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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011 Wednesday Morning

Yesterday I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Went to Walgreen's in the morning to buy some items on sale in their weekly advertisement. Was so mad when I got home and checked the receipt only to see I bought Tony the wrong bottled water. I grabbed the one not on sale rather than the sale one for half the price. Makes me mad since that was one of the reasons I bought the water, I thought it was the one on sale. For $6.00 for a 24 pack of water, I think it is a waste. Water comes out of the damn faucet. Came home and shortly thereafter left to go to the friends house to let his dog out. Spent about an hour and a half with Toby. He is such a nice dog. I tried leaving three times and each time he looked up at me with that 'don't leave me' look in his eyes. Came home and took a short nap. Around 3:30 PM a friend of ours came to the house to trim a tree branch that is hitting the neighbors roof and damaging some of the shingles. Tony came home around 4 PM to help with the branches and clean up. After Tony took a shower we drove to Culver's and bought some dinner, which we then took and ate with Toby. Spent about an hour with him. He finally pooped. He had not pooped since his daddy went to the hospital on Saturday. He had not been eating much but he still had not gone almost 3 days now. When he finally did poop he let out a little whimper with pain. I guess that first one must have hurt. I can relate. After a surgery I have the same problem. That first time is painful after not going daily. Came home and watched America's Got Talent before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up again at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. A little before Tony left for work we got into a shouting match. It was over something stupid and not worth writing about. I am sure it will blow over by the time he gets home tonight. Basically it was about something he said he would do and did not. I am now showered and will shortly leave to do the weekly grocery shopping. After I go grocery shopping and get it all put away I will go spend an hour or so with Toby, playing with him outside. Another perfect day in Milwaukee. The next two days will not be so pleasant. A heat wave is coming for the next two days. Tomorrow hot humid and 85 degrees. Friday in the 90s with storms later in the day and a cold front blows in. The weekend is suppose to be our coolest temperatures this season. I guess Summer will be over after this weekend. The leaves are already starting to fall of the trees. The Summer went by so fast. We will still have nice weather in September and October, but it will go from one extreme to the other as the weather fronts hit the Great Lakes. Wish Tony and I had not had a fight. I hate starting the day like this. I am sure he will not call me. I will not call him. Maybe it is best and it will all be forgotten by tonight.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011 Monday Dinner Time

Friday night we spent the night watching the start of the second season of Hot In Cleveland. It is a show on TV Land and one of it's stars is Betty White. It is a funny show and being a half hour comedy I save them up so we can watch a night of them. I have 13 of the 14 episodes from this season. The last episode airs this Wednesday. Watched about 6 episodes and laughed our asses off. It is a funny show and I like everyone in the show. Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Saturday we were up at 7 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Tony went to work for a while, I cleaned the house since my parents were coming into town and the house need to be looking a little better. Had to do some last minute dusting and vacuuming. The parents showed up a little before 1 PM and we spent a half hour at the house before going to get some lunch. My dad is afraid of Stella since she did bite him once when he entered the house long ago uninvited. I kept Stella in the cage the entire time they were here at the house. My mom loves Stella so she did go into the room and give Stella some attention. Had lunch at Skipper Buds which is a restaurant on the Milwaukee river where you can tie your boats and dock them, much less remove them from the water. Had a nice lunch outside watching the boats. The weather was perfect, 75 degrees and a nice breeze. After lunch we took a quick drive past the lake front and then they dropped Tony and I off at home and left. It was nice to see them and that was enough. LOL. Any longer of my mom can sometimes be hard to do. I say that with love. Spent what was left of the afternoon on the deck outside enjoying he nice weather with the dogs. Spent the night watching about 6 more episodes of Hot In Cleveland before going to bed around 11 PM.

Sunday we were up again at 7 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Took Tony's mom out for Breakfast and came home. Spent a little time around the house before we left again and took a long drive to the south side along the lake front. Stopped at one of the beach parks and walked the trails and woods. It was so nice outside again and I love walking through the woods. Climbed down and up the huge cliff to the beach. The way down was easier than the way up along the cliff. Drove home and ordered a pizza for dinner. Around 6 PM the friend that has the dog we wanted to take care of, and took care of his last dog when he left town, called and said he was in the hospital due to a heart attack and asked if we could go to his house, find the hidden key and let his dog out. The dog had been home for 24 hours. Of course we did, he only lives 6 blocks away and his new dog is very sweet. Just too much for my Pitbull. Told the friend to just get better and we would take care of the dog. It is on Tony's way to and from work so Tony will let the dog out on the way to and from work each day and I will go over in the afternoon for an hour or so and spend time with the dog, Toby. Let his dog out and spent a half hour with the dog before returning home. Spent the night watching movies I downloaded. Watched Peep World, The Roommate and Day Breakers. A little movie marathon. All were good movies. Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Tony left for work around 7 AM and stopped off at the friends house to let his dog Toby outside for a while. I spent the morning cleaning the windows and screens in the entire house. Most of them anyway. Used a bucket and sponge and then newspaper to dry the windows. My dad always said newspaper is best for cleaning windows. No streaks. They turned out great. Around noon I went to the friends house to spend an hour with Toby. Read a magazine and listened to some music while we played. He is a great dog. I wish I could bring him home. When we tried to get all the dogs together a couple weeks ago Toby wanted to hump Stella and that did not go over well at all. Came home and took a little nap. Making some left over pizza from last night with a salad for dinner. Will most likely watch TV on the DVR tonight since nothing is on TV but reruns. Another perfect weather day here in Milwaukee. It is 74 with a nice breeze, perfect!

