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Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, 2010 Friday Night

Spent most of Thursday sitting outside with the dogs listening to music. Loaded up some of my old college day music. Ended up listening to some Alan Parson's Project, Queen and the Soundtrack to Les Miserables. I could listen to the soundtrack to Les Miserables all day every day. It is my favorite play and musical. Made a beef roast, potatoes and corn for dinner with a side salad. Watched the series ending to Flash Forward on TV. What a great way to end a show. To bad it is not returning. I would have tuned in next season. Went to bed around 10 PM. Found out yesterday the convict finally got arrested. Guess he took Tony's brother for some checks, cashing them into a nephews account, and withdrew them from the nephews account. Got the nephew for over $5000 so he set him up to be arrested. The story goes like this: The nephew phoned the convict and said he won a stay at a local motel and he should meet him to 'hang out'. When he got there the police were ready to arrest him. So, thankfully, this guy is off the streets and will be behind bars for at least five years to finish his sentencing from his last string of crimes. Plus years will be added for what he did to us and many others. Went to bed around 10:30 PM. Tony and I didn't talk much all night. We had a minor disagreement and it was better to just not talk. Anyone in a long term relationship can relate I am sure. All was fine by today.

This morning I got up and did the morning routine. Watched a little of CNN. This oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is so sad and such a disaster. The poor animals. It is heartbreaking to watch the damage. If I lived closer I would be helping to clean the animals coated in oil. Drove to the bank and did a little grocery shopping before picking Tony up for lunch with the guys. Had a great lunch with the guys with lots of laughs. I am so glad I have these guys in my life. Friday lunches with them are sometimes the highlight of my week. That sounds sad, but it is not. Got and answered an email from a follower this morning. I love getting emails from you guys. Thanks for taking the time to be a part of my daily life. Spent the afternoon listening to the three TV show Glee volumes I have on the computer. Glee is such a fun show. I do enjoy the duets where they mix up the song the most. Tonight when Tony gets home we will make some burgers on the grill and watch Wife Swap and some DVR shows. We have a couple weeks of TV to catch up on.
The big Memorial Day Weekend is here. We have no plans which is fine with me. Have to go to Home Depot some time this weekend and buy a new ladder. Will buy a much sturdier one this time even if it cost a little more. On that note, I am typing with two hands although some keys feel painful to push. I still can not close my hand completely and the bruising is still pretty bad on my side and legs. We do have a car show we will probably go to some time early tomorrow. Other than that I just want to spend time with Tony and the dogs outside in the side yard I have taken so much time to make into my little paradise. Wish you all a Happy Memorial Day. Keep smiling. Keep emailing me. Keep following. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have to 'spice' up the sight.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010 Thursday Morning

Spent the last two days recovering from the fall from the ladder. I am slowly getting better but still in a lot of pain and probably should have gone to the hospital or emergency. It is amazing how bruised the body gets the day after such and accident. My side, legs and arms on my left side have bruises. Big bruises. My left hand is still so swollen I can not even get my watch around my hand to put it on my left wrist. I can not close my hand or hold anything that has weight. I can move my fingers a little but with pain. I am still putting ice on it during the day and taking pain pills and motrin to help with the pain and swelling. It is not easy to take a shower or do regular things. Thank goodness it is my left hand and not my right since I am right handed. Going to take it easy again today since I can't do much with it anyway. Typing even hurts.

Haven't commented on this season's TV final shows so here is what I have for you on the ones that were memorable:

V - Was an interesting ending for the season. I do like this show and will continue to watch it next season. I still think the week before episode where Anna says 'break her legs' was classic.

Grey Anatomy - Great two hour show. I was at the edge of my seat the whole two hours.

American Idol - Stopped watching a couple weeks back. Still kept up on what was happening. Hope next season is better.

Lost - This was the show I looked forward to most. I loved the end show but still am confused on a lot of issues. I think I will have to go to some blog spots to get different perspectives and still try to get it all straight in my head. So they all died? They were dead? I am so confused.

Dancing With The Stars - I love Derik. I was glad he and the Pussy Cat Dolls lady won. Looking forward to next season when it starts again in September.

