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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Monday Afternoon

I can not believe my last post was almost two weeks ago.

Know I am well and the lack of posting is not because life is bad.  In fact life is very good. 
This Summer in Wisconsin has been awesome.  It has mostly been in the 70s and that is how I like it.  We have only had to turn the air conditioning on a handful of days all Summer so far.  I guess if I had a pool I would feel differently.  We spend a lot of time at home with the dogs and happy.

Last week Wednesday Kali came up to me in obvious distress.  She was panting and very hot.  Shaking like a leaf.  I called Tony and soon we had her to the vet.  I had a feeling it might be Pancreatitis because she has had it before and the symptoms seems similar.  The vet did a bunch of tests, pumped Kali with fluids, pain meds and antibiotics and took xrays and blood tests.  The bill was $500.  Kali came home and slept the night away from the pain shot.  I have been giving her pain meds up to today.  She has gotten better with each day and I think she is pretty much back to her 'old self'.  Kali is over 15 years old now as of this month.   I cherish each day knowing it could be the last.  In fact when we took her to the vet last week we took a blanket thinking and prepared for the worst.  Thankfully we dodged a bullet this time and I get more time with Kali.

Last Friday night was the 24 hour bike ride around our neighborhood.  A good night to get out and enjoy the neighborhood feeling safe with over 1000 people out and about biking.  Various activities going on around at the local bars also.  We did take our bikes out at 10 PM Friday night and rode around Riverwest.   Had a drink at one of the bars and just enjoyed the nice weather and people. 

Saturday we rode our bikes up for breakfast a couple blocks and sat and watched the bike riders go by.   In the afternoon we rode our bikes to a street festival on Brady street and walked around having a couple strawberry margaritas and food around the festival.  The weather was great again.  We were going to go back Saturday night but we were tired and stayed home and watched the movie Hunger Games Catching Fire.  Was good and now can't wait to see the next in the series.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast at a local restaurant and sat outside enjoying the music from the church across the street.  In the afternoon we went down to the Milwaukee lakefront and watched the volleyball tournaments going on.  Had a drink and some nachos.  Later in the afternoon after we got home Tony watched TV and I still had a bit of energy.  Figured I would take down my ramp in the side yard I built last Summer for my scooter and make the yard a bit bigger for all the dogs.  Got it half un assembled before calling it a night. 

Today I finished taking down the ramp and extended the yard with the fencing to the pond for the dogs.  I do keep the pond fenced off so no one drowns in the pond.

Rose and Casper received two hand made blanket throws from a woman that makes blankets for foster dogs.  They are beautiful and too nice for the dogs.    Here is a picture of the dogs and their blankets.  People have been so nice to us regarding the foster dogs.  SO  nice with all the bad in the world you hear on the daily basis.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Another week has gone by.  All the dogs are still alive and doing well.  Tony and I are doing OK also.

We went to a family pool party on Saturday.  It was cloudy and cool so neither one of us went swimming.  First time not swimming.  Actually miss it because it has always been one of the few times to go swimming and a pool.  Hour drive to the party, stayed for a few hours and then the drive home, was the longest the new dogs have been alone in their crates.  They were good when we got home and happy to be out.

Sunday we met Tony's sister at a local festival and spent a couple hours sitting on the lake front listening to music. 

Yesterday Casper got neutered, had a mole removed and 5 teeth worked on.  Got him back from the vet by 5 PM and spent the night by his side.  He cried and whimpered for hours.  Found out today it is more the pain meds than the pain itself.   Today he is doing good and even grabbed a bone to chew on for a while.  Rose still goes to work with Tony for a half day and I either pick her up or Tony drops her off at the house around noon.  Enjoy the mornings to clean with no fences and gates.

Was feeding and giving attention to a stray cat the past week or more.  Finally broke down and decided to catch it and give it a good home.  Of course we just did this yesterday and an hour ago the neighbor comes up to me asking if I have his cat.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Tony was not happy that he has to call this family back and get the cat from them since they fell in love with it immediately.  Wow.  No good deed goes unpunished.  I know I said it twice.

Making a pot roast for supper and will spend the night at home with the dogs since Casper needs to stay calm and recover from yesterday's surgery.  Tomorrow I have a skin doctor appointment to check the scabs I keep getting mostly on the crown of my head.  I wear hats when in the sun lately so I am thinking it is not the sun.  It was always my original diagnosis after the HIV meds of course. 

Life is the dogs lately.  Actually makes for a happy Dave.  I think I am at the happiest point in my life to be honest.  Have gotten rid of all the bad and just keep to myself and enjoy my house and home which seems to give me the most happiness. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014 Tuesday Morning

The days go by so fast.

We had a great 4th of July weekend.  Spent the 4th close to home and then watched the fireworks that night from our back deck from the park a block away.  Very nice view and it is nice to be alone and snuggle during the fireworks and not feel like your in public and people are watching. 

Saturday afternoon we went to Summerfest for  a couple hours.  Big music festival on the Milwaukee lakefront.  Tony got free tickets so it was worth going to the festival for a couple hours.  Spent the night watching movies or TV from the DVR.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast at a cafĂ© on the east side and sat outside.  Was a very nice relaxed breakfast.  Spent the rest of the day with the dogs.

As you can tell most would think life is pretty boring.  Between taking care of the house, the dogs, Tony and everything that comes at one in life, I keep busy.  Tony and I are happy to stay home with each other and the dogs and just be content at home.  I think it is a nice place to be in life ...  others might have a different opinion, which brings me to todays rant ......

I do keep busy all day with the dogs and the three blogs I run.  Five dogs and an Italian husband that doesn't want to do anything after he gets home from work can keep one busy all day.  My bills are paid and I am very happy.   My social security and rental income pays all my monthly bills.  With that said on yesterdays Lawlessmilwaukeecouple picture and post my dad posted a comment:   Dave, if you have this much time on your hands to keep this going, I think you should get a job..    
I know my dad is old school and worked very hard as a dad to keep us all happy.  My problem is him thinking that just because I don't have a job I must not be happy or fulfilled?  If my bills are paid and we have a savings and live within our means,  why is getting a job so important?  To him having a job might mean happiness.  To me, staying home, doing what I want when I want all day, because I can, makes me happy.  We don't and have not been on a vacation for over 10 years and very happy to just stay home.  We don't have credit card debt and the house is paid off.  Why should I get a job because I have so much time on my hands?  I feel like dad thinks I am less a person because I don't work and I don't understand why one has anything to do with the other.  If I won the lottery would I still need to work to be happy in my dads eyes?   I guess the only way to know what dad is really thinking is to ask but I honestly think I know the answer ...  he thinks happiness comes from working hard and making money.  I did work hard.  I make money and pay my bills.  I am at the happiest point in my life.  Sad that at 53 years old what my dad thinks still matters and can hurt.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014 Thursday Afternoon

Tenants moved out on Monday.  They did a good job of cleaning and I gave them back their security deposit today. 

Posted my new numbers from Mondays HIV doctor appointment, and was happy with them.  My Tcell count went down just a bit, but my percent of good cells went up, which is important.  So between the two they balance themselves out and I am still doing great.

Been busy with the dogs and just keeping the house going.  Tony should be home soon.  No plans other than a car show and walking the dogs this weekend.

Our new tenants might come over this weekend to look at the apartment and do some painting.

Life is good.  Happy Forth Of July everyone.