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011 Friday Morning

Wednesday night when we got back from the car show there was a message on the answering machine saying my new HP computer was ready to be picked up at Best Buy. It was too late to go get it then so we spend the night watching TV and went to bed around 10 PM.

Thursday morning I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the early morning getting things done around the house so I could leave at 9:30 AM and be at Best Buy at 10 AM when they opened to get my new HP computer tower. Got my new HP tower and came home. Spent the entire day setting up all my files and software I use on the computer. The Samsung printer was the hardest to get up and running. Had to download a driver patch from their web sight before I got it to work. The only shortfall with this new computer is that it does not have a HDMI output. I was told I would be able to connect my TV to the computer like my old one. There is no HDMI output so this is not possible in it's current state. I can either buy a new sound card with a HDMI port or try to buy some cables to split the current screen to two screens. I did a little looking on the Internet and a splitter is available to do just that. Will go to Radio Shack and see if I can get the splitter there, otherwise I will have to order them on the Internet. I think that will be cheaper than buying a new video card and trying to install it. I have to be able to watch the computer on the TV since I download movies and the show True Blood. Not so much fun to watch movies on a 22 inch computer screen. Would rather watch them on our 62 inch big screen TV. Made a big dinner for supper. Made ribs, potatoes and salad. Spent most of the night just exploring what the new computer does and does not have. Went to bed around 10 PM. Tony was exhausted and sleeping by 9 PM since he was up the night before with a migraine headache.

This morning I was up again at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Tony left for work around 7 AM. Have to get showered and to Radio Shack when they open this morning at 10 AM. Will then have to order the splitters I need on the Internet if Radio Shack does not carry them. Lately I am not impressed with Radio Shack. They seem to never have what I need. Maybe it is just the Radio Shack here in Milwaukee. Will have lunch with the guys today. Will most likely spend tonight watching TV on the DVR. Saturday afternoon we are meeting my parents for lunch here in Milwaukee. They are driving into town to drop me off some old Christmas lights and such they don't need or want. Other than that, no plans for the weekend. The weather has been great lately and hope it continues. So nice to have the windows open all day and so nice to sleep at night in the 60 degree weather with the windows open. I do love my new HP computer tower. I think HP is the best in computers and have the least amount of problems with an HP computer. I am happy with my purchase, especially if I get this monitor splitting figured out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011 Wednesday Dinner Time

Got up this morning at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. After Tony left for work I thought I would see if I could restart the computer and not have any problems. Telling myself not to turn on or off the computer only makes me want to do it more. LOL. Of course the American Megatrends screen came up and it took me 15 minutes and a couple more restarts to get Windows to load. Of course with the date of April 2009. Had to change the date. Now I have to make a decision. Got showered and went to McDonald's for a couple sausage burritos on my way to Pick N Save to do some grocery shopping. Spent a little over $70 on fresh produce and stuff. Jeez is food expense. The bag of cherries was $7.00. Came home and after putting the groceries away I called Best Buy to see again what the cost of a Mother Board for this Gateway computer would be. I was now told over $300, but they would need to send it out for the repair and estimate. That told me right there a new computer was the best option. Around noon I broke down and drove to Best Buy. After looking the computers over and knowing I wanted an HP, I ended up buying a new HP tower comparable to what I have now. I have a top of the line Gateway and paid good money for it 2 years ago. Of course now we had to haggle over the price since I just spent $285.00 last week to get this computer fixed which will be junk when I get the new one. I was able to get a credit for $180.00. The cost of the repair minus the hard drive cost. After all I do have the hard drive, even though I won't need it. But they can not resell it. So I thought that was fair. Ended up spending $886.00 for the new HP computer with a 4 year service plan. I guess if you take the $886.00 and subtract the $180.00 I got back, it cost me $700.00. Well, then I guess you could add the $100.00 for the hard drive I won't need or use, and the final total is $800.00 for the new HP computer. More than I wanted to spend, but what the hell are you gonna do? I use this computer 24/7. I knew this crap would start happening when we sold the two cars a month ago. I knew that money wasn't going to stay in the savings account long. The minute you think you might get ahead, something like this happens and your back where you started. Of course Best Buy needed to install all the Windows software and such so I could not take it home today. Will pick it up when they call tomorrow or the next day. Then the fun begins again reloading all my files and figuring out the new computer. Tony is against extended service plans. I think on things like computers it is a good idea and this computer would have been covered if I had an extended warranty. Took an hour nap this afternoon listening to music. It is very hot today in Milwaukee. Close to 90 degrees. I am thinking we will go to a car show or $1 hamburgers tonight since I don't feel like cooking. I'm still recovering from the major purchase earlier today. LOL.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011 Tuesday Dinner Time

