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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle.  Did the lovin thing and went to sleep around 10:30 PM.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspaper and doing some clean up and finishing touches on the hot tub sun room.  Left the house around 11 AM and went to the bank and bought some fruit and salad while I was at the grocery store.   Then went to Walgreen's to buy some items on sale this week.  Took a short nap with the dogs this afternoon since my body still hurts from all the weekend work on the hot tub sun room.  Here is a picture of the room from two angles.
They are the best pictures I could get of the room from a far angle.
Also took a picture of the back yard and fence we worked on a couple weekends ago.
Looks nice with the flowers coming up in the red bark.
The construction started across the street on the apartment project today.  The workers came and put a fencing around the property.  I plan on taking pictures once a week on the progress as the Summer goes on as I listen to the construction and hopefully enjoy the view of construction workers.  Here is a pic of the property today with the fencing out my front window.
It is 80 degrees today in Milwaukee.  Actually a bit hot outside but I am happy for the warm weather.  Better enjoy it since tomorrow a cold front comes through and we are dropping to the low 50s the next few days.  It was nice while it lasted.  Actually 50s are not that bad, the rain will be the bad thing the next few days.  Figure since it is so nice outside we will go up the street for $2 steak tacos and a margarita for supper tonight and eat outside on their patio.  Will then most likely watch Splash, Dance Results and the the DVR since there is a special on instead of Body Of Proof.  I still am waiting to watch the first episodes of One Life To Live on that started yesterday.  I watched the show up to the end for 35 years.  Can't wait to get back into the show and glad to have it back.  Figure we will wait until the weekend to watch the week's worth of shows on

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

Saturday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  After we read the morning newspaper we headed outside and started tearing off the hot tub / sun room roof.  Had the roof panels removed by noon and spent the rest of the day replacing the rotten wood around one of the corners and some other areas where it was leaking.  Got the room ready for paint and the new ceiling panels but stopped working on the project around 4 PM so we could shower and get to a fundraiser at night for ARCW and HIV / AIDS.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his night time shot and left the house around 5:30 PM.  Had a great time at the fundraiser and had a great steak supper.  We were both very tired from working outside all day, plus my foot was killing me from being on it all day, so we left before desert came and went down to play the slots.  We both dropped $20 into a few machines and walked away with nothing.  Didn't win a thing.  Got home around 10:30 PM and after doing the loving thing we went to sleep.

Sunday morning we were again up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot. Spent the early morning reading the newspaper and after I made breakfast, we headed outside again to continue on the hot tub / sun room ceiling project.  Got two coats of pain on the new wood by noon and after the paint dried we started putting up and securing the new corrugated roof panels.  Around 3 PM I could not see anymore.  I must have burnt my eyes in the sun and I could not keep them open for any length of time without pain and watering.  Tony ended up finishing the roof by 5:30 PM as I helped hand him things and clean up around the room.  Made some steaks on the grill with salads and spend the night watching Amazing Race, The Good Wife and Mentalist.  Did the loving thing while we watching The Mentalist.  My eyes were still watering when I went to bed from the burning of my eyes today in the sun.   Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony left for work and I soon went outside to start painting again.  Put two coats of pain on the room and didn't finish until around 3 PM this afternoon.  Wore sunglasses and a hat while I painted so I would not hurt my eyes again and get my face and skin burnt in the sun.  The room is finished and I am happy with how it turned out.  I can now move on to another project.  It was close to 70 degrees today but around 3 PM it started to drizzle and the wind shifted dropping the temperature around 10 degrees.  Making sweet and sour chicken and a salad for supper tonight.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars and then Castle before we go to bed.  I am beat from painting all day and soon will take a pain pill to help with the pain.  Suppose to be 80 degrees tomorrow, but we shouldn't get too excited since it will be back in the 40s and 50s later in the week.  Better enjoy tomorrow.  Was nice to have the windows open for a while today and get some fresh air into the house.

Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26, 2013 Friday Afternoon

This morning we were up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  After I fed the dogs I was looking out the side window and noticed a black guy I did not recognize walking out of the neighbors back door of their garage.  Tony was standing next to me and we both said 'who is that and why is he in their garage'.  We went out into the alley and confronted the guy and he gave us a story he was in the apartment next door upstairs with 'Cathy'.  We told him no Cathy lived there and soon Tony grabbed him and said 'lets go ask Cathy'.   Tony then banged on the neighbors door while I stood with the guy and got the neighbor kid up and the when we found out the guys story was a lie we three tried to hold him in place in the alley and called 911.  The next 15 minutes we spent trying to keep the guy in the alley until the police got here and he kept moving down the alley, us pushing and forcing him back by our house.  Soon we could hear the police sirens and the guy took off running up the alley T.  Tony and the neighbor ran after him and tackled him about 5 blocks down the street just as the cops got to me.  I pointed them in the direction of Tony and then two other squad cars showed up and went up the five blocks to Tony, the kid and the guy from the garage.  At one point before the police came I could see Tony and the kid swinging back at the guy as they tried to hold him in place.  I then got in my car and drove up the street.  Picked up Tony and the kid and met the police back at our house.  The detective was a dream.  Young under cover blond haired cop in jeans and his vest.  He was so handsome.  Of course he gave me a different cop to talk to and tell my story.  We soon found out the guy had a record and is on probation, and claiming he was never here in the alley.  So I then brought the cop in the house to view the security video of him and us in the alley.  The cop then called another cop and about 45 minutes later she showed up to view and then record the short video of us all in the alley.  So Tony and I were supper hero's today.  LOL.  Caught a thief in the act and got him arrested.  We have had a lot of garage and house break ins lately in the neighborhood.  Cops left around 10:30 AM and had to then get back to my morning routine.  Showered and met the guys for lunch. Had a great lunch as usual.  Came home and took a short nap with the dogs.  Will make some salads and pot pies for supper tonight.  Someone asked about frying spaghetti.  I guess it is an old Italian tradition to fry up the left over spaghetti.  You use a big frying pan.  Melt a lot of butter and then throw the spaghetti into the pan.  Heat on medium lightly covered to let the steam escape.  Tony likes it fried to a crisp.  The more butter you put in the more it fries.  Eventually it looks like a pancake golden brown or darker as you flip it to do the same to the other side.  The crispier and more burnt the better, says Tony.  I actually hate doing it because it makes the whole house smell of fried spaghetti, but Tony loves the stuff fried better than the day I make it.  Planning on working on the hot tub roof this weekend.  We do have a fund raiser to go to Saturday night.  Will be a suit and tie event at the casino so it should be fun.  I got some complementary tickets for the both of us.  Will be a little dangerous having the event at the casino.  Will have to make sure we don't take to much money.  It did get to 60 degrees here in Milwaukee today.  Suppose to be a great weekend and maybe 70s by Monday.  Spring has finally arrived.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

