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Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014 Thursday Afternoon

This past week could be called the 'week of the vet'.  All five dog have gone in to the vet in the past week for their nails to be trimmed.   Rose also got her anal cleaned and Bo got a Rabbis shot and check up.  All are doing good and were very good at the vet and with the doctors and staff.  I remember the Beagles I had years ago and what a handful they were to take them to the vet.  I found them late in life and they were not trained well.  I can see the difference and I am so proud of my dogs and how they behave.  Rose and Casper are getting bigger with each day.  They are now both at 55 lbs.  They were 30 and 33 lbs five months ago when we got them.  Hopefully we will get the signed paperwork back and they will be ours.

Last week I called the replacement doctor I chose since our doctor quit.  When I called last week to get our names in with this doctor so if something happens we are not doctorless, I was told she was not accepting any more patients.  I begged and asked if she could ask the doctor to reconsider.  Went all this week without a call back from the nurse and finally called her yesterday to be told we are all set and she did take Tony and I on as patients.  Same office as our past doctor that quit.  I still have my HIV doctor, this is just our regular for aches, pains, and illness referrals.  Eventually we will meet her when I have something to talk about or an illness.  Will most likely be for refills on my pain pills with the new laws and no more monthly refills. 

Went for a couple walks down by the river this past week since the weather has been in the 50s and sunny.  Yesterday I was standing by the edge of the water putting my foot in the water and I slipped into the river.  I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes.  I kept slipping back in as I pulled myself out in the mud.  I was all muddy when I stood up.  I am proud of myself because when I saw how muddy I was ...  I broke out laughing.  I think that is the best way to handle such things.  I will not stand so close to the water again and figure it had to be funny if someone got on video.  There is rarely anyone down on the trails and I am sure no one saw.  I even continued my walk thinking ... oh well. 

Watched the movie The Purge Anarchy last weekend.  I did enjoy this movie a lot.  Not sure what that says for me.  It had you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.   Other than that we spend the time catching up on all the TV shows we DVR during the week.  Sometimes we are watching a show and three others are recording. 

Making Tacos for supper tonight.  A warm front comes through tonight with some rain.  Unseasonably warm 60s this weekend.  Will hopefully get a rain gutter cleaned and enjoy the time outside before Winter arrives, which will be soon.


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