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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010 Thursday Night

Tony and I drove last night to a car show at a Solid Gold McDonald's and had dinner there. It was a small show because it gets darker so much earlier now with Summer over. It also gets kinda cold after the sun goes down. We got home in time to watch Modern Family, Cougar Town, and the new Law And Order: Los Angeles. Went to bed after the 10 PM news.

This morning I got Tony off to work, the dogs fed, and worked on some cable problems on the bathroom TV. The signal keeps going bad and I am not sure why. I have followed the wires and can't see the problem, I just hope it is not the TV. I don't need that expense right now. Got showered and drove to Walmart here on the Eastside of Milwaukee. Best to get to this Walmart early before the store gets busy with people I don't care to shop with. Spent close to $100 on household necessities. Got myself two Sausage Burritos at McDonald's prior to Walmart. Got home and returned the phone call from my mom that I had missed. Talked with her for a while. Her and dad are suppose to come over on Sunday for a Dog Walk not far from the house. We have met for this event for a couple years now and we have lunch together at the event. Over 100 dogs all together in costumes, it is so cute. Mom mentioned they might not be able to make it due to a funeral and friends that might stay at their house for the weekend. She hopes they leave by early Sunday morning because she does look forward to the Dog Walk. Cleaned the pond pump again. Thankfully I put a netting over the pond because the leaves from the trees would be filling it daily and I would have to skim all the leaves out of it. We have a big tree in the back yard which makes the yard a mess until it is finally lost all it's leaves. Took a nap this afternoon even though it was close to 70 degrees and looks like the last day this warm in a long while. This weekend it is suppose to be in the 50s for high temperatures. Making a beef roast, mashed potato and corn for dinner and a salad. Tony should be home soon from work. I think I might be getting a sinus infection. It comes and goes but my face right now is killing me. I think there are a lot of people sick out there, I try to say away from them and do wash my hands more than most people even think about doing. I constantly have to ask Tony 'did you wash your hands' when we come back from anywhere. I just can not get sick. Hopefully it is just allergies from the falling leaves and the house windows being closed more, and of course the 5 dogs. Will watch Big Bang Theory, Shit My Dad Says, Grey's Anatomy, and The Mentalist tonight before going to bed. Tomorrow is lunch with the guys, and it seems like forever since I have seen them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010 Wednesday Night

When I saw my last post was Monday morning my first thought was 'what the hell did I do the last couple days'? LOL
Tuesday morning I did go to Walgreen's and the local hardware store to pick up a window we had repaired, I think I napped most of the afternoon. Made spaghetti for dinner last night and then watched No Ordinary Family, Dancing With The Stars Results, and The Good Wife. I did enjoy No Ordinary Family and will watch it again last week. Was happy to see Michael Bolton get the boot from DWTS. What was he thinking? I am so put off with him wining about getting a three for a score from one of the judges. HE SUCKED! If anyone else would have gotten the boot last night I would have been mad. He deserved his score and being kicked off the show. Good Wife was very good. I do like this show. Went to bed around 10:30 PM. Tony was up most of the night with a serious headache. He gets them once in a while. I woke up at one point to see him siting at the end of the bed holding his head. I think it is the fact it is Fall and the temperatures go from hot to cold, sometimes a 30 degree swing in a day here in Milwaukee. Also now having the windows closed and 5 dogs doesn't help. My sinus's are killing me also, I get a sinus infection every year this time of year because of the change from the windows being open and now being closed. I do take an allergy pill daily but I have been taking an Advil Cold And Sinus by dinner time daily.

Today I spent the morning and half the afternoon cleaning and washing windows and screens throughout the house. After a long rainy summer there were water spots and dog drool on them and needed a cleaning inside and out. Vacuumed the screens also. It is so bright in the house now. I did the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom windows, so it was a project. I took a short hour nap late this afternoon before having a cup of coffee with the neighbor to talk about TV shows and such. Now I am waiting for Tony to get home. I was hoping he would get home already so he could shower and we could maybe go for one last ride in the convertible. It is 75 degrees today in Milwaukee. It is suppose to get much cooler as the days go by and freeze warning over the weekend. So much on TV to watch and DVR tonight. We will most likely watch The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town and DVD Criminal Minds and SVU. Tomorrow I have to go to Walmart, at least I should, to pick up necessaries. I hate going to our local Walmart. It is nasty. If I go to one out of the city it is a much nicer experience. Have the windows open right now but as the sun goes down it will most likely fall to the 50s tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 Monday Morning

Saturday night we did watch the movie Wuthering Heights. I just couldn't get into it but we did watch the entire movie. I had a hard time feeling sorry for the main lady since she was the one who kept pushing the guy away all their lives. I felt more sorry for the guy who was constantly pushed away. Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Sunday morning after getting the dogs fed and half the morning paper read I took a shower and we headed to Tony's mom's house on the southside and took her to breakfast. Had a very good ham and cheese omelet. Stopped off at Hobo and bought the remainder of the tile needed to finish the bathroom around the tub and a few other items. Agreeing on a tile color took more than an hour. Stopped off at the Rep on the way home and got our tickets to see Cabaret the end of October. I am told the play is awesome. Spent the rest of the day watching TV and tried to take a nap later in the afternoon. It was hard to nap with Tony and 5 dogs also on the bed. Bo just wanted to play, he did not want to sleep. Made soup and french fries for dinner and watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers And Sisters before going to bed.