My parents showed up a little before 5 PM.  Was nice because I had time to take mom and dad around the yard and show them what I have all done before we left the house.  Got to Butch's restaurant by 5:30 PM.  The food was OK enough, the waiter was a pain in the ass.  Not only was he very girly, but he kept bothering us all during dinner for anything and everything.  When we sat down he started telling us a story about his cats that went on and on until we all just stopped talking to make him leave.  We all agreed not to ask him anything from that point on.  When we were finished eating he kept wanting to clear the table even though I was still eating the bread and chips.  I finally had to look him in the eye and very firmly say, 'leave everything that is here at the table here, and please just let us have some conversation'.  Honestly we will most likely never eat there again.  My dad was also surprised how he was talked into the 'couples' steak and lobster only to be charged a $10 plate charge on the bill for the extra plate so they could share the 'couples' dinner.  What, were they suppose to eat the food off the same plate?  Got to the play Catch Me If You Can about a half hour before the show started.  Was nice because then I could talk to the friends we know there before the show about next years subscription.  I think we are going to pass on next year.  I just can not see spending $180 for each show for the both of us to go.  The play was good.  Good enough.  Tony didn't fall asleep, so that must have ment it was entertaining enough.  I think mom and dad enjoyed it so that was the main goal.  Got home a little after 10 PM and said goodbye to mom and dad, and told them to lock and close their car windows as they drive out of the city.  Went to bed a little thereafter since the dogs were all sitting by the bedroom door wanting to go to bed.  Asked Tony when he came home about my card.  Said it was in the car, but didn't get it.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony went out to his car to get my card and when he handed it to me and I opened it I was disappointed to see it was a naked man card.  Asked him why he would get me such a card and where.  When I found out he went to the gay bookstore to get the card I questioned if he went there for my card or his enjoyment.  It is a clean adult bookstore but still, he could have just gone to Walgreen's.  Plus I added that this is not a card you get your husband, it is a card you get a friend.  So I was disappointed once again by Tony.  Left the house to go to Menard's to buy two more moldings and some screws and washers I need for this weekends hot tub room roof removal project.  Got home and spent the rest of the day doing things around the house.  Did try to nap with the dogs for a while but could see the sun was out and felt bad being in bed, so I got up.  It did get to 50 today.  Actually snowed this morning ice pellets for a while.  Just making left over spaghetti for Tony tonight.  I will just have a salad and a sandwich.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Since it was raining and we had a big lunch I made spaghetti for supper.  Tony came home around 5:30 PM with this 'look' on his face.  Soon I found out why when he told me, with wallet open in hand, that he did stop at Walgreen's to buy me a birthday card but then realized he had no money.  I then asked him why he didn't just put a card on the credit card and he gave me this blank look.  So no card from my husband on my birthday, wow.  Of course he promised to buy me one the next day but that is just not the same or right.  Spent the night watching Splash, Dance Results and Body of Proof before going to bed.  Had a big piece of birthday cake and ice cream around 8 PM.  Here is this year's birthday picture and cake.
This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the morning reading the newspaper and then headed out the door around 10 AM for some breakfast burritos at McDonald's and grocery shopping at Pick N Save.  Spent the rest of the morning and afternoon just doing things around the house listening to music.  It is sunny today but only got up to 48 degrees.  Cool breeze off the lake is not helping heat the air.  Tony will be home soon so he can shower and be ready to leave the house at 5 PM when my mom and dad get here to our house to pick us up to go out for supper and the play Catch Me If You Can.  Since we are season ticket holders there was a special offer to get free tickets so I got four tickets, twofor my parents and two for a couple we have Friday lunch with.   They are great seats and the show should be nice too being a musical.  Hopefully Tony or I won't fall asleep.  I got next years subscription and they price went up to $918 for two tickets to five shows.  One of the shows is War Horse so I will end up putting the years tickets on the credit card I am sure.  Should have taken a nap this afternoon, hopefully a second cup of coffee will wake me up.  Will be nice to have supper with the parents and time at the show also with them.  Nice also to get them free tickets and do something for them to repay for all they do for Tony and I.  I am sure we will not get home until after 10 PM.  The dogs will just have to deal with it.  They will have to get fed early tonight at 4:30 PM so we can be out the door at 5 PM.  There is a heat wave coming we are told.  Suppose to be in the 60s this weekend and maybe even 70 by next week.  I am so excited.  Will be so nice to open some windows and get some fresh air in the house.  Made the mistake of going to the grocery store without my boot and man am I sorry I did that.  My foot swelled bad and I am not happy I did grocery shopping without it on.  I guess I will be wearing it for a while yet.  I thought it was better, but walking without the boot seemed to make it as bad or worse than it was two weeks ago.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013 My 52nd Birthday

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle before doing the lovin thing and going to sleep.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.   Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Got ready for my 8:30 AM dental appointment.  Saw the dentist and was happy to hear I did not crack the tooth.  Looks like all this pain in my teeth is a sinus infection and the dentist told me to continue taking the antibiotic meds I started yesterday.  Came home and showered since Tony and I planned on meeting his mom for lunch on this side of town for my Birthday.  Tony's mom wanted to give me a card and present.  Turned out the present was a jacket I would never buy or wear, and the card wasn't even signed.  Oh well, she is getting old.  Had a nice lunch and had a hamburger, potato soup and french fries.  Said goodbye to Tony's mom and on the way home we stopped and bought a birthday cake for my day today.  I will take a picture of myself and the cake before we cut it.  Like to have a birthday pic each year to look back on.  Dropped Tony off at work and came home.  It is raining in Milwaukee and in the low 40s.  Cold, damp, miserable.  We had planned on going out for supper tonight to celebrate my birthday, but between the rain and the fact we are having a great supper out tomorrow at a steak place with my parents before we see the play Catch Me If You Can, and the fact I am full from lunch, I just called Tony to tell him not to hurry home since I am just making spaghetti for supper and we will spend the night at home, dry.  Will most likely spend the night watching Splash, Dance Results and Body of Proof before we go to bed.  Not an exciting birthday, but heck, it is my 52nd.  I feel old and even noticed a new mole on my forehead today.  Getting old is not kind on the body.

