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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 2016 - Wednesday Early Afternoon

Note:  If you comment and post about a cure I will delete it.  Until a scientific cure is found I will not post false hope or information even as comments. 

It has been a while since I posted.  I just spent the past half hour deleting comments about quack doctors and cures.  The past couple months have gone so fast and so much has happened.  A few weeks after Kali died we found another Pit Bull.  We were on our way home July 9th from a family picnic with Rose in the back of the car about a mile from home when I saw her running across the boulevard.  We circled back and stopped a house ahead of her.  I walked right up to her and she did not run.  I then went back to the car and got Rose's leash and went back and looped it around her neck.  What do I do now?  I don't know this dog and we have Rose in the car.  She followed me to the car and I got in and let her sit on the floor in front of me.  Neither Rose or her seemed to care.  I told Tony to drive home quickly.  On that Monday I took her to the vet to find out she was chipped and the owner was contacted.  Owners information could not be given to us per the owners paperwork.  After three days, three calls, and three times being told 'I work until 6 PM', no one contacted us and we started our search for her forever home.  I refuse to take her to a shelter and have her locked in a cell where her personality will never shine.  She is sweet.  Has not hurt anyone.  Actually trained better than my dogs.  lol.  We did have a house divided again for two weeks.   As I sit here typing this she still is here.  Yes, we now again have six dogs, four being Pit Bulls.  I am not proud of this or ever dreamed of having this situation.  Unfortunately because of other people being irresponsible pet owners, I am stuck with their burden.  Her name is Armani and she is a two year old spayed female:
Tony still takes Rose to work, but that still leaves me five dogs to walk each morning. 

We thought we were going to loose Vito a week after my last post.  He went through two bad weeks and we even had 'the day' scheduled before trying one more antibiotic.  It worked and Vito is back to his diabetic blind 13 year old self. 

Armani does have issues (the recent found dog).  Something about dark and moving things in almost dark bothers her.  I honestly think she was put in a dark basement with a bad dog.  She freaks to the point where I am afraid she will bite one of the other dogs from a bad memory, only when we are going to bed at night.  I have been making her sleep on the love seat in an enclosure next to the bed since we got her.  I just can not trust her.  Something about the TV being on, the ceiling fan, that kind of atmosphere, freaks her out.   She is very tense with the other dogs.  Naps are fine, go figure.  It is just at night, with the TV on.  That light beings something out of her I am not sure of. 

I have been doing OK health wise.  My only complaint right now is having to pee every two hours day or night.  I can not go more than that time.  Even doubled my meds for this problem and will address with my doctor in a month when I see him.  I am up by 5:30 AM, sometimes still throwing up, feed the dogs by 6:30 AM.  Tony leaves for work with Rose around 7 AM.  By 10 AM I have walked all the dogs for at least an hour around the block.  It has been a very hot Summer so I have been working them from about 8 AM daily before the heat sets in.  After that I am just mush.  The heat makes me just want to sleep.  On our way to hottest Summer here in Milwaukee.  Spend the rest of the morning doing things around the house or running an errand.  By 1 PM I nap until 3 PM and then wake up and start my day over again.  I do enjoy my naps with the dogs and notice a difference when I am not able to some days.

Tony is doing good.  Be careful what one asks for.  I have been for years badgering Tony about taking a day off, a week off, any time off.  On your death bed you are not going to wish you worked one more day I tell him.   Last week he comes home telling me he is taking the last two weeks of August through Labor day off.  Two weeks.  We will kill each other.  LOL

I still feel depressed and think of death from time to time but honestly have been so busy with the dogs to let it go on for much time.  Training Toby has been my biggest challenge.  I am even working with a trainer's advice and still having problems getting him to walk nice.  He just has too much energy.  Armani even walks better than him (the dog we recently found ).    Posted my July most recent blood results.  Doctor was happy as was I with the numbers.   I do remember a time when getting through a day didn't feel uphill all day.  I am still getting up that hill.