This morning I got the dogs fed and Tony off to work. I then got done most of the tasks I wanted to get done today. I made DVD copies of a few tapes mom had given me. I went to the post office to mail a letter to America's Funnies Video's. I sent the show a video of the dogs singing and you have to send all this paperwork signing off on the video to the shows producers. Who knows, maybe we will end up on the show and win some money. I sent out a few emails I have put off too long also this morning. It is now close to noon and I am glad I got the things done on today's list since I am kinda tired and will most likely take a nap after I make myself a sandwich for lunch. Will have to make a good dinner tonight since last night's dinner was not so good, according to Tony. It is at least sunny today in Milwaukee. Still kinda chilly. We even had frost west of Milwaukee last night. The trees are changing colors very fast here in Milwaukee. Fall is very pretty and I must say my favorite season.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010 Saturday Night

Last night we spent the night watching all the new shows from the week that I DVR'd. Watched The Middle (Love this show) and all the shows through Cougar Town. Also watched Raising Hope, which was actually funny, and Outsourced, which we enjoyed also. Went to bed around 10 PM. Saw my rabbit and the huge raccoon throughout the night in the back yard.
This morning after getting the dogs fed and the morning paper read, I drove to McDonald's and got us breakfast. An employee of Tony's that does electrical came over in the morning and got the new lights in the bathroom connected to the circuit breakers. They now work. Spent the day going back and forth to the Center Street Block Party. It begins with a push cart race. I think I posted pictures last year of this event. It is so funny to watch. It is amazing no one has ever gotten hurt doing this race. Each team from local businesses enter a 'push cart' that they have to make. There are few rules except that a human must ride in the cart and a human must push the cart. The teams have to push there made cart , two carts per race, a block down the street, around a cone, and back. It is so funny to watch. As you can see from the pictures I posted it is also a costume event. Went to a rummage sale at the local High School and when back up to the block party off and on all afternoon. After feeding the dogs we walked back up again and got some dinner and brought it home to eat. I had the ribs dinner. We are watch few shows from the DVR and then going to watch the old movie called Wuthering Heights, that I download yesterday. It is an old movie and it will be interesting if we can both make it through the movie. Tony nor I watch old movies, there is too much 'new' stuff to watch. LOL Will most likely take Tony's mom out for breakfast tomorrow since we have not done it in a few Sundays. Today was cold, windy and didn't even get to 60 degrees. Felt like winter compared to the 89 degrees we had on Thursday. Enjoy the pictures.
The first picture is Tony.

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010 Friday Afternoon

From near 90s to the 50s today in a few short hours.

Thursday morning I had to get done a days worth of house work in just one morning since I had the two meetings in the afternoon. The first meeting was the board meeting which was informative. Was happy to learn ARCW can update Tony and my Wills and Power of Attorney for free. We need them updated since they are over 10 years old and a lot has changed since we originally wrote them. The second meeting was a focus group I signed up for. It ended up being about UPac which is a non profit that gives to the Arts. I got $50 and two Rep tickets for attending. Was interesting. Came home and made chili and salad for dinner. Watched TV all night and tried to go to bed around 10 PM. It was so damn hot in the house even with the windows open and ceiling fan on that I got very little sleep. It was so windy all night you could hear everything blowing around outside which didn't help sleeping.

Got up this morning very tired and after Tony went to work and I got a little done around the house I laid on the bed and listen to music before going to lunch with the guys. Had a great lunch. Talked about old movies that Tony and I have never seen. We don't get into old black and white movies but we were told about a couple we MUST see. One is Wuthering Heights. I am downloading it as I type this blog. We will watch it most likely tonight or this weekend. Spent the afternoon napping and now I feel like I could go right back to bed. Hope this cup of coffee I am drinking kicks my mind into working. Will most likely make a small meal for dinner since we both had a big lunch. Tomorrow is Center Street Block Party. It is the main road out of our alley and I look forward to this event every year. You can hear the bands from our house. It is now in the 50s here in Milwaukee and very very windy. It was near 90 yesterday so it is quite a difference in temperature. It is actually cold outside because of the strong winds. The side and back yard has tree branches everywhere that have fallen in the last 12 hours. My cup of coffee is empty and still can not think, need another.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010 Wednesday Dinner Time

Posted a new DJ Dave Dance Party Mix above. Hope you all enjoy it as much as the past mixes.

Was surprised to see David Hasselhoff booted from Dancing With The Stars last night. Not that he danced very good on Monday, but I thought he had a larger fan base and would be around for a couple weeks. Finished off the night watching Glee, I love this show. Went to bed around 10:30 PM after the news.

This morning I went to start painting the final parts of the bathroom and found I needed another gallon of paint. Drove to Home Depot and got another gallon and came home and finished the painting. It turned out OK. Spent the afternoon tweeking the newest music mix (DJ Dave All Night Dance Party - CD #25) and posted on my music page as well as at the top of this blog. It turned out pretty good. I try to put a little new and a little old dance mixes when making the mixes. Hope they are enjoyed. It is nice to see some of my mixes have been downloaded over 200 times. I tell Tony that after I am dead and gone there might be someone out there still listening to my music. It is nice to know I will not be forgotten. Not that I plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Making a beef roast and Mac N Cheese for dinner with a salad. Will spend the night watching The Middle and then DVR the rest of the nights lineup while we watch Law and Order SVU. Tomorrow I have meetings all afternoon. First off is a board meeting for ARCW. I am on the Client Advisory Board. After that I signed up to be on a focus group about the Milwaukee Performing Arts. They are paying me $50 and also a couple tickets for the Rep Theater here in Milwaukee. I figure it is work it for an hour and a half of my time. Very cool today in Milwaukee, only in the 60s. Tomorrow it is suppose to get back into the 80s for the day before dropping down in the 60s again for the weekend. Wisconsin weather. This is the time of year everyone ends up getting sick because of the drastic changes in temperature. I am hoping not to get sick this year and stay healthy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010 Tuesday Dinner Time

Monday night we did go to visit Tony's Uncle Tommy in the hospital. He had open heart surgery on Saturday. After we got home I made salad and pizza for dinner. We spent the night watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle before going to bed around 10:30 PM. I looked out the window as I went to bed and saw my possum and the raccoon eating the bread I put out for the rabbit. Seems they eat most of the bread. It was good the rabbit showed up earlier and got his fill of the bread earlier in the evening.

