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Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015 Thursday Afternoon

I can not believe my next post will most likely be in June.  Where does the time go?

Summer is finally here in Milwaukee.  The windows are open and in the 70s.  Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  On Sunday we drove down to Shorewood Illinois to visit Tony's sister and her family.  I wanted to see their dog Little Buddy who I missed.  The dog and I have a special connection and always have.  The dog spent the four hours we were there by my side.  Had a very nice afternoon and will miss my Little Buddy.  It will most likely be the last time I see him since he is advancing in age and we don't get down to their home very often.  It will be a very sad day when I hear he is no longer alive.   Was nice to spend time with the nephews and niece as well as the sister and her husband. I did not enjoy the two hour drive down to their home and the two hour drive back.  Hate the tolls you have to pay every few miles.  Used our navigation system for the first time and learned just how wrong it was the entire drive down and back.

Been keeping busy doing things around the house and making sure we are ready for the Summer.  Did a little painting of a molding outside that needed to be scrapped and then painted.  Keeping up with the weeds is the main work since we have no grass and have graveled our entire yard.  Low or no maintenance was our goal.

Went for a nice walk along the river trails today.  Walked past this one guy that was very scary.  First time I felt a little afraid in the trails.  Tall younger guy that looked like a psycho skin head redneck terrorist.  As he walked past me with his large German Shepard dog he kicked the tree.  It took me back a bit.  As he kept walking he was talking to himself.  Then he started yelling across the river to the group of kids playing using racial slurs.  I felt sorry for the kids.  They were just playing and this redneck starts calling them the 'N' word and more.  I felt most sorry for his dog too.  Hope he treats it well. 

Tonight we will go out to a restaurant here in the neighborhood for half price hamburgers.  I have the Riverwest burger.  Hamburger with bacon and cheese.  Yum.  Looking forward to it. 

I still find myself thinking of death and dying and then I feel depressed.  If I push the thoughts out of my head I get through the day, but feel like they are just there under the surface.  I sometimes walk the house at night and look around thinking 'someday I will no longer be living here', 'someday I will be dead'.  It is really hard for me to comprehend that some day I will be dead.  I hope I remember that I honestly had a good life with Tony and the dogs.  Do any of my followers have these thoughts?

Speaking of the dogs, they are doing great.  Casper's ear infection is almost gone.  My prostate infection is also almost gone which makes me very happy.  I am only half way through the one month antibiotic.  It usually takes me two months or a double dose to get an infection out of me.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer so far.

Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015 Friday Morning

Was back at my Urologist Doctor today for my Prostate pain.  I did go to my regular doctor a little over two weeks ago and she put my on Cypro.   I knew when she put me on that antibiotic that it was not going to work.  Remember going to the Urologist years ago for this problem and he talk to me about the Prostate and put me on Doxazosin and Naproxen for the Prostate infection pain and swelling.  Earlier this week I did refill my two week supply of Cypro only to have more pain by the end of this week.  So yesterday I went through my blog all the way back to November 2011 to find out what doctor and what he gave me for this infection.  Have to say I was glad I kept this blog for that reason.  I also do keep a spreadsheet of all my illnesses.  Was surprised I had no information on this problem on that spreadsheet.  So I got an early appointment this morning with the Urologist nurse.  She did the usual urine test and blood pressure, along with the finger up the butt.  Left with a prescription of Doxazosin and Naproxen like last time with refills, knowing from the past that I was on it for two months before it worked.  Of course my insurance only paid for half and that still was $85 for the Doxazosin.   Guess it is used for a skin condition also so insurance companies hesitate to cover it.   Just glad I am moving forward and hopefully in a couple months the Prostate pain will again be gone.  Wish I knew why I get these Prostate infections.  I don't have anal sex so that it not the reason.  I am going to start drinking more water daily.  A glass every hour.  I have to now on these meds so I might as well get used to it.  Will be peeing a lot in the next few months from all the water. 

