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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 Thursday Afternoon

Spent last night watching TV from the DVR.  Went to bed around 9:20 PM and was asleep soon afterwards listening to the rain fall outside.  We both were so tired and I had to wake Tony from the couch just to tell him it was time to go to sleep.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony off to work.  It is raining and cold again here in Milwaukee.  Not a day to leave the house unless you have to.  Spent the morning cleaning.  Also took the side panels off the 60 inch projection TV and put a small fan blowing into the TV, with the air going in one 6 inch hole to the other side's 6 inch hole.  Oh, forgot to mention, yesterday did get worse as the day went on.  Our TV had been going out.  I will never buy a projection TV ever again.  We are on our 4th bulb and they are not cheap.  The TV seems not to like the new bulb we got a few weeks ago and every so often after the TV has been on for a while, the TV will shut off, with a blinking red light on the bottom.  I figured it must be the bulb getting too hot since after I wait a while I can turn the TV back on and it works fine, until a few hours later.  Seems the fan I set up is working since I had the TV on from 6 AM to noon today and no problems.  Of course this is not a permanent fix and we will have to break down and buy a new TV soon.  I do have another replacement bulb in the wings when this when goes, but I wish  I would have never thought ahead and bought it, it was expensive and the money could have been put towards a new TV.  It will be an LCD or Plasma TV when that time comes to buy a new one.  I figure it will cost about $1000, which I don't have just sitting around, so I will do all I can to make this TV last.  I am sure the fan in the TV must not be working properly or the bulb is too sensitive, either way there is no way to take the back of the TV apart.  Trust me I tried.  Only a place to slide in the projection bulb.  I hate watching TV waiting for the next time the screen goes to black, not knowing if it will go back on again, and we will soon be at the store buying a new one.  We watch a lot of TV as anyone who follows my blog knows.  So being without a living room TV for any time is not an option.  I can always move the 32 inch from the bedroom into the living room, but it is very hard to go from watching a 60 inch TV to a 32 inch TV.  I do realize these are very petty problems in the scheme of things, life could be worse.  I am thankful that right now my foot is my biggest problem, yet I still walk and do everything I need to do.  I do go back to the foot doctor on Tuesday and I better hear something regarding what the heck is in the ball of my foot making it uncomfortable to walk.  I have to stand on foam rubber mats in the shower because the hard floor is so uncomfortable to stand on and put weight on the front of my foot.  I have cushion soles in my shoes just to wear them.  I guess I should feel lucky I have problems at all since I honestly thought four years ago I wouldn't even be here today.  Laid on the bed with the dogs for a while this afternoon.  Couldn't sleep and was hard to get Stella up onto the bed.  Her leg is still bothering her even with the new meds.  I am sure the damp cold rainy weather isn't helping.  Got up and made a vanilla pudding pie on the chocolate crust I bought a while back.  Then figured I needed to put some whipped cream on it, so I walked to the store in the drizzle, two blocks up the street, and bought a can.  I would have taken our truck which is here for me, but I have only driven it twice, and it is so big, so it was just easier to grab the umbrella and walk the two blocks in the rain to buy the whipped cream.  Making spaghetti and salads for supper tonight.  Figure I can fry up the left overs tomorrow night for Tony.  Will most likely spend the night watching TV from the DVR again since it is always recording something.  Tony called to say my car should be done by tomorrow.  Times like this it is so nice to have a husband who has an auto body shop.  Told me he had to replace the fan, radiator, and a few other things I had no idea what they were.  Have I mentioned how tired I am of the rain.  Honestly it has rained all week in Milwaukee.  Thankfully we only have a little water coming in the crawl space under the new addition bedroom.  Yah, the 100 year old house basement is dry, the eight year old addition crawl space gets water when it rains.  That's a whole different story for another day. 

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