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Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014 Friday Morning

Monday afternoon I did go to my doctor for the last time since she is leaving.  My 2 PM apt turned into a 3 1/2 hour apt after all the waiting.  Wasn't even taken into a room until 4:15 PM.  Was not happy but soon turned around when I got all the refills I asked for and even the new doctors name.  I now will have to make an apt to meet my new doctor.

Tuesday around noon we returned the TV we bought at HH Gregg on Sunday.  HH Greg would not give us a good deal on any other TV so we threatened and then did indeed go across the street to Best Buy.  We ended up buying a 55 inch RCA from them for $499.  Got it home and set up only to not like it, or I should say, it looked like the other TV we bought Sunday.  Spent the week doing adjustments and then finally broke down and asked my tenant who does AV work to come down and look a the TV last night.  Just as I was showing him the connections and stuff I noticed the blue wire of the three was not connected and when I connected the cable the picture looked great.  Thinking the first TV we bought would have also if the wire was on tight.  Oh well.  I do like the RCA better than the Haier as a name brand.  Last night I broke down and called ATT and upgraded to HD for another $10 a month.  I have to admit the channels and shows do look much better.  Now I will have to change all the settings for all the shows I record to record in HD rather than the lower end channels.

Wednesday night Tony and I went out for cheap hamburgers and French fries.  Had a nice double tall drink also.  Was nice to get out.

I also took a couple walks along the river trails twice this week.  I always have to push myself to get going on the walk but once I am walking and after, I am so glad and it clears my head.  I call it Dave time and stopped even bringing Bo with me on the walks.  Too many dogs along the way not on leashes so I am happy not bringing him.

Tony brought home our new (new to us) SUV this week that he bought smashed and has been working on to repair.  It is a 2014 Lincoln MKX.  It is done and now we need to sell my BMW.  I spent time this morning in the car getting to know the buttons and trying to get the navigation to work.  No luck but did learn a lot.  Still have not driven the car but I am sure I will this weekend. 

No plans this weekend.  There are a few festivals and we will most likely go to one or two.  Will spend most of the weekend at home with the dogs enjoying the house.

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