching the show. About half way through the drag show the wind shifted and the cold front came through with much less humid air. It was so nice. We got home around 10 PM and turned off the air conditioning and opened up the windows. Haven't had the air conditioning off in about 2 weeks. Watched a little TV before going to bed around 11:15 PM.

Sunday morning after feeding the dogs, reading the newspaper, and drinking a cup of coffee I drove to McDonald's to get us some breakfast. I was not in the mood to cook a breakfast as I usually do on a Sunday morning. It is not the cooking that I hate, it is the clean up afterwards. A little after 10 AM Tony went to his auto body shop to get the cat that has been living in his shop for about a month. She is a good cat, kicked out of a neighbors house because a new tenant in the duplex has a Pitbull and it would eat the cat. So they just kicked it out of the house and it found Tony at his shop where it has been living. I hated to think of her getting pregnant or getting hit by a car as she roams during the day so I decided to drop her off at the Waukesha Humane Society since they are a no kill shelter. This is where my mom and sister volunteer a few days a week walking dogs. After a little thought I called my brother and asked him if he would want a cat. He is all alone and I thought it would be a good idea for company. Since we were driving to Waukesha anyway to go to my sister house for the day and see family it was perfect to get the cat and give it to him at the family get together. He said he would try it. If it doesn't work he will take it to the Humane Society this week. Had a great time swimming in the pool and seeing family all afternoon. We also brought Kali so she could play with their dog and go swimming also. Kali went swimming a couple time with me. She most enjoyed just sitting on a chair keeping her eye on her daddy all afternoon. She is so good. She is my baby. I am sure the other four dogs that had to stay home were not as happy. When it got time to leave my brother started having second thoughts about the cat. He is such a basket case. Finally got a little stern with him and he took the cat home. We even gave him food and litter for the cat. I also told him if he does decide to keep the cat I will pay for it to be spayed since I would have made a donation when dropping her off at the humane society anyway. When I saw his number on the caller ID around 8 PM I thought the worst. Thankfully the cat seemed to be settling in and he was enjoying the company. Watched TV until about 10 PM and went to bed. Was waken up twice, once around 11 PM and once again at 1 AM by our tenants coming home. With the windows open you can hear everything. Of course the dogs all bark and it is a while before anyone settles down. Finally got to sleep.

This morning after getting Tony off to work and feeding the dogs I got started on the daily chores. Moved some tree branches to the garbage, washed a couple carpets outside. I am going to work on the pond when done with this post since it is a bit cooler today and a lot less humid. I can finally get some work outside done. Called my brother to see how the cat was doing. He said she hides a lot, I told him that is normal for a cat and it shows the cat feels at home there. He plans on taking to a vet today to see if it is clean of fleas and hopefully not pregnant. I told him I would call again tonight to see how things are going. So far so good.

Friday, July 23, 2010

WISN Video Of Sink Hole

July 23, 2010 Friday Night

After Tony got home from work we drove to the sink hole here on the Eastside of Milwaukee. Like I said before, this is just down the road from our house. We sneaked down an alley since they have the hole blocked off a block in each direction. We got right up to the sink hole and I started taking pictures. At one point I took a picture of one of the handsome construction workers. He looked at me taking his picture, walked up to the 6 foot high fence, and without a word put his hand over the fence. Tony said 'give him your camera'. I gave him my camera and he walked to the edge of the sink hole and took two pictures into the hole showing the car and damage. He then walked back to me and handed me my camera. He said the car is still running 24 hours later, the blinkers and still on, and the radio is still on. They can hear the music when your up to the edge of the sink hole. Here are six of the better pictures. One is the dirt they are bringing in to eventually fill the hole. It will be some time because the car can not be lifted out until they figure out how to reroute the electrical that powers Saint Mary's Hospital, two sewer lines, and all the AT&T wires that all go through under the car. I have found out throughout the day that we got over 7 inches of rain in 2 hours. We are very fortunate we just have a little water in our basement. The news has said most of Milwaukee basements have feet of water still in them, water and sewage. YUCK! So we are fortunate. Enjoy the pictures, I enjoyed taking them. The next round of storms is set to arrive Saturday morning around 7 AM.