Got up this morning at 6 AM. Let the dogs out, fed the dogs, and gave Vito his shot. A little while later I was in the bathroom throwing up. I had not had the pleasure of starting my day like this for over a week. I did not eat anything out of the ordinary last night that would have caused this again so I am dumbfounded. I am sure it has to do with the meds I take at night, but I take them with dinner and did again last night. After the second time in the bathroom I went back to bed. Stayed in bed until about 10 AM when Tony came home for something. I hate when he comes home and sees me back in bed. It just doesn't look good. LOL. Spent the morning remaking the music mix I have been working on. I think this version turned out good enough to post. I am listening to it for the second time as I type this blog and think it might be one of my best. The new DJ Dave Summer 2011 Music Mix contains all my favorite songs of this past summer and a little before. Love to hear some comments so I know someone else besides me listens to my mixes. Went to Walgreen's around 1 PM to buy some sale items that were in the Sunday advertisements. Came home and spent the afternoon adding the music mix to my file sharing sight and posting it on this blog. I have not had anything but a couple cookies today since my stomach still hurts from this morning. I am making a big dinner so it is not a bad thing to be hungry. Making some steaks, mashed potato, corn and a salad for dinner. Will spend the night watching America's Got Talent before going to bed. It rained most of this morning. Sun came out this afternoon which is suppose to bring some storms tomorrow. Was in the high 70s today and suppose to be in the high 80s tomorrow for a day. Then back to the 70s on Thursday. Tomorrow I have to do a little grocery shopping for fresh produce and such. Didn't shut down the computer last night. I had to put something over the off button so I didn't forget and turn it off. Not sure how long I will wait to restart it and take my chances it restarts correctly. Will most likely hold off until an update prompts me I have to and then make sure I backed up anything new. Let me know what you think of the new music mix post at the top of the page.

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011 Monday Afternoon

This morning I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Walked into the living room and turned on the computer. The big red screen that says American Megatrends came up on the screen rather than Windows loading. WTF? I just spent $285 last week for a new hard drive to fix this problem. Spent the early morning making sure everything was backed up after I got the computer up and running again. Around 10:30 AM I packed up the tower and headed to Best Buy again. This time they told me it must be the Mother Board. WTF? That would be another problem and best to buy a new computer, I was told. WTF? I was so mad. I was told if it keeps happening the best thing would be to swallow the money already spent and buy a new computer. I could have thrown the damn tower at the Geek Squad guy. Came back home with the computer tower and plugged it all back in. It loaded and turned on fine. I figure I just won't ever turn the computer off and make sure I always have everything backed up since the computer Mother Board could die any time. I am not happy. Picked Tony and I up some lunch at McDonald's and dropped it off for him at his shop. Spent the afternoon working on a new music mix. Listened to it a couple times and not sure I am happy with the end results. I don't like to post them until I am happy with them. Will have to make some changes and try making the mix again maybe tomorrow. Making Hamburger Helper and a salad for dinner tonight. Will most likely watch the last two episodes of True Blood tonight before going to bed. Guess I will be watching the newspaper ads for a new computer, when I win the lottery. LOL

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011 Sunday Afternoon

I was very surprised to see I did not post on Friday. I always try to make it the last post before the weekend. Not sure where my head was. Friday afternoon, after lunch with the guys, I took a nap. I knew we had a party to attend Friday night so I thought it best to take a nap. Between the phone ringing, dog next door barking, and the tenants coming home from work early, I did more listening to music than actually taking a nap. Tony came home around 6 PM, right after I had fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Barkley is doing much better and is keeping his food down. I think it had to be something he ate in the yard that made him so sick for a week. Went to a party at a friends house who I have known for almost 25 years. Had a great time and didn't get home until about 11 PM, which is late for us. Stayed up about an hour watching TV and then went to bed around midnight.

Saturday morning we were up at 6:30 AM to feed the dogs and give Vito his shot. Barkley got his regular food for the first time in a week. Spent most of the day just laying around the house watching TV. Fed the dogs dinner around 5:30 PM and we were out the door by 6 PM. Met two of the guys we have Friday lunch with at Slinger Speedway in Slinger Wisconsin. It is about a 45 minute drive. There was a once a year event at the track with different stock car races throughout the night. Every heat was a different theme or rules. Did I mention the race track is a figure 8? I have wanted to go to this track for as long as I remember because of the figure eight aspect of the track. Picture stock car races in a figure 8. One of the races was 8 school buses going around the track. By about the 3rd lap they start getting far enough apart to smash or barely miss each other at the middle of the figure eight track. One of the buses got hit so hard it flipped all the way around. The roof was squashed down to the seats. The guy driving was fine. I swear some of these race car drivers have a death wish going through the figure eight at top speed not caring if a car is coming at them or not. In one of the races about 20 cars were in pairs. It was called the push car race. The front car has no gas and has to be pushed around the track by the car in back of it. All in a figure eight. Another race was a pull car race where the cars were in pairs again and the car in front had the gas and pulled a car on a chain around the track as the other cars tried to smash into it. Another race had all front wheel drive cars with fenders on their back tires like water skis on the tires. It was so funny to watch. It was like the cars were racing on ice. The final race each car had to pull a trailer of some kind. Some had parade floats, other had old boats on trailers. The car and trailer last standing wins. By the end of the race the track was littered with debris from the cars and trailers being smashed. All on the figure eight track. Needles to say Tony and I had a great time and didn't get home until close to midnight. As you know this is late for us. Watched a little TV and went to bed.