This morning Tony and I were up by 6:30 AM. It was already very warm here in Milwaukee. We had a high of 68 on Monday, and today it is going into the 80's before storms roll in tonight and drop the temperature 20 degrees for tomorrow. On Thursday we are suppose to be up again in the 80's as another warm front comes through that day. Wisconsin weather. The saying goes 'if you don't like the weather in Wisconsin, wait, it will change in no time'. Lake Michigan has a big effect on our weather. Spent the day doing a lot of little things around the house. Drained the higher part of the pond and shut down the pumps in preparation of winter, did a little sanding and grouting of the walls in the bathroom. Will have Tony check the walls tonight before I hopefully put the last of the paint in that room. Tried to take a little nap this afternoon while listening to music but I soon got up and started working on another music mix. The first version turned out pretty good. Now I just have to work on editing it the next few days before posting it for all you to hear. Making ribs, mashed potato and corn with a side salad for dinner. Thunder storms are about and hour away and it is expected to be a stormy night. Kali already knows they are coming and is by my side scared. She hates thunder storms. Will spend the night watching the results of Dancing With The Stars and go to bed around 10 PM most likely. My tooth is getting better with each day. It barely hurts at all. I even called the oral surgeon this morning and let them know how great they were and how happy I am with this tooth pulling. She was happy to hear positive feedback. Have nothing on my schedule tomorrow. Hopefully I can dust the house if Tony doesn't do anymore sanding of the plaster. Every time he sands the plaster there is dust everywhere throughout the house. Can't wait for this bathroom project to be finished once and for all.

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010 Monday Dinner Time

Spent Saturday afternoon napping from the oral surgery I had earlier in the day. Saturday night Tony was still working on the bathroom so I made soup and sandwiches for dinner. It was all I could eat. Saturday is much a blur and I think I don't remember much from the day due to the surgery in the morning.

Sunday I we woke up by 7 AM and got up to feed the dogs and read the Sunday Milwaukee Journal. I made eggs and bacon for breakfast. My mouth hurt a little bit but not as much as I had thought it would having a wisdom tooth pulled a day earlier. It was a cloudy cool day in Milwaukee. We went to a car show around noon and stopped off for lunch on the way home. Sunday afternoon Tony continued to work on the bathroom and I did a little cleaning around the house. Sunday night we watched the last two episodes of True Blood from season three and topped off the night watching the last two episodes of The Gates on ABC. We went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning we both got up by 6 AM since we had to be in court at 9 AM to sue the guy who had taken $10,000 from Tony months ago when he worked for him. Our case was called around 9:30 AM. Of course Jerry never showed for the court date. Tony won the first case hands down for $5000 but when it came to the second case for $5000 the judge had a problem with the way the case was written and what Tony was suing for since it was tied into the house and the GTO he was to receive in payment. She was about to dismiss the case when I stood up and introduced myself and gave my side of the story. I told her he wrote up the complaint wrong because after 21 years together he did not listen to me. I added 'you know how they can be' to my statement. She chuckled and let me present the evidence I had. Since I had $2745 in bills I presented we were given a judgement of $2745 for that case. I gave Tony a good talking to as we walked out telling him he once again got screwed because he didn't listen to me. I told him all along the house and GTO were tied together with the evidence we had and he had to have receipts and bills for the other $5000 case. If he had just listened to me he could have presented enough bills and receipts for a $5000 judgement rather than just $2745.00. If course he looked at me and said 'I guess you were right, I am over it'. Jeez, I never get the respect I deserve. I swear I am right when I say something or I wouldn't say it at all. Either way we will never see any of the $7745 since the guy is in jail, will most likely never make anything of himself when he is released, and have nothing to garnish in the future. But, we did get our judgement. Before I dropped Tony back off at work I told him he has until Wednesday to find out what Jerry's bank account numbers are at jail so we can garnish even $5 or so a week. Anything we can take away from with guy we will. If he has no money to buy chips and candy in jail I will be happy. If he can only buy soap and toilet paper the rest of his stay, I will be happy. Tony said he will find out this information and we will garnish those wages by the end of the week. I know I will be asking all week for this information because Tony does not see the point of $5 a week, where I do. Anything is better than nothing and I want this guy to suffer in some way like we have. Came home and did a little cleaning before going to Pick N Save and doing some grocery shopping. Came home and made myself a sandwich and called my mother back since she had called and left a message while I was gone. After we talked I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Tony should be home in about an hour. I am making a pizza and salad for dinner and then we have to go to the hospital tonight to visit his Uncle who had heart surgery on Saturday. The Uncle lives a block or two from us and I told Tony we will volunteer to help him through this since he is 84 years old and has no one. We need to step up to the plate on this one since Tony had heart surgery and knows what he will be going through, and in his father memory. The new TV season starts tonight. I love Dancing With The Stars. The DVR will be working overtime for a while until we see which shows survive and those that do not. Tomorrow I have to do some sanding of the walls in the bathroom and hopefully repaint and touch up some areas. The sink got connected again over the weekend so it is now a functioning bathroom, it just needs to be finished. The last of the work will be the hardest.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010 Saturday Late Morning

My tooth got pulled this morning. It is gone.

