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Thursday, December 24, 2015

December 24, 2015 Thursday Late Morning

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!  Happy Hanukah! ........

Another Christmas is here.  At times I think how lucky I am to still be here to celebrate Christmas with Tony and our families.  So many were not as fortunate as I to still be here 6 years after being diagnosed with AIDS.  I hope to make some major changes in my life in 2016.  Most involve getting healthier mentally and physically. 

I did get all my Christmas shopping done.  I have very little and did most on the Internet this year.  Tony never shops for anything and I have learned throughout the 26 years to just buy what I want for myself and not fight the fact he just is not a present giving kind of guy.  He learned from his Father.  He and his family give money.  A card with money means more than a present in their family.  I have picked up on that and do sent cash a lot as presents for the nieces and nephews.  Tony and I really don't buy much for each other, if anything.  I have everything I need or want and if there is something I need ...  I buy it.  So what more do I need?  What we do is as we are Christmas shopping for others, anything we buy for ourselves we wrap and open as presents for Christmas.  I have a new pair of Crocs, jeans, and a water mister ready to open.  Tony has a couple pairs of underwear, couple pairs of pants, and got a $300 sawzall  a couple weeks ago that I bought on my credit card on sale.  Also bought a co2 detector for in the basement that I wrapped as a Tony present.  Tonight we will go to Tony's brothers house, tomorrow my parents home.  I have learned through the years that if I expect very little, I have a better time.  Seems if you plans or have this idea of how Christmas or New Years should go, when it doesn't the holiday seems ruined.  So I just learned lately to go with the flow.  It will be over in a blink of an eye anyway.

The dogs are all doing well.  I am very happy to report that Kali made it to Christmas.  I honestly never thought she would being 16 1/2 years old.  She is actually doing very well on just an antacid prior to eating.  You can follow my dogs on Facebook at:   Rose and Casper

The weather has been unbelievable here in Milwaukee.  Yesterday we broke the record for warmest day ever on this date, getting to 58 degrees.  Today it is in the 40's which is still warmer than it should be this time of year.   I am not complaining, just know January is going to be a reality check when we get below zero for a day or two.  It will happen.  Some of our outdoor plants are even beginning to sprout.  Makes you wonder how or why people deny global warming or climate change.  As a kid we had Winters with snow.  This will most likely go on record as the warmest December ever in Wisconsin.

Got a crown put on my tooth this morning and then picked up the hard rolls I order to take to the family Christmas tonight with a large canned ham.  That is our contribution.  Hopefully others will bring something but I won't hold my breathe.  Tony is going to be home early this afternoon and looking forward to the next three days off together.  A nap this afternoon is looking very good at this point. 

I hope to post prior to the new year.
Merry Christmas everyone. 
I wish you all a very healthy and happy holiday season.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3, 2015 Thursday Afternoon

Almost a month has gone by since my last post.  I honestly don't know where the time goes.

Thanksgiving was very nice.  We went to my sister's house.  She has a very nice home.  My other sister and her family drove into town also.  All that was missing was my one of two brothers.  Everyone was very pleasant for an afternoon. 

I set up the little Christmas decoration I choose to put out this year.  I think every year I put a little bit less out in decorations.  This year I still have not set up my Christmas village and not sure if I will.  I did drag all the boxes up for it from the basement.  It gets to a point where you just realize time goes so fast that all the setting up and work will be for nothing in about 3 weeks, which is a half a blink.  lol.   I set up our 3 foot Christmas tree and it worked fine for the first day.  Yesterday I turned it on and only half the lights work.  I know they give you extra fuses but have you ever tried to open the plug where you replace them?  Anyone?  I can't get it open.  Think I will leave it as it is since the lights are out evenly and buy a new one after Christmas for next year when they are on sale.  I used to set up our 6 foot high fake tree but haven't in many many years.  It just is collecting dust in the basement.  I have done a little Christmas shopping and would say I am about half finished.  Most of the rest are gift cards so I can get that done fairly quickly. 

I have felt pretty healthy until last weekend when my sinus and teeth started hurting.  Thinking I have a sinus infection since I have had them so many times so today I broke out the prescription of Levoquin I have stock piled and will take it for 10 days.  I get two a year and was due.  I know when it is time to take the antibiotic when my teeth start to ache.  On top of the teeth aching from the sinus infection I also last weekend broke a tooth under a crown from eating some peanut brittle.  I love the stuff but should know better.  So I made an appointment at our HIV clinic and go in tomorrow for it to be checked and have the two cavities looked or worked on also.  The doc only has an hour so we are going to have to pick our battles.  I have another appointment for next Friday and I am sure I will need a couple more.  She only does one thing at a time and I know I have 2 cavities, a broken tooth that will need a new crown and hopefully not have to be pulled, and something painful going on with my lover left side under another crown.  So my teeth are a mess.  It always seems to be like this with my teeth.  I go for a long time OK and then I have a ton of work needed.  I do go to the dentist every six months with them for a cleaning and check.  The last check we found the two cavities. It just took this long for me to finally get in because they are so booked.  Sucks but who else is going to work on an HIV person and at their price scale.

The weather in Wisconsin has been very unseasonably warm.  Climate deniers need to stop denying the facts.  We are in the 40s all this week and might even hit 50 this weekend.  It is December and we should have snow and in the 30s or colder.  January will be a shock when it goes below zero and we are buried in feet of snow. 

Going to take a nap.  Naps seem more needed than ever these days.  Nap time is officially from 1 PM to 3 PM.  The dogs are hinting it is past 1 PM.