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Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 Monday Morning

Was a busy week with the dogs.  All is good and I am happy to say no one has gotten hurt and everyone seems to be adjusting.  Rose is still kept separate from the other dogs.  She has her moments when I wonder what she is thinking and what she would do if she got to the other side of the fence.  Most times though they all walk past each other on the fence line with little care for each other. 

Watched a bunch of movies during the week that I downloaded.  Watched 13 Sins (great horror movie like the Saw movie series), Almost Human, Haunt, Wolverine, Burning Blue (very good movie about the witch hunts on gays during don't ask don't tell) and Scrooge and Marley ( a take off of the old Christmas classic with a gay slant).   All were good movies and would recommend any of them to watch. 

Today our tenants upstairs move out.  They have been loading cars this morning but was told a paid moving company comes at noonish today to move them.  I love how two people without jobs, who do nothing all day, have to hire a moving company to move their little bit of crap.  No money and take the system for all they can get, but too damn lazy to move their own stuff.  Heard her mother is paying for the moving company.  I have an appointment at 1:30 today with my HIV doctor so Tony is coming home to watch the house as they move out.  Otherwise we find things missing months down the road from the basement.  Last time both air conditioners went missing and other items from the basement.  Will be so happy tonight when they are finally gone.  Will do a happy dance.  The new tenants, a young married couple, move in on the 15th of the month.

Will post my blood test results later today when I get home from the doctor.  Always a little nervous to see my HIV doctor even after 5 years of this.  Always wonder what 'bad' might be waiting for me in my blood results.  Will hope everything keeps improving like the past.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014 Tuesday Morning

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I posted last.  Know that means things are good and I am busy with the dogs, Tony and life. 

Saturday morning Rose got her stitches out from her spay two weeks earlier.  She was so good and let the vet take them out and not a growl.  There was a lot going on around the city but the weather did not cooperate.  It was foggy and rained here and there during the weekend.  Saturday afternoon we did go to the North Avenue block party on the eastside.  Stayed for a while but every time we got to a new band stand they would be playing their last song and then go on break.  I even commented to Tony how people should not be with us if they want to hear music and see a band.  We also went and looked at and bought a new massage chair.  I don't even know where to start on this one.  Tony and I have been together over 25 years and we have never been so 'off' when it comes to a decision made by the two of us.  We have owned a massage chair for over 20 years.  It is worn and I have to replace the back sometimes as it wears through, but it does what I want on my back and I love it.  I can sit in it for two minutes and have it go up and down, crack my back, and I am better.  Tony has never used or liked the chair.  On Tuesday last week he hands me an add in the paper of a massage chair to call on and see what they want for it.  Tony said 'he wanted a new one and wanted the one we have out of the living room'.  I thought he now wanted a massage chair and was happy to go buy it, if that made him happy, and put mine in a spare room for the few times and need and use it.  I called, Saturday afternoon we went to look at it and ended up buying it.  Spent $800, got it home, in the house, and after we both sat in it for a while and used it I looked at Tony and said 'well, I hope you like it, I will put mine in the spare room because I like it much better'.  Tony looked at me and said 'I never liked a massage chair and bought it for you'.  WTF?   Honestly I could not believe we could be so far off on this decision and now we wasted $800.  I cut coupons for goodness sake, this is a huge chunk of money to me.  It honestly ruined the rest of my day looking at the chair sitting in the room.  Hopefully Tony will take it to work and sell it on Craigslist or to a friend and we will take a small loss.  I am still shaking my head as I type this and if it wasn't so wet, damp and rainy outside I would have him get the chair out of here now.

Sunday we went and had breakfast with Tony's mom.  Bought lottery tickets and ham and rolls on the way home.  Spent most of the day around the house.  We did ride our bikes to the lakefront to see the air show, only to get there and have the beach so fogged in the show was canceled for the second day in a row.  Lot of unhappy people in Milwaukee because of this.

