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Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 Monday Morning

Lately we seem to be getting up in the morning around 5 AM.  Once one dog needs to go outside they all seem to need to go outside and relieve themselves.  Tony usually starts his day with the small dogs in the living room with him and I lay on the bed with Rose and Casper for a while giving Rose some hugs and bed time since she sleeps in a cage all night.

Friday night we found our next tenants for upstairs.  They are a couple around 30 years old and both are employed.  They were very nice and Tony and I could tell they would be a great tenants.  They filled out the paperwork and dropped off half month rent on Saturday.  I took down the for rent sign and consider the upstairs rented as of July 15.  We will loose a half months rent but worth it to get these two as tenants. 

Saturday we were up by 5:30 AM.  I first feed the big dogs in the kitchen while the little dogs are in the living room.  As they eat I prepare Vito's Insulin shot.  When they are done eating I put them out the kitchen side doors to the side yard and then bring the little dogs into the kitchen to feed them.  It is a constant shuffle and keeping what gates are open or closed in your head can be quite daunting at times.  Took the dogs all for walks in the morning.  Around noon we went to Walgreen's to pick up some of Tony prescriptions and then to the pet store to return some items and of course buy twice as much as we returned.  Went to lunch at Taco Bell after the pet store.  Spent the afternoon at home with the dogs.  Saturday night we went out to eat and had pizza.  Spent the rest of the night watching the movie Grand Budapest Hotel.  I thought it would be better than it was from all I had heard.  Was not very good and boring to be honest. 

Sunday morning we took Bo, Casper and Rose for a walk around the neighborhood.  First time walking all three and it worked out OK.  I still like having one dog to control, not two.  We left the house around noon to go to my parents house for Father's Day.  Had a great afternoon with the family and the two dogs were angels.  Here is a picture of my mom and sister with the two dogs.
Got home around 4:30 PM and spent the rest of the night watching TV from the DVR and then a movie on some off channel.  Don't even know what the movie was called and fell asleep soon after it started.

This morning Tony was up at 5 AM, I stayed in bed with the two big dogs for an hour longer while he had the small dogs in the living room with him.  Already have cut the grass and trimmed some over growth in the back garden.  Glad I got it done because it is getting hot and humid outside and I just turned on the central air conditioning.  Looks like it will be on for the next few days.  Soon I will leave for the pet store again to exchange and return some harnesses and a muzzle.  Need a smaller muzzle.  I should just take the dog with me so I get the right size.  How I feel when I walk out the door with tell me if I am bringing her.  She rides nice and I could save myself a lot of time just getting one that fits her mouth.  Figure with a muzzle we might be able to bring her in with the small dogs during TV time at night?   Going to be hot and humid the first part of this week so I will most likely spend a lot of time indoors.  I do have to get my blood drawn this week Wednesday or Thursday morning.  Just want to get it over with and hate not having coffee in the morning until the blood is drawn.

If I do not post every day it simply means I am very busy with the dogs and all is well.  Guess no news is good news in this case.  I do have to admit I think I am in a very happy state of life right now.  I hope it lasts.

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