Flashforward - Even though the final show is on tonight and the show has been canceled I will still watch it. I did like this show. Sorry to see it not be renewed next season.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010 Tuesday Morning

Typing with one hand and in a lot of pain.

Yesterday morning after Tony left for work I began working outside on the deck again making a covering for the top deck. About 2 hours into the project I was standing on the top step of the 8 foot ladder when it slipped out from under me and I fell hard. I fell to the deck and on top of the ladder. I laid there for a while in pain and then crawled to the telephone to call Tony at work and ask him to come home. He raced home to find me on the floor, bleeding, cut, and in a lot of pain laying on the floor on a blanket. The first thing I said to him with all the blood was 'don't touch me'. I felt like I was going to pass out. I was in so much pain I stayed on the floor for about an hour. We contemplated calling an ambulance or going to emergency. Tony wanted to take me to emergency. I simply kept thinking if I go to emergency the first thing I will have to tell them is that I am HIV+. That alone made me not want to go. I fell right on my left wrist and my hand and wrist swelled up to the point where I still can not move my fingers or wrist much a day later, and the pain is horrible. I hope I did not break my wrist. Since I can move it slightly I think in time it might be ok. Time will tell. I spent the rest of the day on the couch taking pain pills and Motrin. I can not use or move my left arm or hand at all because of the pain. Went to bed around 10 PM and had a horrible night since I could not find a way to sleep with the pain from my side, legs, arm and wrist.

This morning I woke up in pain. I am black and blue on my side, legs and arms, and my wrist still can not move much. The pain is bad. I still might find myself going to a doctor just in case I broke something. It is very hard to do anything with one hand. Going to take another round of pain pills to get through the morning today. I think I also hurt my shoulders and neck in the fall because I am very stiff in that area today.

I have to comment on a comment from Sunday's post about not going out for a nice dinner for our anniversary. Although it is unfortunate we did not go out for a nice celebration. I have to compare it to a Birthday. As you get older, they do not mean the same. Would I have liked to go out for a nice dinner if we didn't have the kid - yes. But with that said, hopefully this weekend we will. If I had a choice of spending time with my nephew for the weekend or going out for an anniversary dinner, I would choose the nephew. The opportunity does not arise often for us to have him, we can celebrate and go out for a dinner any night now that he is home at his house. So as much as I appreciate the concern for us not celebrating, it is not the end of the world and more important things in life. It does not lessen the relationship or love in any way. Much less, it is not one dinner or celebration that 'makes' the relationship, it is the long term time and trued love that continues. Tony was home in a flash yesterday to help me after I called him after the fall from the ladder. He took good care of me as I laid on the floor in pain. He got me ice, cold compresses and was very concerned to the point of wanting to take me to emergency. It is times like yesterday that makes me glad I have him, not the one day of non celebration of a relationship anniversary. But thank you for your concern, I had Tony read the comment and we will this weekend have an anniversary dinner.

Really hard to type with one hand so I will leave it at that for now. Will write more later to let you know how I am doing. In a lot of pain.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010 Saturday Night

It is Tony and my 17th anniversary of our Holy Union today. We were together four years prior to having the Holy Union. Can't say we celebrated much today.

Friday morning I had to go to the doctor to get my second of three shots for Hepatitis A and B vaccination. The power went out prior to leaving so I could not open the garage door so Tony had to come home from work and drive me there. By the time we got home the power was back on. Talked to Tony's sister who was coming into town and worked it out so we could have Anthony, Tony's 6 year old nephew for the weekend. So I headed to the grocery store to buy kid friendly foods for the weekend. Got home, unpacked the groceries and headed back out the door to pick Tony up to go have lunch with the guys. Had a great lunch and within a half our of being home Tony's sister called and said she had made the three hour trip from Illinois and Anthony and her should be at the back door soon. Tony's sister dropped off Anthony and we spent the afternoon playing. Tony got home around 6 PM and after they both showered we went to Burger King on the Southside to get an Iron Man Toy and then go to Toy's Are Us and spoil the kid a bit. Of course Burger King did not have the Iron Man toys like they should and since Burger King was right next to KMart we went there instead of Toy's Are Us and bought the kid a new pair of shoes since all he had was flip flops packed, $70 worth of Toys, and some other household items. Stopped of at Grandma's house for a little while and then headed back home. Oh, did I mention he brought his little dog named Buddy. So now we also have 6 dogs running around the house for the weekend along with the 6 year old nephew. Watched a little TV and we all went to bed around 10:30 PM. His little dog loves me and spends every minute with me. Although he didn't know if he should sleep with me or Anthony in the spare room so the dog spent the night going from bed to bed every hour all night long.

