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Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Last weeks weather in Milwaukee was perfect.  Every day it was in the 70s and sunny.  It lasted until a couple hours ago when the cold front came through, the wind shifted, and now it is in the 60s and dropping.  The leaves are falling from the back tree and it looks like it is snowing there are so many leafs falling down to the ground.  So not looking forward to the snow and cold.

Spent last week enjoying the house, dogs and weather.  I went for a couple walks down by the river.  Went out for hamburgers Wednesday night.  Friday night we met a friend for a fish fry at a local bar.  It was our second time at this restaurant and was so happy the food was just as good as the first time.  Had a great dinner and conversation with a friend we have known for over 25 years. 

Saturday morning after we walked the dogs around the block we went to our tenants father's funeral.  Felt very sorry for our tenant.  He is 28, just started talking to his dad 2 years ago, he left when he was 1 year old, and now dies.  It has been hard on him all week and you can see it in his face how much pain this is causing.  His dad committed suicide and tried to call him a half hour prior.  Our tenant did not answer the incoming call.  So many unanswered questions.  Stayed at the funeral for a while and then came home.  Soon left to get some food at a local family restaurant.  After eating and going home, I talked Tony into going for a walk along the river trails.  It takes a lot of bargaining to get him to take this walk.  Hence the lovin before the walk.  Had a great walk along the river banks.  The animals are all out gathering food for the Winter and the trees are just starting to change colors.   When we got home our tenant and wife was home so we took a bottle of 25 year old Crown Royal upstairs and we all did three shots.  I did half shots and was surprised I even did them.  Spent the night watching the movie They Came Together.  As I type this I can not even remember what this movie was about so it must not have been very good.  Wow, that is scary, no clue or memory of this movie but I know we watch because I wrote it down in my notes for the week.

Sunday morning I made breakfast and we took the dogs for a walk.  Took some great pictures of the dogs at the neighbors house.  Here is my favorite.
Went for a long bike ride Sunday afternoon around the other side of the river.  Came home and spent the rest of the day and night with the dogs.  Ordered delivered pizza for supper and spent the night watching the CBS TV lineup.

Today started out warm and now it is cold.  The temperature has dropped close to 20 degrees.  Spent the day doing laundry and things around the house.  Took down the 6 foot high enclosure for Rose in the bedroom since she is now sleeping on the bed nightly.  I did still leave a chair and small fencing around it to contain her until I get the small dogs on the bed each night.  She then is allow to come up and snuggle on the bed next to a daddy.  Making a Hormel beef roast, potato and beans with a salad for lunch.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars.

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Monday Afternoon

The week flew by again.  Last week I did get a few walks in along the river trails.   Spent the week doing things with the dogs and around the house.

Friday night we watched the movie Neighbors.  What a boring movie.  If it were not for Zac Efron and his chest the movie would have dragged on way too long and have nothing to watch for.

On Saturday we had an event in Milwaukee called 'Door's Open' where you can go in building usually off limits.  We decided to check out a couple new condo and apartment buildings and see what they were offering and how much.  Always nice to see how the rich live who can afford over $2000 a month in rent.  After we check out two apartments/condos we had lunch at a local bar.  Had a great hamburger.  After lunch we went to the Summerfest grounds for the Dog fest going on all day.  I swear there were thousands of dogs at this event.  I have never seen so many dogs at one event.  Was really cool.  Checked out all the booths and dogs and headed home when it started to rain.  After we were home and spent a little time with the dogs, we then locked them all up again and went to the bar street festival at the corner of our street.  Listened to a couple songs from the band and went back home.  Spent Saturday night watching shows off the DVR.  Cleared about 5 Penn and Teller:  Fool Us off the DVR.  I do like this show but get frustrated not knowing how they do the tricks.

Sunday morning Rose woke up around 5 AM and wanted to come up on the bed with the other dogs and Tony and I.  Rose still is not integrated and sleeps in an area next to the bed on a chair.  I let her come onto the bed and she was a happy girl.  She didn't even care about the other dogs.  Casper was so happy to snuggle with her.  Went out for breakfast with Tony's mom.  After we got home we went for a walk with the dogs and then went to Walgreen's to get a prescription for Tony and our flu shots.  The pharmacist was very busy and said the wait would be over a half hour for the flu shot so we decided to do it another day.  Picked up the prescription and headed home.  Spent the rest of the afternoon watching the movie Captain America.  I was bored and did not like the movie.   Spent Sunday night watching the CBS lineup which included Good Wife and Madame Secretary.  Went to sleep around 10 PM with Rose on the bed.  Rose slept all night on the bed.  Her first full night on the bed on her and Casper's four month anniversary of being with us.

This morning Tony took Rose to work for the morning.  I did things around the house, cleaning and eventually cutting the little grass we have.  Around noon I called Pick N Save and found out they had dog butcher bones so I walked to the grocery store and bought the dogs 20 bones.  Took Bo to get his nails cut at 3:30 PM.  Making a chicken I bought at the market this afternoon with some salads, beans and mashed potato.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching the movie Godzilla.  It was OK.  Not a big Godzilla fan.  In fact I did not know that Godzilla is a good monster vs the bad monsters.

Saturday morning we went to the pet store to exchange the two bags of dog food I bought the prior week.  When I went to open the bag I realized it was puppy food and not big dog food.  Thankfully the pet store exchanged them.  After the pet store we stopped at Sprint store to check on our contracts.  We both still have flip phones and are getting ready to make the jump into the new phones.  We are both out of contract and can either stay with Sprint or change.  Will look for deals on IPhones and move forward when I find a good deal.  After we got home and let the dogs out we left again and went to the Bayview street festival.  Walked around and had lunch.   Came home and after a bit we left again to go to the Eastside tomato throw.  A yearly event.  Always fun to watch from far away so you don't get tomato on you.  Came home and spent the night watching the movie Meth Head and Hell Baby.  Meth head was a good gay themed movie, Hell Baby was a horror spoof.   Both were very good.