July 23, 2010 Friday Morning

Was ready to build and Arc last night we got so much rain here in Milwaukee. Around 5:30 PM the rain came down fast and furious. We got about 7 inches of rain here on the Eastside of Milwaukee in less than 2 hours. Yes, 7 inches in less than two hours. Not only did all the roads around us flood over, we got water in our basement, my side yard is a lake, and most intersections and roads are impassable. We even got a huge sink hole about 6 blocks away that swallowed a car which is still running in the sink hole this morning since they can not get into the hole to turn off the car. Most of the Milwaukee expressways flooded over trapping people in their cars. The Milwaukee Airport is closed and under water. We decided about 7:30 PM to try to take the car out and look at all the damage. We didn't get far. About a half a block down the our road and then at least 4 other places we had to turn around and go down side streets the water was so high. We finally gave up and went home. I included a video of the flooding as it happened in our side yard as well as a video a half a block from our house. You can see the flooding, stuck cars and people trying to drive through it. Stupid people. Tony wanted to try to drive through it but I put my foot down and said NO. Tony's auto body shop flooded. The overhead doors buckled from the force of the rain coming into the shop. Watch the two videos. I also included a picture of the sink hole on the corner of North and Oakland with the car still in the hole. This is a just down the street from our house. Did I mention it is suppose to continue raining through today, tonight and tomorrow?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010 Thursday Afternoon

Tuesday night we did end up going to two different car shows. We ate dinner at the first car show at Culver's. Got home after 8 PM and watch America's Got Talent until going to bed around 10 PM.

Wednesday I went to Walgreen's in the morning. Spent the afternoon working on the kitchen tile. I removed a couple tiles, replaced them, and did a lot of grout work around the tiles that were coming up because of the refrigerator incident a week or so ago. Still need to do some more grout work on Thursday after a couple tiles cement dries overnight. Made a beef roast, mashed potato and corn for dinner with a salad. Watched Big Brother, America's Got Talent result show and then Castle. Went to bed half way into the news around 10:15 PM.

This morning after getting Tony off to work I showered and went grocery shopping to beat the rain that is suppose to fall today and the next couple days. Got home and added more grout to the tiles I worked on yesterday in the kitchen. Spending the afternoon watching TV. Tonight I am making a meatloaf, rice and salad for dinner. The weather in Milwaukee does not look good for the next few days. Looks like rain and extremely hot temperatures the next few days. It is suppose to get above 90 degrees tomorrow. I will most likely have lunch with the guys and then spend the rest of the day in the air conditioned house.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010 Tuesday Morning

Monday morning I did a little around the house prior to Tony coming home with a 10 foot UHaul truck at about 1 PM to use to drive to my parents house in Oconomowoc and pick up their king size mattress and box springs. Got out current bed all taken apart and ready for the new mattress and box springs. My parents bought a new mattress and box springs and theirs was just four years old, our bed is about 15 years old. It turned out to be the heaviest mattress I have ever lifted or moved in my life. It is about 18 inches thick. Got the stuff home and into the house with the help of a neighbor. Spent the afternoon doing laundry and setting up the new bed. Tony got home a little after 5 PM. Made a salad and spagettio's for dinner. Spent the night watching TV which included another episode of True Blood. We are now one episode into season two. Watched True Beauty in our new bed. I thought I would sleep good being so exhausted from not getting a nap and all the work I did around the house. No such luck. I finally took a sleeping pill around midnight.

This morning after getting Tony off to work I went outside to work in the yard before it gets too hot outside to do anything. A big tree branch fell on Sunday afternoon in the back yard so I cut it up and got it ready for the garbage men to pick up this week. Cleaned out the pond pump which is a daily thing these days because of the algae. Now I sit here typing this wondering what I will do the rest of the day. I do have some cleaning, dusting and vacuuming to do but getting the energy to do it will be another thing. Will most likely go to a car show tonight and eat dinner at the show. Have to go to Walgreen's today or tomorrow and pick up a few prescriptions. Will most likely wait until tomorrow since one of the prescriptions needs the doctor to refill it. Have not heard from Jeff, the guy I talked to last week. I hope he is OK. Sent him another email this morning to see if he is getting through the day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010 Saturday Night