This morning we got up, ate some cereal and after I showered we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Anthony wanted to go to the 'big peoples museum' which is the Milwaukee Public Museum. Spent a few hours at the Museum and then came home for a while before we all got in the 1965 Cadillac Convertible and drove around the lakefront. Even though it was close to 70 degrees the fog was constantly coming in from Lake Michigan. I kept telling Anthony it was the Fog Monster. We then parked and walked the long pier to the end and back. Came home and watched a little TV before I made corn dogs and mac and cheese for dinner, his choice. What a great anniversary dinner for Tony and I. Like I mentioned in the beginning, it is our anniversary today. Guess we will celebrate with a nice dinner next weekend. Right now we are just watching TV. I think we are all exhausted, including the six dogs, all on the couch with Tony and Anthony. Sunday we have a car show we would like to go to. Correction, Tony would like to go to. That is in the air depending on whether we have to drive half way to the Illinois border to exchange the kid and dog with his mom / Tony's sister. I do love having the nephews at the house when ever they can come for the weekend. After 21 years together it is nice to have a distraction for the weekend. Plus, for some reason, him and his older brother, who we helped raise prior to the sister moving to Illinois, love their uncle Dave and Tony because we spoil them rotten when they come to visit. Like a good uncle should.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 2010 My Side Yard

I thought I would take you on a tour of my side yard. I have put a lot of work into making it my little place to get away. Hope you enjoy the video below.

May 20, 2010 Thursday Morning

Tuesday I spent the day working around the house. The weather here in Milwaukee is getting much better. In the 70s this week and suppose to be in the 80s this weekend and through next week. So nice to have the windows open and get some fresh air in the house. Tuesday night we went to the Harley Davidson Museum for the weekly car show that is every Tuesday night. Had a burger and soda at the car show for dinner. Came home and watched TV for the night. Watched Lost and V. Was so made during watching Lost. The cable went out and had no picture for about 15 minutes until it fixed itself. Jeez, its the second to the last episode. Went to bed around 10:30 PM.

Wednesday I got up and after the dogs were fed and Tony was off to work I showered and headed out the door to get some things done. Picked up food for Barley at the vet and then headed to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription. Stopped off at McDonald's for a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel. Got home and was tired so I laid down for a while and took a short nap. Spent the afternoon playing with the dogs and enjoying the nice weather outside. Last night we went to another car show in Hales Corners. Had dinner at the Mexican restaurant the car show was held at. Had a nice dinner. Came home and watched TV until we went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I got up, fed the dogs and got Tony off to work. Have all the windows open since it is already in the 70s and it is only 8 AM. Now I sit here wondering what I am going to do for the day. I am starting to wonder how long I can continue this way not working or having an outlet to leave the house. I am starting to feel a little worthless and need something to spark my mind. Wish I could find a part time job that would not cut into my social security. Sitting home every day is not always fun. In fact it can be very boring. Not having anything to do except clean the house is not a way to make a person feel needed or appreciated. But what can I do? Volunteer work? Not much in part time jobs here in Milwaukee that pay 'under the table'. Will take a shower and hope something comes my way or it will be a very boring day again today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010 Monday Dinner Time

Friday I had lunch with the guys. Great lunch. Spent the afternoon cleaning and such around the house until Tony came home from work. Made soup and sandwiches for dinner. Watched a little TV at night and we were in bed by 10 PM.