Sunday morning we made breakfast at home.  A little before noon we walked Rose and Casper around the block stopping at the neighbors on the way home for treats.  We then walked Bo up to the farmers market and bought some muffins.  In the afternoon we met some friends to see the movie Love Is Strange.  Good movie.  Kind of slow at times but a very nice story of two older gay men.  Had a drink with the guys at a corner bar before we headed home.  Spent the night watching TV from the DVR, trying to clear it for the new TV season starting this week.

Today it rained all day.  I spent the day cleaning and doing things around the house.  Will start making supper after this post.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Another week or so has gone by. 
We have made the most of this Summer, and it has been a nice one in Milwaukee this year.  We pretty much realized last weekend was going to be one of the last few good weekends left, so each day we made sure we spent time outside.  On Saturday afternoon we went down to the lakefront and had a margarita and hamburger as we watched the volley ball players.  We were going to ride our bikes down to the lakefront to first go to the kite festival.  We did get on our bikes, rode them around the block and when I realized I forgot something we went back home, only to them grab the car.  We did go to the kite festival and walked around.  Even bought an outdoor dog spinner.  After our hamburger and drink at the shanty on Bradford beach we spent the rest of the day at home with the dogs. 
Both weekend days we walked the dogs around the block, ending at the neighbors for a treat.  The dogs are really liking the treat more than the walk.  As they get closer to her house their pace picks up and by the time we get to her gate the dogs could be pulling a dog sled.
Watched a bunch of movies in the past week.  We have watched Love Or Whatever, Cabin Fever 3, Transcendence, and Hatchet 3.   The worst of the bunch was Transcendence, the best was Love Or Whatever.
Yesterday I went to ARCW to get my monthly food and drop off all the prescriptions the doctor wrote me a week or so ago for our last visit.  Will pick up the prescriptions next week on my monthly schedule. 
Today I went grocery shopping and spent a lot and saved a lot at the same time.  Shopped smart today and had coupons or sale items with coupons.   I think I saved over a third of the bill with coupons and sale items.   Making a nice steak, potato and salad for supper tonight.
Today the air conditioning went on again because it is very humid outside.  We get our first taste of Fall then tomorrow and Friday with highs in the 50s.
Health is doing great.  I was suppose to get a growth removed on the top of my head tomorrow at my dermatologist.  I chickened out and postponed the appointment for another 2 months.  I heard it hurts to freeze them off and I just don't want the pain.  Since I don't see it and it is on the top of my head, and is not cancerous, I will leave it alone for another two months or more.
Dogs are all doing great.  Rose and Casper continue to get stronger with each day.  The others seem to have settled into the fact that they now share a house.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon

Had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Friday night we spent the night watching TV.  Watched the final episode of True Blood and the current episode of The Leftovers.  Did the lovin thing and went to bed around 10 PM.

Rained most of the day on Saturday so we stayed at home and watched a lot of TV.  Took a nap in the afternoon and of course that led to a round of lovin.  After we fed the dogs supper we went to Saint Francis festival for the 'Saturday night ribs'.  Had a great rib dinner.  Might be why my stomach still is hurting as I type this now.  Ribs taste so good going down but do not like me once in my intestines or bowels.  Had a drink and listened to the band for a while before coming home.

Sunday morning we went to St Martins fair.  It is a street festival where they sell everything.  We try to go each year.  Since it was going to be a hot day weather wise we decided to go early.  Was a good thing because by the time we had reached the half way point both of us were hot, sweaty and tired.  Ended up buying a lot of dog toys and this and that like clips and cords.  Came home and after we showered we took a little nap.  Turned into another round of lovin.  Spent the rest of the day and night indoors since it was very hot and humid in Milwaukee.  Watched the gay themed movie called Oy Vey My Son Is Gay.  Was a funny movie.

Monday morning we made eggs, bacon and toast and spent the morning around the house.  Found Tony on the bed around noon and we did a round of lovin.  Been a good weekend for this.  After we showered we went to the Milwaukee lakefront for a strawberry margarita and a burger.  Actually had two margaritas.  Figured the huts on the beach would close after the weekend so sat and watched the hot volley ball players and enjoyed the breeze.  As long as Tony can have a beer or drink he is happy no matter where we are.  Came home and spent the rest of the day and night watching TV.  Watched the last hours of TV in bed and did the lovin thing one last time.  Not sure what got into us this weekend but after over 25 years together it is nice to be with someone you still enjoy having sex with, and often.

Today my stomach still is not feeling good.  I took Casper, and then Bo for walks this morning before I got in the car and picked up Rose at Tony's shop around 11:30 AM.  Took a nice nap with the dogs this afternoon.  Could have stayed in bed the rest of the day. Tired today.  Making Sweet and sour chicken with rice for supper tonight with a salad.  Will spend the night watching America's Got Talent.  Tony will come home stinky and go right to the shower since it is close to 80 degrees and very humid outside. 

I did drive my new car over the weekend for the first time.  I took my new 2010 Lincoln MKX to Pick and Save and Walgreens some time Monday.  Tony brought it home Friday night.  Looks like he even has a buyer for my BMW.  I do love the new car.  I do not like change and get used to where everything is.  I don't like driving new cars or other people's cars.  A new car is usually not something that makes me happy, but this one I love.  Love the map and destination features.  Also love the fact I can connect my IPod to the stereo.  Since Tony drove it with me in the passenger seat all weekend I felt bold enough to take it out for a spin.  Tony is good to me.