Friday Tony and I had lunch with the guys. After dropping him off at his auto body shop I went to Pick and Save and did a little grocery shopping. Mostly fresh fruit. After I got home I called a follower of this blog who had recently been diagnosed with HIV. We had a nice conversation. I hope I was able to help him. I remember well where I was after three weeks of finding out I was HIV+. I was a basket case if you remember. Took a short nap in the afternoon and then got a little done around the house. After Tony got home and showered we went to Italian Fest along the Milwaukee Lakefront at the Summerfest grounds. Walked around until the fireworks were over, by that time our feet were so sore it was time to go home. Got home shortly after 11 PM. Watch an episode of One Life To Live, which I DVR daily.

This morning a contractor came around 9 AM to look at the bathroom that Tony has yet to move forward on for over a year. A little before noon we drove to Port Washington which is about 45 minutes away. We went for the car show at a festival called The Fish Fest. Only in Wisconsin. We walked around the cars and part of the festival before it got too hot. On our way back to the car we came across a fenced in area where they were selling helicopter rides. We asked how much and how long the wait. When the lady said we would be on the next trip we paid for our tickets. Went on a 15 minute helicopter ride. I was at the window. I was a bit scared since I do not like to take any unnecessary risks since my diagnosis. At one point during the ride I even thought it would have been a better idea to go on separate rides than together so if it crashed one of us would still be alive to take care of the dogs. Landed safely. Since we got home from Port Washington since it is so hot outside, close to 90 degrees, I started the series True Blood from the first show. It is now in season three so we have at least 24 - one hour shows to watch to get caught up. We are on episode seven as I type this. Will most likely watch one more before going to bed. No plans for Sunday and since it will be close to 90 degrees again, I have no problem staying indoors all day.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010 Thursday Night

Tuesday night we did drive to a car show in Menomonee Falls. We know the owner of the restaurant that has the weekly car show. Spent time talking with him, eating dinner, and looking at the cars. I went to the pet store in the strip mall for pond fish food and algae killer. Drive home and watched TV for the night.

Wednesday was again very hot in Milwaukee. I honestly did very little all day. Even though I am in an air conditioned house I can still feel the toll the humid hot weather takes on me. Wednesday night Tony and I went to see the play Wicked. It was good. I for some reason expected more since so many people have told me how much they enjoyed it and how good it was. By the time we left the theater it was raining cats and dogs outside. Huge storms lit up the sky until about 3 AM this morning. Then again they began around 5 AM and lasted until 7 AM. We got over 3 inches of rain. I went up to the 2nd floor porch around midnight because it was not raining and I could see to the west the sky was filled with one lightening after another. Sat up on the porch and watched the next wave of storm come before the rain forced me back indoor and down to our bedroom. Opened up the shades and watched the lightening and rain pour down. I got very little sleep.

This morning I got Tony off to work and drove to McDonald's and bought a bacon egg cheese bagel and a sausage burrito. I tell yah, I am addicted to these two items from McDonald's. After eating I went back to bed for about 2 hours as the humidity built again pushing the temperature into the mid 80s today. After I got up I went outside and did a little pond cleaning and yard work from all the rain and wind. The pond pumps electricity shorted out from all the rain and it took until mid afternoon for the wiring to dry out enough so the circuits would stop blowing every time I tried to turn on the pond pumps. We got that much rain last night. Little seepage in the basement in the usual places. Could have been worse, the neighbor across the alley told me today he had a few inches of water in his basement when he got up this morning. Watched the movie version of Les Miserables today. It is the English version. It was very good. I have been waiting to watch this version of the story since my loyal followers know Les Miserables is my favorite play. I am so glad it is returning to Milwaukee next April 2011. We have are usual season tickets. I informed Tony yesterday when more tickets can be purchased to prepare for the fact we will be seeing the show more than just that once while it is in Milwaukee for it's run. Making spaghetti for dinner with a salad and bread sticks. Will end up staying home watching Big Brother and Rookie Blue before going to bed.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010 Tuesday Morning

Ate the leftover Chinese food for dinner. Watched a great movie last night called The Time Travelers Wife. It had not only a great plot (tear jerker), it also had Eric Bada naked every time he time travels. Besides Eric Bada naked and looking great, the plot was fantastic. I recommend this movie. Not sure how it slipped under my radar and I didn't see it when it was out at theaters. Watched True Beauty and went to bed at 10:30 PM.

