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Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 Monday Morning

Was a busy week with the dogs.  All is good and I am happy to say no one has gotten hurt and everyone seems to be adjusting.  Rose is still kept separate from the other dogs.  She has her moments when I wonder what she is thinking and what she would do if she got to the other side of the fence.  Most times though they all walk past each other on the fence line with little care for each other. 

Watched a bunch of movies during the week that I downloaded.  Watched 13 Sins (great horror movie like the Saw movie series), Almost Human, Haunt, Wolverine, Burning Blue (very good movie about the witch hunts on gays during don't ask don't tell) and Scrooge and Marley ( a take off of the old Christmas classic with a gay slant).   All were good movies and would recommend any of them to watch. 

Today our tenants upstairs move out.  They have been loading cars this morning but was told a paid moving company comes at noonish today to move them.  I love how two people without jobs, who do nothing all day, have to hire a moving company to move their little bit of crap.  No money and take the system for all they can get, but too damn lazy to move their own stuff.  Heard her mother is paying for the moving company.  I have an appointment at 1:30 today with my HIV doctor so Tony is coming home to watch the house as they move out.  Otherwise we find things missing months down the road from the basement.  Last time both air conditioners went missing and other items from the basement.  Will be so happy tonight when they are finally gone.  Will do a happy dance.  The new tenants, a young married couple, move in on the 15th of the month.

Will post my blood test results later today when I get home from the doctor.  Always a little nervous to see my HIV doctor even after 5 years of this.  Always wonder what 'bad' might be waiting for me in my blood results.  Will hope everything keeps improving like the past.

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