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Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015 Friday Morning

Spent most of this week working on a video project.  I figured out how to transfer my VHS tapes to the computer in MP4 format so I can watch them anytime.  I figure if I put all the years of video on my flash drive or laptop I will always have them to view if I am in the hospital someday.  Plus who has a VHS player anymore?  Been fun watching the video on the screen as it transfers to the computer.  It is a slow process.  A 2 hour VHS tape takes the 2 hours to transfer onto the computer and then another two hours for it to process the video into MP4 format.  Since I have about 12 tapes to transfer I am about half done.  I figure Tony and I will start watching them on Friday nights, starting tonight, one tape each Friday.  Since we have been together over 25 years it is fun to see how we and everything has changed.  Seeing Tiny and Shadow, my Poms, and all the other dogs makes me cry happy tears.  I figure once I get all the VHS tapes transferred I will throw away the VHS tapes for good. 

Last weekend we binge watched Transparent.  The entire 10 episode first season of the show.  Great show and very recommended.  I thought being gay was hard.  Being trans is a total mind fuck because of the people around you.  Find a way to watch it on  We also have watched Boyhood and Pit Stop.  Boyhood was very good.

My mom is still in rehab from her back surgery.  It did not go as well as she expected and is not happy she is in so much pain over a week after the surgery.  Dad is having issues now too with his heart because of all the stress.  They are both getting old, 80 and 78 and I fear the end is near.  I have no clue how I will ever handle my parents deaths.  WOW.  

The dogs are all doing great.  I decided to have Kali's blood tested to see if she is strong enough to get her teeth cleaned one last time.  They are horrible but she is 15 1/2 years old.  It is risk I am willing to take since I have a feeling she will live a couple more years and will hate myself then if I don't do something now about her teeth.  I try to brush them and they bleed.  It is not pretty.  Tony was against it and I finally just made him get a flash light and look in her mouth.  I then looked him square in the eye and said 'you really don't think she needs the cleaning?'.   It will happen if the blood test comes back good.  If she died on the table, it would be something I have considered and could live with.  Heck, what a way to go.  No pain and not knowing. 

Not much else going on which is good.  My shoulders hurt from the stress of my parents and life.  I can't imagine what the pain would be like if I had 'real' stress.  I seem to create my own stress.  I did also get the book I ordered named God Is My Ketchup.  I hope to start reading it next week.  A follower recommended it.

The sun is out today but it is only 20 degrees.  I wish Summer or even Spring would get here.  I am so tired of Winter and the cold.  Haven't had a lot of snow, just a lot of cold.


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