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Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28, 2009 Saturday Morning

Had a great lunch with the guys yesterday. A couple more that don't usually show up because they work were there because of the holiday. Over half are really into cars like Tony so after the lunch conversation was all about cars, lol, all the guys headed to Tony's auto body shop so they could see it. It was really nice to see them all in such awe of Tony's business and what he has accomplished. Most of the guys including his brothers wish they had a life dream, a job they love, that they can do every day, pay the bills, and have a place that is their own. I was very proud of Tony yesterday as we showed the guys around his auto body shop. They all are car fanatics and had to look at every engine in all the old cars he has accumulated. I lost count years ago and don't even try. There must be at least 20 cars at the shop he owns and are in some state of repair or restoration. He even has 5 more at a different location. I often tell Tony to make me a list of all the cars we own so I know if something happens to him. Didn't get home from lunch until after 3 PM after stopping at the lumber store. Listened to music the rest of the day until Tony got home. Made left overs from mom's Thanksgiving dinner. Watched the movie Food, Inc. on DVD. Knew it was not going to be a 'happy' movie. I don't think I ever want to eat meat again now after watching this movie. This one slaughter house alone slaughters 32,000 hogs a day. A DAY! And the way it is done is horrible. They crush them in this thing that looks like the trash collectors use to get our garbage. The cows and chickens aren't treated any better. Then the farmers and the regulations they have to face. It is a very eye opening movie and I do recommend it if you aren't the type to bury your head in the sand over every day food issues. You can bury your head in the sand and wonder how we get the food on our tables much less Mc Donald's, but there comes a time when you have to look at it honestly and say 'can we be more humane'? Watch it and see.

Tony got a call from my 'friend' out in California the other day that screwed Tony out of $589.00. I guess my 60 - 70 phone messages I leave him each day filling his voice mail is starting to wear on him. He promised if I don't call from that day until the 1st of December a check will be sent. Bullshit. I know damn well he is just probably changing the 800 numbers as of the first of the month. I have continued to call and his voice message machine is full. I have successfully gotten two of his 800 numbers turned off. I guess he doesn't like paying for all the incoming calls. LOL I have two numbers left to keep calling him on. I got them from doing web searches and seeing all the other people and companies he has scammed throughout the USA. He is quite a busy guy. The web sights even have all the info they have on him, which is where I have picked up on two more toll free lines he has. Even if he changes his numbers or turns them off, in time I will find him and he will hear my 'sweet' voice again.

Have to go do some quick shopping for Christmas presents. Just for the kids/nephews. Bought them some, but need to get a couple more. Christmas is for the kids. I am luck if I get anything from Tony each year. Thankfully as I am buying things for him I pick up things I like and .....wrap them for me. Yah Yah. At least I get things I want. Don't have anything else this weekend so I am sure we will watch a lot of TV and lay around with the dogs.

Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27, 2009 Friday Morning

The sun is out today in Milwaukee. It is only in the low 40s so it looks nicer outside than it actually is. Either way, I will take the sun over clouds any day.

Had a very nice Thanksgiving with the family. I was a bit nervous about the day considering it would be the first time face to face with my mom and dad after them finding out about my HIV status. I noticed nothing different. Mom still hugged and kissed me like always. Dad shook my hand like men do when I said hello and then goodbye. Was nice to spend the afternoon with the family. My one sisters girls are now over 18 and seem to fit in nicely with the conversations. My other sisters kids are under 10 and they are the cuties kids I have ever seen. I know I am their uncle and all, but seriously, the one kid looks like the kid from the Stuart Little movies to a T. Got home around 6 PM, fed the dogs and spent the night watching stuff we DVR'd the past few weeks. Mostly the Wanda Sykes show last night. She needs something more if she wants to keep her Saturday night audience. Took Kali with us to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Of course the other dogs were not happy about this arrangement. Kali was of course so good all day staying by my side the entire day. She must always have me in her sight when I take her anywhere. She even follows me into the bathroom. She is so cute. She is my baby.

