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Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Stayed home Friday night with the dogs.  The second night did go much better than the first and we did sleep pretty good.

Saturday we were up by 5 AM.   There just was no going back to bed after letting the puppy out.  Spent the morning with the dogs.  Around noon we went to Burlington Coat Factory to look for a Summer jacket for me.  Not having any luck finding one I like.  Not very many to choose from even at the store today.  Did end up buying two just because they were on clearance and at this point 'good enough'.   Came home and spent the rest of the day with the six dogs.  They are really happy and no problems at all.  The puppy is making it outside 3 out of 4 times.  With that said the pup pees a lot so I have cleaned up a spot or two, or three.  I hope the sister in law gives us a gift certificate for floor cleaning.  At the last minute we decided to go to the play West Side Story at a high school down the street.  Was the best $10 we have spent in a long time.  Great performance by these high school kids.  Damn if they couldn't sing.  Was very impressed and glad we went.  Found out later from the tenant the one dog barked the entire time we were gone.  Went to be around 11 PM which was good because the dogs slept all night until 5 AM Sunday morning.

Sunday we were up by 5 AM and did not go back to bed.  Sucks to have the large Sunday paper read by 8 AM.   Went out for breakfast at George Webb's and then went to Walgreen's to buy some stuff.  After a couple hours at home we went to a couple stores on the way to drop off flowers at Tony's mom's house.  Bought a vacuum at Kmart.  Ours is 2 years old and trust me we got our money out of it.  Dropped off the flowers at the moms and came home.  Tony put the vacuum together and it did not work.  Wouldn't even go on when plugged in.  Spent the night watching TV and went to bed around 10 PM.

This morning I was up by 5 AM.  Around 10 AM I drove to Kmart to exchange the vacuum.  Stopped off at Wendy's on my way home for chili for lunch.  Spent the rest of the day with the dogs and watching the storms roll in every few hours.  Making salads and TV dinners for supper and will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars and Castle.  Better go find the puppy............

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  1. were the students as talented as you were in high school?
    Did you ever consider doing any community 0palys in your adult life? I go to the Falls Patio Players often and wish that I could sing and act. I should tried it in high school. I guess I missed my opportunity.