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Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Tony's sister picked up their three dogs a little before noon on Friday.  Was happy and sad at the same time to see them leave.  Met the guys for lunch a little late but had a great lunch as usual.  Spent the afternoon on my Lawlessmilwaukeecouple Facebook page and downloading more picture and photo shopping us into them.  Also have to come up with dialogue which is sometimes hard to come up with and thankfully current stories help with that.  Spent Friday night watching TV and went to bed a little disappointed because we didn't go to a neighborhood fund raiser for a fire victim that I wanted to go to and we just 'blew off'.   Went to bed around 10 PM.

Saturday we left the house around 10 AM to go to a couple rummage sales in the neighborhood at a bar and high school.  After the sales we picked up Bo and went to a car show on the west side of Milwaukee.  Bo was so good and a lady even came up to Tony and I and let us know 'what a well behaved little boy we have'.  So nice for a parent to hear this even if it is our dog.  Got home a little later in the afternoon and went out to eat at neighborhood restaurant for supper.  Spent way too much money and was shocked by the total bill to be honest.  We each had one double drink and they came to $24.  That is $12 a drink?   I can buy a bottle of Vodka for $24.  Supper was good and brought home my ribs for Sundays supper.  Spent Saturday night catching up on the DVR recordings. 

Sunday I made breakfast and we spent the morning doing things around the house outside.  Around noon, after I walked Vito up the alley for a while, we took Bo with us for a long walk around the neighborhood.  Stopped off for a coffee and smoothie at the local coffee shop and then walked to a couple rummage sales.  Had a nice walk.  Tony would rather walk the neighborhood than the river trails so I guess I will have to save river trail walks for during the week.  Bo was once again so good and is becoming a very good dog with us when we take him places.  Made left overs for supper and spent the night watching the Billboard Music awards.

This morning we were up by 5 AM so I could drop Tony off at his eye doctor by 6:45 AM on the other side of town to cataract surgery.   Lots of construction and way too early for me in the morning.  I was not happy and we decided Tony would take a taxi home.  I was never going to find the place with all the construction and detours and frankly lost it for a while totally over whelmed.  The desk nurse tried giving me directions but I can not follow from step one to step two to step three, without forgetting step one.  I have no short term memory anymore.  It is like when someone tells me their name.  I turn my head and the name is gone.  I swear it is the HIV meds.  Anyway, best for him to take a taxi home and he did.   Surgery went good and he was home by 10AM.  Taxi cost $33, which I though was very high.  Oh well.  Spent the day doing things around the house looking busy so Tony doesn't think I do nothing all day, lol.   Thankfully I have a lot to do on Monday's.  We did take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  Making spaghetti for supper with salads.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars final.


  1. Do you have a smart phone? If so, use the GPS for directions

    1. Still have a flip phone. I know. Someday.