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Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Monday Afternoon

The week flew by again.  Last week I did get a few walks in along the river trails.   Spent the week doing things with the dogs and around the house.

Friday night we watched the movie Neighbors.  What a boring movie.  If it were not for Zac Efron and his chest the movie would have dragged on way too long and have nothing to watch for.

On Saturday we had an event in Milwaukee called 'Door's Open' where you can go in building usually off limits.  We decided to check out a couple new condo and apartment buildings and see what they were offering and how much.  Always nice to see how the rich live who can afford over $2000 a month in rent.  After we check out two apartments/condos we had lunch at a local bar.  Had a great hamburger.  After lunch we went to the Summerfest grounds for the Dog fest going on all day.  I swear there were thousands of dogs at this event.  I have never seen so many dogs at one event.  Was really cool.  Checked out all the booths and dogs and headed home when it started to rain.  After we were home and spent a little time with the dogs, we then locked them all up again and went to the bar street festival at the corner of our street.  Listened to a couple songs from the band and went back home.  Spent Saturday night watching shows off the DVR.  Cleared about 5 Penn and Teller:  Fool Us off the DVR.  I do like this show but get frustrated not knowing how they do the tricks.

Sunday morning Rose woke up around 5 AM and wanted to come up on the bed with the other dogs and Tony and I.  Rose still is not integrated and sleeps in an area next to the bed on a chair.  I let her come onto the bed and she was a happy girl.  She didn't even care about the other dogs.  Casper was so happy to snuggle with her.  Went out for breakfast with Tony's mom.  After we got home we went for a walk with the dogs and then went to Walgreen's to get a prescription for Tony and our flu shots.  The pharmacist was very busy and said the wait would be over a half hour for the flu shot so we decided to do it another day.  Picked up the prescription and headed home.  Spent the rest of the afternoon watching the movie Captain America.  I was bored and did not like the movie.   Spent Sunday night watching the CBS lineup which included Good Wife and Madame Secretary.  Went to sleep around 10 PM with Rose on the bed.  Rose slept all night on the bed.  Her first full night on the bed on her and Casper's four month anniversary of being with us.

This morning Tony took Rose to work for the morning.  I did things around the house, cleaning and eventually cutting the little grass we have.  Around noon I called Pick N Save and found out they had dog butcher bones so I walked to the grocery store and bought the dogs 20 bones.  Took Bo to get his nails cut at 3:30 PM.  Making a chicken I bought at the market this afternoon with some salads, beans and mashed potato.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars.

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