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Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Monday Afternoon

I can not believe my last post was almost two weeks ago.

Know I am well and the lack of posting is not because life is bad.  In fact life is very good. 
This Summer in Wisconsin has been awesome.  It has mostly been in the 70s and that is how I like it.  We have only had to turn the air conditioning on a handful of days all Summer so far.  I guess if I had a pool I would feel differently.  We spend a lot of time at home with the dogs and happy.

Last week Wednesday Kali came up to me in obvious distress.  She was panting and very hot.  Shaking like a leaf.  I called Tony and soon we had her to the vet.  I had a feeling it might be Pancreatitis because she has had it before and the symptoms seems similar.  The vet did a bunch of tests, pumped Kali with fluids, pain meds and antibiotics and took xrays and blood tests.  The bill was $500.  Kali came home and slept the night away from the pain shot.  I have been giving her pain meds up to today.  She has gotten better with each day and I think she is pretty much back to her 'old self'.  Kali is over 15 years old now as of this month.   I cherish each day knowing it could be the last.  In fact when we took her to the vet last week we took a blanket thinking and prepared for the worst.  Thankfully we dodged a bullet this time and I get more time with Kali.

Last Friday night was the 24 hour bike ride around our neighborhood.  A good night to get out and enjoy the neighborhood feeling safe with over 1000 people out and about biking.  Various activities going on around at the local bars also.  We did take our bikes out at 10 PM Friday night and rode around Riverwest.   Had a drink at one of the bars and just enjoyed the nice weather and people. 

Saturday we rode our bikes up for breakfast a couple blocks and sat and watched the bike riders go by.   In the afternoon we rode our bikes to a street festival on Brady street and walked around having a couple strawberry margaritas and food around the festival.  The weather was great again.  We were going to go back Saturday night but we were tired and stayed home and watched the movie Hunger Games Catching Fire.  Was good and now can't wait to see the next in the series.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast at a local restaurant and sat outside enjoying the music from the church across the street.  In the afternoon we went down to the Milwaukee lakefront and watched the volleyball tournaments going on.  Had a drink and some nachos.  Later in the afternoon after we got home Tony watched TV and I still had a bit of energy.  Figured I would take down my ramp in the side yard I built last Summer for my scooter and make the yard a bit bigger for all the dogs.  Got it half un assembled before calling it a night. 

Today I finished taking down the ramp and extended the yard with the fencing to the pond for the dogs.  I do keep the pond fenced off so no one drowns in the pond.

Rose and Casper received two hand made blanket throws from a woman that makes blankets for foster dogs.  They are beautiful and too nice for the dogs.    Here is a picture of the dogs and their blankets.  People have been so nice to us regarding the foster dogs.  SO  nice with all the bad in the world you hear on the daily basis.


  1. I miss reading your posts, i see that you are very busy with the newly adapted Rose and Casper but we your fans are jealous of them because they keep you busy from posting

  2. I will try to post more. Thanks, appreciate that someone misses me.