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Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015 Thursday Dinner Time

Tony is in the shower so I though I would quickly do a post.

Once again I am so shocked so much time has gone by since my last post.  It has been a very exciting time with the recent supreme court ruling, especially the one making gay marriage legal in all 50 states.  As of this post it looks like there are only a handful of counties in a couple states holding out.  They can not hold out forever.  I can honestly say I could never have imagined this day that gay marriage is legal in the USA.

Got my blood withdrawn the other day for my 6 month check.  I go to my HIV doctor in a couple weeks and will get the results.  I feel pretty good except for the pain I still have in my prostate area.  I am almost at the end of my two months on antibiotics and anti inflammatory for it.  I am scared to death to call the doctor because I know the next thing will be a scope up the penis.  If anyone reading this has had the procedure please let me know if it is as painful as I am imagining.  The pain is on the level of about a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale.  Sometimes I have no pain and sometimes I get a shooting pain down to my balls and up to my belly button.  I know I should not be waiting on this and give plenty of advice to everyone else.  I wish I was not such a baby myself when it comes to medical procedures.  I hate pain.  I know, no one does, but I really am scared to death of this next procedure.  I will call my doctor when the meds are gone if there is still pain.

Went to a couple bar parties over last weekend after the supreme court decision making gay marriage legal.  It was a big celebration and I was in tears many times throughout the weekend.  Like I said before, never in my lifetime. 

The dogs are doing great.  Rose is still happy and ready to go to work with Tony each morning and by noon we figure out a way to get her home, either I go get her or Tony brings her home.  I still have been doing two miles on the treadmill daily with Casper and Bo enjoying butcher bones in the basement with me.  I hope the treadmill makes a difference on this blood test with my cholesterol levels.  I also take Bo and Casper around the block for a walk each morning prior to Rose coming home.  The last few weeks I now take my blind dog Vito for a short walk in the alley also after walking Bo and Casper.  I did it one day a couple weeks ago and now every time we come home from Bo and Casper walk, Vito is dancing in the kitchen wanting to go for one also.  He cant see anything but still enjoys peeing on things and sniffing the air outside.  He will be 12 this August and is also diabetic.  I also go for my walks around the river every few days.  I don't go as often as I did last Summer but still at least twice a week.  I also make a point to walk to the grocery store four long blocks away rather than driving.  I keep telling myself walking kept my grandma alive to live to 98.

Tonight we are meeting a high school friend of Tony's that lives here in the neighborhood.  Meeting for supper and a drink at a local pub a few blocks away.  Half price hamburgers tonight.

The weather in Milwaukee has been a bit colder than normal.  It was only in the 50s today due to the wind off Lake Michigan.  We have had a colder than normal Spring and Summer so far.  I don't mind the 50s or 60s.   In fact I have quite enjoyed the Summer so far.  If I had a pool in the back yard I would most likely feel different.

Happy Fourth of July to all who follow.  I hope to post more often.  Always happy to see comments.


  1. Dave: What is your PSA level? I've never had this procedure but I did have a catheter once when I was in the hospital in ICU. I don't remember much of when it was put in, but coming out it was didn't hurt----the thought of it was more painful that the reality. Get this checked sooner rather than later.

    Happy Fourth.

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