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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010 Tuesday Dinner Time

Sunday night we watched the Prime Time Emmy Awards. I thought the show was very entertaining and was for the most part happy with who won. I have never watched the show Mad Men so I am a don't know why that show wins each year. It must be good?

Monday it was very hot in Milwaukee. In the 90s again. I spent the morning doing a little cleaning and went to Walgreen's to pick up some items on sale and a prescription. Took a nap in the afternoon. Tony came home from work and I made leftovers for dinner. Well, he had leftovers, I had a can of chili. Made a couple side salads to go with dinner. We spent the night watching TV and things we DVR'd over the weekend. Watched the last two episodes of Person's Unknown from Saturday night. I did like this show and am sorry it is not returning. Was an interesting ending and set up if it did continue. So much for another show we spent so much time watching only to have it canceled. Went to bed shortly after 10 PM.

Today after getting Tony off to work and feeding the dogs I made a vet appointment for Kali to have her teeth checked and worked on down the road. The vet did the exam and blood tests to see if she is healthy enough for dental surgery. Another $140 to the vet today. The vet will let me know in a couple days if she is healthy enough since she is 11 years old and how much it might cost. Since she has a bad mouth I was told it could be $700 - $900. WOW! But it has to be done so I will break open the savings account and spend it on her. She is worth it, she is my baby. Took a short nap this afternoon until Tony came home for something and woke us up. He is working in this heat again today which is in the 90s again today. He thought 'it must be nice to nap in an air conditioned house while he is out in this heat working'. His words. Making a pot roast, potato's and corn for dinner with a salad. Will end up watching America's Got Talent and go to bed around 10 PM like always. Suppose to get some thunder storms tonight when a cool front comes through. I am so looking forward to the cool front since it is way too hot being in the 90s. Not much on my schedule tomorrow. Will most likely go grocery shopping and do a little around the house as usual.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010 Sunday Night

Friday night we did watch the movie Shutter Island. It was OK. It does have a surprise twist at the end. Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Saturday morning I saw there was a car show on the south side of town so I called the couple we have lunch with to see if they wanted to meet us there and then have lunch. We did indeed end up meeting them around 11 AM and had a nice lunch at the family restaurant after the car show. They both work on cars so Tony and them have plenty to talk about at the car shows while I am being amused by the car participants and spectators. Got home and spent the afternoon taking a nap since it is again quite hot and humid in Milwaukee. After feeding the dogs dinner we went to this weekends festival at the Milwaukee lake front. It is Mexicanfest this weekend. I must admit it was a little scary. It is the first time I have gone to a festival at our lake front where you had to go through metal detectors at the gates. Sad world we have when you have to have metal detectors at a festival made for FUN. It was very busy at the festival and we only stayed for about 2 hours. Everything you bought you first had to buy tickets as cash. I hate that at festivals because you always end up giving a couple tickets away as you walk out the doors because you buy too many tickets for what you buy. Tony had two beers, I had a strawberry margarita to drink. Had a hard time figuring out what to eat since most of the signs were not in English. Jeez, you are in America. I finally saw a sign that said 'Taco Plate', so thats what we had. We split a combo steak taco plate and ended up buying some donuts to take home with the last of the tickets. Ended up giving one ticket away to a couple with a small child. It was a scary crowd to be honest. I don't mean that anything against anyone who is Mexican. The metal detectors didn't help give a positive feeling about the festival. Stella's ear is about the same, not any worse. I have been continuing to put drops in them as directed. I posted a picture of what her ear looks like having a Hematoma. It is along the top of the ear. It feels like a small water balloon.

Today we both were up by 6:30 AM. Jeez, it's Sunday morning. After reading much of the newspaper I made scrambled ears and hash browns for breakfast. We watched TV because it is in the 90s today in Milwaukee. About 1 PM Bo came in the house limping and whimpering. He somehow hurt his front right knee. After trying to get him to relax I though it best to just go into the bedroom and nap. Hopefully that would keep him from walking on it or jumping down from somewhere and hurting it more. I gave him a small dog pain pill also. Tony came to the bedroom and joined the napping in no time. We woke up around 4 PM and both took showers. I then drove to the Open Pantry and bought this weeks lottery tickets. Noticed the college kids moving into the new dorms across from Open Pantry and thought the restaurant on the corner might be a nice place to eat dinner tonight. These young college kids have so much energy, yah, I will leave it at that not to sound like an old pervert. LOL. The dogs are now fed and after this post we are going to La Pizzeria, the restaurant on the corner of the new college dorm here on the Eastside. After that it is the Emmy Awards on TV tonight. It is very hot and humid here in Milwaukee today. Going outside is not fun or enjoyable at all. Happy I at least got a response from my little sister 'admitting' (LOL) she reads my blog daily. Love you little sis. Say hi to the kids. Tomorrow looks hot again and another cold front comes through mid week taking the temperature to the 70s. Looking forward to it. These temperature extremes just mean Fall and then Winter is not far behind.

Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010 Friday Night

Spent last night watching TV. Ended up watching Big Brother and then 2 episodes of the HBO show True Blood. We only have two more episodes until we are up to date on the series. About 7:30 PM I looked out our front windows and watched three kids, two on bikes, stopped in front of the apartment complex across the street. Something didn't look right. I looked at Tony and told him to put some shoes and pants on because something is going to happen. Of course he disagreed at first. We then watched the one kid without a bike walk up to the apartment complex and go behind some bushes. I sent Tony outside. Tony walked across the street, I got the dogs locked in the house and then went out myself. Tony got to the kid just as he was about to steal a bike. The kid of course lipped off to Tony when he asked him what he was doing. The kid then ran away with his two friends on bikes. A second later a neighbor in the apartment complex came running out to see what was happening. After we told him he got in his car after the kids. Not sure how it turned out but without the kid actually stealing the bike not much can be done. Went to bed around 10:30 PM after watching my rabbit in the back yard eating the little bread I put out just for him and not the raccoons and possums.

This morning I got up about 6:30 AM because Tony was already up as usual. Pushed myself to get the usual daily things done before going back to bed for about an hour and a half with Stella and the rest of the dogs. He ear is the same but the vet did call today to say her blood tests came back all normal which is the first hurdle. Her liver numbers even improved since her last blood test in March. Now I just have to keep putting drops in her ear daily and clean it out on Monday. That cleaning will not be fun, it hurts her. Got myself showered after a few phone calls and then picked up Tony and had lunch with the guys. Was great as usual. Came home and tried to take a nap but between the dogs, neighbors, windows open because it is nice out, I got no sleep and finally got up and turned on some music. It was a Whitney Houston afternoon. I made a two plus hour mix of all her songs so when I am in the mood for some Whitney I can just play the whole hours of music. Been feeling a bit down the past week. I have not mentioned this in earlier posts. Between my stomach being so upset from the Penicillin I have to take for this tooth infection I have gone down hill when it comes to beating myself up about having HIV. I have said before that not a day goes by that that little voice in my head reminds me of this, lately it is always on my mind. It makes your heart sink each time you think of it. A couple time a day was tolerable. Lately that little voice is getting loud. Wonder if this is normal? I have known now for a year and a half of my diagnosis. I thought I was on an upswing accepting this, lately it has been difficult. Wonder if there is a scale or research on this sort of thing when a person finds out news such as I did? Tonight we will watch some movies I downloaded since it looks like there is nothing worth watching on TV tonight. I think Shutter Island will be watched. Have to say one more thing. If it were not for the counter at the bottom of the web page I would wonder if anyone is still following since I get no comments lately. Someone throw me a comment and let me know your still out there. Thanks. No plans this weekend. Suppose to get in the mid and upper 80 Saturday and Sunday. Monday in the 90s, yuck. By Tuesday it looks like it will cool off. Last summer we had no days over 90 degrees here in Milwaukee. This has been the warmest summer on record here in Milwaukee. Thankful for spell check, I sometimes chuckle at myself when all the spelling mistakes come up. LOL

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010 Thursday Dinner Time

Last night we went to bed to watch TV so I could look out for the rabbit in the back yard. It was there. About 10 PM I could not believe my eyes when I saw a raccoon come climbing over the fence into the back yard. A short time later another raccoon climbed the fence as now there was two raccoons. The rabbit sat for a while and then ran very quickly across the alley into the neighbors yard. I at that point decided to remove the trap from the front yard that I am trying to catch the cat in because I sure don't want to have to try to release a raccoon in the morning. I guess I will do as Tony says and 'let nature take it's course'.

This morning after getting Tony off to work and taking care of the dogs I put drops in Stella's ear. She was not happy and gave out a little whimper. Broke my heart. She must have a very bad ear infection. I laid down on the bed with her and fell back to sleep. Got up and showered and then went to the grocery store and did a little grocery shopping. I did not think I bought as much as the total came to. How it all adds up fast, hey? Spent the afternoon doing things around the house while listening to music. I did read two chapters in the book from my sister. I am having a real hard time with this book. It is not easy to read. Very confusing. I said I would give it a good try and will read it to the half way point before giving up. I am almost there. The book is called Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. I have dinner started. Bought a Cornish hen, can of beans and potato's for dinner with a side salad. I am sure we will spend the night watching TV: Big Brother, Rookie Blue, and something on DVR after that before going to bed. Was a beautiful day in Milwaukee. Temperatures in the 70s again today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010 Wednesday Night

Got Stella to the vet this morning to find out she has a bad ear infection and a hematoma on her ear. The swelling is because of the hematoma which might be from shaking her head because of the ear infection. It could go away on it's own but will most likely need surgery and a drainage tube in the near future to fix it. Because of the likely hood of surgery and her past blood platelet problems we had to do a bunch of blood tests and get ear drops for now. Cost: $225.00.
Got her home and shortly after went to my doctor to get my latest blood results. Looks like I am getting healthier with each blood test. My Tcell count is now up to 416 and still undetectable. My percentage though stayed at 21% which should have gone up from the last blood test which was also 21%. The doctor says I should be happy with the 416 but realize that that number can fluctuate depending on how you are THAT day. Since my percent did not go up he warned me not to worry if the next blood test in January 2011 shows a lower Tcell count than 416. I just am happy to be over 400 since between 400 and 1500 is considered normal. All my other tests came back good also and the doctor is happy with my results. I did ask the doctor about the rash I get in the sun, he did not know why, my HIV+ friends all seem to have the same problem. Was surprised he was so clueless about the rash but he did say we could look at adjusting my meds or switching them. I told him since I have had such good results so far it is much easier for me to just stay out of the sun then risk messing with my HIV meds. So bottom line, Stella and I are going to live another day. Took a short power nap after I got home. Just got off the phone with my sister and mom to give them all the dog and my news. Now I wait for Tony to get home since I am not cooking and we are most likely going to a car show and having dinner out while the weather is so nice. It is in the 70s now in Milwaukee and much less humid, so nice for sleeping.