Thursday I spent the day grouting the new bathroom tile I put up earlier in the week. It took all day and was not a fun job to do. I still have a lot of clean up and fixes to do, but for the most part the main tile is grouted. I did contact ARCW to see if the dental appointment at the Oral Surgeon would maybe be covered someone by them since it is a referral. I was happy to hear it might be. I picked up my xrays around noon along with the referral. I will only have to pay for the IV if I have it done. The other dental expense is covered under the Ryan White Act. Thursday night we spent the night watching the CBS lineup on TV.

Friday morning I got all the paperwork for the lawsuit against the guy that screwed Tony out of $10,000 together. I went to the copy store and made three copies of the originals. One copy for Jerry, one copy for the judge and one copy for us to refer to during the court case. We go to court on Monday at 9 AM. I am very sure Jerry will not be there because he would have to have a police person bring him from Dodge County where he is being held, down to Milwaukee. Either way, even if he doesn't show getting a judgement will mean nothing because he has no money. We will garnish his jail wages. Even if it is $5 a month, it is $5 less he can spend on himself. Had lunch with the guys at Baker's Square and came home and took a 2 hour nap. I was still very nervous about Saturday mornings dental appointment to have my wisdom tooth pulled, for the second time this week. Tony came home from work around 6 PM. Neither of us was hungry so we just ate some fruit and pie we brought home from lunch at Baker's Square. Went to bed around 10 PM. I took one of my anxiety pills so I would hopefully get a good night's sleep prior to the tooth pulling.

This morning at about 5 AM huge thunder storms rolled through Milwaukee waking Tony, the dogs and I. At that point it was time to get up because the bowels were moving like they do every morning from the meds. I could not have anything this morning. No coffee, no pills, no breakfast, nothing prior to the dental appointment at the Oral Surgeon. We left the house around 8:15 and got to the dental office at 8:45 AM. My appointment was for 9 AM. I was a basket case. Shortly after 9 AM they called my name to start the extraction. My palms were sweating like crazy. I sat in the dental chair and explained all my fears. The oral surgeon said we should go with the IV from what he heard. All I remember is this: The dentist first put gel on my gums to numb them. He then put in the IV in my left arm. I was also given laughing gas, a very low dose, prior to the IV. Honestly the next think I was being told it was over. WHAT? When did it all happen? I don't even remember getting the shots in my mouth much less the tooth being pulled out of my face. WOW! I will make sure I go to an oral surgeon if I have a tooth pulled in the future. I was in an out in less than and hour, and the only pain I felt and can remember is the IV going into my arm. That's it! I am so glad this is over. Tony drove me home and I have already changed the gauze once. I took a pain pill knowing what the afternoon will be like. The pain is starting to set in so I know the Novocain must be wearing off. Now the pain begins. I am such a baby when it comes to pain. So, I made it through the wisdom tooth removal alive. I would recommend an oral surgeon to anyone having a tooth removed, rather than a regular dentist. Have no plans the rest of the day but to watch TV and do nothing but take pain pills. I will let you know how today goes tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010 Wednesday Afternoon

I feel like such a baby and am not happy right now at all.

Last night we did enter the car in the Lutheran Manor Car Show. My parents showed up and we spent the hour and a half talking with them and eating hot dogs and ice cream. It was nice and I am glad we did it in my grandmothers memory. Came home and watched America's Got Talent. I think Fighting Gravity should win. Took an anxiety pill so I could get a good night's sleep before me dental appointment on Wednesday.

Was up by 6 AM this morning and got the dogs fed and Tony off to work. Took a shower and another anxiety pill around 8 AM because of my 10 AM dental appointment to have my lower back wisdom tooth pulled. Got to the office and I was so nervous. The dentist injected me three times with a shots to numb me and I still could not feel my tongue swelling or as numb as I should be. The dentist tried like hell to pull the tooth and at one point I could hear the crunching of the tooth and the pain was unbearable. The dentist said it was because of my anxiety that the shots where not working. She then injected me with a stronger numbing shot that should last 4 to 6 hours and be much stronger. Just touching the tooth still hurt 10 minutes later. She was not comfortable removing the tooth any further. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic and pain pills and given a number for an Oral Surgeon to make an appointment with them an have it removed when I am put under. I wanted to get this over with so much. I called and left a message for the Oral Surgeon to call me so we can make the appointments necessary to get this damn tooth removed. I feel like such a looser, baby, .................. depressed it is not over, and so much more I can not even put it into words. My tooth now hurts like hell due to it being half removed. This sucks so much I just want to cry. I am such a baby when it comes to pain. I hate myself for not just letting her pull the damn tooth no matter how much it hurt so it would be over with. Came home after dropping off the prescriptions at Walgreen's and took a pain pill I have here at the house. I will have to go back to Walgreen's later today or early tomorrow to pick up the prescriptions. My face hurts now more than it did before I went to the dentist this morning to get this damn tooth pulled. Not happy with myself in any way right now. Will most likely take a nap and tonight watch the season's last shows of Big Brother and America's Got Talent before going to bed. Damn am I feeling down right now because of this tooth thing. Just got a call back from the Oral Surgeon. I go in on Saturday at 9 AM to have them remove the tooth. I feel my anxiety levels increasing already as I type this. This will cost close to $700 now to have them remove the tooth.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 14, 2010 Tuesday Morning