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching the movies 13 Eerie and The Bay.  Both were good movies and we both enjoyed them.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

Saturday we were up by 7 AM.  After we fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot we spend the morning reading the newspaper and watching home improvement shows on TV.  Around 11 AM we went to Menard's so I could buy the materials I need to replace the roof in the hot tub / sun room.  I built this room myself about 15 years ago and am actually surprised it has held up until now.  There are some spots that are rotting out and the roof leaks a bit in heavy rain.  So I figure this will be my next big project.  We bought all the roofing panels I needed and spent over $200.  Stopped off at Arby's for lunch.  Came home and Tony spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV while I did things outside around the yard.  I will wait until next weekend for Tony to help me remove the current sun room roof since it is a two person job on ladders.  I can then do most of the work from that point on my own.  Of course the weather is a big factor and this next week does not look like a good time to remove a roof on a room with rain a couple days in the forecast.  Made salads and a pizza for supper.  Spent the night watching the movies Deadfall and End Of Watch.  Both were great movies.  Went to the bedroom and did the lovin thing before going to bed.

Sunday we again were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  After we spent some time reading the Sunday newspaper we showered and went out for breakfast.  Since this is my 'birthday week' I figured I deserved a good Sunday breakfast so we went to Hubbard Park Lodge for an all you can eat family style breakfast.  Was expensive but I figured I am worth it.  Stopped off to buy the $19 worth of weekly lottery tickets to find out we won $34 on last weeks tickets.  I was happy since that paid for breakfast.  We have been playing the same numbers for over 20 years, never missing a day, buying them by the week.  I figure it is past time for us to win the big one.  Took a short nap with the dogs in the afternoon which turned into another round of lovin.  Went to a church festival around 4:30 PM because Tony entered a gift in the silent raffle.  Had a soda and listened to the polka band as long as we were able.  Stopped off at McDonald's for supper and brought it home.   Fed the dogs first and then ate our cold McDonald's food.  Spent the night watching Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspapers.  Went outside in the sun, yes sun, and spent the morning working around the pond setting up the lights since it got to 50 degrees today.  Was a little hard to get around with the boot on my foot but I got the job done.  Will have to bury the wires under the rock when I can bend down better without the boot on.  It should look nice tonight when it gets dark.  Also strung two sets of ropes lights along the side fence next to the pond.  Hopefully it will shine on the water nice at night.  Went out back and spray painted the old fence gate out back.  The gate is actually old, but it looks new now that it is painted black like the rest of the fence we put up a couple weekends ago.  Tried to take a nap with the dogs but ended up just watching the dogs and listening to music as I laid there.  Going to get a Little Caesar's Pizza for supper tonight and will make some salads to go with it.  Been seeing their commercial for the deep dish pizza and I have a taste for it. 

Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday.  I have to tell you, this one has taken a toll on me.  I shake my head in disbelieve every time I think I am going to be 52 years old.  Where have all the years gone?  Have I done enough in those years or have I wasted them?  It is so sad to think I am way past half way through life.  Seems there is so much more life to live.  But I am thankful just to be here.  I do have to make some changes and am getting mad at myself for not doing them.  Stopping smoking is first on my list and I am mad I am even still sneaking cigs while Tony is at work or in the shower.  Have to stop taking naps and live life rather than sleep it away.  I do sometimes think 'have I accomplished what I wanted in life'.   The answer is a hesitant 'yes'.  I look around and see my happy home with my husband and dogs.   I love my home and my life being a house husband.  Is this where I thought I would be at this time of life?   I honestly do.  I have everything I always wanted, except the HIV of course.  So I guess I should stop feeling bad and down about the birthday and celebrate all I have now on that day?   I think I will do just that.  Came to me as I was typing and I think I should listen to myself for once and just enjoy life and be happy with what I do have.  I have a loving family and friends, what more could a guy ask for?