August 25, 2010 Wednesday Morning

Tuesday morning I went to my 8 AM dentist appointment. Not so easy to get up and out of the house that early in the morning. Had to get up by 6 AM just to clear the bowels and get myself awake enough to get out the door and to the appointment. The tooth is infected and I was given an antibiotic. I will also have to have the tooth pulled in three weeks once the infection is gone. It has not been a good summer with the teeth. They seem to be falling apart. This will be the third tooth I have had to have pulled this year. Is this from the meds? Got home and spend the day doing stuff around the house. Last night Tony noticed that Stella's ear is swollen and might be infected. The ear lobe is like a small water balloon. Gave her a doggie pain pill and spent the night snuggling next to her on the bed all night. Didn't get much sleep last night because of Stella and watching for the cat that eats the rabbits around here. I set a trap for the cat. About 11 PM last night I saw my rabbit eating in the back yard and the cat stalking it in the neighbors yard. Decided having a trap with tuna where the rabbit eats is not the best solution. Moved the trap to the front of the house where no rabbits are. Hopefully the tuna smell will bring the cat to the front of the house and I can trap it there.

This morning I got up early. No cat in the trap in the front of the house. But I did see TWO rabbits playing in the back yard. I had only thought there was one, but there are two. Phoned the vet already this morning and made a 10 AM appointment for Stella to find out what is wrong with her ear. I then have a 1:30 PM doctor appointment myself to find out my latest labs. I will post them and what is wrong with Stella later this afternoon or night when I have time. Always something going on around here with the dogs. Now I just have to keep Bo from wanting to lick Stella's ear, not an easy task. Got to get into the shower so I can take Stella to the vet this morning. No time for a nap today with all the doctor appointments.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010 Monday Dinner Time

Saturday Tony and I met a friend at a car show around noon. One of the features was 'free lunch for everyone'. I must admit, when I hear the word free, it catches my attention. Had a hot dog, slice of pizza and ice cream at the car show, free. Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon taking a nap with Tony and the dogs. Saturday night I made hamburgers and rice for dinner. We spent the night watching the 70's movie Frogs, which is a horror flick I remember seeing as a kid. It was free to watch on Watched a couple of episodes of Hot In Cleveland which I had DVR'd. I do like this show and find myself laughing out loud at Betty White, love that lady.

Sunday I made breakfast and then Tony got started working on the bathroom after I reminded him that he has not moved forward on it in weeks. He got very dirty sanding plaster while I did things around the house. Kept the dance music playing to keep him moving. About 2 PM in the afternoon he had had enough and around 4 PM we took the Cadillac out for a drive. We drove to his mothers house on the southside and then ended up going out to dinner with her at a family restaurant. Dropped her off at home and drove the long way home along the Milwaukee lakefront. Spent the night watching Big Brother, The Gates, and a couple more episodes of Hot In Cleveland before going to bed. As I looked out the window of the bedroom one last time I could see my rabbit eating some bread I put out for him. I looked again and saw a huge possum hiding not far from him. Spent about an hour watching the situation until the rabbit left. I then went out and scared the possum away. Jeez, are they an ugly animal. About an hour later I looked out the window to see the cat that has eaten most of the little animals around here, in my backyard. Ran outside in my underwear and nothing else and scared the cat away. Jeez, I have one rabbit left because of this damn cat. Got up many times to check on the rabbit and haven't seen him since.

This morning after getting Tony off to work and taking care of the dogs needs I called my mom and dad and spoke with them for a while. I then took a shower with Barkley and gave him a needed shower along with mine. I then started calling Wisconsin Food Share because I got a letter from them on Saturday requiring an interview. I called at least 15 times until about 1 PM when I finally got ahold of someone. I would be put on hold only to about 30 seconds later hear a busy signal. Another well run government agency in the good old USA. NOT! Got my interview taken care of over the phone and was told I will get a letter in 3 to 5 days saying what, if any, benefit I will get. In the time that I kept calling I did drive to the pet store to pick up Barkley's special dry dog food for his skin and coat. A 17 lb bag is now $52.00. WOW. If he didn't need it so much he would eat the regular food the other dogs eat. Then went to a hardware store to see if there was a powder or something to keep feral cats away. Bought a powder but after getting home and reading more about it, it keeps away small critters including rabbits too. Well, that won't work since I am using to save my rabbit not keep him from the backyard. I want the cat gone. Ended up having to go back to the hardware store and return the powder. Walked over to the neighbor across the alley to tell them about my rabbit, possum, cat adventures last night since they also enjoy the one rabbit left in the neighborhood. When I mentioned my last idea was to catch the damn cat he said he had a trap. Yes! So I then drove to Walgreen's and bought two cans of tuna for the trap tonight. I will have to put the trap out late and bring it in early or a squirrel or two will get trapped. I know I will be trapping more squirrels than cats but I need to get this cat. I will then take it to the Humane Society for them to deal with. Have the trap ready for tonight. Took a couple hour nap since I was exhausted from all the running around already this morning. Tony will be home in about an hour and I have no clue what to make for dinner much less any ambition to cook anything. Will watch DVR stuff on TV tonight since all that is on is reruns and such. Tomorrow I have another dental appointment which might include pulling another tooth. Seems my teeth are just falling apart lately. Must be the meds or the HIV. Anyone else have teeth problems with this HIV thing?

Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010 Friday Night

This morning I got Tony off to work, fed the dogs and showered before driving to Walgreen's to pick up a couple prescriptions. Came home and talked with my mortgage company about refinancing my loan before vacuuming the house. Picked up Tony and went to lunch with the guys. Our usual Friday lunch date. Had a great lunch. Came home and shortly thereafter got a return call from my mortgage person giving me more information on if it is worth it to refinance. Bottom line is I would save about $50 a month. It would be more beneficial to just pay a little more on the mortgage each month and get it paid off since I owe so little. Took a nap and woke up having a dream about Tony. Woke up yelling at him. The dogs must have thought I was crazy. Been having a lot of vivid dreams lately. Last night Tony had to wake me up and tell me to go back to bed after I woke up screaming again in my sleep. Last nights dream was weird. It involved Stella on the subway tracks (not that we have subways in Milwaukee) and trying to get her off the tracks, lifting her up, before the train came and ran us both over. I could see the train lights coming and was screaming for Tony to help me when Tony woke me up from last nights dream. I have mentioned these vivid dreams many times. I am told it is the Atripla. What is amazing is not only how vivid they are, but how I can remember them after Tony wakes me up or I wake up on my own. Tonight there is not much on TV so we will most likely watch shows we DVR'd, probably a couple more episodes of True Blood. Saturday we have a car show to go to, other than that I would be a happy guy if Tony started tiling the bathroom since the tile boxes are sitting in the hallway. I did see Tony trip over one of the boxes the other day so hopefully that will put a fire under him to start getting the tile up and done. Watching storms roll through right now. Was 91 and hot and humid today in Milwaukee. Hopefully the storms will cool things off since the air conditioning is running and the meter is spinning.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19, 2010 Thursday Dinner Time

Spent the night in the bedroom with the dogs watching TV again all night.

Tony came home in a really bad mood. I guess it didn't help that I got on his back over the fact he had two things that needed to get done, and neither one got accomplished. He soon was nose to nose with me and yelling at the top of his lungs. It was hard for me not to punch him and I thought about it very hard during the fight. When he was done I ate my dinner and went into the bedroom and watched TV with the dogs all night. He came to bed around 10 PM. Funny how the dogs don't even want to be in the same room with him and would rather be with me. Tells me who they think is the nicer person. Had a very restless night's sleep.

This morning I got up shortly before Tony walked out the door. He looked at me on his way out the door and told me he promised to accomplish the two tasks that were very important. I looked at him and said I would believe it when I see it. One of the tasks was to respond to the suit filed against him from the guy who scammed him. Tony still has not gone downtown and filed charges against him because I keep hearing he is 'too busy'. I can't believe someone can be too busy to file charges against someone who scammed you out of over $10,000 and now is suing him for more money in another scam. I even wrote the response letter he needs to send. All he has to do is print out the checks he wrote this guy and mail them with the response. Would take a half hour tops. I am so tired of him saying he is 'too busy' to handle things I ask for. If anyone else asks for anything he is there and does it. I am not happy at all in this relationship lately. I don't want to be alone, but this daily bullshit is wearing me down. Not sure where this is headed.
Spent the day working around the house, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, and did a little work on the pond painting the sides of the upper part and waterfall I built. Tomorrow I will try to take a picture and include it in this blog. Tonight I am sure we will sit silently and watch TV all night. I don't think either one of us likes the other much these days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010 Wednesday Morning

After I woke up and fed the dogs I got Tony off to work for the day. After he left I showered and drove to Menard's to look what they had for pond pumps. I need a stronger pump to pump water up to the elevated area I made. Of course 'that' Menard's did not carry pond pumps so I ended up driving to Stein's Garden Center and found one there that I purchased. Stopped off at McDonald's for some breakfast and headed home. Spend the rest of the morning working on the pond and setting up the new pump. I did not sleep well the night prior so I ended up taking a couple hour nap before getting up and doing a little cleaning around the house before Tony got home from work. Walked a half a block down the street and ate at a Mexican Restaurant that has Tuesday $1 tacos. Had 2 tacos and a strawberry margarita. Walked back home and spent the rest of the night watching America's Got Talent before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I got Tony off to work and the regular jobs around the house completed. I will after this post take a shower and head out to the grocery store to do some grocery shopping. It is so much cooler here in Milwaukee this week than it was for the past few weeks. The humidity levels are comfortable, temperatures are in the 70s and the night is perfect for sleeping with the windows open. Feels like Fall is coming, which is fine with me, I love Fall. Only problem is what comes after Fall, Winter!

