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Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014 Friday Morning

Monday afternoon I did go to my doctor for the last time since she is leaving.  My 2 PM apt turned into a 3 1/2 hour apt after all the waiting.  Wasn't even taken into a room until 4:15 PM.  Was not happy but soon turned around when I got all the refills I asked for and even the new doctors name.  I now will have to make an apt to meet my new doctor.

Tuesday around noon we returned the TV we bought at HH Gregg on Sunday.  HH Greg would not give us a good deal on any other TV so we threatened and then did indeed go across the street to Best Buy.  We ended up buying a 55 inch RCA from them for $499.  Got it home and set up only to not like it, or I should say, it looked like the other TV we bought Sunday.  Spent the week doing adjustments and then finally broke down and asked my tenant who does AV work to come down and look a the TV last night.  Just as I was showing him the connections and stuff I noticed the blue wire of the three was not connected and when I connected the cable the picture looked great.  Thinking the first TV we bought would have also if the wire was on tight.  Oh well.  I do like the RCA better than the Haier as a name brand.  Last night I broke down and called ATT and upgraded to HD for another $10 a month.  I have to admit the channels and shows do look much better.  Now I will have to change all the settings for all the shows I record to record in HD rather than the lower end channels.

Wednesday night Tony and I went out for cheap hamburgers and French fries.  Had a nice double tall drink also.  Was nice to get out.

I also took a couple walks along the river trails twice this week.  I always have to push myself to get going on the walk but once I am walking and after, I am so glad and it clears my head.  I call it Dave time and stopped even bringing Bo with me on the walks.  Too many dogs along the way not on leashes so I am happy not bringing him.

Tony brought home our new (new to us) SUV this week that he bought smashed and has been working on to repair.  It is a 2014 Lincoln MKX.  It is done and now we need to sell my BMW.  I spent time this morning in the car getting to know the buttons and trying to get the navigation to work.  No luck but did learn a lot.  Still have not driven the car but I am sure I will this weekend. 

No plans this weekend.  There are a few festivals and we will most likely go to one or two.  Will spend most of the weekend at home with the dogs enjoying the house.

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 Monday Afternoon

I am still alive and doing well.  Another week flew by.  Very little happened in the past week.  Over the weekend we did go to HH Gregg and bought a new TV only to hate it.  It is sitting in the box ready to return.  We need a new TV in the living room since our current TV is fading fast.  Saw a 58 inch Haier on sale for $500 and thought we should get it.  Set it up yesterday after we bought it and it is terrible.  The picture is so fuzzy it looks like bad cable connected.  When I called HH Gregg to ask if this sounds right the sales clerk said 'I have heart that about Haier TV's, bring it back'.   Was going to return it today but it is raining and has to go in the back of the truck.  Will have to do it tomorrow.

In a little bit I leave to see my regular doctor.  Over the weekend we got letters from her saying this would be her last week because she is retiring.  This has caused me anxiety because I like my doctor and don't want to have to go through the crap of knowing a new one.  With my current doctor I can go to her with an illness and a list of my needs and wants and I walk out the door with everything I usually ask for.  I am not going to get this with a new doctor.  I made am appointment this morning to see her today to get one last refill on all my meds and find out who she recommends as a doctor going forward.  Being HIV this is important for all the meds I take and getting them refilled.

The dogs are doing great.  Still divided but it works.  Since Bo got bit last week by Casper I do not let Casper with the other dogs unless I am right there.  If I leave the room I make Casper come with me.  Bo is afraid of Casper now and really wants very little to do with him.  Bo hides or goes to the top of the couch when I bring Casper in the room.  Poor boy.  I feel bad but all I can do is make sure it never happens again.

Rainy day today in Milwaukee.  It is also very humid.  Looking forward to the cool front coming through tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Another week has gone by so fast.

Last Thursday afternoon the neighbors were working on our side of their house so I thought it best to leave for the afternoon so the dogs would not want to go outside and they could work.  Went with Tony to a junk yard about and hour away.  Spent an hour or so looking around for car parts.  I was in a good place and just enjoyed the nice weather as Tony looked over the picked apart cars for any parts he needed.  I was very impressed how he can see just a bumper or a piece of a car and know what it is.  Very impressive. 

Friday afternoon we had lunch with the guys like we do each Friday.  I still enjoy getting together each week for an hour of laughs with people who I can feel comfortable with talking about anything. 