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Smash, last week's Glee and then went to bed.  Tony was asleep so I took him and the dogs to bed before 9 PM.  Watched a couple episodes of Everybody Loves Ramond before going to sleep.  Was laughing in bed as I watched ELR, that show is so funny.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  My dentist called around 9 AM asking if I could come in so she could look at my tooth.  She mentioned the tooth might need a root canal.  Since I already have a Tuesday appointment for the tooth and I was in no mood to have a root canal today, I passed on the appointment today.  Tony had an appointment at the eye institute this morning to have them see what they could do with his eyes making him see and read better.  We are looking for another option to the eye doctor he saw a while back saying it would cost us $6000 for both eyes and surgeries.  The eye institute looked at Tony's eyes and ran all the test.  Sent him home saying they could not do anything for him because of the scar on the one eye from a new lens put in years ago and the cataract in the other eye was not something they could work on either.  Was told he would need to see an optometrist.  Well, that is the guy who said it would be $6000.   So I guess we are going to have to break open the savings and spend the money on Tony's eyes.  He gets very frustrated at times even trying to read the newspaper in the mornings.  My teeth are aching and I do hope it is more a sinus infection than a tooth needing a root canal.  Time will tell.  I think it is the damp cold weather also.   Met the guys for lunch only to find out the restaurant was closed for the day due to a power problem.  We all then drove to the bar Tracks and ate there.  Had a good lunch but spent close to $30 for lunch, which is a little more than I would like to spend on lunch for the two of us.  Heck, I would be happy with a $1 burger at McDonalds.  Came home and after watching the events in Boston for a while I took a two hour nap with the dogs.   Will most likely make some salads and TV dinners for supper tonight.  No plans this weekend.  Since the weather looks cold and damp I am sure we will spend most of the weekend indoors at home with the dogs watching a lot of TV.  It snowed today in Milwaukee for a couple hours.  Didn't add up to much but was not happy to watch snow falling this late in April.  It is cold and windy, cloudy and drizzle or snow at times.  Just a bit above freezing.  Where is Spring?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching the TV via the DVR.  Watched The Following, Hawaii Five O, NCIS and a couple episodes of Worst Tenants before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the morning reading the newspapers and later listening to music and updating my IPod with some of the music I was listening to.  Added Prince and SOS Band to my playlist and songs from them.  One of my all time favorite songs is Take Your Time Do It Right by the SOS Band.  Still love the song to this day.  Left the house around 11:30 AM to go to ARCW to pick up my monthly HIV meds and a board meeting from noon until 2 PM.  Had a good meeting and got an issue off my chest.  Still a little mad that the soonest they can get me into the dentist to fix my teeth is July 18th.  Maybe since I said something to someone in charge I will get a call and get in sooner.  My tooth she worked last week is throbbing a bit but then again all my teeth hurt or ache and I think it might be more the damp rainy weather than the tooth itself.  Either way I just want the tooth taken care of so it doesn't break on a Friday night like seems to happen to me often.  Then have to spend a weekend in pain.  I think I might have cracked the filling already.  Rained all morning but we did get a break this afternoon.  Looks like more rain is on the way because it is getting dark and cloudy outside.  Radar shows more rain on the way.  Making a Bertolli spaghetti tonight with salads for supper.  Will most likely spend the night watching more TV from the DVR since it is always recording something. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Splash, Dance Results, and Body Of Proof.  Watched BOP in bed and did the lovin thing when the show was over.  Went to sleep after watching the local news.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspaper.   Was watching the weather and it is suppose to rain for the next couple days.  Suppose to get maybe up to 4 inches of rain.  Not good since we are so water soaked already and there is no place for the rain to go.  Heard we might go on record as the rainiest April ever.  Figured I better get out and do the grocery shopping before the rain so my foot boot doesn't get wet.  I am making the best of the boot.  Actually having it on and walking with it is more comfortable than walking without it on a hard floor.  So I am making the best of it and will wear it for the four weeks hoping to heal my foot.  It has also worked to my advantage when Tony is home and a dog wants to go outside.  I tell Tony 'I'm suppose to stay off my foot'.  I then get 'that' look.  Got the grocery shopping done and was home before 10 AM.  Started raining shortly after I got home.  Took a nap, or tried, with the dogs this afternoon.  Vito does not like thunder and every time you heard a clap of thunder he jumped up and growled at the ceiling.  Had to keep my hand on his back so he wouldn't dart off the bed.  So I really got no sleep but felt good to rest on the bed with the dogs.  Keeping Stella down and not walking around is not easy either.  Her back leg is not getting much better on the anti inflammatory and after another week of watching her walk on this leg we might have to take other action.  Of course when I bring the subject up with Tony he says 'no way I am spending that kind of money on her'.  In the end if surgery is needed, we will just break down and do it.  I've been through this before and it is just his 'knee jerk reaction'.   Tony has a heart and will do what we need to do in the end.  Heck, what are credit cards and savings for if not to heal your sick pet.  It is still raining but I do see a break on the radar coming soon.  Big rain to follow though tonight and all day tomorrow.  We are even under a flood watch.  Will be interesting to see how the basement holds out.  We do have a little water in the basement in the front corner and the crawl space.  I am not too worried since we have gotten more rain then usual.  Making a Hormel turkey breast, mashed potato, corn and salad for supper tonight.  Will most likely spend the night listening to the rain fall and watch TV from the DVR that has been recording all this and last week.  There are over 40 shows on the DVR to watch.  All this rain has not been good for Tony either.  His shop leaks and there is water every where.  By tomorrow it might be under water.  Just kidding.  But it is not good to have electrical cords and such around with a half inch of water on the cement in areas of the shop, and big puddles of water.  I have faith he will deal with it.  He has in the past.  Hopefully we will stop the rain and dry out in a couple days.  It can't rain forever, right?  I still have not seen a rabbit or possum and fear they are all dead.  It has been over a month.  The Mourning Doves stopped coming to the nest this past week also and I only see one bird at the feeder in the morning.  Hope I didn't loose my Dove's also to some creature killing all the animals around here.  It will sound strange to most but I always loved rabbits and we never had any until a month after I was diagnosed, a little over four years ago.  I spent many days crying out the front window watching him sleep under the front bushes.  For three years I watched them have babies and grow.  So they came at a time I needed a distraction and something to care about.  Sad they are not here anymore.  Nature is very cruel.  Maybe it is a sign I need to move on also with life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars and then Castle in bed.  Missed the first hour of dancing due to being on the Internet and talking with my sister and dad on the phone.  My brother moved in some girl into his home and we did some research and she has a criminal past and record.  Guess my brother was clueless and doesn't seem to care since he is so happy to have someone living with him, much less it being a girl.  My brother is a whole other story.  Went to bed around 10:20 PM after hearing the news headlines about the horrible bombings at the Boston marathon today.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Showered and was out the door around 8 AM to go to my 8:30 AM foot doctor appointment.  Brought all the foot inserts I have bought in the past month just to show him how uncomfortable I am walking and how I am doing all I can.  He showed me the xray showing nothing is broken, but also showed me the part of the film where it shows a lot of swelling.  Since it is not healing with what I have been doing the doctor said I need to wear a 'medical boot' for 4 weeks when I walk, and do limited / only needed walking for 4 weeks.  This is so the toe does not curl up when I walk, leaving it to heal.  Was not happy to hear this because I really enjoy my walks along the river and going without them for a month with the Summer coming is going to kill me.  Doctor said I should stop the walks for the month and work on my upper body as a work out.  Have to give that some thought.  Got home from the doctor by 9:30 AM and called the place on the other side of town where I would buy / get a medical boot.   Drove to the south side of town to get the boot and took about an hour for all the insurance paperwork to go through and them to tell me I owe $30 for my copay on the boot.  Paid and drove home with boot on left foot.  Stopped at Tony's shop to show him but he was not there.  Drove to Walgreen's to pick up my anti inflammatory meds the doctor called in and wants me to take for the next month until I go back to see him.  It is very hard to walk in this boot and I will not be liking this.  Took a nap with the dogs even though the sun is out and 50 degrees, and I should be walking by the river.  Making sweet and sour chicken and rice with a salad for supper tonight.  Will most likely spend the night watching Splash, Dance Results, and Body Of Proof before going to bed tonight.  Here is a picture of my new medical boot on my foot, with Vito in the back ground. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 10 PM for some lovin before we went to sleep.

