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Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010 Friday Night

Needless to say I did not get much done around the house or anything work related accomplished due to watching the dog all afternoon. He is a good dog. He obeys very well. I just don't need another dog. Took a nap in the afternoon, he laid in my arms. Got up and made dinner for the dogs and also Tony and I. Made a couple steaks, mashed potato and cream corn. Spent the night watching programs we DVR'd all week. Made Tony do most of the work with the new dog. At one point I saw him standing inside the house, dog outside climbing on the glass doors trying to get in the house. I touched his shoulder and said 'if you aren't going to be adult enough to go outside in the middle of the snowy yard to train your dog to go potty, you shouldn't have a puppy'. Basically throwing it back in his face when he told me I was not being an adult when it came to potty training this puppy. He gave me the look of death and then got his jacket on. When he came in I told him he really should take his slippers off and put on his shoes because there is still a long night ahead and HE is doing the night shift. I the dog to pee outside prior to going to bed. I had made up my mind that if we did not get this dog to pee outside prior to Tony going to work on Friday Tony was taking the dog with him to work for the day. I was not going to deal with it all day long. Went to bed around 10:30 PM. Bo slept in Tony's arms all night long.

Woke up this morning and after Tony tried to get the dog to go pee outside I put on my jacket and gloves and finally got him to pee. I was happy. Fed all five dogs and then it was time to take him out again with the other dogs to poop. Took a while but he finally did it. I was happy again. Tony walked out the door around 8 AM asking me if I wanted him to take Bo to work with him. I told him since the dog had peed and pooped I would work with it today. I caught him twice trying to go pee and got him outside both times before I went to lunch with the guys. Locked Bo in a crate while I was gone. Found out shortly prior to going to pick up Tony and have lunch that a couple people where I work might want him and I should bring him by in the afternoon after lunch. So after I picked up Tony, and on the way to lunch, I told him my plan. His response was 'your going to do what you want anyway'. OK. I can take it. Make me the bad guy. Had a great lunch with the guys. Dropped Tony off at his Auto Body Shop and went home to get Bo. Drove him out to where I work and showed the 50 or so students and teachers the dog. Of course they all loved him. One girl stood out. She was very nice and told me she has been planning on getting a dog for a while now. She has everything a dog needs already in preparation and loved Bo. So she took a picture of the dog to show her boyfriend and I gave her my phone number. A teacher said she is a good kid and would be a good mom to Bo. She is calling on Sunday and the plan is to let her have it for the night or more and see how it works out. I told her if it is not a fit I will take Bo back. She has a crate and all. Her boyfriend works nights and she has only a couple weeks left of Beauty School until she graduates so I am hopeful. I have to get rid of this dog before I become any more attached to him. I love dogs. All dogs. And I am finding myself falling for this little shit. He really is a smart dog. He has already learned the dogie steps up to the couch and bed. He pooped and peed outside after dinner this evening. I was surprised when he peed after dinner, I started to go in the house and he stayed outside. I looked behind me and saw him still in the snow in the side yard. I asked him if he had to poop, Stella went down by him, pooped in front of him, he smelled it and he went poop. Jeez, why can't he be a bad dog, it would make giving him up so much easier. I have to be strong and think of what is best for me and the four dogs we already have right? Just making some soup and sandwiches for dinner. Staying home and watching TV for the night. Tony should be home soon to take on the night shift with Bo. To bad that doesn't really mean my shift ends.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010 Thursday Morning

Reaching the end of my rope and it is only 8:30 AM.

Monday I worked my usual day doing inventories all day at the warehouse. Came home exhausted and not feeling well at all. Made a doctor appointment for Tuesday at 5 PM. Made some soup and sandwiches for dinner. Tony and I went to bed by 8:30 PM we both were so tired.
Tuesday I worked a few hours at the warehouse and a couple hours at home prior to going to the doctor. Was told there is a lot of the same going around. Face and sinus hurts, tired, glands swollen, and just feel like crap. Was given a few sinus samples and prescriptions if they work and I want more. Stopped off at McDonald's and picked up some dinner for Tony and I and was home by 7 PM. We watched a little TV and then went to bed around 9 PM.