Saturday Tony worked most of the day at his auto body shop getting cars finished that should have been finished Friday at closing. I went to the local pet store and bought a hair trimmer for Vito. A pet hair trimmer that is strong enough to go through his thick hair. After Tony got home from work we groomed Vito and then watched TV for the afternoon since it was not a nice day in Milwaukee. Made a pizza and salad for dinner. Around 7 PM the manager of a restaurant here on the Eastside called to ask Tony if it was alright if an employee named Jerry pays for food with a company check. HELL NO! Jeez, this guys never stops. I wish the cops would just find him. We told the manager to take his order and we would be at the restaurant when he picked up his food and tried to pass one of Tony's company checks. Well the guy then decided to wait and order later, I am not sure if he caught on being on hold so long while the manager talked with us at home. Jerry never did end up ordering food but it makes us wonder how many company checks he might have. I wish this guy would get hit by a bus or at least arrested for his warrant. We stayed up until about 11 PM waiting for a call but finally went to bed when no call came.

Sunday we got up and after reading the morning paper and feeding the dogs I made eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. I then got the idea to make a canape for the dogs outside so they have an area to go out and pee when it is raining and not get wet. Yah, I know, I am nuts. Only a dog lover like myself would understand. Tony and I went to Home Depot and bought the wood and glass panels I would need. Unloaded the car and started working on my project while Tony watched. I don't mind so much. He helps when I need the hands. I just like having him around. Finished and got one coat of paint on the frame of the canape. That was enough for one day. Spent the night watching TV. Brothers and Sisters was good. Sal I guess is HIV+ from the way the show ended. Have a hard time watching shows when the topic is AIDS and HIV. Hopefully next season now that he found out he is HIV+ the show will go into telling the story of what a person goes through after finding out this horrible news. Went to bed shortly after 10 PM.

This morning after getting Tony off to work and a little done inside the house I headed outside to continue my canape project. Put a second coat of paint on the frame and secured the glass panels. Then headed back to the hardware store for a little more wood to finish the trellis above the frame. Spent the afternoon working on it. It turned out great. I will upload pictures and put them on this post. Making a frozen Lasagna and salad for dinner and will spend the night watching TV. My muscles hurt. I think I over did it a little. But the pain feels good. I am alive.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010 Friday Morning

Wednesday night I went to a meeting at a local restaurant for HIV. The topic was 'After the diagnosis'. Was informative. Got home and watched a little TV before going to bed around 10 PM.

Thursday I got up and after getting the dogs fed and Tony off to work I recorded 4 more 8 mm tapes to a DVD for my sister. It is a slow process. I got the mail prior to going to my ARCW board meeting. Saw a letter from my mom and dad in the stack. Opened it to find a note that said 'Mom and I said if we sold the Florida condo we would share some of the money with the kids'. And a check for $5000. WOW. Talk about putting a smile on my face. I called them right away to thank them and tell them it will go in the bank saving for a rainy day or dog emergency, and Thanked them over and over. How nice hey? I then had my meeting from 12:30 to 2:30 for ARCW client board. I am part of the Client Advisory Board. I feel it is my way of giving back for all ARCW does for me. Had a good meeting and discussion. Stopped off at the bank and grocery store on my way home from the board meeting. Got home and continued the DVD making as I watched TV. After Tony got home he started telling me about what a terrible day at work he had for the day. One good news was our health insurance which has been on hold was approved again for another year. Always scares me when this comes up as an issue. Of course now the bad news is he had to pay 2 months worth of premiums which came to $2800 just to catch up on the payments so we have no gap in coverage for the two of us. He continued that he had a couple customer complaints, parts not showing up, and then on top of all that he found out that his lover prior to me has AIDS and has about 6 months to live. I guess the brother of the ex came in for an estimate and told him the news. They had a bad breakup and Tony has not many good memories of their 3 years together prior to us starting to go out. Even so, no one likes to hear that news. Especially me! Put a damper on the night. We started talking about the fact that 'every lover he had in the past has died of AIDS'. I at one point had to say 'and now me'. I saw this look in his face like he had forgotten I was HIV+. It took me off guard. I know I don't look sick, but I still live with this disease. I do have to do a little research. Is it possible for someone to be HIV+ and not show it? Not test positive for it? Yet pass it on to others? What are the odds that every lover including me he has dated is HIV+? He has tested negative every time. I am glad for him and would never wish this on anyone, still it is an interesting question? Spent the rest of the night watching TV and went to bed shortly before 10 PM. Had a restless night, I am sure it was the news of someone near death because of having AIDS.

