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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 Monday Afternoon

The days and weeks go by so fast.  I swear I am going to blink and my life will be almost over.

Since I posted I have been on the new medications for my IB and enlarged prostate.  The meds seems to be working since there are times I do not have any prostate pain.  The 'other' times when I do feel pain it is a sharp stabbing pain.  So I am not sure what was better.  Low grade pain always there or no pain and then the occasional stab.  My IB has also improved but I think the pills have slowed me down to a crawl.  Thinking I might take one a day rather than every 12 hours.  The biggest problem now is the dizziness I get from the Prostate pill.  There are times I get up and feel like I will pass out.  Very light headed all the time. Vision problems also.   In fact I had to sit and rest several times on my last walk.  Will address this with my doctor but was warned. 

I did finally get the nerve to call the deacon that gave our Uncle Tom's eulogy.  I think I mentioned how he spoke of after life experiences and that it was the most personal funeral I have ever been to.  I don't know why actually calling and setting up an appointment is so hard but finally did on Friday.  He was happy to hear from me and said he will call me this week and we will meet in a park nearby.  I really am looking forward to speaking to him about death and dying.  I will end up crying the entire time we talk.  Just thinking about what I want to talk about has me in tears.  I have been making a list so when we meet I don't forget everything I would like to talk about. 

Last weekend the weather was very comfortable in Milwaukee.  We went to a couple block parties and spent time with the dogs.  All the dogs are doing good.  Casper does not seem to be in pain anymore.  Not sure if I posted about his problems.  Last week he was in pain.  Doctor thinks he hurt his back and we had him on pain meds for about a week.   He is back to feeling good but I can see when he climbs steps something still hurts.  Keeping him so he doesn't play hard with his mom Rose.  In fact since his pain Tony has been keeping Rose at work for the entire day.  She seems to love it and think she will continue spending the entire day since she does love that her Uncle Tom is there and takes her now on a morning and afternoon walk. 

I am moving my treadmill up from the basement to the spare bedroom.  I have it at the bottom of the basement stairs waiting for Tony to get home and help me carry it up.  It gets too cold in the basement in the Winter and if I am honest with myself, will use it more if it is right here in the house.  I need the exercise in the Winter since I hate the cold. 

I have still been going for walks along the river trails.  Unfortunately not as often.  I still enjoy them just as much but find myself taking a nap or getting involved in a house project instead.  Plus it was too hot for a while so now that the fall temperature is better I will go a couple times a week.  I swear a walk in the woods does more for me than any therapy. 


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