Wednesday I woke up feeling pretty good. The sinus pill XYZAL seems to be working well. I was told it might make me sleepy. Well, everything always has the reverse effect on me. If I take a night time med I am up all night and can not sleep. If I take something that is to make me drowsy it always is like taking a speeder. Felt so good I went into work again at one of the other locations to do a project. Stopped off at a few stores on the way to pick up some supplies and needs for the various departments. Worked about 4 hours and came home about 2 PM. It was snowing very hard by this time. We ended up getting about 6 inches in all by dinner time. About 3 PM I was working on the computer when I turned around to see Tony standing behind me with a puppy in a blanket in his arms. I said 'what the heck is that?' 'Well the neighbor at his shop has all these puppies and they gave this one to me', Tony tells me. I asked him what the hell he was thinking. He then said 'I named him Bo'. What the heck? I don't need or want another dog much less a 10 week old puppy that is not potty trained, has had no shots or neutered, much less who knows if he has flees or worms. What the hell is he thinking? Got the puppy introduced to the other 4 dogs. Stella was very good with him. She has had puppies in the past herself so she should and does know how to be with a puppy. With that said I can not just throw a new dog in the mix since Stella is a Pitbull and could do damage. About a half hour later Tony said 'gotta go back to work' and out the door he was leaving me with this puppy. Tried to get some more work done around the house prior to Tony coming home. Not much luck with watching the interaction with the other dogs and waiting for it to pee or poop in the house. Again, what the hell was Tony thinking? Tony got home and in the house around 6 PM after plowing the alley and then had to jump in the shower because we had Broadway Tickets to the play Grease here in Milwaukee. Locked the puppy (Bo) in a small cage and went to the play. Bo was not happy being put in a cage. The play was good. Got home to the cage filled with poop and the puppy needing another bath. Oh, forgot to mention. When I brought up the flee topic Tony said to me 'not to worry, I took him to the groomer this afternoon and had his toe nails cut as well as a flee bath prior to bringing him home'. What the hell? Sorry if I sound bitter but I work half time from home. Tony is out the door at 7 AM and doesn't get home until 6 PM. The little time he is home he is usually sleeping on the couch, so who do you think this puppy training is going to fall down on? ME! I have enough on my plate with working, keeping healthy physically and mentally, as well as taking care of the entire household. Did I mention the washing machine is going to need replacing very soon. It makes a horrible noise the entire time running. I do a load of laundry a day around here. Did I mention Tony tore out the sink and plumbing in his bathroom working on it last weekend so now there is only one bathroom and the other looks like a disaster area? Did I mention I want to work more hours outside the house? I could go on and on. Plus the fact a puppy is more adoptable than an older dog. An older dog is house trained. If we had room for another dog I would have rather gotten one that no one else would want rather than one that is adoptable, very cute, and would find a home. So yes, I am bitter right now. Went to bed around 11 PM last night. Bo snuggled in Tony arms all night until morning.

When I woke up at 5 AM this morning and reached over to pet the puppy I put my arm right through the pee that the dog was nice enough to leave on the bed during the night. What a wonderful way to start the day. Got everyone off the bed and pulled all the bedding apart to bring it to the washing machine that is in pieces because Tony is 'fixing it'. Jeez. So as I fed the dogs and then got out to shovel the snow that came yesterday that still needed to be shoveled he put the washing machine back together. I can not go without it. If it makes noise, loud noise, so be it, it is better than no washing machine at all. I told Tony before he went to work I was not happy with the new addition to the house and thought it was very unfair to expect me to have to take care of it on top of all I have on my plate. His response was 'if your not adult and grown up enough to take care of a puppy, I will drop him off at the shelter'. Is that fair? I didn't ask for a puppy. We already have 4 dogs. So now Tony is at work. The usual people I would vent to are at work or not home so that is the reason I am laying it all on you. I have cleaned up two mistakes already in the house from the puppy. Guess I am home for the day doing laundry, cleaning and hopefully getting a couple house of work on the computer accomplished today. Anyone want a puppy? Here is a picture of him.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010 Sunday Afternoon

Friday I got Jimmy John's lunch for the guys at Tony's shop. Dropped off the food when I picked up Tony for lunch with the guys. Had a great lunch as always. Was funny to hear one of the guys talk about how his boss wanted him to work on a Friday - volunteering- and how he said to his boss that he can not because he loves his lunches with the guys so much. Me too. Still did not feel well on Friday and spent the afternoon napping. Made some leftovers for dinner.

