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Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26, 2013 Friday Afternoon

This morning we were up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  After I fed the dogs I was looking out the side window and noticed a black guy I did not recognize walking out of the neighbors back door of their garage.  Tony was standing next to me and we both said 'who is that and why is he in their garage'.  We went out into the alley and confronted the guy and he gave us a story he was in the apartment next door upstairs with 'Cathy'.  We told him no Cathy lived there and soon Tony grabbed him and said 'lets go ask Cathy'.   Tony then banged on the neighbors door while I stood with the guy and got the neighbor kid up and the when we found out the guys story was a lie we three tried to hold him in place in the alley and called 911.  The next 15 minutes we spent trying to keep the guy in the alley until the police got here and he kept moving down the alley, us pushing and forcing him back by our house.  Soon we could hear the police sirens and the guy took off running up the alley T.  Tony and the neighbor ran after him and tackled him about 5 blocks down the street just as the cops got to me.  I pointed them in the direction of Tony and then two other squad cars showed up and went up the five blocks to Tony, the kid and the guy from the garage.  At one point before the police came I could see Tony and the kid swinging back at the guy as they tried to hold him in place.  I then got in my car and drove up the street.  Picked up Tony and the kid and met the police back at our house.  The detective was a dream.  Young under cover blond haired cop in jeans and his vest.  He was so handsome.  Of course he gave me a different cop to talk to and tell my story.  We soon found out the guy had a record and is on probation, and claiming he was never here in the alley.  So I then brought the cop in the house to view the security video of him and us in the alley.  The cop then called another cop and about 45 minutes later she showed up to view and then record the short video of us all in the alley.  So Tony and I were supper hero's today.  LOL.  Caught a thief in the act and got him arrested.  We have had a lot of garage and house break ins lately in the neighborhood.  Cops left around 10:30 AM and had to then get back to my morning routine.  Showered and met the guys for lunch. Had a great lunch as usual.  Came home and took a short nap with the dogs.  Will make some salads and pot pies for supper tonight.  Someone asked about frying spaghetti.  I guess it is an old Italian tradition to fry up the left over spaghetti.  You use a big frying pan.  Melt a lot of butter and then throw the spaghetti into the pan.  Heat on medium lightly covered to let the steam escape.  Tony likes it fried to a crisp.  The more butter you put in the more it fries.  Eventually it looks like a pancake golden brown or darker as you flip it to do the same to the other side.  The crispier and more burnt the better, says Tony.  I actually hate doing it because it makes the whole house smell of fried spaghetti, but Tony loves the stuff fried better than the day I make it.  Planning on working on the hot tub roof this weekend.  We do have a fund raiser to go to Saturday night.  Will be a suit and tie event at the casino so it should be fun.  I got some complementary tickets for the both of us.  Will be a little dangerous having the event at the casino.  Will have to make sure we don't take to much money.  It did get to 60 degrees here in Milwaukee today.  Suppose to be a great weekend and maybe 70s by Monday.  Spring has finally arrived.

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  1. Thank you for explaining the fried spaghetti! I'm totally gonna try that with the leftovers next time. Sounds good. And y'all are really good neighbors for catching that guy. Awesome that y'all look out for each other. Have a good weekend!