Today I got up and after getting the morning duties finished and Tony off to work I began the DVD process again. Hope to get 2 sets of 4 tapes converted today. That will still leave me about 40 8mm tapes and 10 DVDs to make. Like I said, a slow process. Having lunch with the guys again today. Always enjoyable. The sun is finally out today. Haven't seen the sun in a week. Hopefully it will get at least in the 60s today. No plans for tonight.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010 Wednesday Morning

I have been so busy transferring VHS tapes to DVD I haven't written in longer than I wanted.

Saturday Tony and I spent the afternoon at my parents house for Mothers Day. We had a great time but had to leave by 3 PM to be home by 4 PM because the ATT service person would be at the house between 4 PM and 9 PM to fix the TV DVR that stopped working. In fact we had to watch TV from antenna which sucks. The repair guy showed up about 4:30 and gave us new boxes and everything seems to be working good. Was happy to get it fixed so we could DVR Betty White on Saturday Night Live. She was so good. I love this lady.

Sunday morning we got up, read the newspaper, showered, and headed to Tony's mom's house to take her out for breakfast for Mother's Day. Had a great breakfast. After dropping her off at her home we went to Best Buy to buy more DVD cds and cases for the transferring I am doing for my sister. Spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer and watching TV. Went to bed around 10 PM Sunday night.

Monday I had nothing on my schedule so I spent the day continuing to transfer VHS tapes to DVD cds for my sister. Took a long afternoon nap and made a big dinner for Tony and I. Watched Dancing With The Stars and Castle, then in bed by 10 PM.

Tuesday I had an 11 AM dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned and checked. Damn, one cavity. Made an appointment for June 1st to have it drilled and filled. I HATE the drilling and filling of cavities. Came home and continued the DVD making. Got all her VHS tapes transferred. Now I have to work on the little 8 MM tapes she has which will be a bigger project. My sister gave me about 40 8 MM tapes to transfer. These will take much more time. Made dinner and watched TV the rest of the night. Was a cold, rainy day in Milwaukee. Not a good day at all. Had a hard time making it through the day because of the damp cold cloudy rainy weather.

Today I have no plans except to continue the DVD making for my sister. Cloudy, rainy and still cold in Milwaukee. Not a good day to leave the house. Have a meeting this evening on HIV to go to. Should be a nice dinner also since it is at Mo's Steak House.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010 Friday Dinner Time

Met some friends at a car show on Wednesday night. On the way to the car show the Parole Officer for the guy scamming us called and Tony had a long talk with her. They scheduled a meeting for Friday morning. As of Friday afternoon she still had not met with Tony.

Thursday I spent the day getting a lot done outside the house knowing the weather was not to be good on Friday or this weekend. In fact the weather report says snow on Saturday night. YUCK.
Went to the copy store to make copies of the 8 parking tickets the scammer got with our car as well as other documents so Tony can give them to the Parole Officer. Bought some breakfast and dropped off Tony part of the paperwork and some food for him at his auto body shop. I then came home for a bit before leaving again and going grocery shopping. Came home and unpacked all the groceries. Called Quality Candy at Bayshore Mall to see if the Mother's Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries I order for my mom each year were ready for pickup. They were, so I got back in the car and drove to the mall and picked them up. Spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning before Tony got home. Found out today the scammer even took Tony's nephew's laptop, jeez, it just gets worse. Then Tony's sister dropped off a bunch of binders of his paperwork she had. Went through it, unbelievable. In his work search binder he had a letter of recommendation on made up Downtown Auto Body stationary with Tony's signature recommending him for auto body jobs. Tony had never wrote this letter. Also had a bunch of Tony's pictures from the phone albums he has in his lobby area. I figure to pretend HE did the auto body repairs in the photos. Tony went to his apartment last night at 11 PM to see if he was hiding out there, or even had the nerve to return to the apartment. He would have had to get another set of keys since we have his keys. He was not there. Not sure where he is hiding these days but we will find him and call in his arrest.