My dad mentioned yesterday at the dinner table that it was 50 years to the date that my grandfather had died. I never met the man. Heard many great stories of him. Died of a heart attach the day before Thanksgiving after coming home from a day of Christmas shopping with my grandma. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner and when she walked back into the living room he was dead. The day before Thanksgiving. My grandma was such a strong women. I still miss her so much. Got me thinking about all the people and animals I have lost throughout my lifetime. So sad. Brings tears to my eyes to think of grandparents, friends, family, and of course pets I have had to said goodbye to. Wish I could have one day with all of them. Was thinking in 5 to 7 years when my social security comes up for review how different life will be then. With the advanced age of my parents and dogs, it is pretty much a given that in 5 to 7 years I will have had to say goodbye to one or more parents, Kali, Barkley and Stella. I will most likely still be left with that little shit we call Vito. LOL. Kinda sad and makes you realize just how precious life really is and how we just can not take anything for granted. Hell, 11 months ago my counts were so bad I would probably be dead today if I had done anything or gotten on meds. Makes me want to cry. Also makes me sit back and appreciate all I do have and when I want to yell at Tony or a dog, is it really worth it? Will it matter in the long haul? I think I better change this direction of thinking or it will be a depressing morning or day..........
Have to shower and do some cleaning around the house. House needs a good dusting and vacuuming. Tony already left for a day at work. I will pick him up a little before noon for lunch with the guys which is always an uplifting lunch. Tonight I will probably just make the left overs mom sent home with us for dinner.
Gonna put on some dance music and shower and get out of this depressed state of mind. No need to be depressed at the moment so why do this to myself.

Would love for others to comment and share their Thanksgiving day stories.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26, 2009 Thursday Morning

Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful to just be alive and as healthy as I am. I hope the same to all my followers.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 23, 2009 Sunday Night

Wasted the weekend away doing nothing.

Friday night I made soup and bagels for dinner since neither one of us were hungry due to lunch with the guys. Spent the night watching TV. A lunch friend has us hooked on the show White Collar. It is on the USA network right after Monk. The lead guy is very handsome, which I am sure was the hook. Saturday Tony went to work in the morning as I cleaned the house listening to music. Made sandwiches and soup for lunch and spent the rest of the day watching the complete 5th season (but the last three shows) of Weeds. Downloaded the complete season. I love this show. I think I will watch the last three prior to settling in for the Music Awards tonight on ABC. Went to dinner at a local diner. Had a grilled chicken sandwich and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I did take Stella and Barkley for a walk around the block this afternoon. It was in the 50s here in Milwaukee today. Not bad for the middle of November.

Plan on working Monday and Tuesday for sure. Not sure about Wednesday. Might just take an extended weekend off if no major problems arise. I still have to check and see how I am getting paid from the owner this week. I don't want my pay to get me in the ass once social security kicks in January 2010.

Friday, November 20, 2009

November 21, 2009 Friday Afternoon

Spent Thursday morning cleaning the house before going to my CAB meeting at 1 PM. Also drove to the nearest Walmart to buy some sheets for the place I work at. Was finally a productive meeting. Hopefully some changes will happen in 2010 and being a part of the board will be productive. Came home and made dinner, watched TV and went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I did the usual routine which includes firing up the computer and checking emails. I received this wonderful email from a lady named Ellisya:

Dear Dave,
I have read ur blog and it is inspiring to me. I am a 30 yrs old from Malaysia. I was raped by my uncle when I was 16 and I got pregnant after that. This year I was tested HIV positive as well as my daughter which is 13 now...
There's time when I am so down and thinking that no guys will ever marry me and my future of my daughter is so doom. However after reading your story I am somehow brave enough to face this world once again. You can check my blog at to read my story of life. Its not as amazing as yours but it is my journey in life.
I have actually stopped going to see the doctor because the doctor in Malaysia is so discriminate towards people like me. I am working with Radio Station in Malaysia, there s times I feel like quitting because my body kind of giving up on me.
But every time I am thinking to quit, people like you will appear and inspire me.
Thank you again.

What a sweet letter hey? I spent this morning reading her blog. Trust me, my life is and was grand compared to her struggles. It is a must read. I hope to keep in touch with her. As I have said before, it is letters such as hers that keep me posting at this blog.

