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Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 Monday Afternoon

I am still alive and doing well.  Another week flew by.  Very little happened in the past week.  Over the weekend we did go to HH Gregg and bought a new TV only to hate it.  It is sitting in the box ready to return.  We need a new TV in the living room since our current TV is fading fast.  Saw a 58 inch Haier on sale for $500 and thought we should get it.  Set it up yesterday after we bought it and it is terrible.  The picture is so fuzzy it looks like bad cable connected.  When I called HH Gregg to ask if this sounds right the sales clerk said 'I have heart that about Haier TV's, bring it back'.   Was going to return it today but it is raining and has to go in the back of the truck.  Will have to do it tomorrow.

In a little bit I leave to see my regular doctor.  Over the weekend we got letters from her saying this would be her last week because she is retiring.  This has caused me anxiety because I like my doctor and don't want to have to go through the crap of knowing a new one.  With my current doctor I can go to her with an illness and a list of my needs and wants and I walk out the door with everything I usually ask for.  I am not going to get this with a new doctor.  I made am appointment this morning to see her today to get one last refill on all my meds and find out who she recommends as a doctor going forward.  Being HIV this is important for all the meds I take and getting them refilled.

The dogs are doing great.  Still divided but it works.  Since Bo got bit last week by Casper I do not let Casper with the other dogs unless I am right there.  If I leave the room I make Casper come with me.  Bo is afraid of Casper now and really wants very little to do with him.  Bo hides or goes to the top of the couch when I bring Casper in the room.  Poor boy.  I feel bad but all I can do is make sure it never happens again.

Rainy day today in Milwaukee.  It is also very humid.  Looking forward to the cool front coming through tomorrow.

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  1. I bought 55' Samsung for $750 Canadian, which is equivalent to $600 USA at Best Weston, Toronto. I am sure it is cheaper in USA, you should shop around