Spent all day Monday working on the tile in the bathroom. It is coming along slowly. Tony got home around 5:30 PM and cut some more tile I needed for around the light switches and pipes. Watched TV last night and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Today I have to drop off a broken window to get repaired and then go to Walgreen's to buy some items and use some coupons I have for sale items this week. Will most likely take a nap this afternoon because Tony and I are in a car show tonight at Lutheran Manor Nursing Home in memory of my grandmother. I told Tony he has to get home by 4:30 PM today so he can shower and we can get to the show. I am sure I will be calling him at about 4 PM to remind him. Tomorrow I go to the dentist to have another tooth pulled. I am so scared to have it done. The last one was two weeks of pain and infections. It is a wisdom tooth so it will not be fun. Will spend the rest of the day tomorrow after the tooth pulling taking pain pills and napping with the dogs, most likely. It has been in the 70s here in Milwaukee. Perfect weather. Kali is back to normal since it has been a week since her 6 teeth got pulled. She was a good girl through the whole ordeal. I have to remember this tomorrow and be just as strong. Wish me luck. I will be a basket case tomorrow morning an most likely have to medicate myself prior to going to the appointment.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12, 2010 Sunday Night

Friday night we watched the movie The Back Up Plan. It was an OK movie. Kinda knew what to expect and it was entertaining. Went to bed around 10:30 PM. I now have a huge raccoon that comes and eats the food that I put out for the rabbit. The last couple of night the raccoon has come in the back yard and eat bread. It is the largest raccoon I have ever seen. It seems the rabbit leaves the yard when the raccoon or possum show up. It can hear them coming. The rabbit sits there for a while with it's ears up and then runs across the alley into another yard. A little while later the raccoons or possum show up. The rabbit is always back during the night when I look out the window.

Saturday we were suppose to go to a car show at the nursing home my grandma living at. Since it was raining the car show was put off until Tuesday night. Tony worked on the bathroom placing tile. I worked on hanging the flat screen TV in the bathroom. He also buried the wires behind the plaster which really turned out good. No cords or cable in sight. The 16 tile he put up started to come off the wall around dinner time. He used a cement. I tiled the other bathroom a year or so ago and used a pre mixed, ready to use adhesive and the tiles stayed as they should. He was not happy that he had wasted an afternoon to have all his tiles coming down. I told him he should have used what I used when I tiled the other bathroom, but since he didn't ask when he was tiling, I thought he knew what he was doing. That and if I had suggested my adhesive he would have still thought his cement was better. Well, by the end of the night he took off the couple tiles that had not fallen. There was nothing on TV last night so we spent the night watching old Alfred Hitchcock shows on the old TV channel. Went to bed around 10:30 PM and my rabbit was eating carrots I left out for him.

This morning we were both awake and reading the Sunday Milwaukee Journal by 7 AM. I put out some donuts for breakfast. By 10:30 we were both showered and ready to leave the house to go to a car show and Hobo to buy the adhesive I used when I tiled the other bathroom a year ago. After buying the adhesive at Hobo on our way to one car show we drove buy another and of course Tony had to stop. Thank goodness it was not a large show. We then went to the other car show on the south side of town. It was too many cars and I just wanted to get home and start tiling the bathroom again. Another weekend was not going to go by without some tile going up an those damn walls. We got home a little after 1 PM and after getting on some closes I could get dirty I started tiling the walls that Tony started yesterday but did not have luck. We then started working side by side. He would put the adhesive on the tile and I would put the tile up with the spacers. I told him it was lake frosting a cake putting the adhesive on the tiles. He also was the one who cut the tiles to the sizes I said to cut them to. We ended up getting two of the three walls that need tiling. I put up 62 tiles today and they look great. I will still have to grout when the tile are completely dry. I will work on the third wall this week. It is the hardest of the walls because a lot of tile will have to be cut around the toilet and sink. Sometimes I must say I surprise myself how good I can complete a household task and how clueless Tony can be. Do the men just play dumb so they don't have to do the project? Ordered some Dominoes Pizzas for dinner. They were OK. After Big Brother on TV tonight we will watch a movie I downloaded and go to bed shortly after that. We both are in pain from the tiling today. I will be 50 years old next year. I can't believe the pain one feels after they do hard work at this age. For those of you younger, enjoy it while you can. For those of you older, you know what I mean.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010 Friday Morning

I am so disappointed in the Milwaukee Police Department.