Saturday I was up at 3:30 AM throwing up. Yup, again. For those who read my blog this in a common thing that happens every couple weeks. I am actually getting good at knowing the feeling, getting up, throwing up, cleaning up, and going back to bed. How sad. Went back to sleep for a while but got up early because then the runs set in. Saturday morning was not a fun morning. Tony spent most of the day working on the plumbing in his bathroom while I did a little cleaning and such around the house. Went out to dinner with Tony's sister and boyfriend last night. Had a nice dinner of prime rib. Felt totally bloated and spent the rest of the night with hick ups. In fact I woke up all night having hick ups.

Got up this morning and after reading the Sunday newspaper I made french toast for breakfast. Showered and made Tony come with me to the grocery store, heck, why should I have all the fun? Made some hot ham sandwiches for lunch. Tony just left to fill the truck up with gas since we are expecting another 6 inches of snow tonight and all day Monday. Most likely will take the dogs for a walk and spend the afternoon watching TV with the dogs. Feel much better today. I think the antibiotic is starting to kick in now on the fourth day. My glands are no longer swollen which was my biggest worry the last week. Tomorrow I plan on working my usual Monday and will most likely spend tomorrow night shoveling out from the snow storm.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2009 Thursday Morning

Tony left for work around 7:30 AM with a stool sample of Stella's to drop off at the vet. Something has to change. She still has the runs. Since he left I have done a little dusting and vacuumed the house. Tried mixing some music but the songs where not mixing well. Sometimes you have to be in the right mood.

The little voice in my head is shouting loud today. I would love to hear from people as to how they have turned off that voice in your head telling you - you have AIDS. Feeling like this sucks. I still feel like I am coming down with something or something is just not 'right'. That feeling I had prior to my diagnosis over a year ago. I am tired all the time, my glands are swollen, my throat is sore, and my face is killing me from the sinus problems. Today is my second day on an antibiotic. Am I just worrying to much? Still, I just can't get past the voice telling me 'you have AIDS'. How do you silence this voice? How do I tell myself 'I am not one of the lucky ones' anymore. I am thinking about scheduling another appointment when I am at ARCW today for my board meeting with the shrink again. This time I think I want a guy, the girl I had was great, but I feel I can be more honest and get a better point of view if the shrink has a 'guys' mind. It has been over a year now and I still can not grasp some days that I have AIDS. I know I should be happy I am alive. I know meds have gone a far way and many of my friends have had this for over 20 years. How do you live with the unknown for 20 years, much less the year I have had to live with this? I honestly just want to cry most days at the thought of having AIDS. I am looking for any help anyone can provide. Is this the way I have to live the rest of my life? Is this depression? I just want to crawl in bed most days and sleep so I can not hear the voice telling me I have AIDS.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010 Wednesday Night

Went to work on Tuesday for a couple hours. Came home and spent the afternoon napping. By the time I got up I did not feel well at all. My glands are swollen, my ears and face itch, my sinus's and face are killing me. Made a quick dinner and went to bed to watch TV by 9 PM.

Today I woke up not feeling much better but wanted to go into work and put in a couple hours rearranging some areas of the warehouse. Worked about 4 hours and came home exhausted. Took another nap this afternoon and woke up feeling not much better. Loaded up on some cold pills and started an antibiotic hopefully to get a handle on this before it gets any worse. My biggest fear is ending up in the hospital. Going to bed soon to watch American Idol and then go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Stella still has the runs even though she has not gotten at a plant now since Sunday. Not sure what else to do. She is eating her rice and hamburger and is ALWAYS hungry. She always wants food and is getting on my nerves. It is like she has a tape worm or something, which will be asked on Saturday with her next scheduled vet appointment. Tomorrow I am not going to work. I have a board meeting for ARCW in the afternoon. Other than that I plan on laying low and getting healthy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2009 Monday Night

Friday had lunch with the guys. Enjoyable as always. Spent the afternoon napping. I am so tired these days. Made something easy for dinner and we both went to bed by 10 PM.