Been just laying low and doing little things around the house.  Been sleeping a lot from the infection and the fact the sun has not been out all week and it has not even gotten above 50 degrees.  Today it is finally sunny and going to get in the 70s.  Soon I will be complaining about the heat, lol. 

The dogs are all doing great.  I could not be happier.  It is coming up on one year that we rescued Rose and Casper and I am so pleased at how everyone gets along and how they have made our lives so much better.  I do take Bo and Casper for a walk around the block almost every morning while Rose is at work with Tony.  Been pretty good about doing my two miles on the thread mill also.  I just wish I had more energy but that might come with the sun and feeling better in the future as the Prostate infection heals. 

Suppose to be a great weekend this weekend.  In the 70s but rain or storms here and there.  I have no problem with storms and actually love them.  Still waiting for our first big storm of the year.  Just happy it will be warm enough this weekend to keep the windows open for a while. 

Nothing much more to say.  Life is good.  I am happy to stay home with the dogs daily and just enjoy the simple life. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5, 2015 Tuesday Noonish

I can not believe it is May already.
My birthday came and went.  Tony and I went out for a nice steak dinner at a great steak house here in Milwaukee.  I have a hard time putting down $42 for a steak, but at least it came with sides.  Seems the new trend is sides you pay for separately.   I also had a $20 coupon so the bill was just over $100.  I shake my head now as I even type that.  What I could spend at the grocery store with that $100.  Although, that is getting less and less also, those that do the grocery shopping know how expensive and smaller everything is getting at the grocery store.  Anyway, the birthday was nice, just wish the years would subtract rather than add.  I am now 54 years old.  I have a hard time accepting it.

I did end up going to the doctor the middle of last week.  My illness turned into another Prostate infection.  I get these twice or more a year lately.  There is no reason I would get these infections over and over.  Of course I am now on an antibiotic again, Cypro. 

It is raining today in Milwaukee and looks to be a very cloudy drizzle filled day.  When it is cloudy like this I have a very hard time starting my brain.  Even went back to bed for an hour or so after Tony went to work this morning with Rose.  Around 11 AM I went and got Rose from work to save Tony the trip at noonish.  Since it was raining it was not like she was going to go for any walks with her Uncle Tom.  At home she has her son and doggie friends.  

This week all the dogs get their nail trims.  Kali went to the vet late yesterday afternoon for a nail trim and anal cleaning.  Bo goes today at 2:30 PM.  Vito on Wednesday at 4 PM.  Rose and Casper this Saturday morning.  Between the vet bills and the Walmart shopping I did yesterday this is turning out to be an expensive week.   Walmart is $75 for the Insulin and syringes alone.  Then another $250 on household items we use.  Thankfully I only go ever few months for Vito's Insulin. 

Up until today the weather here in Milwaukee has been getting .... Summer like.  It was even in the 70s this weekend.  Today it is in the high 40's and then in two days we go back up to 80 degrees.  This time of year Lake Michigan makes a big difference on our weather depending on what way the wind is blowing.  Summer will be here soon enough.  I have gotten most of the work outside I wanted to get done for this Summer already.  I get it done now because later in the Summer it just is too hot for me to work in the yard.  So I get the yard looking nice now so I can spend the rest of the Summer maintaining it and enjoying it.  Glad the pond is gone.  I do miss it but less work is a good thing.  Here is a picture of Rose and Casper in the now fake pond.

Just looked around and all five dogs are sitting on the couches or floor ... looking at me ... like ... daddy, let's do something.  Thankfully they have bones to chew on.
Tony and the dogs are all doing great.  I have to admit I find myself saying 'I am the luckiest guy in the world' many times a day.  As long as I keep my head out of 'dark' thoughts of death and dying or things I can not fix, I am happy.  I honestly still look down at Rose and Casper and smile knowing saving them was the best thing I ever did in my life.  They are both so happy and show it daily.  I have everything a guy could ask for:  OK health (mostly), a roof over my head I own, dogs that love me, a husband who loves me, and family that loves me.  What more can a guy honestly ask for?  I don't need anything else to make me happy than to just have my house, home, and dogs.