Saturday night we went to the once a years demo car derby in Slinger.  Been going for years for this event because we always have a great time.  Tony's sister and nephew came along and we once again did have fun watching all the car smashes and crashes.  The race track is a figure 8 so it makes the races so much more fun to watch than just going around in circles.  They have different races, sometimes school buses, which end up in pieces by the end of the race.  One race is last man standing so to speak.  The track is a mess by the end of the night.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast with Tony's mom and then went to Stein's Garden and the market for some ham and rolls on the way home.  I spent the rest of the day working in the side yard making a yard for the small dogs and a yard for the big dogs.  It is apparent they are not going to be together any time soon so making my life easier is the goal right now.   I can now leave the small dogs in the front of the house and let them out to pee in the side yard through the dining room.  The big dogs are in the back of the house and I let them out in their side yard through the kitchen doors.  Nice not having to worry and yet everyone is happy.

This morning Tony took Rose to work and I gave Casper a raw hide bone around 8 AM.  I took it away from him by 8:30 AM because he was swallowing pieces.  I fenced him off in the kitchen with his bone.  Well, after he had it taken away and the dogs were all together, I was sitting at the computer and heard a fight between Casper and Bo.  Ran screaming into the kitchen to find them apart but Bo obviously hurt.  I put Casper in his crate after a scolding and then looked Bo over for injuries.  At first I did not find any but in time I found 2 puncture wounds on his neck that were bleeding.  This is what I didn't want ever to happen.  Took me back a ways and now I once again have this 'what have we done' feeling when it comes to Casper and Rose.  Everyone is OK.  Tony brought Rose home from work around noon and I soon went for a walk along the river trails to clear my head and cry a bit as a release.  I did not take Bo or any dog and realized how much I miss MY walks and need to start taking some Dave time in the afternoon.   Had a good cry as I walk the woods and talk to ... whoever.  I like to think my grandma and spirit guide are listening.  Took an hour and a half walk and it did me good. 

The weather in Milwaukee continues to be awesome.  It is about 72 degrees and a slight breeze.  If it were not for the beeping from the machinery across the street it would be perfect with the windows open. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12, 2014 Tuesday Morning

Rainy day today in Milwaukee.  We do need the rain and the weather this Summer has been so good it is hard to complain.  I honestly don't remember the last rainy day we even had this Summer it has been so long. 

Last Friday night we stayed in and watched the movie Open Grave.  It was a horror movie and very good.  Was glad I downloaded it and spent the night watching.

Saturday afternoon we ate lunch at a restaurant on the Milwaukee river.  The boats dock and you can eat right near the water.  Had a nice steak sandwich and a vodka lemonade.  We have been eating out a lot this Summer and doing it at restaurants we can sit outside and enjoy the weather and food.  Came home and I took a nap in the bedroom with the big dogs while Tony napped in the living room with the three small dogs.  Saturday night we watched the movie The Other Woman.  Good movie. 

Sunday afternoon we went to lunch at another outside restaurant and had a nice lunch and drink.  Spent the afternoon with the dogs taking them for a walk and then Bo for a walk to the farmers market a few blocks away.  Sunday night we watched a movie called The Employer.  It was another good movie in the horror vain. 

Yesterday I did all the bedding laundry which with the dog bedding and all it comes to five loads.  Took a nice nap with the dogs in the afternoon. 

Tony will bring Rose home at lunch time today.  I will make soup and some grilled cheese sandwiches and then we are going to vote since it is an election day in Milwaukee.  Figure you can not complain about who is in office if you don't vote.  I also then have a 2 PM vet appointment for Kali to get her nails trimmed.   Oh, Tony just called.  Guess Rose is not happy and Tony is bringing her home now.  We will then go vote and go out for lunch I guess.  Works for me.

Friday, August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014 Friday Afternoon

The past week or more has once again flown by.

Last weekend, on Saturday, was the street festival on the cross street of our house.  Fun to go to the festival all day and take breaks at home here and there.  The weather was great as it has been most of this Summer.  I do not like heat and this is the first Summer in a long time that we have not even hit 90 degrees.   I do have the air conditioning on when it gets above 74 for the dogs.  Otherwise they drool and the house smells like dog.

Yesterday Tony took the day off and we went to State Fair.  Went early morning and early afternoon.  Had  good time walking around at the festival and was glad we went early before the sun and heat would have been to much for us later in the day.  Bought the dogs some bones and they are loving them.  Here is a picture of Rose and Casper with their bones.

 I let them chew for a while and then take them away when I see they have chewed long enough.  Both give up the bones when asked.

Kali is still doing OK.  Each day I think might be her last.  She seems to be having some stomach problems at night and needs special attentions like last night.  Kali kisses and tummy rubs seem to work the best.  She did go in for her second antibiotic shot this week.  Each day is a blessing with Kali and she will be so missed when that day comes.  She did turn 15 just last month.   Here is a picture of Kali, Bo and Vito.

No plans this weekend.  I am sure we will just spend time with the dogs or go to the lakefront and enjoy the last of the Summer.  It will be over before we know it and Winter will be here.

Life is good.  Dave is happy.