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010 Monday Night

Friday afternoon Tony and I had lunch with the guys as usual. Friday night I made hamburgers for dinner and we spent the night watching TV in the house, away from the heat and humidity.

Saturday morning we did a little around the house before meeting a friend of mine in Menomonee Falls at a Car Show. Had a nice visit and ate lunch at the car show. Came home and spent the afternoon doing thing around the house. Saturday night we had Jimmy John's Subs for dinner and watched a couple episodes of True Blood before going to bed.

Sunday was an expensive day. In the morning we went to Home Depot and spent about $150 on brick for the pond that is in the side yard that I am extending. I am making a higher level with an old pool table we have. The higher level allows me to make a water fall into the main pond. I have wanted to do this for some time. After we got home and unloaded the brick we left again for Hobo to buy tile for the bathroom. Since I got on Tony's case about the bathroom not moving forward in so long, he decided to move a step forward and at least pick out and buy tile. After being there about an hour we finally agreed on a tile and border. It was not easy to agree on even that. Ended up spending $450 which included about $100 or pond lights and other items. Came home and unloaded all the tile. By this time my back was killing me from the first purchases earlier in the day and unloading them. I then went outside to work on the pond, since the cold front was coming through and the weather was so much nicer, while Tony took an hour nap. Around 4 PM we went to a block party called Sinkhole De My Oh. It was a fund raiser for the business near the streets that are blocked from repairing the sink hole from last months rain. Stopped off at George Webb's and had dinner before heading home. Spend the night watching TV.

This morning after Tony left for work I went outside and began the pond transformation. I spent all day long working on the pond until about 4 PM. I then quickly vacuumed the house, took a shower and began getting dinner together. Ended up making a frozen Hormel beef roast, baked potato and a salad. Tony came home around 5:30 PM with paperwork from the guy who screwed him out of $10,000, suing HIM for $2100 in overtime wages Tony never paid him when Tony was doing him the favor of letting him out on work release and working at the shop Monday through Friday and some weekends. UN FUCKIN BELIEVABLE! Tony has to respond in writing to see if it will then go forward. I made Tony PROMISE that tomorrow he will finally go to the court house, now that he has his prison address, and file charges and a lawsuit against him for the $10,000 he owes Tony. Of course Tony has not done this yet being the energetic 'get it done now' type of person. Jeez, how many people have to screw Tony over before he stops being a nice guy? And why is he so nice to others, but could be nicer to ME? Will spend the night watching TV, stuff we DVR'd because there is nothing on TV tonight, while I continue to have smoke coming out of my ears over this Jerry paperwork.

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010 Friday Morning

Thursday afternoon I made another DJ Dave Mix. I will try to add it to the Music Page in the next few days after I make minor adjustments to it. It was once again to hot and humid outside to do anything outside. I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to the heat and humidity, hopefully by Sunday a cold front comes through and next week looks like highs in the 70s or low 80s. Last night we ordered Jimmy John's subs for dinner. We did spend the night watching TV in the living room rather than me in the bedroom. We still are not talking much but time will tell. Watched Big Brother, Rookie Blue and The Mentalist before going to bed.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM and out the door by a little before 7 AM to go to St Mary's Hospital for my next round of blood tests. I get the results in a week and a half when I see the doctor. I hope to still be undetectable and hopefully have a larger TCell count. Stopped off at Walgreen's on the way home from the blood test and picked up some freezer pops for Tony and the guys at the shop. Yah, me thinking of them again. You think they think of me and my comfort all day? NOT! Got home and called Tony and told him some freezer pops were here if he wanted them. He showed up a little while later to get them. Gave him the three boxes in the freezer that were already frozen to take with him and a bunch of fruit from last weeks grocery shopping. Asked him if he was joining me for lunch with the guys. He said Yes. I told him I would pick him up a little before noon. After he left I spoke to my mom on the phone for about a half hour before going to the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit, milk and a couple other items. Was a short list and not too expensive. Got our electric bill yesterday. Was $295 for the month of July because of all the heat and the air conditioning running nonstop. Jeez. One month of electric for $295.00. Going to get in the shower after this post and continue listening to my latest music mix before going to lunch. Don't plan on doing much this afternoon. If I do anything it will be in the house and air conditioning. Will most likely just stay home tonight and cook a light meal for dinner, watch more TV and go to bed around the time thunder storms are to roll in and the cold front to start coming. A cold front sounds so good. Will hopefully post my newest music mix this weekend or this afternoon. It is called DJ Dave All Night Dance Party - Volume 23. So far it sounds pretty good. Some new and some older dance hits.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010 Thursday Morning

I wrote Tony a long letter telling him how I felt. I fed the dogs and left the letter on the kitchen counter before leaving the house prior to him coming home from work. I decided to let him fend for himself when it came to dinner. I went to Southridge mall and walked around for about 2 hours, eating dinner by myself in the food court. When I walked in the door close to 8 PM he was standing in the kitchen with his hands folded and had a mean look on his face. His first words were 'where were you?'. I looked at him and said: I don't know where you are or who your with all day so I don't feel I need to tell you where I was. His response was: So we are going to play that game? I said: You started this game and play it daily when I don't know where you are all day, who your with all day, and the fact that most times when I call you at the shop you are not there and none of your employees know where the hell you are. I then went to the bedroom to watch TV leaving him in the living room to watch TV alone. All five dogs of course spend their time with me, no matter what room I am in. So he was left alone to think about things. He came to bed shortly after 10 PM without a word.