Saturday morning Tony opened up his auto body shop for the employee's, stopped off at McDonald's for some drive thru breakfast and brought it home. I then started cleaning because he got the rare burst of energy and started back working on the bathroom remodel. He spent most to the day working on the bathroom. Like I said before, when he gets these spurts I let him go. I think it might be because I once again reminded him how long this project has taken him and if he doesn't get it done soon.............I will. That is enough to get him going for a while. I mixed some music late in the afternoon. Saturday night we met Tony's sister and her boyfriend for dinner and a play. The dinner was Mexican, OK, the play was Almost Maine. I almost fell asleep it was so boring. Got home shortly after 10 PM and went to bed about an hour later.

Sunday after reading the paper and making eggs, bacon and toast, Tony started working on the bathroom again. We did make plans to take his mother out for Valentine's day late lunch. We exchanged cards over breakfast. I almost died reading his. It says: What I love most about life is the little stuff. Then you open it up and it says: Holding your hand. Walking. Talking. Snuggling on the couch. Cooking together. You know the ordinary things. What I love most about our life is sharing it with you. Happy Valentine's Day. I died laughing. I looked at him and asked him when was the last time he held my hand, walked, snugged on the couch, much less COOKED WITH ME. You have to see the humor. Oh well, he got a card. Had a nice lunch at Famous Dave's. It is a Ribs restaurant. Was good food but I always pay the price the next day when I eat ribs. Funny how it doesn't stop me though. Got home around 5 PM. Fed the dogs and spent the night watching Amazing Race and the CBS lineup. Saw Stella eating one of the plants in the living room today. Thought back and ........... wow, could this be why she is having problems? Is she eating the plants that might be poison? I threw a couple away. Raised a couple higher off the floor, and put a gate around the big ones. Jeez. It was like a light bulb went on when I saw her eating the plant. Caught her twice before in the last week.

Went to work today for about 5 hours. Spent an hour or so at home working also. I am very tired again today. Maybe it is the long winter. It has not been above 30 degrees for longer than I care to remember. Suppose to get to 31 degrees on Friday. Talked to my mom today who is in Florida. Funny to hear her complain how 'cold' it is. Jeez. Come on back to Wisconsin and I will show you cold. Not much on TV tonight since we usually watch the CBS Monday TV and it is all reruns. Most likely will watch stuff on the DVR.

Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12, 2010 Friday Morning

Wednesday night I went to a dinner meeting on Atripla. It is the AIDS cocktail I take so the information is always helpful. Plus it gives me a chance to ask any questions I may have regarding the drug. Was happy I went and had a great dinner. Got home and went to bed around 10 PM.