Saturday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony went to work around 9 AM to work on my car and worked until about 1 PM in the afternoon.  While Tony was at work for the morning I did things around the house and then around noon went for a nice walk along the river trails to see the high water from all the rain.  The water is very high and I had to walk on the higher trail because the lower trail along the river is under water.  After Tony came home and we watched a little TV we then took a short nap with the dogs.  After we fed the dogs supper we went out to eat at Track's, a bar two blocks down the street.  Had a great supper.  Came home and spent the night watching the movies John Dies At The End (which was a very strange but good movie) and Vampire Boys (which was a gay themed vampire movie).  Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Sunday we were again up by 7 AM.  After we fed the dogs and read a little of the Sunday newspaper, we showered and picked up Tony's mom for breakfast.  Had a great breakfast and then dropped her off at her house and went to Hobo, which is a big home improvement store.  As we got out of the car we noticed a dent in my side of the car and the molding coming off.  Someone must have hit us in the restaurant parking lot as they pulled out.  Of course they didn't leave a note or anything.  Tony was not happy since he just spent the week fixing my car.  Got home around noon and spent the afternoon just laying around the house watching TV with the dogs.  Tried to get Tony outside for a walk but it was only about 40 degrees all day and he was not going to walk with it being 40 degrees.  Spent Sunday night watching Amazing Race and Good Wife before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  It got to 60 degrees in Milwaukee today, a heat wave.  I was outside by 9 AM working in the back yard tearing up the path bricks and placing sand under them to level.  Ended up going to Home Depot to buy three more bags of sand to finish the project.  Got it all done by noon and showered.  Went for a nice long walk along the river and ended at Pick N Save to buy a couple sale items.  Making some chicken Kiev's, baked potato, beans and a salad for supper tonight.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle before going to bed.  Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to go see my foot doctor again.  I have all the shoe inserts ready to bring with me so he can see just how much I have spent on inserts trying to walk comfortably.  Hopefully he will have some news as to what is in my foot.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR.  Got caught up on Bates Motel.  Damn, I love this show.  Tony was sleeping on the couch by 8 PM so I took the dogs to the bed, got him up and to bed with the dogs, and went for a dip in the hot tub.   Joined Tony and the dogs in bed and watched TV for an hour before I went to sleep.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the morning reading the newspapers and doing things around the house.  Left the house a little after 11 AM to go to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription and other items.  Ended up spending over a $100 at Walgreen's.  Been an expensive week.  Met Tony and the guys for lunch.  Had a great lunch as usual.  Came home and wasted the afternoon on the Internet.  It is cloudy and damp with a slight drizzle here in Milwaukee, again, today.  Will make left over spaghetti for supper tonight with a salad.  No plans this weekend.  Will most likely spend the weekend at home with the dogs.  Weather is not looking good for another week.  Where the heck is Spring?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 9:20 PM and was asleep soon afterwards listening to the rain fall outside.  We both were so tired and I had to wake Tony from the couch just to tell him it was time to go to sleep.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  It is raining and cold again here in Milwaukee.  Not a day to leave the house unless you have to.  Spent the morning cleaning.  Also took the side panels off the 60 inch projection TV and put a small fan blowing into the TV, with the air going in one 6 inch hole to the other side's 6 inch hole.  Oh, forgot to mention, yesterday did get worse as the day went on.  Our TV had been going out.  I will never buy a projection TV ever again.  We are on our 4th bulb and they are not cheap.  The TV seems not to like the new bulb we got a few weeks ago and every so often after the TV has been on for a while, the TV will shut off, with a blinking red light on the bottom.  I figured it must be the bulb getting too hot since after I wait a while I can turn the TV back on and it works fine, until a few hours later.  Seems the fan I set up is working since I had the TV on from 6 AM to noon today and no problems.  Of course this is not a permanent fix and we will have to break down and buy a new TV soon.  I do have another replacement bulb in the wings when this when goes, but I wish  I would have never thought ahead and bought it, it was expensive and the money could have been put towards a new TV.  It will be an LCD or Plasma TV when that time comes to buy a new one.  I figure it will cost about $1000, which I don't have just sitting around, so I will do all I can to make this TV last.  I am sure the fan in the TV must not be working properly or the bulb is too sensitive, either way there is no way to take the back of the TV apart.  Trust me I tried.  Only a place to slide in the projection bulb.  I hate watching TV waiting for the next time the screen goes to black, not knowing if it will go back on again, and we will soon be at the store buying a new one.  We watch a lot of TV as anyone who follows my blog knows.  So being without a living room TV for any time is not an option.  I can always move the 32 inch from the bedroom into the living room, but it is very hard to go from watching a 60 inch TV to a 32 inch TV.  I do realize these are very petty problems in the scheme of things, life could be worse.  I am thankful that right now my foot is my biggest problem, yet I still walk and do everything I need to do.  I do go back to the foot doctor on Tuesday and I better hear something regarding what the heck is in the ball of my foot making it uncomfortable to walk.  I have to stand on foam rubber mats in the shower because the hard floor is so uncomfortable to stand on and put weight on the front of my foot.  I have cushion soles in my shoes just to wear them.  I guess I should feel lucky I have problems at all since I honestly thought four years ago I wouldn't even be here today.  Laid on the bed with the dogs for a while this afternoon.  Couldn't sleep and was hard to get Stella up onto the bed.  Her leg is still bothering her even with the new meds.  I am sure the damp cold rainy weather isn't helping.  Got up and made a vanilla pudding pie on the chocolate crust I bought a while back.  Then figured I needed to put some whipped cream on it, so I walked to the store in the drizzle, two blocks up the street, and bought a can.  I would have taken our truck which is here for me, but I have only driven it twice, and it is so big, so it was just easier to grab the umbrella and walk the two blocks in the rain to buy the whipped cream.  Making spaghetti and salads for supper tonight.  Figure I can fry up the left overs tomorrow night for Tony.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR again since it is always recording something.  Tony called to say my car should be done by tomorrow.  Times like this it is so nice to have a husband who has an auto body shop.  Told me he had to replace the fan, radiator, and a few other things I had no idea what they were.  Have I mentioned how tired I am of the rain.  Honestly it has rained all week in Milwaukee.  Thankfully we only have a little water coming in the crawl space under the new addition bedroom.  Yah, the 100 year old house basement is dry, the eight year old addition crawl space gets water when it rains.  That's a whole different story for another day. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013 Wednesday Afternoon