Slept horrible last night. I turned off the air conditioning and it was too damn hot in the bedroom. Had a restless night's sleep. Very tired today and will most likely take a long nap some time today. Nothing on my schedule for today.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010 Monday Afternoon

Early Sunday afternoon I picked a couple huge bowls of blackberries growing in the yard. I have so many already frozen so I had to do something with them. Made blackberry jam. Turned out very good. Froze half the jam I made. Around 3:30 PM Tony and I decided to drive to the Southshore Festival to see the car show and walk around the festival. It was very hot outside but thankfully the festival was along the lakefront so it was a bit cooler. Got there just as the car show was ending, Tony got to see most of the cars. We walked around awhile and bought some food and drink before heading home. After feeding the dogs and putting the jam in containers I order Chinese food for dinner to be delivered. Always a battle, lol, to decide what to have. By the time you add in everything both of us want it is $30.00. The leftovers will be for Monday night so that helps. Tony fell asleep on the couch by 8 PM. I watched Big Brother (I love this show), Scoundrels and The Gates before we both went to bed.

This morning Tony finally got me out of bed around 7 AM, opening the shades, saying he would be leaving in about 20 minutes for work. Got up so I could at least say good morning and send him out the door with a muffin from the day before. Did a little cleaning before going to the grocery store and bank at lunch time. Took a couple hour nap this afternoon after once again turning back on the air conditioning because it is once again getting so hot and humid in Milwaukee. After my nap and a cup of coffee I made another batch of peanut butter Cheerios squares since Tony never tasted the batch I made last week to take to last Saturday's pool party. I will enjoy them also since I love anything with peanut butter. Vacuumed the house and soon it will be time to feed the dogs and put yesterday's Chinese food in the oven for dinner. Not much on TV tonight so I think we will watch a movie I have downloaded. Will let you know which one and how it is with the next post. As I was re reading this post looking for spelling errors Kali threw up in two spots so I had to clean it up and give her some comfort. She seems fine now, not sure what she must have ate or got into. Hopefully she will be fine.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010 Sunday Afternoon

Friday we had lunch with the guys. I then spent the afternoon cleaning and napping. Friday night we met all the 'lunch' guys down at Bastille Days in Milwaukee. Had a great time walking around eating and looking at the good looking men. LOL. Got home a little after 11 PM.

Saturday we got up and did a little around the house before leaving to go to Tony's family reunion in Hartford Wisconsin. It is about a 45 minute drive but we always have a good time swimming in their pool and eating a lot of food. After lengthy discussion we ended up bring Bo along with us. I was against it, Tony wanted to bring him. He does need to get out more so he know what is expected of him as a good dog. He was very good. Kept him on a leash most of the day and he was always sitting on a chair between us or on one of our laps. We took turns swimming so one of us could keep an eye on him. Others brought their dogs too and he got along with all of them. It did rain for a couple minutes here and there. Then would get sunny again. Was a strange afternoon weather wise. Was in the 80s and hot, the pool water temperature was 89 degrees. Like bath water, just how I like it, and how I grew up. My mom always kept our pool above 85 degrees, most likely around 90 or she would not go swimming. So I am use to warm water in a pool. Had a great time and got home around 7 PM. After feeding the other dogs and letting them know they were still loved, even though they didn't get to go along we settled in and watched TV for the night. Ended up watching a Chiller marathon of Estate of Panic. Interesting show. I could not do it due to snakes. I hate snakes.

This morning we got up early. Was up and dogs fed by 7 AM. Would give anything to sleep in at least on a Sunday. Bo again kept bringing me toys since Tony was up and watching TV already in the other room. Had to get up and feed them. Made Tony and I a big eggs, bacon and bagels breakfast. We then drove down the street and got a coffee and stopped off at the corner farmers market to find out if our house is indeed part of the Secret Garden Tour today. The booth still was not open and wouldn't be until noon. Bought some flowers and muffins, went to Open Pantry and got this week's lottery tickets before returning home. Laid down on the bed which let to jadda jadda (as they say on Seinfeld). It is now a little after noon and the sun is out. Going to be around 90 again today. Too damn hot. We will most likely spend the day watching TV or talking to people outside if we are a part of the Garden Tour. I will have to go back to the market and get a map now that it is after 12 PM. The tour is from 1 PM to 4 PM. Tony is of course sleeping now on the bed due to yadda yadda. LOL.