Had lunch with the guys, added a megamix to the blog as well as this post. I think I am going to turn on the stereo and listen to music, maybe nap, the afternoon away. Please check out Ellisya's blog at . I think you will get a great lesson in life. This lady is stronger than she gives herself credit for. (I mean that Ellisya). Maybe others will get strength from her life story.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009 Thursday Morning

First off I want to thank Megan for her help and comments. Thank you Megan. I went to the web sight and sure enough, we are not the only ones to get scammed. I posted a comment. Would love to see what you look like and talk via email if you have time. Write me at Thanks again for your help and keeping up with my blog. I LOVE reading comments because then I know I am not wasting my time writing this blog.

Worked a half day yesterday. Went in to work and could not do the project I wanted to do for the day so I started an alternative project. Got it done by 1:30 and went home. I took Kali to work with me. I used to take her to work with me when I worked for this company in the past at a different location. She loves being with her daddy for the day. Of course the other dogs are not happy at all when I walk out the door with her and not them. She was such a good girl and either laid on the pillow and blanket I brought or following me around the building as I did things. When I got home I couldn't believe the bone headed move I made. Thank god Tony was home with an employee putting the plow on the truck for the winter. I pulled the car into the back alley, left Kali in the car as I grabbed a load to take to the back door since I knew it would take two trips. As I walked away from the car with my hands full with the first load, car running, Kali still in her chair, the car door slammed and my eyes went directly to the lock button to see the car had locked. Of course you would think we have a second set of keys, nope. I couldn't believe it. Kali locked in my car with the car running in the alley. My cell phone and house keys locked in the car with Kali. Like I said, Tony was home, so he jumped into another car and drove to his shop to get his tools for opening a locked car. About 20 minutes he returned and got the car open in less than a minute. All he said to me was 'remind me to yell at you later when I get home from work', with a chuckle. He never did mention it again. Times like this I know I need him. Got Kali in the house and car parked. Kali ran right for her water dish. What the hell? I didn't even think of giving her water while she was at work with me? This is NOT me. Thankfully it was a rainy day and if she was so thirsty she could have drank from a puddle the couple times we went outside for her to pee. But come on, I would never have forgot something like this in the past. My dogs have always come first. Always. Spent the rest of the afternoon leaving a total of 78 messages on our friend in California's message machine until it was finally full again. Little shit. It will cost him to f@ck with Tony and I. Seventy eight calls. I have a canned message on the computer and grab the house phone and cell phone and just keep calling leaving a 4 minute taped message. After Tony gets home I grab his cell phone also and have 3 phones leaving messages. He must have at least three telephone lines because I can call and leave 3 messages all at the same time. Little shit. Being an 866 number it don't cost us to call, but costs him with every call. I will get satisfaction. Guess it shows, you don't mess with Dave. Got to get showered and go to Walmart to pick up some sheets for the Spa I work for. Not worth buying good sheets we have learned in the past. The amount of times they use them in a day, they wear out the same. Have my monthly Advisory Board Meeting all this afternoon. Should be an interesting meeting because we last month all threatened to resign if our time didn't count for anything and nothing was ever getting accomplished. Guess a big wig from the agency will be at this meeting to answer our 'concerns'. Will write again soon. Looks like another cold rainy day in Milwaukee. I have a little upset stomach this morning, I hope the bowl of cereal I just ate will make it go away.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009 Tuesday Night

Monday I worked all day, came home once again very exhausted. Let the dogs out, started making calls to Tony's buddy in California, and got the mail. One letter to me was from Social Security. I was APPROVED. Yeah! But the damn government had the nerve to say I became disabled in July 2009 and since you have to wait 5 months to collect the benefit, I do not start getting Social Security until January of 2009. But bottom line, I was approved. The letter said I should get me first check the end of February. The fight is over, for the time being. The letter also stated I have to be re-evaluated in 5 to 7 years. What happens after 5 or 7 years and they denied me then? How do I find a job being out of the job market for 5 to 7 years? I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Made Tony and I a bowl of cereal for dinner. Tony was not happy with my lack of dinner. Lights out by 9:30 PM.

Went to work again today. Finished the weekly inventories and got some small projects completed. Came home to a letter from Wisconsin Food Share saying that because I was now receiving Social Security my monthly food benefit would be cut to almost nothing. Funny how quickly they can jump on these things, but when you filing it takes months or longer? Now I have to wonder how this will effect my Energy Allowance and my Health Insurance Reimbursement through ADAP. Jeez, I would hate to end up in worse financial shape because I am on Social Security? Have to do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions in the future to someone at Social Security. And get some very needed financial advice. Made a meat loaf, mashed potatoes and beans for dinner. After this blog I will just settle in for the night with the TV.

