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Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011 Monday Dinner Time

Friday Tony got home from work around 6:30 PM. He was not in a good mood. He was happy and laughed when I told him how I fell through the pond ice during the day. He said he needed a good laugh after the day he had. Tony has three employees at his shop. One is his older looser brother that is more like charity keeping him employed their. Last week Tony noticed some suspicious behavior going on out front with one of the employees so he asked the third employee, who he trusts most, after everyone left, what was going on. He told Tony that the two other employees (one being his older brother) are doing crack. Buying crack from a dealer in front of the shop and smoke it when Tony is not around. WTF! Tony has wanted to fire his brother for a long time and has let him know his days are numbered, but this has to be the nail in the coffin, so to speak. Tony looked at me and said 'jeez, not only is my brother a looser, he is a crack head'. We talked for a while. I told Tony he has to get rid of the employees for the sake of his business. Yes his brother might end up dead on the streets without a job, but Tony has to look out for us and our well being. Not sure how this will all end up. Tony wants to fire the guys but feels sorry for his brother since he has nothing else in life and no other job skills, and did I mention he is a frickin looser? Will keep you posted on this one.

Saturday morning we got up at 6 AM to feed the dogs and give Vito his Insulin shot. Watched our usual home improvement shows until about 11 AM. Tony had to go to the bank so I decided to go along so we could then go grocery shopping. We would usually go on a Sunday. I knew we were planning on taking Tony's mom out for breakfast Sunday morning so I thought it best to get it done and over with on Saturday. Spent the rest of the day watching TV programs on the DVR. Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Sunday morning we got up again at 6 AM, fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. It is getting easier to do with each day that passes. I sometimes don't even think he feels it. Just another step in the feeding process of five dogs. Went to the south side of Milwaukee to pick up Tony's mom and take her to breakfast. Stopped off and got lottery tickets on the way home after breakfast. Spent the rest of the day watching TV programs on the DVR. Watched the award show on TV last night just to see James Franco. I have seen maybe 3 of the movies up for awards: Social Network, 127 Hours and The Kids Are All Right. Went to bed around 10 PM before the show was even over.

This morning I got up at 6 AM, fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and got Tony off to work. Went back to bed for about an hour before getting up and finishing my taxes. I just have to take them to a copy store tomorrow and then the post office. I do them myself the best I can. If the IRS finds a mistake, it is an honest one. Since I make very little money they are easy. Was on the phone with my mom around 2 PM when she asked how Tony is. A light bulb went off that Tony has a 2:15 PM doctor appointment because he forgot and was late to last weeks scheduled appointment. So I called him at the shop quick. He of course would have forgotten and missed this one also. Do husbands realize how lucky they are to have partners like me? I swear sometimes Tony would be lost without me. Called Tony's sister out of state to tell her what we found out about their brother. She was not surprised and agreed with me that he must be fired. Also that Tony should not feel bad about cutting the strings. Shampooed the living room carpet in the afternoon and now am making spaghetti for dinner tonight. Will spend the night watching the CBS TV line up tonight. Tomorrow I have to go to Walgreen's, the copy store, a camera shop and the post office at some point.

Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011 Friday Dinner Time

Last night we spent the night watching TV. Tony fell asleep on the couch around 8 PM. I finally woke him up around 10 PM to go to bed. Before I went to bed I looked out the window to see my rabbit trying to get into the back yard to eat the bread I put out for him. The hole in the fence because of the snow was not big enough for him to fit through. So after I saw him hop away I got on my jacket and threw some bread over the fence for him figuring in the morning I would dig a hole through the snow for him to get to our yard.

This morning I was up by 6 AM. Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work. Spent the morning (and a lot of yesterday) updating some of the mixes on my music pages. Added a couple new Disco Mixes to page one and a couple reremixes on page two. Also had to fix many links that for some reason were not working. Showered to get ready for lunch with the guys. Tony called around 11 AM to say he was skipping lunch because he was too busy at work. Fine with me, I have fun with the guys whether he is there or not. Actually, more fun. After I got off the telephone with him I filled a bucket of water to pour into the pond because the water level has gone down. The pond is still covered with snow so I figured it was frozen. Well, it is not. I took a step onto what I though was the ice and fell right through the ice into the pond up to my waist. Soaking wet I crawled out of the pond and ran into the house to get my wet cold clothes off. If the neighbors were looking out their window they would have had a good laugh. I did not think it was funny of course. Took another shower since now I am covered in pond water. Finished showering and ran out the door to make our noon lunch. Had a great lunch. Came home and spent the afternoon listening to music and relaxing on the couch with the dogs. Will most likely make a light dinner tonight and spend the night watching TV programs on the DVR. No plans this weekend which is fine with me since we have so many TV shows on the DVR to watch. My nephew called me this morning on Skype to open his Birthday present I sent him. I sent him a box of assorted peanut butter candy and cookies since we both love peanut butter so much. He was so happy as he opened the box to see all the candy and such. Was a nice way to start the day today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011 Thursday Dinner Time

