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Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 Monday Afternoon

Feeling a little under the weather today.  Woke up this morning around 5 AM with bowel pain.  After I got the dogs fed and Tony off to work I spend most of today in bed.  My head hurts, my stomach hurts, my bowels hurt, and I have a 99.1 temperature.  Got up around 3:30 PM this afternoon so I would be ready to talk to my mom at 4 PM.  We talk on Monday's at 4 PM.  It does not help that it is cloudy and cold here in Milwaukee.  It is only 41 degrees and feels very damp outside.  I will make Tony a quick salad and TV dinner for supper.  I will have a piece of toast or something and go to bed early, or at least watch TV in bed tonight before going to bed.  So tired I could go to bed now.  This is the part of HIV I hate.  One day you feel fine, the next day another illness. 

Late last week I notice Casper was experiencing pain near his nose.  If we bumped him or he bumped us he would cry in pain.  Took him to the vet Saturday morning to find out he has a half missing / chipped front tooth.  Would totally explain the pain on his nose.  So tomorrow I have to have Casper at the vet at 7:30 AM so they can put him under and pull the tooth.  The vet said it should be quick and under for very short time.  Because of this I will most likely be picking him up around noon.  He will wake up, me not there, and cry.  The minute the vet calls I will go get him and spend the rest of the day as Casper time.  He has been taking pain pills the vet gave us since Saturday and they have helped.  In fact no yelping in pain since.

The grass is getting green and the buds are finally forming on the trees.  Being near Lake Michigan we have very varied temperature swings.  Lately the wind seems all off the lake and we have only gotten above 60 degrees once or twice here by the lake.  I am glad I no longer have to tend to the pond but do miss the sound of the pumps and water when I sit outside. 

My birthday is this Thursday.  I will be 54 years old.  I have no clue where all the time goes.  I would never imagine myself this age.  Where does all the time go?  No matter if I do little or a lot all day, the day is gone in a blink.  Then another year older.  Would love to go back to my late 20s knowing what I know now.  My advice to my younger self would be:  Stop Worrying.   Wish I could take that advice now at my age.  All will be OK.  Always has worked out so ....   Stop Worrying. 

Next week I see my back doctor to have him explain my MRI results on my lower back. 

Tony is still dealing with his teeth issues.  He has no upper teeth and I can't seem to get him to look around for a cheaper dentist.  Honestly he is pissing me off with his laziness.  I can only do so much.  I did put my foot down this morning and told him I wanted to know what his next two appointments are for and how much they will cost.  The last time he said a cleaning was close to $800.  WTF?  He only has lower teeth.  Dental Associates is taking him for a ride and he just does what ever they tell him.   Times like this I just wish he cared more about money and was not so lazy.

The dogs are doing fine, other than Casper and his tooth.  It will be a year next month that we started fostering Rose and Casper.  I can not believe it has been a year.  I still smile when I look at them knowing how they came here. 

Time to log off and go back to the couch and blanket.  Hope I feel better real soon.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015 Thursday Afternoon

It has been an interesting couple weeks around our house.

Rose knocked one of Tony's front teeth loose soon after the last post.  Tony went to Dental Associates and they recommended he have the other 10 upper teeth pulled.  Like a fool, he took their advice and had every upper tooth he had pulled.  Yah, WTF?  What the hell are you going to connect a partial to?  I have no clue what him or the dental office was thinking.  Moving forward then he spent a week taking pain pills and anti inflammatory medicine and not eating.  Then a week ago last Tuesday he comes home acting all drunk from work, but wont say he was drinking.  He spent the night passing in and out of throwing up.  By morning I got the story that he had a few beers at work.  From that time forward, until yesterday, he had not gone back to work due to the pain in his stomach and not being able to keep any food or liquid down.  Finally this past Monday I made him go to emergency to be told he has GERD.  GERD is when you burn out your esophagus.  He is on meds and at a specialist as I type this post.  So for the past week Tony has been home, in pain, miserable, and making my day just as miserable, lol.  Actually I do like him home but wish he would pick up after himself.  His next dental appointment for a denture fitting is April 12th.  I have no clue what he was thinking having his teeth pulled much less letting Dental Associates do it without a second opinion.  WOW.  For now we have to work on is GERD problem.

Easter we went to Tony's sisters house.  Since Tony couldn't eat due to no teeth and stomach pain I had a little food and we left within an hour and a half.  At least I got a good meal.

I have been busy doing things around the house even though the weather has not been very nice.  I took down our hot tub due to a leak that I could not fix.  Finally got Tony and his brother to help us get it out of the side porch and on a truck and out of your household.  I will miss the hot tub but not the electric bill we had when we had it running daily.  It is again in the 40s today but raining very hard.  We had our first thunder storm last night and it has been raining since.  I put an ad on Craigslist last week for my Kio fish and to find them a good home.  Was surprised how many people responded and by Saturday afternoon the fish in my pond were all gone.  I then spend since then taking down the pond and filling in the hole to make a bigger yard for the dogs.  I did go to my back doctor and also just had an MRI on my back this past Monday due to the pain I have when doing household tasks.   Most would say stop doing those tasks but who the hell is going to do them?  Tony?  No way.

This week marked one year since we had to euthanize and say goodbye to Stella.  I have to admit it has been quite a year and she would be proud of how we saved Rose and Casper in her honor.

I wish it would stop raining so I could go out an clean a rain gutter that is clogged.  Not looking like it is going to end anytime soon.

Also went to the dentist this past week for a dental cleaning.  The last appointment I had I got there to find out the appointment was canceled.  Was happy this didn't happen again. 

I am feeling OK.  I keep busy which keeps my mind off the topics that I can not control anyway like death and dying.  As long as I get my nap in the afternoon I seem to be doing OK and living a good life.  I can not imagine having to work. I am so exhausted my lunch I need a nap and then restart my day after the nap.  It is like I have two days in one.

The dogs are all doing great.  I can not imagine my life without them.