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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2014 Tuesday Afternoon

Not much has happened of interest since I last posted.  I did have a scheduled dental cleaning today at ARCW, our AIDS Resource Center here in Milwaukee, that I set up six months ago.  Got there for my 9 AM appointment and after 10 minutes waiting was told my appointment was canceled, someone should have called me, and the reschedule date is in April.  It is hard for me to get to an appointment at 9 AM and was not happy.  I did pick up my monthly prescriptions and food at the pantry.  Of course being closed yesterday they had no bread out for the taking.  I can usually grab a months worth of bread products for Tony and myself, as well as a slice for the rabbits each night outside.  Will have to go back later this week or next to grab some bread.  Since it was cloudy and only 30 degrees today I had no energy when I got home and spent the day doing very little.  I did manage to give Rose a bath since Tony brought her home from work at lunch with dirty legs and paws from her walk with her Uncle Tom.  Tom still goes to the shop most mornings and takes Rose for a walk.  My back now hurts from this bath which is why I usually have Tony give them their baths.  I just don't have the strength in my back for these 'bend over' things and I pay afterwards.  Speaking of back, my mom is having major back surgery tomorrow morning.  I pray it goes well because my father will pay the price in the end taking care of her. 

The dogs are doing great.  I still need to make an appointment for Kali to see the vet for her old age, and various issues.  Her tumor under her neck is getting so big it is making it hard for her to breath at night when she sleeps.  She is too old to have it removed so all we can do is watch, wait, and when we feel her quality of life is no longer here, do the humane thing and euthanize her.  She still is a happy girl going on 16 years old this Summer.

I still have been walking on the treadmill almost daily.  Only did a mile today versus 2 miles because of the dental appointment and just low energy today.  I hope it is the lack of sun rather than getting sick.  So many people are sick and I hope I don't get it.   

Time to get in the kitchen and start supper.  Wish I had more energy.  Cup of coffee did not help.


  1. I hope that it all goes well for your Mother and i wish her speedy recovery.

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