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010 Friday Morning

Wednesday night I was so exhausted from the heat I didn't even cook. We ordered Jimmy John's subs for dinner. Watched TV and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Thursday (yesterday) I spent most of the day in bed. The humid hot weather gives me no energy to do anything. I did get things done around the house here and there, but for the most part I was in bed. Tony got home from work and we went to Bastille Days in downtown Milwaukee. Saw a few friends at the festival. It was still very hot and humid all night at the festival. I call Bastille Days the 'pretty festival'. The crowd is usually and was again, a very pretty crowd of people. Watched the over 1000 runners begin the Bastille Day Run and then went home. We got home around 10:30 PM. Watched the first episode of the new Big Brother season and then went to bed.

This morning after Tony left for work and I had the dogs fed I checked my emails and blog. Saw the post from yesterday asking me to participate in a survey and followed the link and did the survey. Always happy to fill out surveys especially if somewhere down the line it will help someone. Will have lunch with the guys at noon today. It is much less humid today in Milwaukee. It has been a horrible humid week, especially for someone like me who does not like the heat and humidity. Glad a cold front came through, although I am told it is short lived. On Sunday it is suppose to be close to 90 degrees again. I simply can not go out and do things when it is that hot outside. We will most likely meet friends at Bastille Days again tonight, that or I will have to cook a dinner. I will do anything to get out of cooking a dinner. Saturday Tony and I have a yearly family reunion to go to. I look forward to this event every year because there is a big pool, lots of food, and Tony's family. I got out my big ugly hat yesterday and plan on wearing it while I swim tomorrow. No sun for me. I get a horrible rash if I get any sun these days because of the Atripla meds. Have to do some cleaning around the house today, but after lunch with the guys I will most likely take a nap since it will be in the mid 80s by the afternoon today.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010 Wednesday Afternoon

Went to the dentist at ARCW Tuesday morning. Ended up having two cracked teeth, one having a cavity in it. Had them both fixed. Got my monthly food at the pantry and came home. Since it is so damn hot in Milwaukee, over 90 degrees and humid again, I spent most of the day indoors watching TV and napping. This humidity just makes me want to sleep. Tony came home from work tired and hot and after his shower we ate spaghetti and salad for dinner that I made. Spent the night in the air conditioning watching TV.

This morning I got up and after Tony left for work I showered and headed to Kohl's to use the $20 gift card we got last week when we went shopping there. Ended up buying a pair of tennis shoes and two shorts on clearance for $8.50 each. My kinda price. Came home exhausted from the heat and humidity and took a short nap with the dogs. Got up around 1 PM and did a little work around the house before reading a couple chapters in the book my mom gave me on Death and Heaven. It is a good book and I enjoy reading information about the afterlife. I hope there is one. Have to vacuum the house and will most likely make dinner again since Tony will come home exhausted from working in this heat. With his heart condition I keep reminding him to spend more time in his air conditioned office than in the shop working on cars.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010 Monday Morning

Friday night we stayed home and watched TV. It is very hot and humid in Milwaukee.

Saturday morning I got up and after doing the morning routine I began again to get ready for the new washing machine and refrigerator to be delivered. Took a few doors and molding off to make them fit through the doorways. They were delivered around noon and made it into the house just fine after we took off a couple doors and some moldings. Spent the afternoon connecting the washing machine and water to the refrigerator for the ice maker and such. Saturday night we pulled the bikes out of the basement and rode them to a local park overlooking Milwaukee so we could watch the Fireworks from the lake front. We have not rode our bikes in years and could feel the pain as we rode them. The fireworks lasted about an hour. Great fireworks display. Tony and I need to get out on our bikes more often because we were both in pain after getting home from being so out of shape. Very hot and humid again today, in the 90s.