Monday Tony took Rose to work with him for the morning.  She came home at noon and spent the afternoon napping.  I re arranged the living room furniture, basically flipping the room furniture for a better lay out for fencing off the dogs.  A package arrived late in the afternoon from another Rose and Casper fan full of toys and treats.  It is so nice to know there really are good people out there in the world when you see and hear about all the bad all day on the Internet.   I see a lot of abuse in animals lately since I have become involved with fostering Rose and Casper.  Some stories just make you wonder what the hell is wrong with the human race. 

The sun is out today (right now) and I think I will shower so I can take Casper and Bo for a walk before the rain comes back this afternoon.  I walk them separately, just easier, plus Casper gets spooked by noises and I need to keep a firm arm on him walking him.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 Thursday Afternoon

Was all set to go in and get my blood drawn on Tuesday morning.  Not having any coffee for an hour or two is not good for me or anyone around me.  Got up Tuesday morning by 6 AM.  Right after I fed the dogs the power went out due to a storm that went through an hour earlier.  The power did not go on again until close to noon.  Thought it best not to go out and leave the dogs in a dark and quiet house so I decided to try again Wednesday morning.  Of course by this time the coffee Tony made an hour or more ago was cold and no microwave or power to heat the coffee.  Tony came home around 9 AM and started the gas generator he bought for Christmas the year before last.  We have never used it up to this point so I though it would be interesting to see if it works and what I can attach to it.  Got the coffee warmed in the microwave first.  Then moved the cord to the living room and got the stereo and TV going with the cable box also connected.  Just as I though things were good the generator ran out of gas.  Tony did say he was going to get more over an hour ago.  When I called the shop I was told he had a meeting and would be back home with gas around 11:15 AM.  He did and after 15 minutes the power went back on.  It was a very good test of the generator and I am happy I can connect the computer, TV, stereo and cable.  Life would go on.

Wednesday morning I did get my blood drawn.  Now I wait a week and a half until my doctor appointment to get my results.  Spent the day doing things around the house with the dogs.  Did go get my monthly HIV meds and food from the pantry on Wednesday also.  Last night we watched the movie Nonstop.  It was a good movie and I recommend it.

Today is four weeks since we picked up Rose and Casper in Waukegan Illinois and became foster parents for them.  Here is a picture comparing their look from the day we got them and this morning.

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 Monday Morning

Lately we seem to be getting up in the morning around 5 AM.  Once one dog needs to go outside they all seem to need to go outside and relieve themselves.  Tony usually starts his day with the small dogs in the living room with him and I lay on the bed with Rose and Casper for a while giving Rose some hugs and bed time since she sleeps in a cage all night.

Friday night we found our next tenants for upstairs.  They are a couple around 30 years old and both are employed.  They were very nice and Tony and I could tell they would be a great tenants.  They filled out the paperwork and dropped off half month rent on Saturday.  I took down the for rent sign and consider the upstairs rented as of July 15.  We will loose a half months rent but worth it to get these two as tenants. 

Saturday we were up by 5:30 AM.  I first feed the big dogs in the kitchen while the little dogs are in the living room.  As they eat I prepare Vito's Insulin shot.  When they are done eating I put them out the kitchen side doors to the side yard and then bring the little dogs into the kitchen to feed them.  It is a constant shuffle and keeping what gates are open or closed in your head can be quite daunting at times.  Took the dogs all for walks in the morning.  Around noon we went to Walgreen's to pick up some of Tony prescriptions and then to the pet store to return some items and of course buy twice as much as we returned.  Went to lunch at Taco Bell after the pet store.  Spent the afternoon at home with the dogs.  Saturday night we went out to eat and had pizza.  Spent the rest of the night watching the movie Grand Budapest Hotel.  I thought it would be better than it was from all I had heard.  Was not very good and boring to be honest. 

Sunday morning we took Bo, Casper and Rose for a walk around the neighborhood.  First time walking all three and it worked out OK.  I still like having one dog to control, not two.  We left the house around noon to go to my parents house for Father's Day.  Had a great afternoon with the family and the two dogs were angels.  Here is a picture of my mom and sister with the two dogs.
Got home around 4:30 PM and spent the rest of the night watching TV from the DVR and then a movie on some off channel.  Don't even know what the movie was called and fell asleep soon after it started.