Last night around 7:50 PM we hear a crash and people yelling outside. Tony and I ran outside to see a Jeep Cherokee that had hit two parked cars going south in front of our house, jump the boulevard and crash into another car coming out of a driveway head on. The Jeep Cherokee then tried to back away hitting three other cars parked on the other side of the street. The Jeep Cherokee driver kept trying to get away hitting the parked cars but got stuck on the boulevard. He was doing his best to free the car and get away. I ran to the passenger side of the car to try to open the door, Tony ran to the drivers side. The passenger side door was locked. Tony was able to open the drivers side door and without thinking grabbed the guy by his shoulders and pulled him out of the car and threw him to the ground. He was all bloody from the accident and got blood all over Tony when he grabbed him to get him out of the car. Another guy then tackled the driver and held him on the ground as he continued to struggle to get away from us. We kept yelling at the guy to stay down because we will not let him get away and there are too many of us and only one of him. Then someone who's car had been hit runs up with a hammer ready to beat the hell out of the drunk. We had to tackle him and get the hammer away from him. By this point there was about 50 people from the neighborhood standing around. Tony reached into the car and turned the car off and threw the car keys on the passenger seat. At least 20 people including myself called 911. It took the Milwaukee Police Department 25 minutes before a police car pulled up. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES! Another 10 minutes went by before a fire engine pulled up and another 15 minutes for an ambulance to get to the scene. BULLSHIT! The driver was drunk and very high on something. He hit at least 6 cars trying to get away. The drivers jeep had expired plates on the car so you know he doesn't have insurance. It was quite exciting and was amazing how fast you react without thinking. Tony and I could have been run over by this drunk as he continued to try to get away or he could have pulled a gun on us. It never crossed our minds until later. Tony ran back into the house to wash all the blood off himself and put some pants on, he was in his underwear, before returning to the scene. The police department is about 1 mile from our house so it is unbelievable that it took the police 25 minutes to get to the scene much less have 20 people call 911 about what was happening. Why the hell do I pay such high taxes if the police take 25 minutes to get to a scene, when the police are a mile away. I am so mad. What if someone was shot or dieing? The response time should have been much quicker. I have no faith in our Milwaukee Police Department. Got back in the house close to 9:30 PM when it was all over and they took the drunk driver away and towed his car away. Pieces of cars everywhere. We went to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I got the dogs fed and Tony off to work before continuing with painting of the remodeled bathroom. I spent yesterday afternoon painting the walls. This morning I painted the door and door frames. I still am so mad about the response time the police took so I called the 5th District Police Department to find out why it took 25 minutes for anyone to respond to the accident last night. Of course I was told the usual bullshit that 'they got there as fast as they could'. If that is as fast as they can, then I am afraid. I plan on putting a second coat of paint on the door and frame before taking a shower and picking up Tony to go to lunch with the guys, our usual Friday lunch. This afternoon I will most likely go grocery shopping and do more painting. We will most likely spend the night watching TV. Kali is feeling a little better today. She still has a little pain in her mouth and is quite needy because of it. She wants to be by my side all day. She slept much better last night. Saturday we are suppose to put our Cadillac in a car show at Lutheran Manor Nursing home. They are having a fun raiser and car show and contacted us. My grandmother was at that nursing home for over 20 years before she died so we are putting the car in the show in her memory. Unfortunately it looks like it is suppose to rain tomorrow morning. If it is raining Tony will not take the Cadillac out for the show. It is again cool and in the 60s here in Milwaukee. Fall is here. Where did summer go?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010 Thursday Morning

I am not a happy guy today.

Kali was not a happy puppy last night. I went to bed and watched TV in bed around 8 PM. I put her and Stella on the couch to sleep next to the bed. Around 10 PM Stella switched positions and then stretched out kicking Kali in the mouth. Jeez, it was not pretty. Got her calm again. I thought it better to have her sleep on the couch next to me rather than on the bed for the night. She did eat dinner last night and again breakfast this morning. Today she is a little better but still very tired and whimpering a little in pain. She gets a pain pill at noon today.
As for me.................... Tony came home last night and half way through the conversation about having to buy the Lexus the conversation switched from 'we' to 'you'. I finally asked what he was talking about. He stated he has to put the car in my name......................and pay for it through MY line of credit, not his. When I pointed out I really don't want to take $25,700 off my line of credit for a car I don't want or need he pulled the 'I have always been there for you and helped you through all your problems, I need your help this one time' shit. He then left the room in tears. OK, so I either have to be the bad guy and put my foot down and say NO, or trust he can sell the car quickly and I am not stuck with a $25,000 Lexus I have no use for. Much less will have to pay interest on and sell. He says he will have it sold soon and will be on Craigslist by the end of the day. So what do I do? I guess after 21 years together I have to trust him on this one and hope we don't loose too much on this problem. If we don't buy the car the dealer and lady who leased it promise to take him to court and take away his Auto Body License. After about an hour of silence I told him I would do it under the condition he calls our car insurance company and has car insurance on it the minute we pick it up. I am not taking the chance of having it stolen or in an accident without insurance. He said he would. So now it is Thursday morning and I am leaving in about a half hour to get Tony and drive to the Lexus Dealer to buy a Lexus. The cost is more than I owe on my house for goodness sake. I can already feel the pain in my neck from this stress. I talked with my mom this morning and she agreed that I really have no choice in the matter since I have to stand by him on this. So as you can imagine I am not happy right now at all. I do know Tony is not happy either, not that that makes it better. He never wanted something like this to happen. He is very good at his job and is an honest business owner. He made a mistake and wants to make it right. Unfortunately it is the cost of owning a business and being a small business owner that can be bullied by a much larger business. Well, got to spell check and get going. Wish me luck on this horrible thing I have to do. Anyone want to buy a Lexus? I at this point don't even know what year it is or what color for that matter. It must be a new one or a year old. Deep breaths.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching America's Got Talent. Going to be hard to narrow it down to just 4 finalist from the 10 that performed last night. At least 5 deserve to go through to the finals. Went to bed around 10:30 PM after the local news.

