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Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014 Friday Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon around 3 PM Tony's sister came and dropped off her three dogs.  One is a long hair Daschound, one is a 1 old Pug and one is an 8 week old, not trained Pug.  Here they were after and hour:
This of course on top of our three dogs.  Of course last night we did not get a good night's sleep.  The puppy slept in a crate next to the bed.  The five others slept on the bed.  The two new dogs did not sleep well and kept us up most of the night.

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Actually I was up many times during the night and twice to let the dogs outside.  The puppy is doing good and if I get her outside on the hour she pees outside rather than on the pad I have placed out for her.  She has made two mistakes.  Tony picked me up and we had a nice lunch with the guys.  Spent the afternoon with the dogs, taking an hour nap on the couch with all six dogs.  No plans this weekend and we will most likely be home with the dogs.  Even decided not to go to my mom and thankfully she understands why  .... six dogs.

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