Saw the play Hair last night. It was OK but I did not enjoy this version of the show as much as other versions I have seen. Got home and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Got up this morning at 6 AM and fed the dogs and gave Vito his Insulin injection. About 7:15 AM Tony and I left the house with Vito to take him to the vet to spend the day checking his glucose levels. The vet took a blood sample and I took him home for two hours before taking him back for the next blood level check. I then left him there at the vet since I had an ARCW board meeting to attend from noon until 2 PM. Right before the meeting the vet called me on my cell phone to tell me Vito could be picked up anytime after my meeting because they were done monitoring his levels. Got my monthly food and some bread from the food pantry at ARCW. I went to the vet to pick up Vito on my way home. The doctor said his sugar / glucose levels are still very high and we need to start doubling the Insulin from 2 units to 4 units twice daily. Was told because of this we will need to monitor him making sure he doesn't have any bad side effects. We need to watch for him throwing up or acting 'drunk like'. If we see him doing this we need to get him to the vet or emergency right away. Great! Was told because we are doubling the dose we will need to bring him back for another day long glucose monitoring next Thursday. I swear they just like our money since today was another $159.00. My next credit card bill is going to be scary. Vito was so happy to see me when the vet tech brought him out to me. Brought Vito home and got him into the house before making two more trips to the car to carry in the food from the pantry. Brought home a couple boxed lunches from the meeting to have for dinner tonight so at least I don't have to cook dinner. Will end up watching American Idol and then The Mentalist tonight on TV before going to bed. The DVR is getting very very full and I am not sure when we will find time to watch everything on it. Had to delete a bunch of shows the other day just to make room for more to record.

I am sure most of you that live in the USA have seen something in the news about all the protests in Madison over Scott Walker, our newly appointed Republican Governor, trying to balance the budget and how he plans to do it. I have held off talking about this because it would require a lot of typing and I am waiting for the outcome. At first I actually was behind him for making the Government Employees pay more towards their health insurance and pensions. Jeez, he is just trying to increase it so employees pay 5% and 12% for those benefits. Every company I worked for in my life I had to pay 40% of my health care costs and the company matched what I put into the 401K. So I have very little sympathy for them on this point. I know very little about the Bargaining Rights, which seems to be the sticking point. What I do know is that the longer the Democrats stay out of the state holding the bill up we are finding more and more about it that really stinks. There is so much more in the bill that is far reaching to the point of health care, ADAP and many other agency related things I depend on. I know there HAS to be cuts and everyone has to take a hit. BUT. Just once I would like to hear one of our elected officials stand up and say ............. From this point forward all elected officials will take the same health care we are offering the public, all elected officials will pay the same social security tax as every other American citizen, that every elected official will have the same pension plan and pay into it like everyone else does. It amazes me that these same elected official in our state and in Washington do not pay social security. Let me say that again. They pay nothing towards their social security. They also receive their salaries for the rest of their life's. They pay nothing towards their health care. I could go on and on but my point is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. When I see them lead by example I will respect them weather they are Republican or Democrat. So, I guess I said what I think. Should be interesting how this all plays out. I do not trust Scott Walker at all and hope he is a one term Governor.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23, 2011 Wednesday Afternoon

Yesterday after doing the regular morning routine I showered and drove to Walgreen's to pick up two prescriptions. Came home and spent the rest of the day cleaning, listening to music, mixing a little music and taking a nap, as well as a bunch of little things that have been piling up, before Tony got home around 5:30 PM. Made a beef roast, mashed potato and corn with a salad for dinner. Spent the night watching the CBC TV line up before going to bed around 10:30 PM.

Got up this morning at 2 AM to let Vito out. As I was standing in my bear feet waiting for him to come back inside the house I took a step to my left and stepped in a wet spot. Half knowing what it must be I hopped on one foot to the sink to wash my foot before grabbing the throw carpet in a bag to be washed. At least the dogs are nice enough to do it on the throw carpet in front of the door rather than on the hard wood floors or worse. My fault since I did not put Vito in his cage because I thought he might be ready to join the rest of us on the bed last night. I was wrong and I figure he got up during the night and no one heard him. If he is in his cage next to me I hear him move around and then can let him outside. I honestly thought this problem would have stopped by now. Better than in the bed? Better if not at all? Went back to sleep and woke up for the day at 6 AM. Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and got Tony off to work. Reminded Tony that tonight we have show tickets to see Hair. Showered and drove to Menard's near County Stadium. I never had a problem driving on the expressways or going somewhere I am not familiar with until I found out I have AIDS and started the meds. Now I hate going anywhere I have not been before or too far from home. Hate all the cars on the expressway. Fear? Not sure but it is what keeps me home and feeling secure. Bought some new window vertical blinds for the living room since the old ones smell like cigarette smoke. Since we no longer smoke the smell is very noticeable in the fabric blinds that have hung since we bought the house. So I bought new blinds and some bird food and drove home. Trimmed the blinds to fit the window and got them hung. I got a white blind with a little brown pattern in them. As I look at them hanging I am not completely happy with the color and I am waiting for two panels to dry that I painted a wood color to set off the blinds a bit more along the top header. Otherwise the wall looks all white, it needed something to set off the blinds a bit I guess is the best way I can describe it. I will have to take a picture of the window when I have it all completed and post it. Made a reservation at the Comedy Cafe for a comedy show as a present for Tony's 50 Birthday coming up in a couple weeks. Figure I will take him to dinner and the comedy show. Going to take a nice long nap this afternoon so I am awake for the performance of Hair we have tickets for tonight. I think I have seen this show before many years ago and was not impressed. After all, it isn't Les Miserables, LOL. Tomorrow I have to have Vito to the vet by 7:30 AM and leave him for the day so they can test his blood every couple hours for the day to see how the insulin is working in his body. It will be very hard to leave my baby there for the day. Poor Vito, I will keep telling him I am coming back for him as I drop him off. It must be terrible for a dog possibly thinking daddy gave me up or something. He will be so happy to see me when I get him later in the day. Also have a board meeting at ARCW in the afternoon. Going to take a nap, it is very hard to make it through a day without a nap. I have to tell my doctor about this the next time I see him.