This morning I got up at 6:50 AM and was out the door with Kali by 7:20 to take her to the vet for her teeth cleaning. Was so hard to leave her there at the vet. Poor thing, she probably thinks she was bad or her daddy doesn't love her. Stopped off at McDonald's and bought some breakfast and headed home. Fed the rest of the four dogs, since I could not feed them and not Kali prior to dropping her off at the vet. Went outside and cleaned up all the branches and leaves that fell from yesterdays 50 mile an hour winds we had most of the day. The side and back yard looked like a disaster from all the branches that fell. When I was done cleaning up the outside I began painting the bathroom that Tony is working on so he can hopefully start tiling this weekend. Put one coat of pain on and I do not like the color. It is an off white and it should have been white. Also so many patch marks need to be redone so I did not put a second coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. Tony will have to re patch and then I will just break down and buy some white paint rather than using some old paint I had in the basement. About 1 PM I went to lay down for a while and then my mom called. Got out of bed and talked with her for a while. Since I was now up, I showered and got ready to pick up Kali. A little while ago the vet called to say Kali made it through very well. She had six teeth pulled. She also has an allergy infection on her skin and paws. The vet said to wait until about 3:30 PM to pick her up so I thought I would make a post before I do that so I can spend the rest of the day and night with her by my side since she will be in pain and need her daddy. Was told the total cost is a little under $600, could have been worse. Tonight I am just making some pizza and spaghetti O's for dinner. Will watch Big Brother and America's Got Talent Results tonight before going to bed. It is much cooler in Milwaukee today. I think it is only in the 60s. Fall is on it's way. I posted a new dance mix above called DJ Dave All Night Dance Party - CD #24. I finished editing it this morning. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010 Tuesday Afternoon

Sunday after being up for a while and reading the Sunday Newspaper I made eggs and bacon for breakfast. After breakfast Tony began working on the bathroom remodel as I did a little cleaning around the house. Around 1 PM we took a drive and bought our weekly lottery tickets before returning home and taking a short nap. Around 7 PM we went to a block party sponsored by Pridefest in the Third Ward. It was raining at times so we had to take shelter. We did eat dinner at the block party and met up with a lot of our friends. During the rain we went indoors to Boot Camp and had a drink before going home. Didn't even stay until 9 PM when the 80s pop star Tiffany was to go onstage. Got home and watched a little TV before going to bed. Woke up around 2:30 AM in the middle of another very vivid dream. In this dream again I was lost. When I woke up I again had to go into the living room to try to clear my head and get out of the dream. I seem to being having a lot of dreams about being lost. It is a scary feeling. Went back to bed and the dreamed continued. In part two of the dream Tony came to my rescue and had to use the 65 Cadillac as a battering ram to get me out of a parking garage. Wow, where do these dreams come from? Was it the drink I had prior to going to bed at the block party reacting with my meds? Was a restless night of sleeping.

Monday we got up around 7 AM. After getting going Tony drove to McDonald's and picked us up some breakfast. Tony helped me take some pictures of the dogs for this years Christmas picture. It usually is not an easy task to get 5 dogs all looking good in one picture. I got a great one. Can not wait until this Christmas to send it out. Tony then worked on the bathroom a little again before we went to a the St Martin's Festival. Miles of vendors selling stuff. We ended up being a lot of fruit and even a whole watermelon. Got home around 3:30 PM and spend the rest of the afternoon watching all the episodes of Hot In Cleveland I had DVR'd. Made hamburgers on the grill with baked beans and corn on the cob we bought at the festival. Spend the night watching movies. Watched Killers and The New Daughter. Both were entertaining and OK. Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning after getting Tony off to work I spent the morning dusting and vacuuming the house. It is very windy and cool in Milwaukee. The wind is not kind to my sinus's and allergies. I have a headache as I type this post. Took a sinus pill and a pain pill a bit ago so I am just waiting for them to kick in. Making spaghetti and a salad for dinner tonight. Will most likely go to bed early and watch TV in bed since it is like Fall outside. It went from Summer to Fall in one day here in Milwaukee. Tomorrow Kali goes to the vet to have her dental work done. I will hate dropping her off in the morning and having to wait until later in the day to pick her up. I am not sure who will be worse off, her or me. Kali is my baby and has never been dropped off away from home for a day. I will hate walking away from her after handing her to the vet tomorrow. I will make sure she snuggles next to me all night.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4, 2010 Saturday Night

Thursday night we watched Big Brother, Rookie Blue and The Mentalist on TV before going to bed around 10:30 after the local news.

Friday we woke up to temperatures in the 60s. The cold front went through over night. I actually had to laugh at myself when I thought it was cold getting out of the shower after all the complaining I have done about the hot humid weather all summer. Since it was so nice outside and in the 70s most of the day I got a lot done. Went to the vet to drop off a pee sample of Kali's, went to Walgreen's and the bank, all before having our regular lunch with the guys. Lunch was great as usual. Came home and made another music mix. I still have to work on it next week when Tony is not home. He does not like music, he like the TV on when he is home. Will post the new mix after I get it all completed. Made left over spaghetti for dinner. Tony likes the left over spaghetti fried. Burned to a crisp. Stinks up the house and is a mess but every once in a while I do it for him. I had a can of soup. Watched the movie Sex And The City 2. It was enjoyable. Went to bed about 11 PM. Perfect sleeping weather here in Milwaukee.