This morning Tony was up at 5 AM, I stayed in bed with the two big dogs for an hour longer while he had the small dogs in the living room with him.  Already have cut the grass and trimmed some over growth in the back garden.  Glad I got it done because it is getting hot and humid outside and I just turned on the central air conditioning.  Looks like it will be on for the next few days.  Soon I will leave for the pet store again to exchange and return some harnesses and a muzzle.  Need a smaller muzzle.  I should just take the dog with me so I get the right size.  How I feel when I walk out the door with tell me if I am bringing her.  She rides nice and I could save myself a lot of time just getting one that fits her mouth.  Figure with a muzzle we might be able to bring her in with the small dogs during TV time at night?   Going to be hot and humid the first part of this week so I will most likely spend a lot of time indoors.  I do have to get my blood drawn this week Wednesday or Thursday morning.  Just want to get it over with and hate not having coffee in the morning until the blood is drawn.

If I do not post every day it simply means I am very busy with the dogs and all is well.  Guess no news is good news in this case.  I do have to admit I think I am in a very happy state of life right now.  I hope it lasts.

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014 Friday Afternoon

Spent the week taking care of Rose from her Monday spay. 
Last night we took Rose and Casper with us to Stonefly bar and grill for supper.  They were perfect angels and sat and watched us eat, no begging or crying. 
This morning Rose licked her stitches off her leg so I have spent the entire day making sure she does not lick and keeps her cone on.
Will take the two dogs to my parents house on Sunday for Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Rose got spayed on Monday and all went well.  Picked her up at 5 PM and she slept the rest of the night near me.  I slept on the floor that night with her in the bedroom.  She snuggled next to me all night.

Today I went grocery shopping and returned a cone / collar the vet gave us for the dog since it cost $15 and we are not using it due to having many and her not licking with me keeping an eye on her.  Figure the rescue could use the money since they are paying for most of this with the dogs still.

Rained all day today and I just did things around the house making sure Rose did not lick her wound.

Life is good.  Next week I do have to go in for my 6 month blood draw.  Last year at this time I had Shingles.  Remember well how horrible it was.

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 Monday Afternoon

It really has been a very busy week. 
The two rescue dogs, Rose and Casper, are doing great.  Casper is integrated with the other dogs.  Rose I just can not take the chance yet.  Today she is at the vet getting spayed.  She has gained 5.5 lbs since we got her a little over two weeks ago.  Between taking care of the two rescues and my three dogs it has been a very fast week. I have no clue where the week went, but I did have fun.  I really am a happy guy. 
Last Friday Wisconsin over turned its amendment on gay marriage, making Tony and my marriage legal in Wisconsin.  This decision came down hours into the Milwaukee Pridefest beginning.  We did spend Saturday afternoon and again that night down at Pridefest and had a great time. 
Sunday we were at the Pridefest parade in the afternoon and Locust street festival prior and after the parade.  Between the events and squeezing time in for the dogs we were very busy.
Waiting now for 5 PM to come so we can go get Rose from the vet.  Will then be a night on the floor laying next to her.
I must admit I am at a very happy time in my life.  I hope it continues.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Had a great weekend with the dogs.  Every day we learn more about Rose and Casper.  Took them for their first walk on Saturday and they walked like perfect dogs.  Was pleasantly surprised.  Even walked Bo and Kali up the alley with Rose which is a step forward, with no issues.  We still have Rose separated from the other dogs.  Casper is on the bed with us and gets along with everyone.  Spent Saturday night watching the gay themed movie called Truth.  We both enjoyed the movie.

Sunday we took Tony's mom out for breakfast and then headed home to spend the day with the dogs.  Took Rose and Casper for another walk much longer than the prior day.  Stopped off at Stonefly bar for a drink with the dogs and they just sat there while we drank our drinks.  Spent Sunday night watching the movie Lone Survivor.  Good movie.

This morning Tony took Rose to work for the first time.  She spent the morning at the shop and Tony said she was OK.  She did cry when he was not in her sight but it was the first day.  Thought it best to have her come home at 1 PM and she was happy to be home.