This morning about 7:15 AM he came into the bedroom prior to leaving work, I was still in bed. He said 'have a nice day'. I said 'bye bye'. I am sure he is thinking about all the things I said in my letter. I hope so anyway. This morning I have to take Bo to the vet to have his nails trimmed. Might also have his anal glands cleaned since he seems to be having a problem back there and is most likely the cause. It is in the 90s again today in Milwaukee. Hot and humid with a heat advisory. Will most likely spend the afternoon indoors with the dogs since it is too damn hot outside to do anything. The weather shows no relief until Sunday.

Tony and I like any relationship go through these 'corrections'. I call them corrections. If I say nothing, nothing changes. Of course we have been through this so many time, things change for a while, and then he is back to his selfish self. Not sure where this one will go, but I am sticking to my guns this time. I want more appreciation and romance. If I don't get it I am not sure what the next step will be. I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through similar and how they made changes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010 Wednesday Afternoon

I need some advice.

Last night Tony and I had a big fight. I spent the night watching TV in the bedroom. Tony watched TV in the living room. After the fight not much got said. This is the problem. I feel very unappreciated. I spend all day taking care of the house and doing everything that needs to be done around here. Tony goes to work and doesn't think of me at all until the time he decides to come home and grace me with his presence. I think of Tony all day and everything I do all day revolves around him or us. He goes to work and never gives me a thought. I called him yesterday about 4 PM to tell him I was planning on making hamburgers for dinner. He said, he had them for lunch. I thought this strange since I made him a lunch to take to work. He told me a burger place had an appreciation day and him and the guys all went to lunch their for free food. When I asked him why he didn't call me so I could come along his response was: I didn't think of you. He then said: It was an appreciation lunch. OK. So I wasn't thought of, and I guess I don't deserve any appreciation? Everything I do all day is for us here at the house. Is it wrong for me to want some appreciation for taking care of our house all day. I do all the house work, all the grocery shopping, all the little projects around the house. In 21 years he has never opened the refrigerator and found us missing milk or food or beer. When he comes home from work, he does nothing but eat what I cooked and watch TV. When I ask him for any help, no matter how small, it turns into an argument. I just want some appreciation for all I do all day. I know I am bored to death being home all day, but is it to much to ask to be appreciated for what I do all day to make our house a home? Of course the fight had me throwing everything else that pisses me off into the argument. The fact he doesn't do anything around the house. The fact I get very little love or affection. The fact every Christmas and Anniversary goes by without him putting any thought into them at all. Our last anniversary we never even opened our cards we bought each other, they have been sitting on the table for 3 months now. I threw them away today without opening them I was so pissed. I have to beg for a card on our anniversary and he waits until the day before Christmas to quickly pick out something without any thought. I always do think of him and what he might want or enjoy. Is it too much for me to ask for the same? He has never been romantic or giving in that way. I have for 21 years gone without. I am tired of going without. If it doesn't involve drinking, his dick, or a car show, he has no interest. I don't remember the last time he has touched me romantically. I on the other hand am always telling him how handsome he is and caressing him or being romantic, with nothing in return. Is it too much for me to ask for some in return? He is so selfish. He will want a back rub, but when I ask for one, forget it. I have even tried by saying 'if I massage you for 15 minutes, can you massage me for 15 minutes'. If he has to give something in return, forget it. I have gone so long without romance, being caressed, or shown love. Like I said before, if it doesn't involve his dick, forget it. In 21 years he has never ever said anything like 'let me take care of you' without somehow it involving him and him cumming. Sorry to be graphic. I am just so frustrated and I can not imagine spending the rest of my life in such a one sided relationship. I could go on and on but I think you got the point. Any suggestions? I know I have to stop depending on him for my happiness. But is it too much to be put first, above his employees and friends? If someone else asks for his help he will drop everything. He gets phone calls all night from employees and friends asking for favors, which he does immediately. If I ask, it turns into a fight just to get him to do it. Help. I don't want to be alone the rest of my life, but I am not going to spend the rest of my life in such a loveless, selfish relationship. Do I end this marriage in hope of finding better? I don't want to fool around on the side, but a guy needs some love. We have tried counseling and that didn't work. He just thinks its 'not his job'. I told him this morning I am done doing ANYTHING for him any more since he does nothing for me. It is like 'out of sight, out of mind' all day when he is at work. When he comes home he sits there and never asks about my day. When I ask him about his day he has nothing to say. I have begged over and over for more attention, reciprocation, or appreciation in 21 years with no results. HELP!