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011 Monday Night

Got up this morning at 6 AM and fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and got Tony off to work .......................... shivering. It was 59 degrees in the kitchen with the furnace broken. Was not horrible in the bedroom all night since we had an electric space heater on. Put on a couple layers of clothing and started reading the newspaper and watching the morning news as I waited for the furnace repair guy to call with 'the plan'. Got a call around 8:30 AM that he was 15 minutes away with the part. Called Tony and told him the repair guy would be here in 15 minutes and he said he would be right home. Tony showed up a little before the repair guy. Took about 1 and a half hours to put a new control panel on the furnace and get it working. It felt so good to feel heat coming out of the vents. Now the fun begins, the price. The repair guy goes to his van and takes about 10 minutes to write up the bill before returning to the house to tell us the total is $1025.00. Tony and I already settled on what would be fair and we told him our demands for the bill to be reduced. I figured it would be fair to pay for an hour on Sunday ($196), two hours today ($192), and the cost of the part ($300). Of course their total included drive time for the guy to come here yesterday ( 2 hours total ) and drive time for the guy to go get the part today ( 1 hour). Tony kept telling the guy he would pay cash if he comes back in the house with a fair total. I kept telling the guy if he doesn't come back with a fair total cost I would write him a check for what I thought was fair and the company can sue me for the rest. I also added that I own the house and am on social security so good luck winning in court to get more money from me. Guess Tony and I played good cop bad cop. The furnace repair guy came back in the house with a total cost for the repair of $750.00. Tony paid him cash. Jeez, $750 for a repair on a less than 5 year old furnace. Just money out the window. I could get a dogs teeth cleaned for that amount of money. After Tony paid the guy he admitted telling people the total cost is always the worst part of his job and he hates that part. Today's guy was much nicer than yesterday and he seemed very sympathetic towards how much the total cost adds up to. He got on his way, Tony went back to work. I then did a little shoveling of the heavy icy snow outside as it continued to snow. It snowed lightly all day today and suppose to continue through tomorrow. I have had enough of winter. Took a much needed two hour nap. Making a frozen lasagna, garlic bread and salad for dinner tonight. Will most likely settle in for the night after dinner and watch the CBS line up on TV, DVR'ing Harry's Law and Castle for later viewing. Tomorrow I will have to leave the house and get something done since I got nothing done today with the furnace repair. So nice to feel heat coming out of the vents, oh, I think I said that once already.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011 Sunday Night

Friday afternoon I went to lunch without Tony. Had a great lunch since I could talk freely without him there. Was able to do some good venting. Came home and spent some time mixing music before taking a short nap. Fed the dogs at 6 PM and gave Vito his Insulin shot with no problem. I gotta tell you, my stomach is in knots for an hour before giving him the shot. It is such a relief to get it over with. Spent the night watching stuff we DVR'd during the week before going to bed around 10 PM.

Saturday morning we got up around 6 AM and fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot again without any problems. I think I might be getting the hang of it, but still have anxiety prior to giving it. Tony went to work for the morning to finish a car his employees did not finish during the week. He was not happy and when he came home he vented about his employees for about an hour. I sat back and listened. Later in the afternoon we went to Best Buy so I could buy a Mico SD card for the hidden camera glasses I bought. Got them to work with the computer as a camera but I want to be able to record onto a SD card. Stopped off at Boston Market for some food. It was not good and will never eat there again. Both of our foods were cold. Was not work the $21 for the meal. Fed the dogs dinner and gave Vito his Insulin shot. We then went to a car show at State Fair Park that Tony got free tickets for. I thought it would be a great time to try out my new spy glasses and recorded the show as we walked around. Was not happy that after an hour the camera stopped recording, it should record for two hours. Will have to do some research as to why. Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I got up at 6 AM and fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Tony got up as I was feeding them and asked why the hell is it so damn cold in the house. I told him I turned the heat up but nothing seems to be coming on. After he looked at the furnace and did what he could we ended up calling a furnace repair company. This frickin furnace is less than 5 years old. I was told it would be $192 an hour to come out today, but if we waited until tomorrow it would only be $96 an hour since today is a Sunday. Well, we are in the middle of a snow storm again here in Milwaukee and my hope was that he could come out and do a quick fix. No suck frickin luck. After two hours the repair guy tells us he thinks it might be the mother board on the furnace and that part is $300 if we wait until tomorrow, but twice the price if he has to get it today on a Sunday. Lets add this up. We are at $300 for the part and into at least one hour at $192 for today, all this without even knowing if that is the part and the hours it will take to do the repair tomorrow. I am not happy. We just don't have this kind of money especially with all the dog vet crap bill lately and continuing. So we sit in a cold house right now, wrapped in blankets until tomorrow and pray the bill total will be less than a new frickin furnace. The repair guy had the nerve to ask if we wanted a quote for a new furnace. I told him THEY put in this furnace and it is less than five years old. I told Tony he has to handle this one or someone might end up getting hurt physically. Tonight we will probably go to bed early since we can turn on the electric heater in the bedroom for the night. It is going to be mighty cold in this house by tomorrow morning. I see the comments about making Tony a nice candlelight dinner. Isn't that what I tried to do last week on Valentine's Day. Shouldn't HE be making me something or doing something for ME? Either way, hormones did kick in and we did make a little lovin last night before going to bed. Today we are at least talking and being nice to each other. See what sex can do? I do look at these fights as little corrections to the relationship. He pushes, I push back, and we come to a compromise and continue through life. Guess that is what a relationship is all about? I wish it wasn't so hard sometimes. Got about 5 inches of heavy wet snow today. Tomorrow I will most likely have to sit home all day and wait for the repair guy for the furnace. I pray the bill doesn't go much higher than it is already. I also pray the problem is what they think and not that we pile on hour after hour and no fix. I hate this when the repair guys have you by the balls.