This morning we were up at 6:30 AM to feed the dogs and give Vito his shot. Started reading the Sunday newspaper after the dogs were fed. Around noon we went to Pewaukee to a bar called Boomers for a car show. It is a nice sports type bar that had it's once a year car show. Walked around the car show and then had a steak sandwich in the bar before heading home. Got home around 3 PM and after watching a little TV Tony started getting frisky so we took it into the bedroom for a half hour. We are now back in the living room with the dogs watching TV again, a Car Repo marathon on Tru TV. Will most likely stay home the rest of the day and watch TV on the DVR tonight. I have a lot building up on the DVR and it has to be getting full. We had a great weekend and the weather was perfect all weekend also. In the mid 70s during the day and low 60s at night. Perfect!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18, 2011 Thursday Dinner Time

This morning I was up at 6 AM. Let the dogs out, cleaned up some puke from Barkley, fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent early morning back in bed before Tony came home for something around 9:30 AM and got me up and doing things. Took a shower and did a little around the house before leaving around 11:30 AM to go to ARCW for a Board Meeting and pick up my monthly food at the pantry. Had a good meeting, picked up my prescriptions at their pharmacy and got my food. Came home and as I was closing the truck of the car I bent my thumb back and it hurt like hell. Swelled up immediately. Ran into the house with the bags and put some ice on my palm and thumb. The part under my thumb swelled to the size of a tennis ball. Put the bags of food away with my left hand since I had the ice in my right. Let the dogs out. Barkley threw up a little more of this mornings breakfast. I am now getting very scared. I called Tony to see if he thought it was time to take the dog to the vet for an appointment. He said 'to put him down'. Tony is ready to say goodbye to Barkley. He has never been a fan of Barkley. I then told Tony it was a waste to call him and I would see him when he got home. After a lot of thought I think I will feed him tonight and if he can't keep it down I will call tomorrow to make an appointment. Maybe the vet can give him something for his stomach. Barkley is not in pain and is keeping down about half his food. He still has the runs also. I honestly think their is not much we can do but wait until the time comes to put him down, which could be any day. I think the tumors are getting the best of his insides. I have seen this before with other dogs towards the end when they have cancer or tumors. I just want to make sure there might be something to settle his stomach and give him a little more time. Trust me, when the time is the time, I will do what is right and put him down. He still plays, walks, eats, so what the hell? He does not appear in pain in any way, and I know my dogs. I would never let that go unattended. So it is just a matter of waiting and seeing. I am sure the vet will tell me what I have already said and know: It is just a matter of time until the tumors get to his inside organs and it might be happening. So I guess one day at a time. The vet has told us in the past this would most likely happen some day. We have only had Barkley 3 years since we adopted him at the age of 8 from the Waukesha Humane Society. We have given him a happy three years so I have no regrets. Just so sad that when life is over, it is over. No second chances. No second run. Making some TV dinners for supper with a salad. Don't feel like cooking with the sore thumb and dog problems. Isn't it enough I cook for them? LOL. Tony would not agree. Will spend the night watching Big Brother and Rookie Blue before going to bed. Tomorrow is lunch with the guys and then a party Friday night at a good friends house down the street. Looking forward to the party since it is all people we know and it will be a good time. Even put a dose of color in my hair prior to this post to look a little younger at the party tomorrow night. Had Tony die his hair earlier in the week and it turned out a bit too dark. LOL. Poor Tony, it will look fine in time. LOL. I was feeling old this past week and thought we should color our hair again. The hair color I put in today is already making my head and scalp itch and hurt. I am sure that will last a day or so. The price we pay to look a bit younger at our ages. I have not colored my hair in a long time because I just didn't seem to care. Lately I need to feel younger. I also was not coloring it because the Atripla made me get a rash from the hair color. This is the first time coloring my hair not on Atripla so we will see if anything has changed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011 Wednesday Afternoon

Last night we did go out for $1 tacos. I had two tacos and a large strawberry margarita. Came home feeling good. One large margarita can make me tipsy? Wow, am I getting to be a light weight. Spent the night watching America's Got Talent. Went to bed around 10:30 PM after a little lovin.

This morning I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Gave Barkley half rice and hamburger, half dry food. Have to switch him back to his regular food slowly. He has not thrown up for a day, but he still does have the runs. Tony left for work around 7:30 AM. Left the house by 9 AM to go to Walgreen's to pick up one of Tony's prescriptions. Then went to McDonald's for two sausage burritos and headed to Pick N Save. Ate the food in the car before heading into the store. Made a bank deposit and did the weekly grocery shopping. Spent over $130 dollars. Wow. I had to look at the check out lady twice when she said the total. The store did switch the entire store around and in the process set up a clearance isle of discontinued stuff. So I did buy a lot of clearance items we will use in the future at half price. Came home and unpacked all the food and such. Then started cooking the dogs food. Made some more hamburger and white rice for Barkley. At the same time made another batch of beef flavored rice for Vito. It is getting a little nuts when I cook more for the dogs than Tony and I. Did a little cleaning before taking a long 2 hour nap. I honestly do not know how I could hold down a job with needing a nap every afternoon just to make it through the day. Got up and vacuumed the house and started making dinner. Making an already cooked meatloaf with scalloped potatoes and a salad. Will stay home tonight and watch Big Brother, the AGT Results Show and something on the DVR before going to bed. Tomorrow I have a board meeting for ARCW in the afternoon. Turned on the air conditioning again this afternoon before my nap since it got above 80 and much hotter in the house. I am sure the meter out back is spinning fast.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011 Tuesday Afternoon

Last night we had left overs for dinner and spent the night watching a couple episodes of Flashpoint on the DVR before going to bed around 10 PM. Barkley was still not doing much better at this time and threw up again about an hour after eating dinner. I did make Barkley some white rice and hamburger meat and gave him some before going to bed since he hasn't really kept any food down since Saturday.