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010 Monday Afternoon

Sunday after making a big breakfast we spend the morning watching a The Nannie marathon. I loved this show when it was on TV many years ago. Early afternoon we went to Sam's Warehouse Club and did a little shopping for things we didn't need. LOL Spend only $130.00 which is good and better than some visits in the past. Got home and spent the afternoon with the dogs and watched the movie Edge of Darkness. It was a good movie. Made dinner which consisted of a meat loaf and mashed potatoes we bought at Sam's Club, with a salad. Spent the rest of the night watching Big Brother, Scoundrels and The Gates before going to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning at 3 AM thunderstorms rolled through Milwaukee with heavy rain. The storms lasted about 2 hours. Vito barked at every lightning and thunder, and Kali shook like a leaf scared to death of the noise. Got up around 7 AM and got Tony off to work by 8 AM. Spent the morning and afternoon cleaning and doing laundry. Also made some phone calls about refinancing my mortgage since I am at 5.65% and there are much better rates available. The mortgage company will get back to me by the end of the week. It is once again so hot and humid in Milwaukee there is not much you can do outside. Went to Pick N Save and bought some onions and onion soup to make a beef roast for dinner tonight. Cut up potatoes and carrots and the pot has been boiling since noon. This afternoon I received an email from a guy named Mat in Chicago. In his email he states he use to download some DJ Dave mixes back in 2000 and 2001 from Napster and really enjoyed them. He continued by saying he did a google search and found my web page and Music Page. He has enjoyed my dance music mixes and has downloaded many of them. How cool is that? He wanted to know if I was the same DJ Dave back in 2000 that still makes dance music mixes. That I am. Emails such as that make all the time I put into making them worth while. Some of my mixes have been downloaded over 100 times. I keep telling Tony that someday after I am dead and gone, people might still be listening to my mixes I made while I was alive. Nice to know I might be thought of and remembered after I am gone someday. Plus for someone to take the time to write me, much less do google searches to find my music, made my day. I called Tony at work and read him the email I was so excited. The house is clean, bedding washed, so now I am just watching TV and waiting for Tony to come home from his day at work. I don't know how he works in this heat, much less anyone who has a job requiring them to work outside in this heat. It is suppose to be hot and humid in the 90s all week here in Milwaukee. Will most likely spend the night watching more TV. Jeez, what would I do without TV?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7, 2010 Saturday Night

Friday night Tony and I walked a couple blocks down the street to a bar called Tracks and had a fish fry. I actually had the combo fish and shrimp fry. It was very good. Watched a little TV before going to bed around 10:30 PM. About 2 AM I woke up in the middle of the strangest dream I have ever had. I can't even try to explain it except I was a person who's mind had snapped. I woke up so confused I even sat in the living room for a while and tried to get my head together. As I looked at the clock and it read 2:12 AM I couldn't even comprehend what time that ment. I then tried my best to remember what day it was and I was a day off. Sat in the living room for about a half hour until I got my head together and woke up from this strange dream. I am told it is the Atripla. Wow, I still have a hard time getting the dream out of my head as I write this post.

This morning Tony and I got up and after he drove to McDonald's and got us some breakfast we did a little work outside cleaning the rain gutters. I then gave Barkley a shower with me in the walk in shower. He doesn't mind the shower or bath, but would rather not have one. He needed one because he gets skin rashes from licking. Around 11:30 AM our two friends Dave and Mic came over so the four of us could walk up and down the Rockerbox Street Festival here on Center Street. It was a huge motorcycle event. We sat down at one of the bars and had lunch and then walked around another hour before walking back to the house and saying goodbye. Tony and I then spent a few hours in the air conditioning, because it is so damn hot again in Milwaukee, prior to going up to the festival for another walk through the crowd and motorcycles. Came home and fed the dogs prior to me making us dinner. We will most likely spend the rest of the night indoors watching TV, out from the humid heat. I uploaded four pictures from today's Rockerbox Festival. One is of Tony, Dave and Mic, our two friends. I think I will start uploading more pictures from my daily life or events in the future.

Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010 Friday Afternoon

Thursday morning I got most everything for the day done in the morning before the heat continued in Milwaukee. Went grocery shopping and picked up weeds in the side and back yard that had over grown through the gravel. We don't have any grass in our yard. We got rid of the grass years ago and replaced it with gravel. Less work, no cutting grass weekly. Once in a while you do have to pick weeds that grow in the gravel. Took an afternoon nap. Got up and worked on my blog page for a while. I added a link or two and the interview made a couple of years ago about our house here in Milwaukee. Made a big dinner of pork chops, baked potato and beans, along with a salad. Turned out good. Tony and I spent the night watching Big Brother, Rookie Blue and The Mentalist before going to bed around 10:30 after the local news.

This morning I got up and after Tony went to work I talked to my mom on the phone for about an hour before beginning cleaning. Did a lot of dusting around the house. Also washed a few windows that needed it from the rain and doggie paws. Went to Walgreen's around noon for a couple packs of cigarettes. Yah, I still haven't quit. I know I should. Made myself a slice of pizza for lunch and took a two hour nap this afternoon. As I have said before, this heat just makes me want to sleep and do little else. Just got done vacuuming the house and soon Tony will be home from work. He had a Stress Test this morning. Talked to him briefly, he said it was fine. I will get more detail when he gets home from work. Most likely we will go out for a fish fry tonight for dinner since we did not have lunch with the guys today due to Tony's doctor appointment and another one out of town. The guys are coming to our house tomorrow morning for the Rockerbox Festival on Center Street. They both drive motorcycles and it is a motorcycle event. Will have our lunch together tomorrow somewhere on Center Street at the festival. The next week's weather looks HORRIBLE. Back into the high 80s on Sunday and close to or 90s for the rest of the week through Thursday. Jeez, I joked last night to Tony that I am ready for a trip to Canada. I hear Toronto is a pretty city. Never thought I would head north to get out of this heat but I have had enough. Looks like next week will be another week of indoors in the air conditioning. I can't wait for fall. This has been an extremely hot summer. Guess global warming is here to stay. Turned off the air conditioning this morning, turned it back on this afternoon when the temperature got in the 80s again. Anyone been to Toronto? Is it a city worth visiting to get out of this Milwaukee heat?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