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 Friday Morning

So last night Tony was to be home by 5 PM so we could have Vito to the vet for our Insulin injection demo. At 5:10 PM I was calling his shop to find out where the hell he was. Of course all I got was a busy signal because he can not hang up a phone properly at work. He blames it on the phones, we have the same phones and I don't have a problem hanging them up. Had to call him on his cell phone to find out where the hell he was. He showed up soon thereafter. Of course a fight started the minute he walked in the door. Got Vito to the vet and after they explained what to do I gave Vito my first Insulin injection. Actually when it was over I looked up at the doctor and said 'that wasn't so bad, I can do this'. Brought Vito home and spent the night watching TV with no words said between Tony and I. I set up a cage next to the bed for Vito to sleep in since I am tired of changing the bedding in the middle of the night. I put the cage on a cart so it was the same height as the bed and he can still see me and be by my side of the bed as we both sleep. He was very good about having to sleep in the cage. I put my fingers in the wires so he could lay next to my hand. About 2 AM I heard him moving around so I got up to see he had peed in the cage. Took him out to go to the bathroom and changed out the pillow case. The doctor says this problem should end soon with the antibiotic and the Insulin. Put him back in the cage for the rest of the night. Here is a pic of the cage next to the bed. Honestly, would anyone else do this much for their pets?
This morning Tony got up at 5:30 AM. I heard Tony in his closet getting his clothes. Like most morning I heard the coat hanger hit the floor as he got his shirt. I got out of bed to see what I knew, the coat hanger still on the floor. I called him back into the bedroom and asked him why if I heard the coat hanger hit the ground he didn't and why I have to constantly pick them up and he does not. Well, as you can imagine the fight started. WTF! I am not his maid or mother. If you hear something fall, you pick it up. You don't just say to yourself 'Dave will get it'. It would be no different than spilling something and expecting someone else to clean up the mess. I went back to bed for a while and soon noticed Kali was not on the bed so I got up to see where she was. I met Tony in the hallway and asked him: Is Kali outside? He said 'I just let her out'. This pissed me off again because I did not ask him when he let Kali out, I asked him IF she was out which required a YES or NO answer. The fight began again. I told him this was another example of how he does not listen to me. I asked a Yes or No question, I did not ask how long she has been outside. Got the dogs food together and Vito's Insulin shot set up. My first try did not go as well as at the vet and I had to reload the syringe with Insulin and do it a second time. Vito didn't not like the second shot but I got it done. I will make a video one of these days and post it as I am giving him the Insulin shot so you can see what is required and how it is done. Tony left for work early, or should I say he fled the house. As he left the house I told him he should eat lunch with his employees today and I would go to lunch with the guys without him. He said 'I will call and let you know' and walked out the door. Called my mom around 7:30 AM and talked with her about how unhappy I am with Tony and how I honestly don't know how much more of this I can take. This morning I have to get outside and pick up all the dog poop in the yard now that all the snow has melted before the dogs start stepping in it and bringing it into the house. The pond ice is almost all melted and I can see all the fish made it through another Wisconsin winter. Not looking forward to this weekend as I usually do since Tony and I are not getting along. Will be a long quite weekend, well maybe.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011 Thursday Morning

Life is not good in Dave's world.

