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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Another week has gone by.  All the dogs are still alive and doing well.  Tony and I are doing OK also.

We went to a family pool party on Saturday.  It was cloudy and cool so neither one of us went swimming.  First time not swimming.  Actually miss it because it has always been one of the few times to go swimming and a pool.  Hour drive to the party, stayed for a few hours and then the drive home, was the longest the new dogs have been alone in their crates.  They were good when we got home and happy to be out.

Sunday we met Tony's sister at a local festival and spent a couple hours sitting on the lake front listening to music. 

Yesterday Casper got neutered, had a mole removed and 5 teeth worked on.  Got him back from the vet by 5 PM and spent the night by his side.  He cried and whimpered for hours.  Found out today it is more the pain meds than the pain itself.   Today he is doing good and even grabbed a bone to chew on for a while.  Rose still goes to work with Tony for a half day and I either pick her up or Tony drops her off at the house around noon.  Enjoy the mornings to clean with no fences and gates.

Was feeding and giving attention to a stray cat the past week or more.  Finally broke down and decided to catch it and give it a good home.  Of course we just did this yesterday and an hour ago the neighbor comes up to me asking if I have his cat.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Tony was not happy that he has to call this family back and get the cat from them since they fell in love with it immediately.  Wow.  No good deed goes unpunished.  I know I said it twice.

Making a pot roast for supper and will spend the night at home with the dogs since Casper needs to stay calm and recover from yesterday's surgery.  Tomorrow I have a skin doctor appointment to check the scabs I keep getting mostly on the crown of my head.  I wear hats when in the sun lately so I am thinking it is not the sun.  It was always my original diagnosis after the HIV meds of course. 

Life is the dogs lately.  Actually makes for a happy Dave.  I think I am at the happiest point in my life to be honest.  Have gotten rid of all the bad and just keep to myself and enjoy my house and home which seems to give me the most happiness. 

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