All I can say is: It's about time Proposition 8 was seen for what it was, discrimination. Now it is time to let gay marriage start again in California and all other states (even Wisconsin that made it between one man and one woman) legal and the law.

August 4, 2010 Wednesday Morning

It has been so hot and humid here in Milwaukee so far this week, I have done very little.

Monday I spent the day doing a little work around the house, indoors. It is in the 90s again today and so humid, you sweat just walking outside. Cleaned the house and made some spaghetti for dinner. Spent the night watching a couple more episodes of True Blood and Saturday's episode of Persons Unknown. Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Tuesday I had to get something done around the house even if it was still unbearable outside. Did as little as possible outside. Spent the day working on replacing some of the floor moldings in the living room. Pulled up the old moldings, cut and secured the new moldings. They look much better. I am sure I am the only one who would notice the difference, but since I am home all the time, that is important since I have to look at them all day. Went down the street and had $1 taco's for dinner with a strawberry margarita. Spent the night watching America's Got Talent and went to bed around 10:30 PM. Did talk to my mother during the day via the telephone. Dad is out of town and mom is as bored as I am being too hot to do anything outside.

This morning I got up around 6:30 AM after Bo brought me another toy and started chewing on me to get me out of bed. Fed the dogs and got Tony off to work. Another day of hot and humid weather here in Milwaukee. A cold front is suppose to go through later today but it looks like this weekend will be hot and humid again. We might get one day this week that is somewhat comfortable outside, hopefully. Watered the plants and did a little cleaning around the house. Going to shower and get some breakfast and maybe stop off at the food bank for some free bread. My stash is running low. I usually pick up bread with my monthly food I get from ARCW. Will most likely wait a week or two to pick up this months food since it is best to get it later in the month rather than in the beginning like most do, so I am told. Not much on my agenda for today. I did send an email to my old boss last night. Just a short email saying I still think of her and Molly and still would love to hear from her. I don't know why I care so much but I do. If I don't hear from her with this email I will put an end to ever trying to contact her. Why I still need closure is beyond me, but I do. I had not heard from her since leaving there in March after a fight with her son. Time will tell, but I promise, if no response, I will not try again. I just want to know how she and her dog are doing. I loved her dog Molly and miss her. The dog loved me and when she brought it with her to work it spent the day with me. Going to shower and get going with the day. I will most likely cook a dinner tonight rather than a car show since it looks like rain around dinner time tonight. Fine with me since it is too hot and humid to be outside. Will most likely my pork chops, mashed potato and corn. Haven't had pork chops in a long time.
My right lung hurts today when I take a deep breath. I hope it is just the air quality and not something bigger. Time will tell.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010 Sunday Night

Thursday after going grocery shopping I spent the day mixing music and doing things around the house. Once I get the beats in my head I keep mixing. Made another mix of my favorite songs right now that I posted on my Music Page web sight. It is called DJ Dave August 2010 Favorites. Some are new songs, some a year or so old. My at the moment favorites. Made dinner Thursday night and spent the night watching TV.

Friday I spent the morning listening to my mixes prior to going to lunch with the guys. Had a great lunch as usual. Ate a little less knowing we were meeting some of Tony's family that night for a Friday night fish fry at Serb Hall. Was an OK fish fry. I don't like my deep fried cod tasting too fishy. Sometimes you bite into a piece and it is too fishy and it puts an end to wanting more. That happened on my second piece. Got home and watched a few episodes of True Blood from season two.

Saturday after making breakfast for Tony, the dogs, and I we spent the morning doing things around the house. Took a short nap around noon before heading out to a car show at the Cudahy Lions Club. Walked around the festival grounds for about an hour. I had a wine cooler, Tony had a beer. Stopped off at a Pub on the way home and we both had the ribs dinner. Was very good, I love ribs. Ate way too much for dinner. Came home and watched TV, a couple more episodes of True Blood, before going to bed around 10:30 PM. My stomach did not feel so good and I wondered if I would make it through the night without throwing up. I did make it through the night without throwing up.

Sunday we got up and after feeding the dogs and reading the morning newspaper we drove to Tony's mom's house and took her out for a Sunday morning breakfast. I had the ham and cheese omelet with hash browns and toast. Got home around noon and spent a couple house laying around the house watching a few episodes of One Life To Live before driving to Hobo Home Center to pick up a couple items in their sales flier. I bought some moldings to replace the ones in the living room that need replacing. Got home and fed the dogs before ordering a pizza from Liza's for delivery. Will spend the rest of the night watching Big Brother and then the ABC line up of Scoundrels and The Gates before going to bed.