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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Another week or so has gone by. 
We have made the most of this Summer, and it has been a nice one in Milwaukee this year.  We pretty much realized last weekend was going to be one of the last few good weekends left, so each day we made sure we spent time outside.  On Saturday afternoon we went down to the lakefront and had a margarita and hamburger as we watched the volley ball players.  We were going to ride our bikes down to the lakefront to first go to the kite festival.  We did get on our bikes, rode them around the block and when I realized I forgot something we went back home, only to them grab the car.  We did go to the kite festival and walked around.  Even bought an outdoor dog spinner.  After our hamburger and drink at the shanty on Bradford beach we spent the rest of the day at home with the dogs. 
Both weekend days we walked the dogs around the block, ending at the neighbors for a treat.  The dogs are really liking the treat more than the walk.  As they get closer to her house their pace picks up and by the time we get to her gate the dogs could be pulling a dog sled.
Watched a bunch of movies in the past week.  We have watched Love Or Whatever, Cabin Fever 3, Transcendence, and Hatchet 3.   The worst of the bunch was Transcendence, the best was Love Or Whatever.
Yesterday I went to ARCW to get my monthly food and drop off all the prescriptions the doctor wrote me a week or so ago for our last visit.  Will pick up the prescriptions next week on my monthly schedule. 
Today I went grocery shopping and spent a lot and saved a lot at the same time.  Shopped smart today and had coupons or sale items with coupons.   I think I saved over a third of the bill with coupons and sale items.   Making a nice steak, potato and salad for supper tonight.
Today the air conditioning went on again because it is very humid outside.  We get our first taste of Fall then tomorrow and Friday with highs in the 50s.
Health is doing great.  I was suppose to get a growth removed on the top of my head tomorrow at my dermatologist.  I chickened out and postponed the appointment for another 2 months.  I heard it hurts to freeze them off and I just don't want the pain.  Since I don't see it and it is on the top of my head, and is not cancerous, I will leave it alone for another two months or more.
Dogs are all doing great.  Rose and Casper continue to get stronger with each day.  The others seem to have settled into the fact that they now share a house.

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