This morning I was up at 6 AM to let the dogs out. Barkley made it through the night without having to throw up again or have the runs. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Fed Barkley more white rice and hamburger meat for breakfast. He seemed to like it more than his regular food of course. I just want it to stay in him. Around 9 AM the guys from Window World showed up to install the four new windows in the apartment upstairs that I ordered a month ago. Spent the next couple hours watching the two guys install the four windows and paid them the balance due. The windows look great. Gave Barkley a little more rice and meat for lunch since he seems to be keeping this food down. He still has the runs very bad. Took a long nap this afternoon and woke up having a horrible dream. I was being held hostage with a bunch of other people and I woke up as I was on the ground with a gun to my head about to be shot. WTF? Where did this come from? Maybe an episode of Flashpoint last night? I finally got so sick of trying to get Explorer 9 working correctly I followed Peter's advice and downloaded and installed Firefox. I couldn't even get to a second or third windows with Explorer 9 as well as some of my chat features not working when I went to other web sights. Been playing around all day with Firefox as my browser and love it. No problems like Explorer 9. Thanks again Peter. A little over 80 degrees here in Milwaukee today with a nice breeze. Any warmer and I would have to put the central air conditioning on again. The breeze is what is keeping me from turning it on, that and the last high electric bill I got this past week from having the air conditioning on for almost a month nonstop. Think Tony and I might go out for $1 taco's tonight since I do not feel like cooking dinner. Will then spend the night watching America's Got Talent. Barkley has been sleeping most of the day which is good I think. Hopefully he is getting better but I still think his days are numbered. I have been giving him special attention because of his days being numbered. I honestly think all is tumors are now getting into his internal organs. Time will tell. It just sucks though that now I have to give two dogs special food. Seems they are eating better than Tony and I and I definitely am doing more cooking for them than us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 Monday Afternoon

Friday night I made a frozen pizza for dinner since I was still very busy working on this computer to get it all up and running. Every time I thought I had everything working correctly there would be another glitch. Finally went to bed around 10 PM with computer knowledge swimming in my mind all night.

Got up Saturday morning around 7 AM and fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the day working on the computer getting more of my exra's on the desktop and getting it to were it was prior to the crash last week. By the middle of the afternoon I had it all done. I still am considering going to the browser Firefox as suggested since I forgot to change the setting to Explorer 8 prior to doing this post, and this is the second time I am typing again because of it. Tony spent the day napping and watching car shows on TV. After we fed the dogs dinner we went out for supper at the bar called Tracks which is a block away from our house. Spent the night watching the movie Is It Just Me. It was a very good movie. Went to bed around 11 PM.

Sunday morning we were up again at 7 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the morning reading the Sunday newspaper. Around noon we went to the Milwaukee State Fair for the afternoon. It was nice and cool when we left the house. By about 4 PM we had had enough with the crowds and it was getting too hot to walk around in the sun, so we came home. We did have a nice time at the fair and it killed an afternoon. Spent last night watching the last episodes of Falling Skies before going to bed around 10 PM. About 2 AM Barkley woke me up to go outside. It was a little late since he had puked in the living room and around the house in about 5 spots. So here I am at 2 AM cleaning up puke. He also has the runs.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Barkley did not eat any breakfast which has never happened before. I am a little concerned. Around 9 AM I gave him some rice and food which he ate. I then went out to hose down the side yard of all the puke and runs that were scattered throughout the yard. I think Barkley is sick. Very sick. I started him on his regular antibiotic he has for his skin condition since hopefully it will help with whatever is ailing him and help with his bad skin, which is back again anyway. The weekly baths only do so much for his skin. I am a little concerned that his tumors and such might be getting the best of him. Time will tell. He is very tired today. And still has the runs bad as I type this in the middle of the afternoon. Hopefully some more rice and such at dinner will help. Spent the morning doing some needed cleaning of the ceiling fan blades and dusted the house. Around 11 AM I went back to bed to lay with Barkley. Got up around 1 PM and started the day again. Have to vacuum and take a shower before making left overs from last night for dinner. Sure hope Barkley isn't in his final stages of life, he is over 11 years old and not in the best of health. The good news is I did not loose anything important in the computer crash, thanks to having everything backed up. Even my emails are back up and running.

