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Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015 Thursday Afternoon

I can not believe my next post will most likely be in June.  Where does the time go?

Summer is finally here in Milwaukee.  The windows are open and in the 70s.  Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  On Sunday we drove down to Shorewood Illinois to visit Tony's sister and her family.  I wanted to see their dog Little Buddy who I missed.  The dog and I have a special connection and always have.  The dog spent the four hours we were there by my side.  Had a very nice afternoon and will miss my Little Buddy.  It will most likely be the last time I see him since he is advancing in age and we don't get down to their home very often.  It will be a very sad day when I hear he is no longer alive.   Was nice to spend time with the nephews and niece as well as the sister and her husband. I did not enjoy the two hour drive down to their home and the two hour drive back.  Hate the tolls you have to pay every few miles.  Used our navigation system for the first time and learned just how wrong it was the entire drive down and back.

Been keeping busy doing things around the house and making sure we are ready for the Summer.  Did a little painting of a molding outside that needed to be scrapped and then painted.  Keeping up with the weeds is the main work since we have no grass and have graveled our entire yard.  Low or no maintenance was our goal.

Went for a nice walk along the river trails today.  Walked past this one guy that was very scary.  First time I felt a little afraid in the trails.  Tall younger guy that looked like a psycho skin head redneck terrorist.  As he walked past me with his large German Shepard dog he kicked the tree.  It took me back a bit.  As he kept walking he was talking to himself.  Then he started yelling across the river to the group of kids playing using racial slurs.  I felt sorry for the kids.  They were just playing and this redneck starts calling them the 'N' word and more.  I felt most sorry for his dog too.  Hope he treats it well. 

Tonight we will go out to a restaurant here in the neighborhood for half price hamburgers.  I have the Riverwest burger.  Hamburger with bacon and cheese.  Yum.  Looking forward to it. 

I still find myself thinking of death and dying and then I feel depressed.  If I push the thoughts out of my head I get through the day, but feel like they are just there under the surface.  I sometimes walk the house at night and look around thinking 'someday I will no longer be living here', 'someday I will be dead'.  It is really hard for me to comprehend that some day I will be dead.  I hope I remember that I honestly had a good life with Tony and the dogs.  Do any of my followers have these thoughts?

Speaking of the dogs, they are doing great.  Casper's ear infection is almost gone.  My prostate infection is also almost gone which makes me very happy.  I am only half way through the one month antibiotic.  It usually takes me two months or a double dose to get an infection out of me.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer so far.


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