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Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 Monday Afternoon

Friday night we went to a play at the LGBT Center in Milwaukee called Jerker.  It was an interesting play and well done.  We both enjoyed it.  Came home and after we watched the news we went to bed for a little lovin before sleep.

Saturday morning we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  This weekend was an event in Milwaukee called Open Doors where buildings and places in Milwaukee are open to the public like they are not usually.  I had a plan of what I wanted to see and our first stop was the Court House to get tickets for a tour later in the day at Jones Island Water Sewage Treatment Plant.  Got there at 10 AM and the line was around the building for tickets to the various events that had special tours.  Since Tony had forgotten his reading glasses that he would need for the other places we decided to go home and get his glasses.  Got the glasses and headed back downtown.  As we passed the Court House we could see there was no more line and we parked, went in, and got tickets for a 3:30 PM free tour.  Left the Court House and headed to the Global Water Center.  It is a seven story old warehouse converted into water research.  Was a great tour of all the research going on with water here in Milwaukee.  In fact I was surprised to hear that Milwaukee is actually the leader in water research and technology.  Got some great pictures.  Here is one of Tony and I on the sixth floor.

Then got a great picture of me on the seventh floor roof with the city of Milwaukee in the back ground.

We then left the Global Water Center and went about a mile towards the lake front and went for a tour of the University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee School Of Freshwater Sciences.  I didn't know this building existed either in Milwaukee and all the students and people there working on degrees were out in the hallways and rooms showing off their research.  I at one point said to one 'you guys are like the guys on Big Bang Theory only with water'.  The guy never heard of the show Big Bang Theory.  After we went through the university and saw the research and such we went out for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  We then headed home to let the dogs out and after a half hour left again for a tour of the Sewage Treatment Plant on Jones Island on the Milwaukee lake front.  Great bus tour around the facility and then a walk through tour of the fertilizer part of the facility where they make Milorganite.  Was a smelly tour to say the least.  Tony walked around covering his nose with his shirt then entire walk through the fertilizer plant.  Was an hour long tour and very informative.  Was glad we did the tour.  Headed home and spent the night ordering a pizza for delivery and watching a few movies.  Watched the movies Scary Movie 5 and No One Lives.  Both were good movies.   Went to bed around 10 PM.

Sunday we were up by 7 AM.  Fed the dogs and gave Vito his shot.  Left the house by 9:30 AM to go get Tony's mom and take her out for a Sunday morning breakfast.  Had a great breakfast.  Dropped her off and after stopping at a couple store with no luck buying what I stopped for, we headed home.  We then took Bo for a walk to get lottery tickets and then to the farmer's market a block farther down the street.  Bought some fresh lettuce.  Came home and got Stella and we then took her for a short walk around the block with Bo.  Stella needs the walking to keep her knee working and hopefully we can avoid surgery like the other knee.  Spent the rest of the day napping and then doing things around the house.  Spent Sunday night watching the Emmy's.  Went to bed after the Emmy's and fell fast asleep after another round of lovin.

This morning I was up by 6:30 AM.  Fed the dogs, gave Vito his shot and got Tony out the door for work.  Spent the early morning reading the newspaper and then headed outside to do some yard work.  Put Weed N Feed on the front lawn and other work outside.  Was a great day in the 60s today and sunny.  Got a couple loads of laundry done and after I post I will start supper.  Making salads and hamburger helper chili mac.  Will spend the night watching Dancing With The Stars and Hostage before we go to sleep.

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