Vito's doctor called around 4 PM yesterday to tell me the bad news. Vito has a bladder infection, Cushing's Disease and is Diabetic. I called Tony to tell him the news and he said something like 'I am not spending this kind of money on a dog that is going to die soon anyway so we might as well put him down now'. I paused and told him from this phone call forward to think very carefully about what he says because when he says things like he did he sounds like and asshole. I met the doctor at the office at 5 PM to pick up an antibiotic for the bladder infection and a prescription for insulin so we can begin giving Vito injections twice daily beginning tonight. We are going to hold off on treating the Cushings Disease until we get the Diabetes under control. Vito will need to spend the day at the vet in a week to monitor the Insulin after he has been getting it for a week. Was told to buy the Insulin today so we can bring Vito to the vet tonight at 5:30 PM so the vet can show Tony and I how to give him injections twice daily. So last night I called around to find out how much the Insulin cost is at various pharmacy's. Walgreen's is $50, Walmart is $25 for the same vile of Insulin. Was in no mood to eat last night so we spent the night snacking and not really eating a dinner. Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning we were up at 3 AM when I heard Tony say 'G#d Damn It'. I knew what it was about. Vito had peed again in his sleep on the bed in two places. So at 3 AM we woke up the rest of the dogs to get them off the bed so we could again strip the bed down to the mattress to wash everything. Tried to go back to bed but I started feeling sick. Got up and the runs started. Had cold chills and felt like I might throw up. Spent the next two hours on the toilet. There is a bad flu going around Milwaukee and I guess I am getting it. Great timing hey with everything else going on right now? Either way I have to get to Walmart this morning to buy the Insulin for Vito so Tony and I can be at the vet tonight at 5:30 PM to get the first injection and show us how to do it. I did shave the hair off the back of his neck last night to prepare for this twice daily event. I also was told I now have to change the times I feed the dogs because Vito must get the Insulin shots when he eats 12 hours apart. So I guess the dogs will now get fed at 6:30 AM like usual but the dinner feeding will have to move from 5 PM to 6 PM. I am sure all the dogs will be looking at me starting tomorrow at 5 PM wondering when they are getting fed. I am very nervous about having to give Vito these Insulin injections since I hate needles and I know I will get very little help from Tony. I am told it sounds worse than it is, time will tell. When I mentioned to Tony he will need to know how to give the injections also in the event I can not he threw a fit. Jeez, sometimes I just want to give up and cry. How can I be with such a selfish man. Tomorrow morning will be my first time doing it alone, wish me luck. After I get back from Walmart this morning I plan on spending the day in a blanket on the couch watching TV since I feel worse with each hour that passes. Getting the strength to go to Walmart this morning will take everything I have, but I have to do it for Vito. I keep telling myself I am a strong man and can handle this but I find myself breaking down in tears at the thought of all this crap happening in my life right now. Sometimes it just seems too much. Tony left for work early today, I am sure to get away from all the crap happening around the house. Must be nice to be able to just run away from it all. Suppose to be in the 50s today but I do not plan on enjoying it in any way since I will be on the couch trying to get through the day feeling like hell. If anyone has given Insulin injections to their pets I would love some feed back or helpful tips. Any help is appreciated.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011 Wednesday Dinner Time

Spent last night watching TV with Vito laying next to me on the couch. I figure if his days might be numbered I better put him at #1 for now. The other dogs will have to take a back seat for a while. Went to bed around 10 PM with Vito sleeping on a pillow next to mine, head to head, nose to nose.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM. Fed the dogs and got Tony off to work. Spent the morning cleaning the front porch since it was warm enough outside to be out on the unheated porch. Cleaned it up good since Tony has made such a mess with bird seed everywhere that he feeds the birds every morning with. Talked to a couple friends on the telephone before making another music mix, or should I say, remixing one of my old mixes. Still have to edit it a bit before I can post it on the Music Page. Made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch before taking a little nap on the couch with the dogs. I still have not gotten a call from Vito's vet regarding the blood test he had yesterday. I am sure the doctor will call when she has time and can put together what the future holds for Vito. If I get a call after I post this I will add an update to this post. It got to almost 50 degrees here in Milwaukee today, felt like a frickin heat wave. Now it is cloudy and feels very damp outside with all the snow still on the ground and from all the melting of it the last couple days. Making a beef roast and rice with a salad for dinner tonight. Will spend the night watching American Idol and Law and Order, DVR'ing the entire ABC comedy line up and Criminal Minds to watch over the weekend. Tomorrow it is suppose to be even a bit warmer before it goes back to our usual winter temperatures by Saturday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011 Tuesday Dinner Time

Another Valentine's Day disappointment.

Tony came home late from work last night with not even a rose for me. I am so tired of him not taking the time to show his love to me on days like Sweetest Day, Valentine's Day or our Anniversaries. I bought him a card and a balloon and made a big candlelight dinner. He bought me a card last week along with his mothers card. He put what he thought was his mothers card on the dining room table and told me to mail it. Of course when I read it I noticed it was my card and not his mothers. I therefore told him the least he could do is buy me a rose, carnation or daisy for all I cared. ANYTHING! Nope, nothing. I was so mad again I blew out the candle, took apart the table setting, took the chilled wine glasses out of the freezer and finished dinner without another word. We said nothing the rest of the night to each other. Of course this was after the big fight about 'why he has to get me anything at all'. Jeez. Why is it so hard? If you know something will make your partner happy why not do it. You would think seeing a smile on my face would be a good thing. I know when I do nice things for him I enjoy the smile I see on his face. I told him the reason they have holidays like Sweetest Day and Valentines Day is so husbands such as him can show their partners on those days how much they love them since they do nothing else during the year. If you were to look back on my blog for the last couple years you would see he has done this, or should I say done nothing, for every single holiday. Sometimes I really feel I wasted my life with this man and should cut my losses now. Went to bed around 10 PM without a word to each other.