This morning we got up around 7:30 AM which is late for both of us. Was like sleeping in. LOL. Spent the morning watching home improvement shows on A&E. About 1 PM we went to two block parties around the city. Walked through each of them and came home around 4 PM. Had lunch in between the festivals. Will most likely spend the night watching another movie. I will let you know what we end up watching and how it was. I included a really cute video of Barkley, Vito and Bo singing. Well, we will call it singing. I should send it to America's Funnies Video's. Enjoy it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010 Thursday Morning

Tony came home from work in a horrible mood. Guess from what I understand he worked on a Lexus about 8 months ago and the now the car needs repair again. The owner and another auto body shop are claiming he did a bad job on the repair and want him to pay for it to be repaired again. He is so mad because he claims the repair was done correctly but the accident she was just in caused the repair to buckle. When Tony gets mad he is either very loud and vocal or quiet. When he is at his maddest he is quite. Tony was very quite last night. He did not even eat dinner. I tried to be as supportive as possible saying the right things like 'you will get through it', 'we will get through it together', and stuff like that. It was close to a $10,000 job so at this point he does not have the money. He also refuses to pay for the repair and claims he will 'buy the car from the bitch' before he will pay her to get it fixed again since her current accident. The accident had nothing to do with the repair. All night long the most that came out of his mouth was 'I am calling the Realtor agent tomorrow and putting the shop up for sale'. He is so sick of people screwing with him. He will then just work on small project cars at his small shop he currently rents out. He is so sick of his worthless employees and the crap from customers he is ready to give it all up. I of course have seen him like this before, but not to this extreme. I think if he gets a reasonable offer on the shop he would take it. I will stand behind him like a good husband should no matter how it turns out. I of course worry about money and stuff and look toward the future so I am a bit worried. Not only does he pay half the bills and stuff or more, we have our health insurance through his company. If the company is sold where does that leave the both of us getting health insurance. With his heart condition and my HIV neither one of us can be without health insurance. Tony went to bed around 9 PM last night, I followed and watched TV until about 10 PM before going to bed.

This morning Tony was up by 5 AM. I then got up around 5:30 AM. He had to be at the car dealer that is claiming shotty repair on the other side of town by 7:30 AM. He was not in a good mood before leaving. I told him as he walked out the door to remember the things he always tells me when I am this mad. I told him I loved him and to take deep breaths. I looked out the back window to see a bird that had hit the window trying to survive. I got him sitting up right and a little after Tony left for work it was gone so I will assume he flew away. I hope so anyway. Since I was up I went up the the upper deck and did a little painting I have been putting off due to the heat. It is not as hot today but very humid so far. Later this afternoon severe storms are to pass through and tomorrow in the 70s. Tony just called to say he was on his way home from the car dealer and lost the argument. I had to tell him twice to stop yelling at me. He said I was the third person to say that to him today. I told him he now knows how I feel since I am told that often because I have a loud bold voice normally. I do not have an 'indoor voice'. LOL. He said he was buying the car from the 'bitch' and that was that. He asked me to get the number for the Realtor which I did. He is not in a good mood. I feel sorry for his worthless employees today. I am sure they will not have a good day. I am not sure where he thinks he is going to get the money to buy a Lexus but I will leave that to him to figure out. Of course if I have to I will break into my rainy day savings. He says he can then sell the car. Going to put a second coat of paint on the project I started this morning. Will most likely take a nap this afternoon waiting for the storms to arrive since I was up so early this morning.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010 Dinner Time

Spent the night last night watching America's Got Talent. Will be hard to pick just four from the 12 last night there were so many good acts. Went to bed around 10:15 PM.

This morning after getting Tony off to work and feeding the dogs I started cleaning the bathroom. I usually do not clean the bathroom. It is usually Tony's job. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Did a good job and got it done. Did a couple loads of laundry prior to going to the grocery store for some fresh fruit and other items needed. I went there with $72 and came home with $2.00. Sure don't get much for your money these days at the grocery store. Spent the afternoon paying some bills and cleaning the house. The vet called on Kali's blood work. She is healthy enough for a dental cleaning procedure but does have a liver level that is not good. I have to get her first pee tomorrow and take it to the vet. Not easy to do as anyone who has tried to get a pee sample from their dog knows. I make a triangle out of aluminum foil to slide under her and have two zip lock baggies all waiting on the dining room table for tomorrow morning. If I can't get one tomorrow I will keep trying each day. Made an appointment right away for Kali to have her dental work done next Wednesday September 8th at 7:30 AM. I as well as her will be a basket case being away from her and she from me for the day. I will make sure I give her lots of love next Tuesday night. I am always one to worry and think the worst. Hopefully just the total bill will be the most painful event. Moved the furniture in the living room around a bit to get better viewing of the TV and make the room look larger. Didn't even take a nap today which is why I am extremely tired. I am sure after a little TV tonight we will both go to bed and be happy to do so. I did turn off the air conditioning for a couple hours this morning but then it got humid again and had to turn it back on. The cool front is suppose to come through tonight. Called Tony around 4 PM this afternoon to remind him to send the paperwork to the Dodge County Sheriff to sue that Gerry guy that screwed Tony. A court date is set for September 20th at 9 AM. Should be interesting to see if he even appears or gets out of jail for the day to fight the charges he owes Tony over $10,000. I look forward to the day. Also had to remind Tony on the phone to bring home a copy of the September Health Insurance bill so I can submit it to ADAP for reimbursement. Why I have to remind Tony to pay this bill each month is beyond me, but I do. I arrives the end of each month so I know if he has not brought home a copy by the 1st of any month he still has not paid it. I, or him, are in any position to mess with our health insurance. Especially since mine gets reimbursed through ADAP. He said he will not leave work until those things are completed. Making a meat loaf I bought at Pick N Save for dinner along with mac and cheese and a premade salad. Will watch Big Brother, America's Got Talent and most likely go to bed shortly there after. I am so looking forward to the cooler less humid weather which should be here some time tomorrow.