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Friday, August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014 Friday Afternoon

The past week or more has once again flown by.

Last weekend, on Saturday, was the street festival on the cross street of our house.  Fun to go to the festival all day and take breaks at home here and there.  The weather was great as it has been most of this Summer.  I do not like heat and this is the first Summer in a long time that we have not even hit 90 degrees.   I do have the air conditioning on when it gets above 74 for the dogs.  Otherwise they drool and the house smells like dog.

Yesterday Tony took the day off and we went to State Fair.  Went early morning and early afternoon.  Had  good time walking around at the festival and was glad we went early before the sun and heat would have been to much for us later in the day.  Bought the dogs some bones and they are loving them.  Here is a picture of Rose and Casper with their bones.

 I let them chew for a while and then take them away when I see they have chewed long enough.  Both give up the bones when asked.

Kali is still doing OK.  Each day I think might be her last.  She seems to be having some stomach problems at night and needs special attentions like last night.  Kali kisses and tummy rubs seem to work the best.  She did go in for her second antibiotic shot this week.  Each day is a blessing with Kali and she will be so missed when that day comes.  She did turn 15 just last month.   Here is a picture of Kali, Bo and Vito.

No plans this weekend.  I am sure we will just spend time with the dogs or go to the lakefront and enjoy the last of the Summer.  It will be over before we know it and Winter will be here.

Life is good.  Dave is happy.

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