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Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015 Thursday Afternoon

Frigid cold and snow today.

It is the middle of the afternoon and the thermometer says it is zero degrees outside.  It also has been snowing for a couple hours and when it is all done later today I will have about 3 or more inches of snow to shovel.  I usually don't mind shoveling the snow unless it is like now..... very cold.  I will bundle up good and get it done.

Have done very little in the past week outside the house.  It honestly has been so cold her in Wisconsin leaving the house just doesn't sound like a good idea if you don't have to.  I only had to take the two small dogs in to the vet on Tuesday and had Tony pick us up with a warm car.  Thought we were just getting a nail trim on both.  Ended up having to see the doctor for Vito since it has been over a year and she made sure we walked out paying $350 in vet bills for blood tests and such.  Thank goodness for Tony or I could not afford these costs.  Since we went grocery shopping on Sunday I didn't have to leave the house to even do that this week.  Have spent every day this week continuing to clean the basement and sorting out item for trash or sold, or keep.  I also have made a point to walk on the treadmill 2 miles a day since last posting.  I don't mind the exercise and feel so good after.  It is just a matter of getting it going. 

My shoulder / left under arm situation has not changed.  It has not gotten any worse, but I still feel like something is inflamed or in my under arm that should not be there.  It is uncomfortable but not really painful.  Will address it with my HIV doctor when I see him mid week next week. 

The snow keeps falling.  Looks pretty outside but not looking forward to the cold when I go out to shovel.

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