Yesterday was a very hard day. It started out bad. Got up around 6 AM because I had a 8:30 AM dental appointment. Have to get up at least 2 hours to leaving the house. It takes that long every day for my system to clear out. The first hour or two each day on Atripla is not pleasant. Can not remember the last time I had a good bowel movement in the morning without cramping and diarrhea for the first couple hours. Once I get through the first two hours I am good to go. Well, shortly after I got up Stella got up and could not walk on her front right leg. Since she surgery on her back left leg a couple months ago it made it very hard for her to walk and she was not happy. I can see it in my dogs eyes when they are not happy. Got her outside to see her diarrhea was not any better. So now the vet must be called. I honestly though yesterday might be her last day with me and spent most of the day in tears. Called the vet prior to going to the dentist. Drove to the dentist to find out I have a cavity and a tooth infection. Got a prescription of a mouth wash for the tooth infection and made another appointment to take care of the cavity. They could have done the work right there and then but I had Stella on my mind and just wanted to get back to her. Got home to see her not much better and called the vet to set up an appointment. Made an 11 AM appointment and called Tony to inform him he was coming along and to be home by 10:30 AM. Had a break down on the phone with him since I had reached my limit and reminded him how much I really need his help in times like this. On top of all this the ceiling in our bathroom was leaking again from the upstairs apartment shower. I can only handle so much and ended up taking an anxiety pill which helped. Talked with my sister and mom on the phone, crying the whole time before taking Stella to the vet. Tony got home and we loaded Stella into the car. Of course the minute she saw the leash she started looking better. Took her to the vet and they also could see she was not a happy dog. Took her off one med, put her on another for the diarrhea and was told to start feeding her rice and hamburger meat. I honestly thought and discussed with Tony that this could possibly be 'the time'. Brought her home and made her a big batch to last a few days of rice and hamburger meat. Gave her one of the new pills. She still has to take the Prednisone until we find out how the blood test she got again turns out. Got her resting and I drove quickly to Walgreen's to pick up my mouth wash prescription and a few items. Stella's vet bill was $218. Walgreens got me for another $100. Jeez. Spent the afternoon laying on the floor or couch with Stella comforting her. I did do a little caulking of the bathroom in the afternoon also. Stella had more rice and hamburger for dinner and we went to bed early last night watching TV in the bedroom. Was feeling the tightness in my chest from the day's stress.

This morning Stella looks much happier and much better. She only had to go out once during the night and we both got a good nights sleep. She ate a good breakfast and actually has a happier look in her eyes. Not the scared help me daddy look. She also looks less bloated. Called my mom and sister again to let them know today might be a better day. My sister is going through similar with her dog right now so we cry together and talk about our worthless husbands. Worthless might be a little strong, lets say they run the other way when things like this happen. They could be much more helpful. Guess they just don't have the motherly instincts. Makes me so mad when Tony walks past Stella not even looking down at her and says 'she looks fine'. Yah, if you don't look at the problem there is no problem. What is with husbands? Will spend the morning with the dogs and getting ready for lunch with the guys and then have to make a stop at the bank. Will spend the afternoon with the dogs. Not going anywhere tonight either. This Saturday we are going to a play with Tony's sister and boyfriend. Of course Tony wants to have dinner prior to the play which led to me having to remind him how much time the drive, dinner and play will take and Stella can not be left that long. Why do I have to always be the 'bad guy'? Oh well, we will have to see how it all turns out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010 Wednesday Morning

Got up by 6 AM and began the shoveling out from the 12 inches of snow we got the last 2 days. The sun is out now. Tony plowed while I shoveled. All done. Now I just have to stay home all day and do some cleaning here and there. The news says we had an earthquake not far from here last night. I did not feel a thing. Always wondered what it would feel like though.

This morning Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga were on Good Morning America. I love Lady Gaga. With that said I have to put something in writing. As much as I am so happy people like Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper and many others help fight AIDS, when I hear stories about AIDS it just brings me down. That little voice in my head tells me I have AIDS all day, bringing me down, but I have found a way to lessen the voice. Any time I read or hear about HIV and AIDS it is like someone hits me with a brick and my heart sinks, I shake and feel cold. I hate having this disease. I use to be able to say I was one of the lucky ones. It just makes me want to cry. Not really looking for sympathy, just telling it like it is. Does a day ever come when you totally accept this disease? Does a time come when the mention of HIV or AIDS doesn't knock you down? God I sure hope so. Some days I still dwell on the question 'how did I get this?' Most days to be honest. I know I am fortunate to have adjusted as well as I have since learning I have AIDS. I know my meds have done miracles for my health. I just HATE having this disease. It almost feels dirty? Tainted? Not as good as someone else? Worth less?

I have a meeting tonight at Mo's restaurant at 6 PM tonight. Not sure what the topic will be or for sure if I am going. Will have to see how the day unfolds and if there actually is a meeting because of the snow. Thinking I might go back into some type of one on one therapy for a while again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010 Tuesday Night

Let it snow, let it snow let it snow.
It has been snowing since last night and not going to stop until tomorrow morning.

