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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 Monday Afternoon

Summer has finally arrived in Milwaukee.  The past week we have had very Summer like temperatures for a change.  Has been a very cool Summer up until the past week.  Today it is very hot out and I got the little work outside done early so not to be out in the hot humid heat. 

The past weekend was very busy.  Last Thursday started Bastille Days and we went to the festival Thursday and again Friday night.  Both nights we did not stay long but it was nice to get out and not have to cook dinner.  Saturday we had the yearly family pool party for Tony's side of the family the weather was cool on Saturday but we went swimming anyway since it is the one time a year we most likely get to go swimming because someone we know has a pool.  Had a good time at the family event as usual.  Sunday we went to a car show around noon at another festival and then spent the rest of the day at home due to the heat. 

My prostate is still feeling a bit of pain.  I did take the last of my two month antibiotic today.  Someone asked my PSA level.  I don't know the number off the top of my head but do know it has been checked regularly due to my dad having cancer and is within normal range.  I see my HIV doctor this Wednesday and will address the problem with him.  I also was talking with the guys in our Friday lunch and was told I should start taking Florajen 3, a high potency probiotic dietary supplement, due to taking an antibiotic for over two months.  Was told my stomach problems and pain might be more due to my taking antibiotics for so long.  Worth a try and bought a bottle and started taking last Friday.  Will hopefully know soon if it will help.  It has already changed my morning bowels.

Was very tired again today.  Could be from doing a lot over the weekend or the fact we were up early listening to Vito bark and growl at the thunder and lightning that started by 4 AM this morning.  Actually went back to bed for another hour after Tony left for work this morning.  Forced myself not to take a nap this afternoon so I sleep good tonight. 

Not a lot on my schedule this week other than my Wednesday HIV doctor appointment and picking up my prescriptions and food at the pantry at the HIV clinic.  I did buy tickets online this morning for a play at a small theater, called Bent.  From reading the play it does not sound like a happy play but Tony mentioned before he left for work that he read about it in the newspaper this morning and would like to see it.  Got tickets for this Friday nights performance.  It is a very small group theater which I do enjoy just as much as the big productions. 

Dogs are all doing great.  Had to take Rose and Casper to the vet last week to update their Rabies shots and have Casper's ear infection in his left ear this time checked.  Have a feeling we are going to have chronic ear problems with Casper.  Rose still loves going to work and walks with her Uncle Tom.  Yesterday we were walking Rose, Casper and Bo around the block and Tom pulled up in his truck.  Rose went crazy and Tom walked with us around the block, Rose at his side.  She loves her Uncle Tom.  Kali sleeps a lot and Vito just seems to keep going even though he is blind and diabetic. 

Finished the book Final Exit.  I did enjoy it and learned a lot about ending one's life someday.  Don't worry, I am not planning on it any time soon but do want an exit strategy if I get very sick someday.

Mom should call soon for our 4 PM Monday talking on the phone.  I usually have to write a list or I forget to tell her things and then remember when we get off the phone.

Will post my new blood count numbers when I get them this Wednesday. 


  1. Hi Dave. I noticed your comment on ending life one day. That's the spirit. Those of us who are long term HIV/AIDS
    survivors like to call the process of ending our suffering, "self deliverance" and not suicide. Big difference in terms of semantics. However, here are two websites for followers of the movement to be aware of.

    1. This is 'Final Exit' authors Derek Humphry's blog.
    The information is invaluable with up to date reports.
    Be informed!

    2. "Compassion and Choices is " Compassion & Choices is the leading nonprofit organization committed to helping everyone have the best death possible. We offer free counseling, planning resources, referrals and guidance, and across the nation we work to protect and expand options at the end of life." These people are trying to make
    the process legal but soon Medicare will probably render
    them moot as 'end of life' will be a choice. There cannot be legal stifling of end of life as it runs parallel with Roe vs Wade (1972).

    For over thirty years we have reduced people’s suffering and given them some control in their final days – even when injury or illness takes their voice. We are experts in what it takes to die well."

    And on a final note thank God Medicare will make end of life counseling to those that consider, death with dignity is
    a choice. Dave, the very best luck to you and your partner.
    Eat, drink and be merry!

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