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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 28, 2014 Wednesday Afternoon

Casper slept on the bed with everyone last night.  He slept in my arms all night.  Rose sleeps in a crate next to the bed because I still do not trust her with my other dogs.  The house is still separated and we still sit on opposite sides of the room at night with two sets of dogs.
Good news.  My tenant gave 30 days notice today.  Of course her reason was not a happy one.  She says her kid got lead poison  from our water.  Not much I can do.  Hundred year old house and I am not changing the pipes.  I doubt that it is true and I am just happy to hear she will be gone by July 1.  Not cooking tonight and going out for hamburgers.  I was home all day with the dogs and I need a drink and at least an hour away from the house for my own sanity. 


  1. Do not speak to your tenants. I smell an ambulance chasing attorney hanging in the winds just waiting to sue you for poisoning their kid.... What a bogus bunch of BS.

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  3. I'll betcha the water is whats been killing all of his dogs.
    So, you have the decency to give your dogs
    bottled water or lead piped water? We vant to know.
    We vant to know.

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