Today is cold and rainy. Met the guys for lunch and came home and watched TV that got lost when the DVR broke this week. Got caught up on Lost, V and The Good Wife. Those were the important ones. I am mad CBS doesn't have the last to episodes of Cold Case which I missed and could be the last of the show since it might be cancelled. Will miss Cold Case as much as I do miss Without A Trace. Another show that should never have been cancelled. Making quick food for dinner tonight and most likely will not leave the house and go out in the rain and cold. Tomorrow we are going to my mom's house, Sunday Tony's mom's house to say Happy Mother's Day to them both. We are good sons.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010 Wednesday Dinner Time

Tuesday I spent most of the day doing a little work around the house and napping. Very tired all day. Then last night we got a call from Tony's sister stating that her son has been harboring the employee we are looking for the took Tony for over $5000. So we got in our car and went to the nephews apartment to find out the story is true. Jerry has been staying at the nephews apartment since last Friday when a warrant for his arrest was issued. Tony was so mad I thought he was going to beat his nephew. We ended up taking every piece of clothing or any belongings of the employees with us, including his apartment keys where he has an apartment a block down the street. So we took the keys and went to the employees apartment. Since we had keys it was not like we were breaking and entering or anything. Ended up rummaging through his apartment looking for anything he might have on Tony or anyone else to scam in the future. Took anything of value including his TV. Trust me, he didn't have much be we need to make this guy hurt bad. Spent an hour staking out the apartment before we called it a night. By the time we got home around 11 PM Tony and I were both so hyped up we stayed up until about midnight before going to bed. Not sure were the employee ended up going for the night, but we are on his trail. He even has changed his cell phone number, which we now have the new one.

This morning I woke up to Tony sitting in the living room with the TV on, no sound, and a big red x on the screen. Had to call AT&T for a service call. The guy showed up around 11:30 for his 8 to noon appointment window. He reset the converter box and we thought everything was OK. I then went to Walgreen's and came home to the 'x' on the screen again. So I had to call AT&T and get the guy out to the house again. This time he had to reboot and we lost everything I have DVR'ed for the past two weeks. Lost, V, One Life To Live, Cold Case, CSI's, Good Wife, to name a few. I am so mad. Now I have to find these episodes on the net and watch them prior to next week. I hate this about DVR's. The service people are like computer techs when they tell you you need a new hard drive and everything you have is gone, then think it is no big deal. As we all know, it is a big deal. Took a half hour nap and now just waiting for Tony to get home so we can go to a car show in Franklin and have dinner. Meeting some friends at the car show. No word on the convict / employee today. We are still on the case and Tony plans on going to the Clerk Of Courts office this week yet to file charges against him.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010 Monday Morning

Had a great lunch with the guys on Friday afternoon. After lunch I headed home after doing a little grocery shopping and continued to transfer VHS tapes to DVD for my mother and myself. Tony got home late Friday night and we spent the night watching TV, going to bed at 10 PM.

Saturday was a very nice day in Milwaukee, close to 75 degrees. Worked on the pond and cleaned the house while Tony worked on moving the 1965 Cadillac Convertible out of storage in the back garage. Started right away and after he took it to the shop to check the fluids we went for a long ride along the Milwaukee lakefront with Stella riding in the back of the car. She loves going for rides. Stopped off for a short walk and an ice cream cone and then headed back home along the lakefront. Got home around 3:30 and Tony took a nap while I continued burning DVDs. Saturday night we went out to dinner at Hinterland, a fancy restaurant, because we had a gift certificate from a friend. I had a hamburger, Tony had Dan Dan Noodles with Pig Tails ---- YUCK! I couldn't believe he tried it. In all honesty I took one bite, it was not so bad. Was glad I ordered the hamburger because there was not much else on the menu I would even try or dare to eat. I do not try new foods. I do not like mushrooms. I am very picky about what I eat or try to eat. Got home around 8 PM and spent the night watching TV and burning DVDs.

Sunday was another great day in Milwaukee. After I made breakfast we spent a little time around the house before going for another drive in the Cadillac, this time without a dog. Stopped off at Tony's sister's house for a short visit and then headed home. Tony spent the rest of the afternoon watching a little TV in between naps. Made a little dinner last night and we were in bed by 10 PM.

This morning I got up, beautiful day again. In the 70s. After feeding the dogs and getting Tony off to work I started doing a little cleaning and now started burning Tony and my VHS tapes to DVD. I have 10 of them so it will take some time. Probably have them done by the end of the week. Going to make myself some tomato soup for lunch and most likely take a short nap.