Monday I went to work with the intent of working a long day and getting two day's worth of work completed so I did not have to go into work on Tuesday due to the snow storm heading this way. Like most plans, didn't work out the way I wanted and worked a normal Monday knowing I would have to go into work for a short time on Tuesday to complete the inventories. Unfortunately I can not do the inventory until the guys in the warehouse fill that day/week's products sold at the other locations or used on clients. Since the guys didn't have some areas pulled yet, I would have to go into work and finish the counts Tuesday. Spent Monday night watching TV. Our tenants came down at one point for a beer and to shoot the shit as we say here in Milwaukee. Put both their cars in the garage since I put my BMW at Tony's shop on my way home Monday, got the Tahoe he usually drives, since he would bring home the snow plow from work at the end of his work day. Neither the Tahoe or Plow fit in the garage, the door does not open high enough. So I thought I would be nice and let the tenants park in the garage out of the snow, no sense leaving it empty with a snow storm approaching. Went to bed around 10 PM Monday night. The snow had not yet started.

Today when I got up it was apparent the snow storm had begun. Had a couple inches on the ground at 6 AM this morning. Got showered and off to work so I could do what I had to do and get the heck home. Was home by 11 AM. Finished transferring the information on spreadsheets here at home before sending them to the owner by noon. Made myself some tomato soup for lunch and went out to do the first round of shoveling. Don't be thinking the snow has stopped or will be stopping any time soon. It kept coming all afternoon today. Took an hour nap this afternoon. Fed the dogs. Stella has the runs real bad today. She is not feeling good. Barkley wouldn't eat his food and I ended up putting it up on the counter for him to eat later. About a half hour later I hear this horrible noise in the kitchen to find Stella and Barkley in a dog fight. I had to pull them apart. My heart racing. Gave Stella a big spanking and yelled at her like crazy. I don't care which dog started it, she can do the most damage being a Pitbull to a Beagle. She should have more restraint I figure. No blood or major damage to either one, but this is not allowed in our home. Stella is in the kitchen in a time out right now. Tony is out back with the plow. I have decided to wait until tomorrow to finish my shoveling. It just keeps snowing. Plan on spending most of Wednesday shoveling out from the storm. When all is done we should have about a foot of snow from this storm.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010 Sunday Night

Friday Tony and I had lunch with the guys. Enjoyable as always. Dropped him off at his Auto Body Shop and then went to the bank and Walgreen's. Spent the afternoon cleaning and then took a short nap thinking we were going to a fundraiser that night. After Tony got home and I rechecked the fundraiser information I found out it is March 5th, not February 5th. So then I just made some TV dinners and we watch TV that we had DVR'd during the week.

Saturday Tony and I slept in until about 8 AM which is late for us. He is not working this weekend. I made us a big eggs, bacon and muffin breakfast. We went to State Fair Park in the afternoon to a Pet Show. All the rescues, food makers, breeders, humane societies and lots of dogs. We go every year. I love seeing all the dogs and getting all the free samples of food for the dogs. Got home early in the afternoon and Tony and I laid down for a while prior to going to a dinner party at one of the couple's house's we have lunch on Friday's with. Was a dinner party of six. Had a great time. I gotta tell you, the guys/friends I have met since last year that have helped me through this have become really close friends. I am fortunate to have met such a nice group of guys. I know they would be there for me as I for them if the time came. One silver lining in all this HIV crap. Had a great dinner and then home by 10 PM. Went to bed shortly there after.

This morning we read the morning paper, did a little cleaning and then Tony and I headed to the grocery store to do some food shopping. Bought food and lottery tickets for the week. We won $2 this week. It cost $15 a week for the tickets we buy. Been buying the same numbers for over 15 years now, our numbers have got to hit soon. Made some lunch and then saw Tony sleeping on the couch so I went to the bed, dogs all followed, and soon Tony, and we napped the afternoon away. The Super Bowl is on right now. I did turn it for about 30 seconds on the TV. Hey I am gay, not a football fan or sports fan of any kind. Now we are just watching more TV we DVR'd during the week. Have to make a quick supper soon. Have a pre made salad and making some Pizza Rolls. That's it for dinner tonight. Sounds like we are going to get hit with a big snow storm starting late Monday night and all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Could be up to 10 inches. I am thinking of just putting in a long day tomorrow and calling it a week. I am much more cautious now since my diagnosis and do not put myself in jeopardy any more dangerously if it can be avoided. I can avoid going to work in a snow storm, so I will not go and just stay home. So I might just work Monday all day and get two days work done in one long day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010 Thursday Morning

Tuesday I worked a few hours at work and then at home. Tony and I went out for $1 tacos for dinner.

