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Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we spent the night watching the movie World War Z.  I loved the movie but then again I love zombie movies.  Was everything I wanted and then some.  Went to bed around 10 PM and after a little lovin we went to sleep.

Saturday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Spent the morning reading the newspapers and doing things around the house.  Around 12:30 PM we rode our bikes about a mile away to see the street festival and art show and buy some flowers on the way home to take to Tony's relatives house tonight for a cook out.  Was a nice bike ride and we were home in about two hours.  Spent some time with the dogs and watched a little TV before we got back on our bike to go back to the street festival for the 4 PM tomato romp / throwing.  We have gone to this in the past years and it is so fun to watch about 100 people get into a cage about 6 inches deep with tomatoes and just start throwing them at each other.  We learned after our first year of watching to stand far away because the tomatoes fly outside the cage and if your even 15 feet of the cage you are covered in tomatoes.  Had a fun time watching and seeing all the people covered in tomato slime.  Rode our bikes back home and fed the dogs.  After a little while we then left to go to Tony's niece's house for a cook out.  Stayed for about an hour and ended up buying her walking tread mill for $25 that she was throwing out.  We figured if we gave her $25 we would never have to hear in the future that she 'gave' us a tread mill.  Funny how you learn these life lessons as you get older.  Got home around 8 PM and spent the night watching TV from the DVR.   Spent the night watching horror movies on Chill channel.  Actually was up until 2 AM watching horror movies in bed.

Sunday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Sunday was a raining day, all day.  I spent the morning moving TV and camera monitors around so that a bigger monitor was in the kitchen.  Had to change the wiring and it turned into a bigger project than I originally thought.  Got it all done and showered by noon.  We then went to George Webb's for breakfast even though it was after 12 PM.  Came home and spent the afternoon watching the movie Mud.  I did not follow the movie well and did not like it.  It never caught my interest.  Didn't help that our tenant came down to cry on our shoulders about how her boy friend hit her and the fight they had the night before.  I thought I had heard something going on but did not hear a fight.  She told us way to much and I am not feeling good about this tenant relationship at all now.  Her boy friend then came down without his shirt on, first time seeing him with his shirt off.  I think he did it to throw us off from the conversation,  lol.   Anyway.  We let her know we did not think he should be hitting her and would never take his side if it happens in the future.  She then soon left after her boyfriend came down and it got awkward.  He only stayed for a couple minutes and made an excuse to leave.  Wow, 'keep my distance'.  I should have taken all your advice a week or more ago.  Sounds like he gets drunk and then verbally and physically abusive to her.  I know it takes two, but no one should hit anyone.  Tony and I have been there a couple times in a very heated fight.  We even took fists to each other once about 23 years ago, in our first year.  It never happened again and we made a firm rule that 'if anyone in this relationship is stupid enough to ever hit the other, they better be prepared and will deserve to get hit back TWICE as hard'.  It has kept us from ever having a heated fight like that again knowing that if your stupid enough to throw a punch in a heated argument, you will get hit harder back and deserve it.  Spent Sunday night watching the movie The English Teacher.  It was OK from what I remember, I fell asleep a little ways through the movie and then it was over.  Went to bed around 10 PM. 

This morning I was up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and Tony soon left for work.  Spent the morning doing the bedroom laundry.  Dog blankets, bed blankets and sheets along with the comforter.  Three loads of laundry in all.  This afternoon around 2 PM I went for a nice long walk along the river trails.  Had a great walk.  Had to push myself out the door to get it started, but once I got through the park and into the river trails I was so glad I was out walking.  Going to call Tony soon and find out when he will be home.  Thinking we might go to a car show tonight while we still can it is warm enough and light enough outside for them still.  It is getting dark by 7 PM now already.  Hate the fact it gets dark so early in the Winter.  Will then spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars and then Under The Dome.  It was in the 40s this morning when I woke and got up to 60 degrees this afternoon.  A little chilly but I am not complaining.

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  1. This tenant situation is not going to have a good ending. Keep your distance. It's not OK for her (or her shirtless husband) to come down and share their personal problems.

    THIS IS A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP and you need to set that boundary.