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Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Had a great weekend with the dogs.  Every day we learn more about Rose and Casper.  Took them for their first walk on Saturday and they walked like perfect dogs.  Was pleasantly surprised.  Even walked Bo and Kali up the alley with Rose which is a step forward, with no issues.  We still have Rose separated from the other dogs.  Casper is on the bed with us and gets along with everyone.  Spent Saturday night watching the gay themed movie called Truth.  We both enjoyed the movie.

Sunday we took Tony's mom out for breakfast and then headed home to spend the day with the dogs.  Took Rose and Casper for another walk much longer than the prior day.  Stopped off at Stonefly bar for a drink with the dogs and they just sat there while we drank our drinks.  Spent Sunday night watching the movie Lone Survivor.  Good movie.

This morning Tony took Rose to work for the first time.  She spent the morning at the shop and Tony said she was OK.  She did cry when he was not in her sight but it was the first day.  Thought it best to have her come home at 1 PM and she was happy to be home. 

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  1. You have not posted anything since Monday, I hope that all is well.