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Friday, May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014 Friday Afternoon

Yesterday morning we drove down to Waukegan Illinois and picked up Rose and Casper.  The drive home went pretty good.  Tony took the day off and helped the rest of the day with getting the dogs adjusted to the house and keeping our three dogs separated from them until we know them better.  I must be nuts for taking this on.  Had some challenges during the day like Casper peeing in the house, which has only happened now that once.  Rose has domination and aggression issues that will need to be addressed.  We spent over 2 hours at the vet with the dogs yesterday afternoon and walked out with antibiotics, shampoo, and a date for Rose to get spayed.  It needs to happen sooner rather than later before she get pregnant from Casper.  Hopefully it will make her less dominant also.  Ordered some lasagna for supper and spent the night watching TV, me on one side of the fence with Kali, Bo, and Vito,   Tony on the other with Casper and Rose.  The night went as smooth as a first night can go.  I did let them out at 1 AM to have them pee only to have her poop a bit later after we brought her back in.  Will have to let them pee and poop from this point forward if we let them out at 1 AM.  Rose is 33 lbs, Casper is 36.1 lbs.  Both horribly under weight. 

This morning we were up by 5 AM.  Tony went to work and I have worked on getting the house in better shape for the dogs and less stress for me.  I started a Facebook page called Rose and Casper if you would like to follow their progress.  Did not have lunch today with the guys.  One is having a get together tonight and thought it best to just spend the day with the dogs an go tonight for an hour to see the guys rather than lunch.  The dogs have been good for the most part.  I am starting to wonder if I bit off more than I can chew.  I am just happy they are not trying in any way to get to my three small dogs on the other side of fences and gates.   No plans this weekend.  Will just hang with the dogs. 

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  1. Hopefully your hint of "buyers remorse" will pass. Just remember---nothing is worth endangering the pets that have been a part of your life for years. If it isn't going to work, admit it quickly and move on....