Some days just don't go as planned.
Got up this morning at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Another horrible weather day in Milwaukee today.  In the high 30s, rain, wind, and just damp and raw outside.  Read the morning newspaper and then showered.  Called the vet to see if she had left a prescription for Stella.  Was told I could pick it up and it was Rimadyl.  Left the house around 9:30 AM and first went to McDonald's to try the steak burrito on sale.  Then went to the vet to get the prescription on my way to Pick N Save.  Sixty pills of Rimadyl for Stella was $126.  I looked at the lady ringing me up and asked her if she made a mistake.  So that means this last visit to the vet for Stella cost us $306.  Put the pills on my credit card and went to Pick N Save.  Bought the weekly groceries and came home.  Spent the next two hours just laying on the couch wishing the weather would change.  Around 1 PM I left the house to go to my planning board meeting for ARCW.  My car has not been running very good lately and I even stopped at Tony's shop yesterday on my way home from Home Depot to tell him the car shakes at stop signs and now the low coolant light was on.  He put a container of coolant in the car yesterday.  Well, by the time I got to the parking lot at ARCW my engine was blowing smoke or steam.  Parked the car and called Tony.  Of course his first words were 'what do you want me to do'.   He did not say it in a 'helpful' tone of voice and more sarcastic.  I told him again something was wrong and now that I look under the car something is dripping from the engine.  I then planned on going to my meeting and having Tony meet me at the parking lot after the meeting to either take my car or follow me home.  I have blown an engine in the past not stopping driving it when it smoked and remember clearly catching holly hell for the blown engine from Tony.  So I did not want this happening again.  When I went to get my ticket for parking the attendant told me since my car was leaking I could not park it in the lot.  Called Tony back to come to the parking lot downtown and get the car.  While I waited I ran into the building to tell the people I was suppose to meet with that I would not be able to attend today's meeting due to the car problem.  Waited for Tony and soon he arrived.  I followed him home, best I could.  It was like he didn't want me following him the way he drove so fast.  We parted a few blocks from our house and shop, me in the truck, Tony in my car.  Waited a half hour or so and then called Tony to see if he had a chance to see what was wrong with my car.  He said he has never in all his 35 years of working on cars seen what happened to my car.  The fan in the engine was in pieces.  No fan blade longer than 4 inches and the pieces all over the engine, one must have cut the coolant line.  So I guess it was a good thing I called him because he said he had to turn off the car twice on the way home so the engine wouldn't blow.  I would have most likely blown the engine by not turning off the car.  So now I am without my car for a while, and I think it will be a long while since Tony is very busy at his shop right now with paying customers.  Will most likely be driving our truck during the repair.  So today has not been a good day.  Expensive, cold, rainy and a pain in the butt.  Think I will just make a frozen pizza and salads tonight since I feel like just crawling under a blanket and going to sleep.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR since we stopped watching American Idol weeks ago.  We are suppose to get some snow tonight.  As I type that I even caught myself shaking my head in disbelief.  Snow in April.  What a terrible Spring we have had so far.  I would call it a continuation of Winter up to this point and no end is in sight.  Suppose to be cold rain, sleet and snow all day tomorrow.  Guess I will be in the house with the dogs staying warm, without my car.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars.  Went for a dip in the hot tub at 9 PM for about 20 minutes and then went to bed with Tony and the dogs and watched Castle.  Wish I could get Tony in the hot tub.  To him it is just an inconvenience to get undress, soak, and get dressed again.  He can be so lazy.  After a little news I turned the TV off and went to sleep.

This morning I had Tony wake me when he got up at 6 AM due to my 8 AM dentist appointment.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  I hate having appointments this early in the morning but I had to take what she had and get this tooth fixed.  Have to get up at least two hours prior so I can make sure I eat a bowl of cereal, purge my bowels ( which on my meds takes me a few times ) and then shower and head out the door.  My bowels are always the major factor when having to leave the house early.  One of the things I hate about these HIV meds.  I never had morning bowel problems prior to my taking HIV drugs.  Left the house a little after 7:30 AM and met the dentist in her office by 8 AM.  She gave me the shots which I hate.  Actually she does them so good I honestly didn't even feel the prick of the needle.  It is all in my head and anxiety.  I kept telling myself to 'just relax' as she gave me the shot.  The tooth had a cavity in it and after she drilled and filled it she told me the tooth will need a crown.  Also have a cavity in a bottom tooth on the other side.  So I have to go back in July ( the soonest she can see me again ) and have the crown and cavity taken care of and fixed.  This will mean shots in both sides and I am already feeling the anxiety even though it is months away.  I always hated my dentist as a kid and the pain of the shots was so bad, as a kid, I just had the dentist drill and fill without shots.  How stupid was I then?  Smarter now to know the little pain from the shots will save me a lot of pain while the dentist is working on the tooth and drilling.  Got home by 10 AM and watched the rain fall most of the day.  We have gotten about 2 inches of needed rain the past 24 hours.  Saw a break in the rain about 1 PM and went quickly to Home Depot to buy two bags of sand for the walkway I have to redo, and 3 bags of red bark for the fence area we worked on over the weekend.  Was able to get the bags out of my trunk before it started pouring.  About a half hour later when I saw another break in the rain I spread out the bark chips.  It then poured again most of the afternoon.  I will take a picture of the fence when it gets nice outside and a tenants car is not parked in front of it.  Only in the 40s again today, and did I mention rain.  Getting really tired of this crappy Spring weather this year in Milwaukee.  It sure doesn't feel like Spring yet.  Making BBQ beef sandwiches and mac and cheese with a salad for supper tonight.  Will spend the night watching Splash, Dancing Results and Body Of Proof before going to bed tonight.  Looks like another round of rain is on the way according to the radar.  I know Spring showers bring May flowers but where is the warm weather and flowers?   Not here yet.

