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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013 Tuesday Afternoon

Spent last night watching Dancing With The Stars and then Castle, in bed, before going to sleep around 10 PM.  Slept like a baby all night from the hard work I did in the back yard all day.  I was in serious pain when I went to bed from the hard work all day.

This morning I was up at 7 AM.  Tony actually came to the bedroom door this morning and said 'are you going to get up to see me off to work'.  Got up, fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot, and Tony a kiss on the cheek as he went out the door.  My body is feeling the pain from the lifting of the big blocks and rock yesterday.  Ate a bowl of cereal and then took a pain pill.  Read the morning newspaper as the pain pill kicked in.  By 9 AM I was back outside working on the pathway and wall around the house.  Around 1 PM my body gave out and it was time to call it a day.  I pretty much just have touch up work to do, but the hard lifting and moving of rock is done.  Collapsed on the bed and slept for about an hour and a half.   Got up and after a cup of coffee I took a shower.  Got the spaghetti sauce going on the stove as I type this post.  It only got to 32 degrees outside today.  To cold to just lay around, but was great for hard working.  Plus the sun was out in the area I was working, which is a big help.  I have so many projects to do outside in my mind and I would rather do them in this temperature than when it gets above 70 degrees.  Will most likely spend the night watching the ABC TV line up of Splash, Dancing Results, and Body Of Proof.  Here is a picture of the back yard project I worked on the past two days.  Pretty much everything you see I worked on and moved / placed.  There was a pathway of blocks on top of the ground, not buried like it is now, level with the sidewalk and driveway.   Of course I needed a place to put all the dirt so I made the area against the house higher, having to dig out all the lava rock that was there, pile in the new dirt, cover the dirt, and put back the lava rock I had piled off to the side.  The pathway bricks are huge as well are the basement blocks.  Moving the lava rock and replacing it was not fun either.  The car lights and dome light work on a timer and go on as dusk.  I am proud I am able to do projects like this.  I am not as young as I would like to be and feel the pain.  I also tire faster and feel the aches and pains a lot more.  I could not do this on a daily basis and I will feel the pain tomorrow.  Hopefully I will make tomorrow a little easier on the body. 

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