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011 Friday Afternoon

Got up this morning at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Got as much done early hoping for a call from Best Buy to come pick up the computer. I know once I get it, putting all my files and applications back on will take most of the week. Best Buy called around 10:15 AM to tell me to come pick up the computer, it is done. Drove to Best Buy and got the computer and brought it home. Plugged it in and all I could get was a Windows Logo screen and no icons or tool bars. Tried calling the Geek Squad and was put on hold for 45 minutes. Went to lunch with the guys with computer tower in car ready to go back to Best Buy. Went back to best buy to have them plug it all in and everything looked great. WTF? Came home and plugged it all in here at home and had the same problem before. No toolbars or icons. Figured it had to be a resolution thing or something. After about an hour and ready to throw the damn thing out the window I figured it all out. Since I plugged in the cable to the TV from the computer, Windows 7 makes two screens. So the icons and menus were all on the TV and not the computer. Did a little playing and got it all figured out. Well, kinda. I got the icons and such to the computer but haven't gotten the second screen on the TV to work right. That will have to wait. Started putting all my files from the external hard drive to the new hard drive in this computer. They are still tranfering and from what it says, it will be about 24 hours. I have that many files in songs, music, and pictures. So now I am slowly installing all the other things from disks like the printer and mixing software little by little. Still haven't gotten email figure out yet. Wrote a long post to have it go no where since now there is Explorer 9 on the computer. I tried to get rid of it and go back to Explorer 8 but the computer for some reason will not let me. I then tried some settings and found a way to get this posting on Explorer 8 so I can Publish Post. Sounds confusing. Anyone having this problem with Blogger and Explorer 9 will know what I am talking about and can email me for the fix. Will spend the night working on the computer watching TV. Supper? I will be to busy and Tony will have to settle for soup or something. No plans for the weekend except working on the computer getting it to where it all way. Got to go back to installing. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011 Thursday Night

I hate not having my desktop computer.

Spent today backing up my laptop and installing the update to Explorer 9 that my laptop was telling me to do. I had my doubts about installing Explorer 9 Update on this laptop because when I was prompted and did install the update on my desktop when I would go to 'publish post' on blogger, nothing would happen. I would type a huge posting only to have it not go anywhere and have to start again only to have it continue to happen. I finally figured it had to do with Explorer 9 since that was the only thing I changed. When I went back to Explorer 8 the problem stopped. So to all my blogger buddies out there: Do not update to Explorer 9 unless you are ready to figure out why you can not post to your blog after you do an entire draft. It must be a setting or something. With that said, I warn you. I will have to research the Internet and see why this happens. Anyone know anything about this let me know because now both computers keep prompting me to update the computers and that update includes Explorer 9. Made some salads and sweet n sour chicken for supper tonight. Will watch Big Brother and a few shows on the DVR before going to bed. Would type more but I hate this laptop.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011 Wednesday Morning

Spent all day yesterday backing up my files to an external hard drive. Spent the afternoon getting my laptop up and running with the important links and files I will need while this computer is in repair. Last night we went to a car show in Menomonee Falls and had dinner at the event. Came home and spent the night watching America's Got Talent before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 5:30 AM to let Vito out of his cage and outside to pee. Took him back to bed with me for an hour before I got up and fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. I told Tony last night not to turn on this computer this morning but he forgot. So since it did boot up correctly I figured I would get one more post in before I disconnect everything and take the tower to Best Buy this morning for a new hard drive. I am sure I will be without this computer for a couple days. My laptop does have my email stuff all set up so I should be able to continue to get email. I just don't enjoy working on the laptop as much as the desktop. Thankfully I will not be totally without a computer while they repair this one. Will leave the house a little after 9:30 AM to get to Best Buy when they open at 10:00, with tower in hand. This is one time I wish I would have bought the extended warranty since this computer is only two years old. I hard drive shouldn't crash in two years, especially being a Gateway computer. On the way home I will stop at the grocery store and do a little shopping. Only need some fresh fruit and salad type items so it should not be an expensive trip to the grocery store today. Will spend the afternoon with the dogs. It is in the 60s today in Milwaukee. Welcome relief from the heat we had been having for the past month. I will try to post from my laptop in the next few days. I hope this computer fix doesn't become a bigger nightmare than it already has been.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011 Tuesday Afternoon

I hate computer problems and I have a big one.

This morning I got up again to the error screen with an American Megatrends Logo on it and options to do. It took all morning to get the computer to come back on. I had to go into Safe Mode. I spent all day today backing up all our pictures, files and music. I did a little research only to find that that message means the hard drive on this computer is failing. This Gateway computer is only 2 years old. So tomorrow morning I am going to take the computer in for repair and who knows how long that will take. I will have my laptop, but can only do limited stuff on it and email does not transfer to the laptop.

So, if you don't hear from me, I am alive and well. Just without a computer. Wish me luck. I am hoping if I get this computer to Best Buy before it actually looses everything I might be able to have them save things as they are. If not I will have to reinstall all my programs. That will not make me happy. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we went and saw the play The Drowsy Chaperone. It was funny and entertaining. We got home around 11 PM and watched a little TV before going to bed.