This morning I got up around 6:30 AM and fed the dogs. Let Tony get off to work on his own without much speaking to each other. I took Vito to the vet around 10:30 AM to find out what his problem is with having to go to the bathroom constantly and drink so much water. Brought in a urine sample to the vet. Well, the vet visit did not go well. The urine test was not good. The doctor is very concerned so we had a blood test taken. The doctor thinks from the urine test that Vito might have Diabetes and Cushings disease. WOW! Not good and an expensive road ahead. I get the results back tomorrow from the blood test. If he is Diabetic he will need constant testing and insulin shots twice a day. If it is also Cushings disease we have a worse scenario and not much can be done. Vito is 8 years old. I came home and read up on the information they gave me in tears. Spent the afternoon with Vito by my side listening to music. Around 3:30 PM I took Stella to the vet to have her nails trimmed. All together $200 in vet bills today. I will let you know what the blood results say tomorrow. Making a salad and TV dinners for supper tonight since I am not in a good mood from Tony to the dogs. Looking forward to just going to bed tonight with the dogs snuggling next to me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 Monday Afternoon

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday afternoon we had a great lunch as usual. One of the guys didn't show for lunch and I have not heard from him. I will assume he is OK unless we don't see him this Friday. Took a nap in the afternoon. Tony got home from work around 5:30 PM and we spent the night watching TV shows we had DVR'd during the week. Went to bed around 10 PM.

Saturday morning we spent the morning watching our usual TV home improvement shows and reading the newspaper. I think we pretty much spent the rest of the day and evening watching movies. We watched the movies Phoenix, Coffee Date, Burlesque and Poster Boy. All four movies were good. Went out for dinner Saturday night at Palarmo Villa, one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Spent the rest of the night snuggling on the couch with the dogs watching movies. Went to bed around 11 PM.

Sunday morning Vito snuggled next to me around 5 AM. When I went to pet him I noticed his hair under his belly was wet. YUCK! Got out of bed to find he had peed a couple times in his sleep and the morning began by striping the bed to the mattress. Such a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning. Vito is going on 8 years old. He lately has to go to the bathroom a lot and drinks so much water I sometimes take the water away at about 8 PM. I guess it is time for him to see the vet and find out what it going on. Since we were up so early and had the newspaper read by 8 AM Tony gave Vito a shower with his shower, I gave Barkley his weekly shower with my shower. Left the house around 10 AM and took Tony's mom out for breakfast. Stopped off at the pet store near her house and I bought some dogie diapers for Vito. Even if I get him to the vet early in the week this problem of him leaking while he sleeps isn't going to stop any time soon. Not letting him sleep on the bed is not an option at this point either. Anyone with dogs would understand this. You just can't tell them after 8 years of sleeping on the bed with you that they can not any longer. Just doesn't work. Got home and spent the afternoon clearing off some of the snow around the deck since it is above freezing and the snow is starting to melt. Also Tony and I did some cleaning of the spare bedroom. Spent the night watching the music awards before going to bed around 10 PM. Tried like hell to get the diapers we bought Vito to stay on him. You would think at $18 for 12 diapers they could make them so they stay on a dog. We finally gave up the third time it fell off as he moved around the bed and figured we would let him out when either of us got up during the night. I also had taken the dogs water away from them at about 8 PM.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM. Vito did not pee in the bed but I am sure it is due to the fact I let him out twice during the night and Tony let me out that many times or more. Got Tony off to work and fed the dogs. Read the newspaper and talked to my mother on the phone. They are in Florida for the winter at their condo. Drove to the dollar store to buy some baskets for all the junk in the spare room that is Tony's. Hoping to get some organization in that 'catch all' room. Then I went to the grocery store to buy some food for the week and a little something special for a nice Valentine candlelight dinner tonight that I am making for Tony and I. Making a T Bone steak, potato's, corn and a salad along with a chocolate heart shaped cake. I set up the dining room table with candles and hopefully if Tony comes home from work in a good mood we will have a nice romantic dinner sitting at the table rather than on the couch in front of the TV. Made a vet appointment for Vito for Tuesday morning. I better get out the check book because I have a feeling this is not going to be cheap to find out what his bladder problem is.

Hope everyone has or had a great Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011 Friday Morning

Spent the last couple days working on remixing some mixes and updating this blog and my web sight. Unless you have done this you do not realize the time and concentration it takes to edit the pages. It takes time and sometimes you get the results you want, sometimes you don't. I remixed and posted DJ Dave All Night Dance Party CD's 6 and 7 on the music pages. Also broke the music pages into three pages from two pages since the pages took to long to load and sometimes would not load all the mixes if there were too many mixes on one page. Some of my music mixes have been downloaded over 500 times. I sometimes sit back and wonder at any given time how many people out there are listening to a music mix I made. Since it takes a while to mix and edit each mix I am happy to see someone out there is enjoying them besides me. Haven't left the house all week except to pick up dog droppings, get the mail, or take out the garbage. It was a very cold week in Milwaukee. Today Tony will pick me up and we will have lunch with the guys. Should be fun as usual. Suppose to get above 32 degrees each day starting tomorrow for the next week. Should help melt some of this snow. No plans this weekend. Will most likely watch a lot of movies since I have downloaded a lot of them in the last week and they are piling up. The sun is out today, always a good thing mentally. Have to take some time this afternoon to answer a bunch of emails that have been piling up. I sometimes am so bad at replying to them, but I do eventually get to them, be patient for a reply.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011 Wednesday Dinner Time