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we went to a friends house around 7:30 PM for their Anniversary party.  Was nice to sit around with friends and we had a great time.  The fireplace was crackling and the conversation was flowing.  We had fun and didn't get home until close to 11 PM.  Went to bed after I had a nice soak in the hot tub.  It felt so good.

Saturday morning we were up by 7 AM.  By noon it was nice enough to get outside in the sun and do things around the yard.  Had Tony pull out the long ladder so we could fix one of the pride flags on the side of the house that came apart from the pole.  Planned out how we were going to finish the back fence along the drive and pulled out the old fencing.  Spent until supper time working on getting the old fence out and the new fencing panels I had in place.  Since we did not have a fence post pounder to pound the poles in we called it a day around 5 PM.  Fed the dogs supper and took showers.  Order a pizza delivered and spent the night watching Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Had downloaded it long time ago and figured we better watch it before we forget all the other movies leading up to this last one.  Went to bed after I soaked in the hot tub around 10:30 PM.

Sunday morning we were again up by 7 AM.  Woke up on the same side of the bed, which is rare since Stella usually moves between us during the night, and things started 'growing' which turned into a round of lovin.  Got up and spent the early morning reading the Sunday newspaper and made breakfast.  We left the house around 11 AM to buy lottery tickets on our way to Home Depot to buy the brackets and metal strips we needed to put the back fence together.  Also ended up buying a fence pole pounder and other stuff.  Thank goodness for credit cards.  LOL.  Came home and spent the afternoon working on the fence with Tony.  I help him when he needs it, otherwise it is best to just let him do the project and I work on my own project close by, ready to help him.  I have learned if I am fortunate enough to get him working on a project to leave him be so he keeps working on it.  Got the fence all secured and landscaped.  I did the landscaping around him as he put up the fencing.  Turned out pretty good.  Have a little more work to do and I was hoping to do it today.  Between the rain and the tenants car in the way, it will have to wait a day more.  Came in the house around 5:30 PM and after we fed the dogs we ordered food delivered again, Lasagna.  Spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Finished off the last episode of Walking Dead and a couple CSI shows.  Went to sleep around 10 PM dead tired from the hard work outside all day.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Had to drag myself out of bed this morning and would have loved to just stay happily under the covers.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspapers and then showered so I could be ready to take Stella to her 10:30 AM vet appointment.  Tony came home around 10:15 and we took Stella to the vet.  Since she is having problems walking on her back left leg and surgery might be in her future like she had three years ago on her right leg, I thought it best to have Tony there to hear it from the doctors mouth.  Ended up getting a blood test to see if she can stomach the anti inflammatory meds.  I think they do this just to add another $90 to the bill. Got her nails trimmed since she would need them trimmed in a couple weeks anyway.  Doctor doesn't think surgery is needed right now and we will put her on a course of anti inflammatory and pain pills for a while.  If things don't get better and she keeps limping and hopping we will have to have xrays and maybe surgery later down the road.  Total bill today was $180.  Stopped off at McDonald's for 2 double hamburgers, one for each of us, and brought Stella home.  It had stopped raining but still cloudy and damp outside so I decided to take a nice two hour nap with the dogs.  Had a great nap since Stella's pain pill made her fall asleep in the living room and I had the bed and just three out of four dogs.  Making a pork loin roast and mashed potatoes for supper tonight with a salad.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars before going for a soak in the hot tub and then to sleep.  Tomorrow I have an 8 AM dental appointment to have a new filling put on for the one I broke.  Hate early appointments but it was all they had.  Will have to get up by 6 AM just to be ready and out the door by 7:30 AM.  Means shots and I am already feeling the anxiety.  I keep telling myself, by this time tomorrow it will be over.  I hate going to the dentist.  I have a rash again this year on my forehead, nose and back of my neck.  I again have to assume it is from the HIV meds and the sun.  I never got this rash before taking HIV meds.  Will have to put sun screen on from now on when I go outside to protect from the sun.  Been working outside in the sun without it and you can see the rash.   Have gotten this rash the last four years in the sun before I smarten up and put on sun screen.

Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013 Friday Afternoon

Went to Taco Bell for supper last night on our way to the Hospital to visit Tony's nephew and sister.  The nephew was looking and doing better than Tony was on the first day after surgery.  Nurse said it was probably due to Tony's advanced age when he had open heart surgery.  The younger you are the faster you recover.  Spent about an hour with them and then drove home.  Spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 9:15 PM for some lovin before we went to sleep.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspaper and cleaning and vacuuming the house.  Went to Pick N Save around 10 AM to get some groceries and flowers to take to a friends house tonight for their 34th Anniversary party.  This is the friend that I called the day I found out I was HIV+ and took me under his wing and got my to the right doctors and groups.  They have been together 34 years.  We will stop by for a while tonight at their house since they live here on the Eastside of Milwaukee.  Spent a little time outside before meeting the guy for lunch.  Had a great lunch as usual.  Came home and took a short nap with the dogs.  The sun is out but it is only 40 degrees outside.  The wind off Lake Michigan makes it feel cold outside even with the sun out.  Tomorrow we bounce up to 60 degrees and then back to 40s on Sunday and Monday.  This is what Spring is like living on Lake Michigan.  Depending on the wind, it can change the temperature by 20 or more degrees if the wind comes off the lake.  Been a little activity across the street today with trucks marking the ground for the future development.  I am sure they will begin construction any day now.  No plans this weekend after tonight.  Hoping to get Tony outside with me tomorrow if it is as nice as they say it will be.  Would be nice to get some new shoes this weekend at Kohl's if I can talk him into that on Sunday.  Will have to bribe Tony with a lunch or breakfast out I am sure in order to get him to go to a department store.  I am still hoping Spring gets here.  There is still a large snow pile on the side of the house that just won't melt.  My pond is still frozen over also.  By Monday I am hoping it will all be melted. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Tony called me shortly after I posted to tell me his nephew, age 37, had a heart attach and was in the hospital having open heart surgery.  Wow, it really runs in their family.  Tony had the same five years ago.  Spent the night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 10 PM.  Here is a picture of what the back yard landscaping looks like with the lights all on and dark outside.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Spent the morning doing things around the house.  Painted the back door and filled the hot tub for the season.  Hopefully by tomorrow night it will be hot enough to go in it.  Went for a nice walk this afternoon along the river trails enjoying the 53 degree weather we are having today.  Feels so good outside.  The side yard is still too frozen to pound in the fence stakes.  A couple more days like this should unfreeze it.  Took a nap for an hour with the dogs on the bed this afternoon.  Tony should be home early tonight so we can go to the hospital to see his nephew.  Really going to see his sister for support more than see the nephew since we know first hand just what condition he is going to be in and visitors are the last thing he will want after cracking open his chest.  I figure we should sit down with the sister and let her know first hand just what she has in store since she will be taking care of him.  Since Tony had open heart surgery five years ago, and I had to take care of him for months off work, we have first hand knowledge of what they will be going through.  I don't envy either one of them.  Taking care of a person can be a hard job after open heart surgery.  So I figure tonight we will go to the hospital and then get a quick bite to eat somewhere around the hospital. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3, 2012 Wednesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Splash, Dancing Results, and Body of Proof, before going to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up at 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  Read a little of the morning newspaper and then at 8:30 AM called my dentist to see if I could see her regarding a tooth a broke a corner off the day prior.  It is starting to throb so I though it best to get to the dentist.  Broke it off while I was flossing.  Was told they would call me back when they knew today's schedule and hopefully get me in soon.  Showered and went to McDonald's for some breakfast before going to Pick N Save to do the weekly grocery shopping.  Was really not in a shopping mood and managed to get out of the store with two bags of lettuce, milk, and hamburger meat.  Was the cheapest shopping ever.  Got home and just as I finished stringing the new wire that arrived through the mail yesterday for the camera in the back rock garden, the phone rang and it was my dentist.  Told me to come right in.  Locked up the house and dogs and went to the dentist.  Dentist put a temporary filling where I had chipped off the corner of the tooth.  Have to go back next week and have the permanent filling put on.  Was happy the xrays showed I did not crack the filling, just chipped off a corner.  Came home and went outside to finished the camera wire project and then continue with the path rocks along the back sidewalk.  Worked outside until about 2 PM.  Caught up on my pile of emails.  Sorry if my responses were short, I had so many to respond to.   Will just fry up last night's spaghetti for Tony tonight.  I will make myself a hamburger and salads for both of us.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR.  It did get to 40 degrees today in Milwaukee.  Tomorrow we are suppose to get to 50 degrees.  First time this year.  Hoping tomorrow to go for a long walk along the river trails, maybe even on the other side of the river this time making it a longer walk.  The ground is still too frozen for me to do any addition yard work for a while.  Got the water hose out today to hopefully fill the hot tub again for the Spring, Summer, Fall.  I empty it in the Winter since it is too cold outside even in the sun room to enjoy the hot tub.  Was going to fill it today but I can't seem to turn the water valve on in the basement.  Tony will have to do it.  Old pipes, not strong enough hands to turn the valve.  I do need Tony for some things.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars and then Castle, in bed, before going to sleep around 10 PM.  Slept like a baby all night from the hard work I did in the back yard all day.  I was in serious pain when I went to bed from the hard work all day.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Tony actually came to the bedroom door this morning and said 'are you going to get up to see me off to work'.  Got up, fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and Tony a kiss on the cheek as he went out the door.  My body is feeling the pain from the lifting of the big blocks and rock yesterday.  Ate a bowl of cereal and then took a pain pill.  Read the morning newspaper as the pain pill kicked in.  By 9 AM I was back outside working on the pathway and wall around the house.  Around 1 PM my body gave out and it was time to call it a day.  I pretty much just have touch up work to do, but the hard lifting and moving of rock is done.  Collapsed on the bed and slept for about an hour and a half.   Got up and after a cup of coffee I took a shower.  Got the spaghetti sauce going on the stove as I type this post.  It only got to 32 degrees outside today.  To cold to just lay around, but was great for hard working.  Plus the sun was out in the area I was working, which is a big help.  I have so many projects to do outside in my mind and I would rather do them in this temperature than when it gets above 70 degrees.  Will most likely spend the night watching the ABC TV line up of Splash, Dancing Results, and Body Of Proof.  Here is a picture of the back yard project I worked on the past two days.  Pretty much everything you see I worked on and moved / placed.  There was a pathway of blocks on top of the ground, not buried like it is now, level with the sidewalk and driveway.   Of course I needed a place to put all the dirt so I made the area against the house higher, having to dig out all the lava rock that was there, pile in the new dirt, cover the dirt, and put back the lava rock I had piled off to the side.  The pathway bricks are huge as well are the basement blocks.  Moving the lava rock and replacing it was not fun either.  The car lights and dome light work on a timer and go on as dusk.  I am proud I am able to do projects like this.  I am not as young as I would like to be and feel the pain.  I also tire faster and feel the aches and pains a lot more.  I could not do this on a daily basis and I will feel the pain tomorrow.  Hopefully I will make tomorrow a little easier on the body. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Spent Friday night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 10 PM.

Saturday we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Tony left for work around 8 AM since he had cars to finish.  Said he would be home around 3 PM.  I went to Home Depot in the morning for some bricks for the back yard.  Found some I needed and bought them.  Still need more and different kinds to do what I have planned in the back yard.  Drove to Walgreen's to pick up the new anti inflammatory my foot doctor called in.  After Tony got home and showered we went to the south side and went to Stein's Garden Center for some of the blocks I needed, and then to Home Depot to buy some other blocks Stein's did not have.  Went to a Greek Family restaurant for supper and came home.  Spent the night watching TV from the DVR before going to bed around 10 PM.

Sunday we were up at 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Around 11 AM I walked up the block to buy the weekly lottery tickets.  Had a half hour before we had to go to Easter lunch so Tony looked at me and said 'I know how we can kill a half hour', and we did the lovin thing.  Left the house around 1:30 PM to go to Tony's sisters house for Easter lunch.  Had a nice lunch with his mom, sister and brother.  Came home and spent the night watching the movies The Collection and Parental Guidance.  Both were good movies.  The Collection was a horror movie like the Saw movie series.  Very gory and bloody.  Topped off the night watching The Good Wife before going to sleep.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and go Tony off to work.  Even thought it was only about 32 degrees outside, I spent the entire day outside landscaping.  I am beat tired and hurt all over.  Crabby as hell right now because my body hurts so much.  I wish I was young again.  Will most likely spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars before we go to bed.  Going to end now since even my fingers hurt.