Saturday morning we were up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. The last few days have not been kind to Vito. With the Thunderbirds flying over the house to practice, and then the shows on Saturday and Sunday, Vito was a mess. I guess I could put myself in his place and understand. Imagine being blind and every once in a while the loudest noise you ever heard goes flying over the house, shaking the house. He runs looking for me. If I am not near when it happens he bangs into a wall or gate. It is sad and hard to watch. So I tried my hardest to always have him by my side the minute I heard the planes starting to practice or perform. He made it through the weekend. Saturday during the day was an event called Rockerbox. It is a huge motorcycle event up 8 blocks of Center Street. Thousands of motorcycles and people. It was really cool. Plus the riders were great eye candy. It was very very hot and humid so we would go out to the block party for a while and then come home to the house to enjoy the air conditioning. We went up to the block party about 4 times during the day. We even sat outside for a while sweating like crazy eating a steak sandwich at one of the restaurants on Center Street. I felt so horrible when a plane from the Thunderbirds flew over a couple times when we were at the block party knowing what Vito was going through at home without me there. By the time it ended at 6 PM we both were exhausted and ready for another shower. Spent Saturday night watching TV shows on the DVR.

Sunday morning we were up at 7 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the morning reading the newspaper and watching TV. I had a number of things I wanted to do, Tony had other plans. He wanted to nap all day. He did spend much of the day napping. I did things around the house including a couple loads of laundry. After we fed the dogs dinner we went outside to get lottery tickets and have dinner at a nice restaurant on the Eastside of Milwaukee on Downer Street. A nice little bar and cafe. Had a nice dinner sitting outside in the cooler, but still hot Milwaukee evening air. Spent last night watching some TV and then some shows on the DVR before going to bed at 10 PM. Vito has been trying to get out of his cage at night with the one end open so I put that side of the cage back on so he can not leave his cage, come onto the bed, and then fall off the bed not being able to see where the bed ends. So I half sleep each night and that has not gotten me a good nights sleep. Figured I would sleep better knowing he can not get out of the cage and hurt himself at night.

This morning I was up at 5:30 AM to let Vito outside. Went back to bed for a while with him on the bed. He laid by my side for an hour before we got up and I fed the gang breakfast and gave Vito his shot. I got a good nights sleep for once in a long time since I didn't have to worry about him falling off the bed and secure in his cage. I think he actually feels more secure also being in the cage sleeping. Spent the morning laying around the house watching the stock market go lower and lower. Went to Walgreen's around noon to buy a bunch of over the counter stuff. Spent close to $100. Thankfully everything was on sale. Bought a chicken sub at Cousins and came home. It is still hot outside. I turned off the air conditioning after Tony left for work, I just turned it back on again when I got home from Walgreen's because of the humidity. It is suppose to rain later today and the temperature is suppose to be better tomorrow, especially being less humid. Will most likely spend the afternoon resting since I feel very tired today. Tonight we will most likely watch the last two weeks episodes of True Blood before going to bed.

Here are some pics from the Rockerbox Block Party Saturday.

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011 Friday Dinner Time

Got up this morning at 6 AM. Walked into the living room to see that Tony had turned on the computer and a strange screen was on the monitor. This was not good. The screen then went blue when I tried to do anything. I tried to restart the computer and when I did for some reason the date went back to August of 2009. Still not good. I changed the date and did a couple virus scans that found nothing. I did download a song yesterday and I think I might have gotten a virus because of it. Thankfully I do back everything up on an external hard drive so if this computer crashes any time soon I will not loose all my music and pictures. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the morning doing things around the house. Once in a while I would go outside when I heard the Thunderbird Jets going over the house. The dogs are scared to death of the noise. Kali shakes, Vito runs around and bangs into things, and the other dogs have to be by my side. It is not like I can enjoy the airplanes much with the dogs like this. Went to lunch with the guys. Had a nice lunch as always. About 1:30 PM I went to lay on the bed with the dogs. About 20 minutes later the jets started circling the house again practicing for this weekends air show and the dogs started going crazy again. Got them off the bed, especially Vito so he doesn't fall off having no sight. Spent the rest of the afternoon in the living room with the music turned loud to drown out the jet noise. Think I might be coming down with a sinus infection. Had enough of them in the past to know. Head feels horrible. Making a pizza for dinner and then we have tickets at the Sunset Theater in Elm Grove to see a play that someone recommended to us. Wish I could have gotten a nap. Guess a second cup of coffee will have to do. Tomorrow is a big block party on our cross street called Rockerbocker. It is a big motorcycle event and always interesting. Still to hot in Milwaukee to turn off the central air conditioning. Hopefully next week we see some relief from the heat.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011 Thursday Dinner Time

Went grocery shopping yesterday in the morning. It was still hot outside here in Milwaukee so I spent most of the afternoon doing thing around the house. Spent most of the afternoon listening to some old 70s dance music. Tony got home from work around 5:30 PM. After we fed the dogs we went to have $1 hamburgers and french fries at a local bar now far away. Had a drink with the burgers. Got home a little after 7 PM and spent the rest of the night watching TV before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning Vito had me up at 5:30 AM to go outside. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot shortly thereafter. Was able to open the windows and turn off the central air conditioning for the morning. Spent most of the morning watching the city workers dig up the street two houses south of our home. Two of the guys were kinda handsome. Of course being the first day the windows had been opened in weeks, the dogs hated the jack hammering noises. By noon it was again getting to hot for the dogs and me so the windows got closed and the air conditioning went back on. Since I closed up the house and had a taste for pizza I got in my car and drove down the street to a place that sells pizza by the slice. Got myself a big slice to go. Spent the afternoon watching the Blue Angels jets practice in the Milwaukee sky for this weekends air show. Also watched the stock market crash on TV. Making sloppy joe's and waffle french fries for dinner with a small salad. Will most likely watch a bunch of TV on the DVR tonight. It was nice to have the windows open for a couple hours this morning. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to again. This has been a hot summer.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011 Tuesday Afternoon