Went to bed last night around 10:30 PM after giving Tony a little lovin.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM. Fed the dogs and got Tony off to work. Walked around the house a bit wondering what I would do today since it is so so so cold outside here in Milwaukee. Spent the morning backing up all my files to an external hard drive. I had Tony bring the external hard drive home from his auto body shop to do a yearly back up of all my music, our pictures, and everything else. I keep THIS hard drive at Tony's shop just in case we had a fire or something at home so I would still have all my files and such. I do this once a year and it was time. Took me all morning to back up all my music and such to the 500 gig hard drive. It is now all boxed up and ready for Tony to take back to work tomorrow. I do also have another external hard drive that I back up to here at home, but I always have that fear of losing everything in case of a fire or something. I was told this is a good thing to do for insurance purposes also. Much less I would hate to loose all our pictures that are now all digital throughout the years. Made myself a bowl of tomato soup for lunch. Took an hour nap before getting up and starting to make dinner for tonight. Made a meat loaf and will make mac and cheese and a salad to finish it all off. I still am feeding my rabbit and possum. The possum is no longer under the side deck and is living under the Cadillac buried in our front yard. He comes out around 7 PM and eats the bread and such I leave for him in the front yard. The rabbit comes a few times during the night and eats the bread and such I leave out for him in the back yard. The past few nights I have seen the rabbit even in the front yard. How it gets over these huge snow drifts we have is beyond me. I put out some bananas for the possum the other day. I was told possums love banana's. He ate them up fast. I am an animal lover and love seeing the rabbit and possum daily. I was told a wild rabbit only lives an average of two years in the wild. It has now been over two years that I have been feeding this rabbit. The possum has been around for about a year now. Tonight we will watch American Idol, Modern Family and Law and Order, DVR'ing The Middle, Better With You and Criminal Minds. I love the show The Middle. Hopefully it is going to warm up a bit in the next couple days. It was in the single digits today temperature wise. I think it is suppose to get above 32 degrees over the weekend and melt some of this snow. Lets hope so anyway.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011 Tuesday Dinner Time

Got up this morning at 6:30 AM. Fed the dogs and got Tony off to work. Made myself a bagel for breakfast. Spent the morning listening to the Black Eyed Peas. I downloaded their two CDs and listened to them both. Liked their popular songs but the rest are just not my type of music. I then spent some time finding out information on RAR files. Lot of the movies I download are RAR files and I did not know how to open them and watch the movies. I finally went upstairs and asked my tenant what he know of them. He gave me a program that opens the files and converts them to AVI format so they can be watched. I learned something new today. I then watched the movie Nature Of Existence. It is a documentary. It was interesting. Making pork chops for dinner tonight that I planned on making last night. I only made soup and sandwiches last night for dinner since I was so tired and was not very hungry. I am still tired today. I just can't get going. I feel like I could just sleep all day. The sun was out today but it is very cold outside. Tonight it is suppose to get below zero and wind chills much lower than that. I have not left the house since Sunday and don't plan on leaving any time soon until it warms up a bit. Tonight we will watch Glee, V and The Good Wife, DVR'ing the NCIS shows and Raising Hope to watch at a later time. Still trying to figure out what to do for Tony's 50th Birthday which is March 7th. I might just take him out for dinner and then to the Comedy Club here in Milwaukee for a show. We have never been to the Comedy Club so it might be enjoyable. Anyone got any ideas I am open to hear them.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we did go to the Brew City Bully Club fund raiser to bring awareness to the dangers of dog fighting. We had a couple drinks and ate some food at the event. Had a good time and got home around 10 PM. Went to bed shorty thereafter.

Saturday morning we slept in until about 7 AM and then spent the morning reading the daily newspaper and drinking coffee. Around noon we went to the Pet Expo at State Fair Park. Saw lots of dogs and got lots of dog food samples. I enjoy the event more than Tony does. We then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching movies and stuff on TV I DVR'd. Watched the movies Long Term Relationship and Another Gay Movie. Both were good movies. Another Gay Movie was quite funny in parts. A little over the top, but entertaining. Went to bed around 11 PM Saturday night.

