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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12, 2014 Tuesday Morning

Rainy day today in Milwaukee.  We do need the rain and the weather this Summer has been so good it is hard to complain.  I honestly don't remember the last rainy day we even had this Summer it has been so long. 

Last Friday night we stayed in and watched the movie Open Grave.  It was a horror movie and very good.  Was glad I downloaded it and spent the night watching.

Saturday afternoon we ate lunch at a restaurant on the Milwaukee river.  The boats dock and you can eat right near the water.  Had a nice steak sandwich and a vodka lemonade.  We have been eating out a lot this Summer and doing it at restaurants we can sit outside and enjoy the weather and food.  Came home and I took a nap in the bedroom with the big dogs while Tony napped in the living room with the three small dogs.  Saturday night we watched the movie The Other Woman.  Good movie. 

Sunday afternoon we went to lunch at another outside restaurant and had a nice lunch and drink.  Spent the afternoon with the dogs taking them for a walk and then Bo for a walk to the farmers market a few blocks away.  Sunday night we watched a movie called The Employer.  It was another good movie in the horror vain. 

Yesterday I did all the bedding laundry which with the dog bedding and all it comes to five loads.  Took a nice nap with the dogs in the afternoon. 

Tony will bring Rose home at lunch time today.  I will make soup and some grilled cheese sandwiches and then we are going to vote since it is an election day in Milwaukee.  Figure you can not complain about who is in office if you don't vote.  I also then have a 2 PM vet appointment for Kali to get her nails trimmed.   Oh, Tony just called.  Guess Rose is not happy and Tony is bringing her home now.  We will then go vote and go out for lunch I guess.  Works for me.

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