Tony did sell the Lexus yesterday, so both cars are gone. Now I can pay off the damn Lexus and have a little money in the bank before we buy another convertible. When it gets a little cooler outside we will go car shopping and test drive some cars. Watched some TV last night before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Watched a little TV and read the morning newspaper before I went back to bed. It is so fricken hot and humid you can do nothing outside. I HATE this weather. Got back out of bed around noon and went across the alley to talk with the neighbor for a while. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching more TV and playing with the dogs. I look forward to a day when it is nice outside and I can open some windows again and turn off the central air conditioning. The next electric bill should come this week and it will not be pretty. I feel so worthless in this hot humid weather and have no ambition to do anything. Not sure what to make for dinner tonight. If it wasn't so hot out I would go out for dinner. Just going out in this heat makes you want to die. Will most likely make some spaghetti for dinner and spend the night watching TV. Tomorrow I do have to go grocery shopping. I actually am looking forward to it so I can get out of the house for a while.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 Monday Morning

Thought I had better post before I forget what we did all weekend. You have no idea how many times I sit here to type and think 'what the hell did we do', and have to seriously wrack my brain to remember. So here we go..........

Friday night Tony did not get home until about 7:30 PM. He did sell the 1965 Cadillac Convertible. He got good money for it and we are both happy. I am sure it is bitter sweet for Tony since this was his Dad's Cadillac that he bought from the estate after his dad died. It was a nice connection to his father as we drove around in this huge beautiful car. Also, Tony was the one who painted the entire car for his father shortly before he died. So there were a lot of memories with the car. One that comes to mind is on a day when Tony's dad showed up at the old auto body shop and I was there. Tony had been working on the Cadillac and it was done. Tony's dad asked me to drive it home to his house while he followed in the car he was driving. I was scared to death but did it. I kept thinking if I get into an accident with this car I will be the worst son-in-law in the world. LOL. We even drove the Cadillac in several parades. Here are a couple pics of the car many years ago with my babies Tiny and Shadow.

We spent Friday night watching True Blood and went to bed.

Saturday morning we were up at 6:30 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Made a skillet breakfast which turned out pretty good. Spent the morning watching TV and reading the morning newspaper. Around 10:30 AM we decided to walk the bike route for the 24 hour bike fundraiser that was going on around Riverwest from 7 PM Friday night to 7 PM Saturday night. Hundreds of bikes do a marathon for 24 hours past our house and around the neighborhood. It was very hot outside even at 10:30 AM and after we walked about 3 blocks I thought I was going to die. LOL. We walked to a couple check points and then to a bar block party at the Artbar. Had a nice cool soda in the air conditioning at the bar before we walked the 15 or so blocks back home. Spent a little time with the dogs before we headed out the door again and went to the Brady Street Block Party. Spent almost 2 hours at the event eating and listening to the bands. I soon was dripping in sweat and it was time to come home. Spent the rest of the later half of the afternoon at home with the dogs. It was over 90 degrees outside. After we fed the dogs dinner we drove to the Artbar Block Party and had a drink before heading back to the Brady Street Block Party for the Drag Show. The Drag Show sucked. The sound was horrible. The crowd was huge. Around 10:30 PM we were exhausted from the day and went home to take another round of showers. Went to bed shortly thereafter.

Sunday morning we slept in until around 7 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the morning waiting for the Sunday newspaper to arrive. Had to call for a redelivery which we did not get until around 10 AM. Read a little of the newspaper before I took a shower and we went out for lunch. We went to lunch at Skipper Buds which is a bar on the river. Had a nice steak sandwich and french fries with a vodka lemonade. It was hot again outside but we had a table with an umbrella and there was a small breeze. By the time we were done eating we were hot and it was time to come home. Spent the afternoon watching Tru TV and a couple movies. Watched the movies Insidious and Grown Ups. Both were OK. Went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6 AM. Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Tony walked out the door around 7:30 AM with the signed Lexus title in hand. He is suppose to drive down to Chicago again today with his brother and sell the guy who bought the Cadillac the Lexus. Can this really be true? The Cadillac and the Lexus gone and sold? I am crossing my fingers. The check for the Cadillac is already in the bank so we are half way there. It will be so nice to cancel the insurance on both those cars also. So if all goes well by tonight both cars are sold and gone. Good job Tony. Now I can pay off the Lexus and put some money in the savings. Have no plans for today. We are in the beginning of another heat wave for the week. Over 90 degrees today and tomorrow again. Remind me of this in the dead of winter when I am complaining about the cold. Will spend the day cleaning and doing a lot of watching TV with the dogs. It is so hot outside you open the doors to let the dogs out and it feels like you opened an oven. Tony just called to say he is leaving with his brother to drive down to Chicago to deliver and sell the Lexus. Hip Hip Hurray!