Around 4 AM Sunday morning I got out of bed and after going to the bathroom thought I would check on the new refrigerator. Good thing I did because as I entered the kitchen I could see the floor flooded with water. FLOODED. Water everywhere. Tony did not connect the water correctly and it came loose from the refrigerator. Water was dripping from the ceiling in the basement because so much water had escaped. Big mess. It was like a water fall into the basement so much water had escaped. Cleaned up the mess and stopped the water flow. Set up fans to help dry the basement and kitchen floor. I was so glad I got up and checked or another couple hours of water would have been a bigger disaster. Spent the early morning continuing to clean the water disaster before going to a car show early because of the heat in the afternoon. It was so hot and humid at the car show after about 15 minutes I told Tony I would be in the car with the air conditioning, but he should continue to look at the cars. About an hour later he came to the car dripping wet from the heat. Ended up going home to the nice cool air conditioned house. The middle of the afternoon I drove to the grocery store and did a little grocery shopping. Spent the rest of the afternoon taking a nap with Tony and the dogs since we were both so tired from getting up at 4 AM to clean up the water damage. Did a few loads of laundry to test the new washing machine. Seems to be working fine. The refrigerator on the other hand just doesn't seem to want to get below 40 degrees. Hopefully that will change the longer it runs. Ended up making ribs, potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner, along with a side salad. Spent the night watching TV and movies. Watched the movie Mr and Mrs Smith staring Brad Pit. It was entertaining. Went to bed around 10:30 PM and rolled around not being able to sleep until I took a sleeping pill around midnight.

This morning Tony left for work around 8 AM. No day off for him today. I have to get showered and take Kali to the vet this morning at 11 AM to have her toe nails trimmed and a check up. She has scabs on her hair from Bo licking her so much. She will most likely need an antibiotic since this has happened in the past and that is what the vet suggested. Will most likely take a long nap this afternoon because it is again so hot and humid in Milwaukee today. I can not stand the heat. The local park has their fireworks tonight and we will most likely have a few people over to the house to watch them since we can see them perfectly from the back porch. Tomorrow I have another dental appointment to have two teeth fixed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010 Friday Morning

Tuesday night we went to a car show at the Harley Davidson Museum and had a hamburger at the car show. Came home and watched a little TV before going to bed around 10:30 PM.

Wednesday Tony and I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of wood so I could build a platform for the new side opening washing machine arriving Saturday. It also makes the existing dryer easier to get the close in and out on a platform. It was done by middle of the afternoon and I had Tony and and employee come over and lift the dryer to put it on the platform. I love it. It makes the dryer and the future washing machine 15 inches off the ground. Spent the afternoon cleaning up the area where the appliances are since I had to make space to raise them both up the 15 inches. Wednesday night we went to a car show and then A&W for dinner. I am not a root beer fan except for A&W rootbeer. That first sip is so good. Got home and watched a little TV before going to bed around 10:30 PM.

Thursday I worked around the house cleaning. Cleaned the basement a little, mostly reorganizing things. Cleaned the back hallway and continued getting stuff not needed in the frig in boxes in preparation of the new refrigerator arriving on Saturday. Got a pond vacuum and cleaned the pond a little, more still has to be done to clean it and most likely will continue vacuuming the pond on Friday. Made a roast, potato and corn for dinner. Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I have to get showered and go to the copy store and make copies of receipts and the latest hearth insurance bill to submit it to ADAP for reimbursement for the July premium. Also have to stop off at the bank and deposit the rent check from the tenants upstairs. Then Tony and I will have lunch with the guys and after lunch meeting my sister and brother at her daughters apartment here on the Eastside. Her daughter goes to college here in Milwaukee and they are coming to the Eastside to show my brother and his partner her apartment. So after lunch I will swing by their apartment to say hi. Will most likely finish off the afternoon preparing for the new washing machine and refrigerator that is being delivered on Saturday. Tonight we will most likely stay home with the dogs.

Saturday sometime (Best Buy is calling today with a delivery time) the washing machine and refrigerator will be delivered. I have a feeling the refrigerator is going to be a challenge to get into the kitchen since it is much bigger than the one we currently have. Suppose to be a hot and humid weekend. Sunday night we will watch the fireworks from the part a block away.

Have a great 4th of July Weekend everyone. Be safe.