Wednesday I spent most of the day just laying around the house listening to music. I am really into Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga these days. Been going back to Mariah's earlier music and really enjoying it from then to her newest CD. Wednesday night Tony and I went to a dinner party at a restaurant called Sabor here in Milwaukee. It was a dinner for the corporate employees which includes me. Very different type of restaurant. If you don't eat meat, it is not the restaurant for you. Waiters walk around with 16 types of meat and steaks that they cut off at the table for you. You have a place setting that you turn to green if you want more meat, and red if your taking a break or do not want any more. It is all you can eat of all the different meats. Of course there was a salad bar and many sides, but the meat is what you go there for. I must admit I have never eaten so much meat in my life in one sitting. I was thinking this morning would be horrible on my digestive system but so far no problems. Actually wondering where all the meat I ate went. Maybe it still is in me. Time will tell. It was really nice. About 20 people. Quite pricey at $48 a person plus the drinks. I am sure the total was in the thousands of dollars for the dinner. I would go again.................if someone else was paying. LOL

This morning I got up a little after 7 AM. Of course Tony was already up and reading the newspaper. Spent the morning placing some orders for work and doing some clean up around the house. Even re-arrange the furniture in the living room for a different look. Thinking when I get the last of my duties done around here I might spend the afternoon napping. Kinda tired today. No plans until tomorrows lunch with the guys. I also made a dental appointment for next week Thursday since I have a tooth infection. I think the tooth will have to be pulled. Man I hate the dentist more than the doctor these days. Was quite different a year ago when I was first diagnosed. Now I am more comfortable, still a little nervous, every time I go to the doctor. I hate the shots at the dentist and getting a tooth pulled will result in shots or a lot of pain. I don't like pain.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010 Monday Night

Saturday Tony worked half the day as I cleaned the house. I also had to take Stella in for another blood test to see if her blood platelet count has improved with all the meds she is on. Spent the afternoon catching up on watching show we DVR'd. Saturday night we went to dinner at a past tenant we had new house they now own. Had a very good lasagna dinner and had a couple hours of good conversation and laughs. Got home within 3 hours for Stella.

Sunday we got up and out the house to take Tony's mom to breakfast. Bought our weekly lottery tickets and picked up some prescription for Tony at Walgreens before heading home and spending the rest of the day at home with the dogs. Ended up watching the Grammy Awards last night. Wish Lady Gaga would have won more awards. We did watch a few movies worth mentioning over the weekend. I would recommend Up In The Air with George Clooney, It's Complicated and Hotel For Dogs. All three were good movies.

Today I went to work around 9:30 getting there by 10 AM. Found out soon I had not emailed the correct updated spreadsheet I worked on last week at home to my work address so I could print it out and do the weekly retail inventory. Since I had to call Tony at noon and remind him to go home to let Stella out I had him email it to me while he was home. Got most of the inventory done and used the corrected updated ones to send the owner at the end of today. Worked about 5 and a half hours today. Feeling pretty tired and looking forward to an early night in bed watching TV. The vet did call today and tell us one of Stella's blood test did come back with good results. Her platelet count has gone from 11,000 to 268,000. THIS IS GREAT. We can start to decrease the prednisone now from 2 pills twice daily to 1 pill twice daily. Thank goodness, hopefully this means let water going in and out. Not much else to report and looking forward to doing nothing else tonight. I did make a salad and warmed up some lasagna we got to bring home from Saturday's dinner. Tasted just as good. So now, done for the day and glad.