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Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching the movie Godzilla.  It was OK.  Not a big Godzilla fan.  In fact I did not know that Godzilla is a good monster vs the bad monsters.

Saturday morning we went to the pet store to exchange the two bags of dog food I bought the prior week.  When I went to open the bag I realized it was puppy food and not big dog food.  Thankfully the pet store exchanged them.  After the pet store we stopped at Sprint store to check on our contracts.  We both still have flip phones and are getting ready to make the jump into the new phones.  We are both out of contract and can either stay with Sprint or change.  Will look for deals on IPhones and move forward when I find a good deal.  After we got home and let the dogs out we left again and went to the Bayview street festival.  Walked around and had lunch.   Came home and after a bit we left again to go to the Eastside tomato throw.  A yearly event.  Always fun to watch from far away so you don't get tomato on you.  Came home and spent the night watching the movie Meth Head and Hell Baby.  Meth head was a good gay themed movie, Hell Baby was a horror spoof.   Both were very good.

Sunday morning we made breakfast at home.  A little before noon we walked Rose and Casper around the block stopping at the neighbors on the way home for treats.  We then walked Bo up to the farmers market and bought some muffins.  In the afternoon we met some friends to see the movie Love Is Strange.  Good movie.  Kind of slow at times but a very nice story of two older gay men.  Had a drink with the guys at a corner bar before we headed home.  Spent the night watching TV from the DVR, trying to clear it for the new TV season starting this week.

Today it rained all day.  I spent the day cleaning and doing things around the house.  Will start making supper after this post.

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