I should be so much more happy about the Social Security decision, not sure why I am not. The worst part is that it is NOT enough to live on. Not in any way. Guess I will have to keep Tony, just kidding. Goodnite.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009 Sunday Night

Friday I still felt pretty crappy. My face still was swollen from the saliva duct infection on the left side of my head. The swelling had gone down a bit. Went to lunch with the guys and spent the afternoon mixing music and taking pain pills for the pain. Went to bed early Friday night.

Saturday my face felt pretty much the same. When I don't eat it feels OK. The minute I eat anything and the saliva ducts react, my face swells and hurts like hell. Not fun to eat at all. Saturday afternoon we went to see the movie 2012 on the biggest movie screen in Wisconsin. It was a good movie. If you like disaster movies you would like this one. Spent Saturday night taking more pain pills and watching stuff we taped all week long.

Today we got up to a half Milwaukee Journal. Had to request a second delivery. Was missing most of the paper. Made eggs and bagels for breakfast and spent the morning continuing on mixing music while Tony napped on the couch. Got Tony off the couch and went to Big Lot the middle of the afternoon. Bought a bunch of stuff we didn't need. Then went to Walgreens and and the gas station to get the weeks worth of lottery tickets. Stopped off at George Webb's for a quick late lunch. Spent the afternoon watching TV. Watch the new Michael Jackson movie This Is It. Not a bad movie. Such a shame he is gone. Made soup and and some oven bites for dinner and now will just settle in for the night. I am hoping tomorrow my face will be better. It is so painful to eat. My face is so swollen I can not even touch my back teeth on the left side.

I plan on working Monday through Wednesday this week only again. I think it is best I just work 3 days a week. I keep my sanity much better and I am sure it is better for my health.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009 Thursday Morning

Taking the next four days off, laying low, have an infection in my saliva duct on my left side of my head.

I worked all day Monday doing mostly inventories like most Mondays. Have to count the entire warehouse on Monday's. Got home after 4 PM and after getting some stuff done around the house and feeding the dogs, I was out the door to a Bio Script dinner on HIV and AIDS. Monthly meeting that includes a nice dinner. Good information again on what our blood test results mean. Went to bed shortly after getting home, I was exhausted.

Tuesday I worked all day again, moving shelving and doing some changes around the warehouse. Lots of lifting and bending. My body ached by the time I got home. Made a quick dinner and settled in for the night in pain, I work too hard.

Wednesday I worked again all day, doing much the same as the day before. On my way home I stopped at Walgreen's to pick up another 20 Christmas cards I ordered on line since I already used up the first 60 I ordered. Every year I say I am going to cut back the Christmas card list and it still grows with each year. I take a new picture of the 'kids' every year and put it on a Christmas card. Some years the cards are better than others since it is not easy to get 4 or five dogs looking at the camera at once. Got a pretty good card this year. Started having problems with my left saliva duct shortly after getting home from Walgreen's. I have gotten this in the past. The saliva duct either gets a stone or from being inflamed, swells up and it is very painful. It usually lasts for about 3 or 4 days and an antibiotic cures it. Started an antibiotic last night. Got a message of a meeting on Atripla that night at Mo's Steak House. I take Atripla so I wanted to go and get the information and a good meal. By the time I left there and walked to my car I got cold chills to the max and had to sit in the car with the heat on for at least 15 minutes before I could move and put the car in reverse. By the time I got home the side of my face had swelled to a softball. Very painful. The saliva simply builds up and can not be released from the duct under your tongue. Sucking on lemon drops to stimulate the saliva duct all night and again this morning. Took an anti inflammatory and a pain pill and tried to go to bed. Was not easy to lay on the left side of my head/face.

