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Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 4, 2016 Thursday Afternoon

It has been an interesting couple weeks since I posted last.

Root canal went well or at least as well as a root canal can go.  The three days after were very painful as it healed.  Was told the tooth was dead and most likely was the cause of all the pain I had over New Years. 

That weekend Tony started having stomach pain and was not feeling well. 

On that Monday Toby went in and got neutered, which went good.  Toby was very good and only needed a cone for the first five days.  After that the cone came off and he never once licked his surgery wounds. The night of Toby's surgery Tony went to emergency for his stomach pain.  Tony was in the hospital until Thursday late afternoon.  All they could come up with is severe colitis, sinus infection and enlarged glands.  He also had an enlarged colon from the MRI he had performed.  Came home still feeling like crap and spent the weekend getting better.  It was not easy holding the house together for four days while Tony was in the hospital.  With one dog just having surgery and the others needing attention it was a hard week to get through alone.  On Wednesday night while he was in the hospital and my tenant was taking a too high bath, I walked past our lower bathroom to see water pouring out of the ceiling.  WTF?   Ran upstairs and told tenant to stop doing whatever she was doing.  I think she was splashing water over the sides or the over fill is broken.  Still have not had time to address and told just to take showers.

On top of Tony's hospital situation I have also been going round and round with his doctors and the pharmacist regarding his Cholesterol medicine.  Tony had to switch insurance as of the first of the year and the new policy no longer covered his Vytorin and it would cost $250 a month.  Finally got the doctor to pull his chart and see he has tried all the other Cholesterol meds and has even had open heart surgery and needs the drug with a statin.  I think I finally got it all straightened out today, three weeks later and about 10 calls to the doctor.  It is very had because I handle all this stuff and Tony doesn't even know what he takes or for what when it comes to meds.  When you get on the phone with doctors or pharmacy they want to talk to Tony.  Finding generic alternatives is not easy and seems the doctor or pharmacist or not much help and you have to do the research on your own.  He doesn't understand how all this works and would rather just say 'the hell with it' and go without.  I love him too much to let them happen and let him die.

The dogs are all doing great.  I took this picture last night.  This is the gang.

My health has been good this past week.  Besides the being tired and needing a nap daily I got through the last few weeks feeling pretty good.  Knock on wood it lasts.