Sunday morning after getting up and feeding the dogs I made breakfast. Spent the morning then reading the Sunday Milwaukee Journal. Around noon we went grocery shopping. Spent the afternoon watching TV while Tony napped on the couch. After feeding the dogs dinner we went to a Super Bowl Party at the Art Bar. The bar my ex owns. Had a good time. Had two drinks and a burger. We went home at half time to watch the rest of the football game at home. I really don't like watching sports. My blood pressure goes through the roof. I can't take the pressure. I would rather just wait and find out the score and winner at the end. I was standing screaming at the TV screen for the last 45 minutes of the football game. So butch hey? DVR'd Glee to watch Monday night and went to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I got up around 7 AM. Got the dogs fed and Tony off to work. Shortly after he left my stomach didn't feel so good and shorty thereafter I threw up. These new pills I am on are not working well with my stomach. Worked on my taxes a little this morning. Spent about a half hour on hold with the IRS to ask a question. Did a little dusting and vacuuming before going back to bed around noon. Took a nap until about 3 PM. I honestly feel like I could go right back to bed I am so tired. It is even hard to just keep my eyes open typing this post. I hope I am not getting sick. Hopefully it is just the results of a long weekend? Making pork chops, mashed potato and corn with a salad for dinner. Will watch last night's episode of Glee before settling in for a night of the CBS line up on TV. Suppose to get very cold this week. We did get another couple inches of snow yesterday and it is snowing again today. Time to go back to the couch and relax. I wish it was 10 PM and I would go back to bed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011 Friday Night

I finally left the house today for the first time in 4 days. Yes, I have been outside shoveling and picking up dog droppings, but today was the first time I ventured away from home and drove to have lunch with the guys. Had a great lunch as usual. Tony did not join us today because he is so busy at work from loosing a day of work on Wednesday. Plus he is not feeling well. He was up most of the night last night with a migraine headache which led to him throwing up and then the runs. He was not a happy guy to leave for work this morning. Of course I heard the usual 'what did you feed me last night'? LOL. I did very little yesterday. I think all the shoveling of snow on Wednesday took it's toll on me. I spent the day watching TV or listening to music. Took a long nap all yesterday afternoon. After I got back from lunch with the guys today I took another long nap all afternoon. I actually woke up today not feeling so well myself. Not as bad as Tony. Tonight we are suppose to go to a fund raiser for the Brew City Bully Club to stop dog fighting. It is at a bar downtown from 7 PM to 10 PM. I was really looking forward to going to the event but depends on how Tony feels when he comes home from working all day. I have a feeling with him being up a lot last night and the plow truck having a flat tire when he left for work this morning, he has had a long day and will likely not want to go to the event. I would not go alone to it so then we will just stay in and watch a movie before he falls asleep on the couch. Tomorrow there is a Pet Expo at State Fair Park. We go most years and hope to go again this year. Lots of dog vendors to buy supplies and get free food samples. Plus there are interesting events with dogs all day. I hope we go to it. Sunday is the Super Bowl. I guess I should be so happy since our state team is in the Super Bowl this year. Our Green Bay Packers will hopefully win. Maybe someone we know will call and let us know of a local bar showing the game with food and such and we go rather than watch the game at home. Neither of us is into any sports of any kind, but they are our Green Bay Packers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent the night watching the HUGE snow storm of 2011. It was crazy last night here in Milwaukee. At times the snow was coming down so hard and the wind blowing so hard you could not see across the street. Went to bed around 11 PM.

This morning we woke up to being buried alive. LOL. Was up by 7 AM. Everything is closed in Milwaukee today. We got about 20 inches of snow last night. Snow drifts as high as 6 feet. The snow was so high we had to dig out the back door just to open it. You can see in one of the pictures just how high the snow is around the door. If you ever wanted to know what a Milwaukee snow storm looks like I included a few pictures of our house and around it. Tony is plowing, me shoveling. We will drive to Tony's mom's house later this afternoon to dig her out. I am sure it will take us most of the day just to dig our own cars out. Most of the expressways are still closed so it will have to be later today when we dig Tony's mom out. Enjoy the pictures and be lucky you aren't here in Milwaukee.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011 Tuesday Dinner Time

Last night we spent the night watching the movie The Lost Valentine staring Betty White that was on TV Sunday night. We DVR'd it. It was a good movie and Betty White should get another award for her acting in the movie. Tony and I were both crying by the end of the movie. We are such babies when movies are sad or touching. Finished off the night watching Harry's Law and then went to bed at 10 PM.

This morning I got up around 6:30 AM and fed the dogs and got Tony off to work. Went outside and got the shoveling done from the snow that fell over night. We got around 6 inches of snow last night. Spent the rest of the day finishing the remixing of DJ Dave All Night Dance Mixes CD's 1 - 5 and posted them on my Music Page. I must admit they sound so much better than when I made them 7 years ago. Check them out. I do plan on remixing CD's 6 - 15 in time. I added the phrase 'Remixed February 2011' in the title so you will know when they are finished and they have been remixed. I do enjoy mixing music. Waiting for the HUGE snow storm to start. It is right at our door steps and should start soon. We are under a blizzard warning until tomorrow night. Suppose to get about a foot of snow tonight and winds up to 50 miles an hour. Should be interesting to see what it all looks like when we wake up tomorrow morning. I am sure I will have to shovel it all after Tony leaves for work tomorrow. All the Milwaukee Public Schools are closed tomorrow because of the storm that is coming tonight. I will try to take some pictures outside tomorrow to show you what a Milwaukee snow storm looks like. Making spaghetti for dinner tonight with garlic bread and a salad. Will watch the CBS lineup tonight on TV and DVR the show V to watch at a later time. The wind is really picking up outside. Sometimes you can hardly see across the street with the snow falling. The lights just flickered so I better end this post and log off.