This morning woke up feeling like crap. My face is still swollen, it will get worse as the day goes on I am sure, know from the past. As I eat or saliva is created it will continue to increase in size until the obstruction is gone or works it's way out. Kinda like kidney stones. Not fun. Going to lay low today. Get some housework done, but have no plans to even leave the house. Not going to be a fun day. My face is killing me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009 Sunday Night

Saturday we laid around much of the day. Pretty much wasted it considering it was close to 70 degrees and we broke a record high for the day in temperature. Saturday night was my 30th class reunion. I was not looking forward to it in any way. I don't remember much about high school and the memories I have are better off forgotten. Met up with an old friend but other than that there was no one at the event I cared about or needed to see. Thank goodness the food was good. Lots to eat and Tony and I looked good. Wore our suits, no tie. We were the only gay couple, but the best looking couple at that.

Sunday we did some work around the house after reading the Sunday paper and making eggs, sausage and bagels for breakfast. Took all four dogs for a walk one at a time around the block, so I guess I got my exercises also. Went grocery shopping and watched TV this afternoon catching up on all the shows we tape. Looking forward to snuggling in with the dogs tonight and watching the ABC lineup.

I plan on working much of this week. I do have two meetings, one this Monday night, one on Wednesday night. I continue to call and fill up the voice mail of the person who scammed Tony out of $589.00. His mailbox is filled by the middle of the day because of me. It then is clear again so I know he is getting my messages. I think he just loves my voice. LOL. I know he just plans on never getting us our money. So this is my only satisfaction knowing it costs HIM every time I call his 866 number.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 Thursday Night

Got my swine flu shot today.

I worked all day Wednesday until about 3 PM when I was exhausted and it was time to call it a day. Made a little dinner and went to be around 8 PM and watched the rest of the night's TV.

Today I had a 10:30 dental cleaning appointment. Got there and they had once again made a scheduling error, but were able to fit me in. Got my teeth nice and clean. Picked up my monthly food at the food bank which included a HUGE turkey. What the heck am I going to do with this? Me make a turkey? I think I will have to bribe someone into making us lunch or dinner some day. Picked up another roll of stamps to replace the one I lost last week. Still pissed off about loosing a $44 roll of stamps. Did a little house cleaning after making a bowl of Tomato soup for lunch. Then I took a couple hour nap prior to my 5 PM doctor appointment to get refills on meds. When I was in the room waiting for the doctor I asked the nurse when they would get swine flu shots. She said they got five shots in today and have two left. I was so happy. Got my swine flu shot. It is impossible to get one here in Milwaukee yet if your just the average person. They are saving the last shot for Tony if he goes in right away tomorrow morning to get it. We know our doctor well, Tony works on her car. She has to be the sweetest black lady I know. Got a full line of prescriptions filled with refills. Picked up some McDonalds on the way home and now just settling in for the night. Watching Fast Forward and the rest of the nights line up. Friday I have to take Stella back for a checkup on her knee surgery. She is doing great. Almost walking normal. Then lunch with the guys. Saturday is my 30th class reunion. Yuck!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009 Tuesday Night

Worked all day Monday. Came home exhausted. Had a good day, but worked very had doing inventories all day, numbers and adding. Watched a little TV at night but turned the TV off even before Castle was over on ABC. Tony was already snoring. Makes sense, since turning the clocks ahead an hour. Our bodies tell us it is an hour later. Sure wish the dogs could understand. They look at me at 4 PM the last two days, thinking it is 5 PM, and crying to get fed. I keep telling them, it isn't 5 PM yet. I did break down a bit early and feed them. Hopefully I can start to adjust it to 5 PM slowly.

Today I worked from 8:30 to 3 PM. Walked out feeling I was the only one really working. Also felt a bit under the weather. So after I fed the dogs I filled the jacuzzi tub and took a half hour bath with bubbles. Sure felt good. No, the walls still are not tiled, but the tub, sink and toilet work. Now I am just waiting for Tony to come home and I will most likely just make a frozen pizza. To tired to cook. Thinking about not going in to work tomorrow if I don't feel better.
My health has to come first. Plus, maybe work will realize just how much I do and how much I would be missed. Waiting on word from social security, will let you know the day I find out. Day's like today make me wish for it. I am totally exhausted and worn out. Looking forward to the premier of 'V' tonight on ABC, then Dancing With The Stars and The Good Wife, if I am still awake. Have a dental appointment for a cleaning Thursday morning and made an appointment to see my regular doctor since I haven't touched base with her in a long time since I mostly go to my Infectious Disease Doctor. Want to get on a swine flu list also. Heard the bell on the pizza oven. Have a good night.