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Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 Monday Afternoon

Mid week last week we both got our flu shots for the year.  Went out for cheap hamburgers mid week also.
Last Saturday morning we got some estimates on new back doors.  The estimate was way too high and we will not be replacing the back doors any time soon.  Saturday afternoon we went to a fund raiser for the Brew City Bully Club here in Milwaukee.  Had a drink and talked with some people sharing photos of Rose and Casper.  Went out for food after and then spent the rest of the night with the dogs watching TV.
Sunday we had the best day.  My parents came to town and like each year we all went to the Brady Street Pet Walk.  Had a great time and went out for late lunch after the event.  Had a great few hours with my parents.  After we got home we decided to take Vito to a friends to see his biological father.  Vito's sister and mother died recently and we have talked about not letting this last opportunity pass and we had them see each other.  It was priceless and I think they did know each other.  They are both blind so it is hard at time to tell.   Spent the night watching TV.
Today Rose stayed home with a bad stomach.  Cleaned all day today.  Was happy to hear gay marriage is now legal in Wisconsin.  So I guess as of today my marriage to Tony is legal.

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